3 Healthy Alternatives To Pokemon GO.

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Here's your sneak peek from this week's article, “3 Healthy Alternatives To Pokemon GO

“…I was recently reading the Salon.com article The dangers of Pokémon Go: Kids’ brains are vulnerable to virtual and augmented reality, which reported on how researchers conducted three separate studies with over 1,600 video gamers and found that many showed strange post-game hallucinogenic-like effects: hearing or seeing aspects of the game hours or days after they had stopped playing, including sound effects, music and characters voices, explosions, sword swipes and screams. One gamer reported hearing someone from the game whispering “death” for several days after they had stopped playing while another reported seeing images from the game randomly pop up in front of their eyes….”

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One thought on “3 Healthy Alternatives To Pokemon GO.

  1. Sarah S says:

    Ok. I can understand being a bit annoyed that people are getting in your way on your hiking trail because they’re not looking up from their phones, but please don’t deride Pokemon Go. Do you realize how catching ‘cartoon chatacters’ has shaped a lot of people’s lives, as for many people it was the first game they really ever played? And how right now, a lot of couch potatoes and people with actual mental handicaps are outside and actually being social because of this game? Feel free to not enjoy or partake, but please don’t mock it.

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