Are You a Skinny Guy Who Has Trouble Putting On Muscle?

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If the “Skinny Guy” profile describes you, I think I've discovered a pretty effective solution that was just released by my friend Jeff Andersen (AKA the “Muscle Nerd”). Careful when you click on the link that's coming up in a second…Jeff is known for saying what's on his mind.

But this time…he may have stepped over the line!

So before I tell you the story about Jeff, here's the link over to his brand new double-bonus FREE MP3 and ebook about his total solution for skinny guys who need to build more muscle….

Jeff's Free MP3 and ebook <= Click here

Now the story…

For the last 6 years, Jeff's been dedicating much of his research to studying the “ECTOMORPH“. These are the really skinny guys who no matter how hard they try, just can't seem to put on any muscle.  (Does this sound like YOU?)

So far, the typical advice found online can be reduced to something along the lines of…

…”You're not TRAINING hard enough!”; or

…”You're not EATING enough!”

But Jeff has drawn a line in the sand and is challenging all of his “expert advice” by releasing his latest findings based upon a recent experiment, which he's called…

…”Hardgainer Project X”!

This experiment took 6 “hardgainers” who had a difficult time putting on muscle and put them through a brand new 3-STEP TRAINING PROGRAM Jeff specifically designed forthe “ectomorph” body type.

You can see the “BEFORE” pictures of these 6 “Human Lab Rats” at:


Go to this website to view Jeff's “skinny guy” human lab rats!


You'll see that there's a mix of real scrawny dudes and also one with a common “hardgainer problem” that comes from trying to build muscle the WRONG way (and the way that MOST fitness articles will tell you)…


(You'd be surprised how many guys fit into this category after trying to stuff themselves like pigs in order to gain weight!)

No…this new program from Jeff is not your typical bodybuilding program! In fact, the SKINNIER the test subject, the BETTER the program seemed to work!

All of the details of the program (as well as the transformations of these skinny guys) will be open to the public on May 19th at 12:00pm Central time.

But until then, Jeff wants to show everyone exactly why this program is so far off from all the other “skinny guy” programs out there.

So he's released a highly informative and 100% free Audio and E-book called:  “The Hardgainer Curse…And What To Do About It!”


** Free MP3 + eBOOK **


I highly recommend you go and check out the free report so you can see if this fits YOUR body type or not.

If you've ever struggled with gaining weight and building muscle, this report will open your eyes and give you a sense of relief that it's not because you weren't training enough…

…it's because you were training wrong!

Again, go check it out now by clicking here.

Ben Greenfield

P.S. – One more thing…as part of the launch, Jeff told me that has promised to throw in some cool swag for all who sign up for the program on the first day!

So grab the free report so you don't miss out on the free stuff (he didn't tell me what it was!).

Here's the site again…

–> Just click here <–

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