Is It OK To Be Addicted To Exercise?

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Do you feel like you're just not normal when you miss your workout?

Do you get grumpy when you skip your planned physical activity?

Do you sometimes sacrifice work and relationships to be able to squeeze in an exercise session?

Are you addicted to the feeling you get during or after a long run or bike ride or weight lifting workout?

Is this stuff normal, and is it OK to be “addicted to exercise”?

In today's podcast episode with “The Long Run” author Mishka Shubaly (pictured right), Mishka and I explore exercise addiction, and whether it is OK to be addicted to exercise.

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Who is Mishka Shubaly?

After receiving an expensive MFA in Fiction from Columbia University, Mishka realized he was more interested in playing music in dive bars than writing. He lived out of a Toyota minivan for a year, touring nonstop, and has shared the stage with artists like The Strokes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Decemberists among others.

His Kindle Singles for Amazon have all been bestsellers. He writes true stories about drink, drugs, disasters, desire, deception and their aftermath. His work has been praised for its grit, humor, fearlessness and heart. The book “The Long Run” is his mini-memoir detailing his transformation from alcoholic drug abuser to sober ultrarunner.

Mishka Shubaly lives in Brooklyn where he writes music and plays bass for a band called the Freshkills.

During our interview, I ask Mishka:

-How does the experience you feel during, say, a run compare from a psychological standpoint to how you felt when drinking or using drugs?

-Because of things like the runner's high and endorphin release, do you think that people with “addictive personalities” have a greater predisposition towards endurance sports?

-Do you think that positive addictions like exercise can be taken too far?

-What are your top tips for people who find themselves potentially addicted to exercise, or working out to the extent to which it might damage their body or detract from their relationships or job?

Do you have your own questions, comments, feedback or thoughts about whether it is OK to be addicted to exercise? Leave your thoughts below, and be sure to grab Mishka's book for $1.99.

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3 thoughts on “Is It OK To Be Addicted To Exercise?

  1. hemming01 says:

    Mishka is spot on when saying that exercise addiction starts because there is something else you can't handle. I know that all too well from myself where I suddenly finished university, had the perfect job but didn't know what to do besides that as I had no clear goals in my life anymore. That sparked my exercise addiction/anorexia athletica and subsequent eating disorder.

  2. Buddy says:

    A lot of good common sense and philosophy here from somebody who sounds like he's "been there".

    1. Yes, Mishka's got some good info for sure!

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