For Triathletes: What To Do When You Don’t Have Time to Swim, Bike or Run…

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Let's face it. Nobody wants to go to a hot, stifling gym in the summer, when you can hop out into your own backyard and get in a great workout.

Say you don't have time to swim, bike or run. You just got home from work, it's getting dark and you have 20 minutes to exercise before it's time for dinner, family, and bed.

Run out into the backyard and try this bodyweight workout on for size. Or do it in the living room and entertain your family.

In case you didn't catch that in the video, do the following exercises 4-6x through (10-15 reps for each):

Hindu Push-Ups
Hindu Squats
Lateral Lunges
Front Plank Taps

This is also a great workout to throw in after a quick bike ride, run or swim. Enjoy!

If you like these kind of fast routines, this one comes straight from the pages of “Top 12 Resistance Training Routines for Triathletes”, from over at

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