Tri-Ripped Q&A Video With Ben Greenfield

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In this Tri-Ripped Q&A video with Ben Greenfield, you'll learn what Tri-Ripped is, and learn how to swim, bike and run fast, and still have the ultimate triathlon body.

Click below to get Tri-Ripped at 11:59EST on January 11.


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One thought on “Tri-Ripped Q&A Video With Ben Greenfield

  1. Kathleen says:

    I can’t seem to load this video on the Tri-rippe Q&A. Just wondering if this program is tailored at all for women or does it work for both genders without any required modifications? Btw I used Tri-dominator for my first HI race and it worked so well for me. Managed to complete the race 20 min under my goal and recovery has been speedy. Thanks for all of your help, tips and advice!

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