Six Steps To Begin Training For Ironman Triathlon – Free Video and Slides!

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Do you ever close your eyes and imagine yourself charging out of the open water, riding through the open roads on your bike, then wowing your friends and family as you continue on to complete an entire marathon?

Maybe you've never done a triathlon in your life, or maybe you just want to consider expanding your horizons into the realm of Ironman distance triathlons.

Whatever your interest may be, in this free video and 1 hour seminar, I give you the 6 steps necessary to begin training for Ironman triathlon.

This lecture was originally given at Pilgrim's Wellness Center, a few days after Ironman Coeur D' Alene, and you will find the video and accompanying slides below. Enjoy, and leave your comments, questions or feedback below!

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8 thoughts on “Six Steps To Begin Training For Ironman Triathlon – Free Video and Slides!

  1. Allison B. says:

    Hi, Ben – I'm thinking of buying a Nathan hydration backpack . On long runs, I like to sip a sports drink (e.g. Ultima) and then drink water when I take a gel. This was fine with my belt that contained little bottles of each. But, how do I coordinate this when using a backpack? Thanks!

    1. I'd just keep regular water in the pack, and then eat gels per your normal routine…keep the gels in something like a

  2. Yannick says:

    nice six pack! it would be great if u give a few more tips on carb timing

      1. Yannick says:

        thanks a lot!! always appreciate your help and tips. can i also donate because i live in europe?

  3. Doug says:

    Ben, I've been enjoying many of your posts (and the shrimp recipe) and was thrilled to see this into to Ironman piece!

    I "sampled" triathlon by stupidly signing up for an Oly distance three years ago late int he season without being ale to swim much at all. Survived it, and hung it up. But last year got the bug again and did several sprints, an Oly and Half IM.

    Now – the bug has REALLY hit and have been thinking of doing a full IM. This was a great tool in getting my head wrapped around what to expect. Thanks!

  4. Tifani Harmon says:

    Ben I have been contemplating trying out a triathlon…There is a womens only event that I have my eye on that is scheduled here in Indianapolis in late August. I am currently following a training plan for a half marathon that I am registered for in September. I am nervous to try out new things when I am not sure how things work. With the triathlon I am nervous about the transition periods between swimming, biking, and running. Can you give me insight into how it works. For instance do I wear my swimsuit the whole time? Forgive me if this seems trivial, I have to start somewhere and I really want to do this, and I know you have the answers!

    1. You can wear your swimsuit the whole time, especially in shorter races – like sprint triathlons. My wife, who did not own a triathlon "suit" until this year, just wore her swimsuit on the swim, then kept a pair of bike shorts by her bike and pulled the bike shorts over the swimsuit, then went off riding. She then ran in the swimsuit + bike shorts. This works fine, but a triathlon suit is designed to swim, bike AND run in (the "pad" that protects your butt while you're riding is thinner in a triathlon suit, dries quickly, and doesn't rub much while you're running).

      I personally just used speedos or basketball shorts for my first year of racing!

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