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I need help picking a winner! Who should I send the Body Transformation Club black book to? Leave me a comment below and let me know…and while you're at it, click here for instant access to my free Thanksgiving Fitness Survival Guide.

Last week, I asked many of you how this website has helped change your life and body for the better. Below, you can see what many of you had to say. If you want to add your own thoughts, simply leave a comment on this page, or e-mail your picture and testimonial to [email protected], and you'll be entered into a free drawing for lifetime membership to Ben's Body Transformation Club.


“Ben…last year I pretty seriously injured my right leg during plebe summer at the US Naval Academy. The diet here is one of high carbs because we are constantly going and training and also to feed 4000 midshipmen at once it's somewhat easier apparently for the Academy. Because of this, the same diet continues into the Academic year and having an injured leg and not having been able to participate in the constant activity I gained a good 15 pounds (I guess equivalent to the freshmen 15). Fast forward to this summer I bought a road bike while I was on leave and started riding a lot and then I found your site and ended up buying your triathlon dominator and I am training to do the Columbia tri in May next year. Also I am now on the cycling team for the Academy. What I have learned from you is that with all of the stress of life here (having to fit in and manage the academic aspect- I am a dual major in astro and particle physics, the military requirements, and the physical/ emotional) there are effective yet simple tricks to keep me on my path to finishing my first in I hope to be many triathlons as well as to lose weight and gain muscle efficiently but healthily. All of the blogs especially on nutrition tricks and how to avoid over eating and choosing the right choices in food have been an amazing help and has really transformed my approach to how I eat- especially when I have such limited options! Also your triathlon dominator which I had to tweak slightly to coincide with all of the cycling I have to do for the team here has been awesome! I have already seen my body begin to transform and change and I would like to continue that process and then maintain this lifestyle for my entire life!”

MIDN 3/C Kathleen, US Naval Academy


“Ben's podcasts and website have been a huge asset to my health and wellness. Every week I listen to his podcasts and I refer to his website several times a week. I not only use his information to transform my life, but to also help benefit my clients. He provides information that is easily implemented into your lifestyle as well as information that challenges you to think about your health and to move beyond your current level of health, fitness and beliefs. I have implemented several changes to my diet, supplementation, workout routines and tried new things based on Ben's guidance, and all have had great results. I purchased Ben's “Run With No Pain” book after experiencing lower back pain that would reappear even after repeated chiropractic adjustments. After implementing his exercises and switching to barefoot running (after listening to an interview Ben did with Tellman Knudson) I no longer have any lower back pain. This is so important to me as I realized that chronic back pain could have limited me severely in my profession and in my active lifestyle. Although I was fit and active before discovering Ben, I now feel more healthy on many more levels than just fitness. He has helped me put the pieces together to make me a more well-rounded, holistically healthy person. Thanks Ben!”

Christine Buckley, President, Washington Chapter of the Barefoot Runners Society


“Dear Ben, after our first meeting for a Vo2 Max test to the present time, I can state you have done more to help me achieve a consistent winning attitude toward fitness from a holistic point of view.  My eating habits are far better than in the past and much more consistent. From the initial triathlon training where I accomplished the Olympic distance, something that seemed impossible. To a well structured and fun maintenance routine, Ben Greenfield has put me on track and kept me on track. Thank you, Ben.”

David Morgan, WA


“Dear Ben, hi!  My name is Jennie Davies.  I'm a 58-year old woman. I have never been the sporty type. Spent most of my life hating my shape.  Don't want to have a typical 50 something shape so started going to a gym. Once started I really loved the buzz, but a lack of knowledge on how to get the best from my workout held me back.  Now that's where you come in.  I found your podcast.  You answered all my questions without me having to ask.  Put me straight about what would work best for me, and to be realistic about the results.  I work hard and have fun at the same time. Even if I don't ever get the shape that I dream of I feel fitter and heather …and that's all down to you my friend. With best wishes.”

Jennie Davies


“Dear Ben, I came across your website when Google mining for information on Triathlons, as I'd committed to my 1st Sprint Triathlon.  I gravitated to your website because of the quality of information, the amount of information for free & your own inspiring stories.   Then after a family holiday road-trip with too much McDonalds eating, (gasp, I know, and I'm the organic, crunchy granola mom!), I was shocked to realized I'd gained 8 pounds in one week!  So I bought & immediately began the Shape21 plan.   I lost 5lbs, in the 1st week & 3 the next!  Cool!   My husband (& I), were a little dubious about some of the meals, but we were always amazed how nice they were & how easy.  For example, the curry chicken & almond, and the Asparagus & tomato on pasta.  We seriously thought we wouldn't be able to eat them, now they're a staple.  So I continue to check out your website & toy with the idea of doing some training with you but will see how I go on my own for a while. As for the Sprint Tri, I stuck to my training & was feeling very ready for it when I broke my hand windsurfing.  I was very upset but had fun supporting my friend while she did it.  Now we're signing up for a few short races & another sprint, we've got the bug! Best regards. “

Joanne Boyne, 39yo Mom of 4yo & 2yo


“Hi Ben, I've been following your podcasts for the last 2 years and love them.  I've changed my diet tremendously and learned more recovery techniques along the way.  I'm also a PE teacher and I've been able to incorporate many fitness variables into my class curriculum.   I've seen my classes get into better shape and learn to appreciate physical fitness more.   Kids these days do NOT want to run, and I've been able use different ways to help them condition.   I'm also an avid Triathlete.  I complete 3 70.3s this year and 2 Olympics.  I took off over 24 minutes at the Pacific Crest Half-Iron and 45 minutes at Troika.   I broke 5 hours at troika and almost equaled my open half-marathon PR along the way.   I've signed up for IM CDA in 2011 with a goal of 10:30 and any help I can get is going to help me along the way. Thanks for your advice and guidance!”

Eric Hisaw


“Hi Ben, I found out about you through the Get Fit Guy Podcast. I have since run a 5K and I am training for a 10K. My current challenge is my breathing so your podcast on “Big Lungs” was great timing. Here is a picture of me at the Race for the Cure in St Petersburg, FL earlier this month. Thanks for all the advice and thanks for sharing. I never thought I would be able to call myself “A Runner”.”



“Dear Ben, Your podcasts have been extremely useful, as they often include topics and ideas that are of interest to me but rarely get discussed in a constructive manner…I particularly loved the one about sugars. I am a big advocate around my office, pulling splenda out of people's hands and forcing my raw honey on them at every opportunity. I have been working out for ages, and my key problem now has not been getting to the gym, but rather finding new ways to work out and challenge my body. Your site has provided some juicy morsels of useful ways to change and enhance my workouts. For example, I particularly appreciated you bringing attention to how laterally-weak we tend to be. I proceeded to go to the gym that day and create a completely laterally focused workout for arms, legs and core :) mixed with high-intensity short running intervals. Thanks for all of the useful information, and staying on top of bringing up new and interesting topics. All the best.”




“Ben has been pivotal in changing my lifestyle and helping me achieve my fitness goals as well as improve my overall health.  I recently moved from Seattle, WA, to Salt Lake City, UT, and at the time I moved, I had significant lower back/hip pain on my right side that prevented me from running or completing any continuous movement for over 10 minutes.  Since ordering the Running with No Pain book, and following Ben's exercises (including health and nutrition tips that I obtained via my boyfriend completing the Triathlon Dominator package) I have reduced my hip pain, I am now working up to interval fast walking/jogging increments, and I was able to complete the Echo Triathlon at the sprint distance this summer, where I came out of the water 3rd and finished 12th overall in my age division, and I have attached my race picture from that! Currently, I am doing the 26 day hcg diet, and have lost 4 pounds.  I am hoping that I will continue to progress on that and I continue to use Ben as my motivator and guide in eating properly. Thanks Ben!”

Julia Kyte


“Ben has made this 71 year old pass for a 50 year old.”

Jim Fahrbach



“Hi Ben, I was the typical corporate burnout story. Working extreme hours, constant travel, adrenal exhaustion, forgetting to eat or making bad food choices, and generally not listening to my body when it sent me warning messages. Work governed my life. I finally listened to my body after it fell in a heap. I’ve since completely re-engineered my life around a new set of priorities. Food as nutrients is on the top of the list, followed by training (body sculpting) to create a physique that I can be proud of. Reconnecting with inner-self and formal education about my body (wellness consultant) fall into third and fourth spot. Work is fifth; a necessity but not a focus for my energy. I have never felt more alive, and feel like I can continue to orchestrate the life that I truly desire.”

Tania Donohue,  Melbourne, Australia


“From August to September this year I was involved in a theatre production called Information For Foreigners. It was highly demanding physical theatre, which demanded athletic ability among us actors in terms of focus and extending our voices and bodies, stamina, not to include dance numbers and repetitions. The director frequently commented that I needed to lose weight for the show and I turned to Ben Greenfield Fitness primarily for abdominal exercises. These exercises trimmed my waistline in no time, increased my vitality and stamina. I got great reviews for the play. Now that the production's over, I haven't stopped doing the ab exercises Ben has prescribed, and every day I feel better and better.”

Rico del Rosario, Philippines


“I've checked out a lot of health and fitness coaches over the years, and with every one I found the Goldilocks Syndrome — info and ideas that were either too hard or too soft. What I love most about Ben Greenfield is that he hits that sweet spot in between. I'm not an endurance athlete but I'm also not a couch potato. I seriously care about my health. So even though it doesn't dominate every aspect of my day, I'm willing to do some work and make some changes to get it right — even changes that aren't always convenient. As one example, I've never done meals and snacks in a way that really works with my exercise schedule. Ben Greenfield's advice finally drove it home for me how much I'd been shortchanging my workout by not eating right before, during and after. Not only did he make that clear, he gave specific advice about what, when and how much to eat — both the ideal plan and the “in a pinch” solution. Did it already fit the rhythm of my day? Nope. It took actually scheduling my food down to the hour until it became a habit and making sure I had certain foods on hand at certain times in certain amounts. It wasn't rocket science, but it wasn't like breathing, either. Instead, it was exactly what I needed — that place between too complicated and useless — and it's made a big difference in how I look and feel. As long as Ben keeps hitting that middle ground for people who are willing to make some real changes for real results, I'll keep coming back for more. Cheers!”

Eric Van Meter



“What I appreciate about Ben is his accessibility and transparency through podcasts, Twitter, email and through local events.  Seven months pregnant and 43 years old, I still dream of completing an Ironman Triathlon someday, but it seems a long way from here to there.  With Ben as a local resource however, I can still believe anything is possible!”

Constance Corbett


“Ben, I wanted to say, “thank you” for all your insight and guidance.  I was in a cycling accident late last year, and have been a bit down while my legs healed from the injuries. Oh, you know, the usually from being hit by a truck… a few torn ACL, PCL and Meniscus in both legs. I really did not think I would ever run a triathlon again. However, after implementing many of your legs workouts and advice about strength training into my PT; I feel it’s truly paid off in increased flexibility and strength for me! I’m about to do my first long course TRI this weekend at Boulder City (The Pumpkinman). Keep your fingers crossed, if all goes well, I’m signing up for your triathlon training!  Your humor and positive approach has helped in getting my spirits up and to be more positive about my health and recovery!  Cheers!”

Ron Kushner


“Hi Ben! Just like to send you a quick paragraph to let you know that you inspire me to powerwalk back and forth to the gym (total 60 min) and work out at 4.20 AM every morning before I am off to school! Could not do it without your awesome podcast keeping me company! Many greetings!”

Maria Poka from Sweden


“Ben, I was introduced to your site by Kevin Koskella several months ago.  I have gotten a lot of great ideas about varying my workout routines.  Your suggestions help keep my workouts fresh – very important for a triathlete who works out nearly every day (without overtraining, of course!).  I write the routines (like the side strengthening exercises and ripped body workout) on 3×5 cards, laminate them, and carry them in my gym bag.  I've got a collection of body weight exercise cards to complement weight training, so I never get bored or stuck in a rut.  I'm fitter at 51 than I've been since my early 20's.  Thanks! Best regards.”

Don M.


“I might not have the biggest weight loss story or even an astonishing PR time, but I have had a profound impact made on my life by Ben Greenfield Fitness that I want to attempt to put into words. I've always had an interest in fitness and nutrition and always been a recreational runner (recreational after those memories of intense high school cross country competition faded). This year, in honor of my dad's birthday on 10.10 my brother and I decided to run the Chicago Marathon for World Vision. I'd never taken on anything like it in all my years of running; and, after choosing a random free online training program started pounding away at the pavement day-after-day. To no one's surprise but mine I developed excruciating plantar fascitis around the end of July. I was convinced I'd blown it, my personal marathon goal, my intent to do my dad proud and to honor those who donated, thinking I probably wouldn't even be showing up at the starting line. Desperate for help I did what any normal 20-something would do, I hit the web (ha). Via i-tunes I discovered all the BG podcasts and from there the Marathon Dominator ideologies of how to train through an injury and how to avoid overtraining in general, and yet still kick ass (a-mazing). The holistic approach to fitness and nutrition opened my eyes and rocked my world. I'd heard all about gu and recovery drinks and realized that they were a bit too hard on my body, so I just wrote to Ben and wound up blown away by a thoughtful personal response that led me to natural products that worked for me. This incredibly busy personal trainer and rockstar triathlete took the time to address listeners personally and discuss with honesty, and sometimes blunt hilarity, all the issues we face with training, food and supplements. So, on that too-warm morning of 10.10.10 I was able to stand at the marathon starting line ready to go. Why? Ben Greenfield. Simply put I now felt like I KNEW my body like never before. And someone else who can teach you to know yourself, is priceless.”



“Hi Ben, You are an inspiration to the rest of us lesser beings. Your podcasts have helped me immensely to achieve a higher level of fitness and return to locally competitive volleyball, after a 10 year hiatus. I am a 45 year old husband, father of twin preschool daughters, work a job that has demanded, at times, 150% of me and generally a product of Western Society. Until my early 30s I worked out 4-6 times a week and played at least 2 team sports at any point in the year. I am 6'1″  and I never weighed more than 185lbs and had solid physique. I ate what I wanted when I wanted. In Feb 2010 peaked at 215lbs and I couldn't run a quarter mile at any pace without being winded. A worrisome roll around my midriff made it hard to fit into my clothes. I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea in Sept 2009, partially attributed to lack of muscle tone and partially alleviated with a mouth piece. Since I was travel ling for 3 weeks every 2 months, I took the opportunity to start an exercise routine… Simple cardio, as much as I could handle, and breaking some of my worst eating habits, healthier snacks, and focus on content and timing.Then I found your podcasts, starting with Get-Fit Guy, and soon after BenGreenfieldFitness. The information on interval and cardio training helped me design a training plan that did not require me to find 2 hour blocks every day and still get results. Taking advantage of inefficient exercise to drive better gains was eye opening. Your balanced approach to diet, especially the use of “real” food, is most important, and is something that really rings true. When you expose the fallacies of the one line snippets of common wisdom that media heaps on us, I am empowered to use healthy (and guilt free) foods such as eggs and understand the real trade-offs of components like sweeteners. I have introduced quinoa into my weekly diet, and am eating more raw nuts and proteins to get the best benefit of the training I am doing. Your advice on timing of various nutrients has been invaluable. Your podcasts are clear, to me at least, on when supplements will help “average joes” like me, or if they are aimed at more high performance athletes. The most interesting aspects are the interviews and your dissection and simplification of clinical studies. Both add yet another facet of valuable information for my use. I am overwhelmed by how much you publish free of charge, considering how much time it must take to compile.  You are sparing with product endorsements, or at least you go to the trouble of making them a lot less obvious than other experts. With your help, I have been training seriously since August and have got down to 198lbs and am again playing competitive volleyball (granted, a local league). I am coaching soccer and floor hockey for our kids. My goal is to be able to maintain 180-185lbs with regular activity. I want to show my girls by example, what a healthy lifestyle is and to be a good resource and partner in my wife's journey into a better level of fitness.”

Darrell Brown


“Ben, you’ve done a couple of significant things for me. 1) You inspire me to get off my butt and exercise; 2) You have convinced me that I need to stop the denial & realize that I cant continue to eat crap & get results; 3) Your information on magnesium, vitamin D, & L-Glutamine for carb cravings have helped me w/ my anxiety, my migraines, & my sugar addiction. Magnesium has improved my life dramatically & you were the catalyst for this. I can not express my gratitude enough. I wanted you to know that your work makes a difference. I love the nutrition information & the interviews. I’ve been listening for about 6 months & I’ve been exposed to so much information that I would not have come across otherwise. And you do it for free – thank you for your generosity.”

Colleen Gales


If you want to add your own thoughts, simply leave a comment on this page, or e-mail your picture and testimonial to [email protected], and you'll be entered into a free drawing for lifetime membership to Ben's Body Transformation Club.

I need help picking a winner! Who should I send the Body Transformation Club black book to? Leave me a comment below and let me know…

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5 thoughts on “What You Had To Say About BenGreenfieldFitness.com…and the Free Thanksgiving Fitness Survival Guide!

  1. Bianca Janssen-Timmen says:

    Hi Ben,
    Chris Buckley has made a huge difference in my life and that's why I think she deserves this tool.
    Chris is very dedicated to what she is doing and she not only uses her knowledge for herself but she strives to help others.
    Only 9 month ago Chris helped me to totally transform myself. I was overweight, depressed and very unhappy. I knew I had a lot of basic information in me in regards to nutrition and exercise but it took/takes Chris to bring it out and supplement this knowledge on a regular basis.
    With Chris' help I was able to build up my running to 8 miles with shoes (so far) and 3 miles barefoot and I work on going completely barefoot. I lost 27 pounds (still working on losing a little more) and for the first time in my life I'm at a "normal" weight for my height (according to BMI). But this is not the most important part: Most importantly is that I feel strong, addicted and dedicated to health and I feel comfortable in my body. Chris was there for me and encouraged me, every step of the way and I couldn't be more thankful for this! Please send her your book because a lot of people will benefit from it, in her hands! :o)

  2. Erich says:

    Ben-Christine Buckley is a great friend, running partner and all around wonderful person. I look forward to hearing how your product will assist Christine in what already is an amazing story of transformation, love and courage.

  3. It's a good idea Jim, but the book is not a traditional book. It's a folder collection of all the postcards i've ever sent to the Body Transformation Club https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/bodytransformationclub. So it's more like a stamp collection!

  4. Jim Winett says:

    Ben – they all have amazing stories. How about copying the book and giving it to all of them?!

  5. Ron Kushner says:

    I don't know how you feel, but I was moved by MIDN 3/C Kathleen Engles of US Naval Academey. It makes you proud to know we have individuals such as her serving in our arm forces…who don't give up! Even though, I would love to have your black book and I entered your contest as well…I hope you will select the midshipmen, she got my vote!! Besides, she got the best picture & smile! GO NAVY!!

    Ron (Slice) Kushner

    PS I completed the Pumpkinmen Tri (Full Course) in 6:10:04,…I know,… slow, but I finished and I'm so jazzed to be back racing! I got a lot of work to do before next seasons of tri's, especially improving my leg strength~…look for me at your triathlon training camp in January. I'm hoping to work it into my schedule! Thank you again Ben for everything you have shared in getting me up to race again!

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