Triathlon: A Mother of A Race.

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Being a mother is hard enough. But being a mother and a triathlete earns  women a whole new level of respect. This Mother's Day, we want to hear  about the amazing, strong and motivated women in your lives! We want to  know about the Herculean efforts they have made in order succeed in their sport and still excel at their most important job: being a Mom.

Popular Coach, author and founder of the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, Ben Greenfield, has teamed with Mindset Triathlon to make this Mother's Day contest possible. Have fun writing and honoring a Mother in your life! Submit your short essay about a Triathlete Mother by April 15th and your words could appear in the Mindset Triathlon book, “Triathon: A Mother of a Sport!

Super Moms Who Train, Race and Win,”  will be edited by Ben Greenfield. Mindset Triathlon will select the top 30 essays they receive for publication. Plus, the author of the favorite essay will win 2 underwater mp3 players, 2 sets of Ben Greenfield's books on MindsetTriathlon and 2 memberships to Ben Greenfield's Rock Star Triathlete Academy. Select essays will also run in USAT's Multisport Zone.

The final published book will be available for free download on Mother's Day (Sunday, May 9th). Ready to get started? Click the button below to submit your essay about the special woman in your life.


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