An Insider Glimpse Of My Weekly Workout Routine.

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Last week, in the article “What Is The Perfect Workout Plan For 2017“, I gave you a done-for-you program for looking good naked, living a long time and building skills like strength, power, mitochondrial density, VO2 max, fat loss, muscular endurance, mobility, coordination, stamina and detoxification.

I've gotten plenty of questions since then on how that plan looks in terms of practical implementation by yours truly, so in today's relatively brief article, I'm going to give you an insider glimpse at my entire past week of training – pretty much every workout I've done since last week's article so that you can see how I personally string all these concepts together into my own typical training week.

Let's do this.

Monday – Strength, Mobility


-10 minutes Core Foundation Training, decompression breathing and a few yoga moves.

-3 rounds of:

-5 minute trampoline rebounding with breathhold and nasal breathing practice
-Handstand walks to wall x 10
-Handstand pop-ups x 10
-Handstand side to side walks x 20 feet
-Finished with dry skin brushing in sauna and cold plunge

Afternoon (for rationale behind this routine and the other strength and power routines, read this article):

Upper Body Push – 4 rounds of:
-5x Loaded Pushup (super slow with body weight, feet on stability ball)
-15x Torso Twists

Upper Body Pull – 4 rounds of:
-5x Weighted Pull-up With Med Ball Between Knees
-15x Banded Side to Side Walks

Lower Body Push – 4 rounds of:
-5x Front Squat
-15x Mountain Climbers

Lower Body Pull – 4 rounds of:
-5x Romanian Deadlift
-15x Walking Lunge

Tuesday – Power, Cardio


-10 minutes Core Foundation Training, decompression breathing and a few yoga moves.

6x four minutes uphill 20% fast treadmill walk followed by 30 second sprint after each walk. Practice nasal breathing.

Immediately move to 3x circuit (as explosively as possible) of:

-8 Kettlebell swings
-16 Superman pulses
-16 Sandbell pulls
-16 Burpees
-8 Horizontal pull-ups with suspension strap
-30 seconds farmer's walk with heavy keg


My custom Kundalini yoga routine in infrared sauna, followed by cold plunge.

Wednesday – Sports, Recovery Day


-10 minutes Core Foundation Training, decompression breathing and a few yoga moves.

5 rounds of:

-100 trampoline jumps with nasal breathing
-Plate walks – back to wall
-Little Big style setups
-Handstand shoulder taps

Finish with 10 minutes infrared sauna and skin brushing.


-1 hour tennis lesson.


This full body foam rolling routine.

Thursday – Strength, Mobility


-10 minutes Core Foundation Training, decompression breathing and a few yoga moves.

4 rounds of:

-Superslow pushup (legs on stability ball)
-Superslow pullup (med ball between knees)
-Superslow goblet squat with kettlebell
-Superslow reverse hypers

Finish with 10 minutes infrared sauna and skin brushing.


1 hour easy walk with deep nasal box breathing and a breathhold for max time every 5 minutes (body was feeling a bit beat up and sore from the new 2017 protocol, so I substituted the walk for anything harder than that).

Friday – Power, Cardio


-10 minutes Core Foundation Training, decompression breathing and a few yoga moves.

4 rounds of:

-2 min trampolining
-5 to 50ft of handstand walk
-10 strict toes to bar
-10 plate walks – wall or freestanding


6 rounds of:

-30s (seconds) Swings – 30 second front plank hold
-30s Sledgehammer – Plank
-30s Chainsaw – Plank
-30s Fast Torso Twists/side – Plank
-30s Sprint – Plank
-30s Battlerope – Plank

Saturday – Adventure Day

Normally, on an adventure day, I'd follow the instructions from last week's article and…

“Use the weekend as an opportunity to choose an adventure of your choice, preferably outdoors. This can include hiking, skiing, snowboarding, road cycling, mountain biking, playing on an obstacle course, etc. This session can be longer, and, if aerobic, can be done in a fasted state.

Since, in the structured “done-for-you” plan I’ve written out for this program you’re reading about, you should ideally be including a 24 hour fast over the weekend, don’t make this adventure too “epic” in terms of physical intensity, but instead use this as an opportunity for nature therapy, challenging your brain, doing something novel, etc.

Your weekend adventure can last anything from forty minutes to several hours, depending on your activity and choices! You can do this Saturday or Sunday, whichever fits for you.

And yes, there’s a method to the madness. Similar to Wednesday’s session, you’re targeting new neurons in your nervous system, and you’re also, due to the longer nature of this session, building the physiological parameters of stamina and fat burning capacity.”

However, since I was traveling in Los Angeles and didn't have much access to an adventure, but did have access to my friend Tai Lopez's home gym, I instead did:


30 min AMRAP of:
-Jump rope x 60 seconds
-3x rope climb
-30 burpees
-60 second front plank

30 min:

-Hypoxic swim repeats in cold water, as steady swimming breathing every 2-4-6 strokes and stopping every 5 laps for an underwater no-breath repeat.


-30 minute walk with nasal breathing and breath holds

Sunday – Detox Day

On Sunday morning (see featured image for this post), I stopped by my new friend and Olympic gymnast Stephen McCain's gym for a full two hours of gymnastics training (stay tuned for a podcast and story on that)…

…and also spent the evening at “Voda Spa” in West Hollywood for my “go-to” hot-cold contrast routine, which goes as follows:

-15 minutes as hot as possible in dry sauna, infrared sauna or steam room

-5 minutes as cold as possible in cold plunge or cold shower

Repeat for available amount of time, up to 2 hours.

I used the extra time on Sunday for detoxification and cleansing, including a 20 minute sit spot meditation in the park, coconut oil pulling, dry skin brushing, foam rolling and deep tissue work, a brief 10 minutes of rebounding with deep nasal breathing and…of course, the quintessential weekly coffee enema and 24 hour fast: all detoxification strategies I outline in great detail here.


If you like this kind of insider glimpse into my own life, then you should know that I (and my wife) post our workouts, our recipes, our body care protocols, our personal biohacks and much more, along with a monthly online “fireside chat” with the two of us inside the BenGreenfieldFitness Inner Circle. You can click here to check that out.

For those of you wondering how the heck what you see below is going to prepare me for the rigors of the professional Spartan race circuit, the answer is: consider what you have just read to be my “off-season” and “base preparation”. After completing these three months of detoxification and brain/body TLC, I'll launch right back into the workouts given to me by my obstacle racing coach Yancy Culp.

In addition, a full 12 week protocol that I personally designed and that incorporates all the workouts, biohacks, detoxification protocols, teas, broths, meal planning strategies, etc. that I'm currently using each day (presented in nitty-gritty detail) is available here for download and daily access.

Thanks for reading, and leave your questions, comments and feedback below!

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11 thoughts on “An Insider Glimpse Of My Weekly Workout Routine.

  1. John says:

    Hey Ben,

    Is there access on your website or a link to instructions on what some of these workouts are. I’ve tried to look up some of the terms I’m unfamiliar with and not seeing much. For example: little big style set ups, and others. Thanks

  2. Ben says:

    Ben are you using a big trampoline or a rebounder? Does it matter for the benefits? Thanks for your great work.

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Ben, great article! Could I ask what the week would look like and how you would structure it if you were to add the yancy culp OCR workouts in?


  4. Cory says:

    Hey Ben. Love your stuff. I have a quick question. I’m 44 years old, and new to working out. I’m not overweight, and other than high blood pressure, I have a clean bill of health. I’m wondering if you would recommend this workout plan for me, or should I begin with something different. Thanks Ben.

    1. If you're TOTALLY NEW to working out, I would do what I wrote in last week's article, but do the EASIER versions I wrote there of the strength training sessions, not the harder, more athletic versions. Everything else you can do!

  5. Jamie says:

    No Foundation Training?

    1. oops forgot to include.

  6. Brent says:

    Ben, thanks for posting this. 2 questions:

    1) on monday, what % of your 1RM are these 5sets of 4 completed at? I assume 80%

    2) Is this enough conditioning for OCR or would you add in more dedicated or hybrid conditioning work (ie run 5km but complete 5 burpees EMOM…if you have never done this, give it a whirl and go sub 25min :) ).


    1. 1) About 80-90% 1RM OR less than that but super, super slow. 2) Read the end paragraph where I address your OCR question.

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