What Is The Perfect Workout For 2017: Part 2

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It’s Tuesday and here's another sneak peek at practical, quick and dirty fitness tips from this week’s Get-Fit Guy episode.

Each week, over at the Quick & Dirty Tips Network, I produce a free, easy-to-read article, accompanied by a short 5-10 minute audio version of that article. Everything there is focused on the latest fitness research, exercise news, and quick and highly practical muscle gain, fat loss and physical performance tips. It’s called “The Get-Fit Guy’s Quick & Dirty Tips To Slim Down & Shape Up”.

Here's your sneak peek from this week's episode “What Is The Perfect Workout For 2017: Part 2

In last week’s episode, you discovered how to intelligently and properly structure  strength, speed and power training into a perfect workout plan. But unless you’re a football lineman (for example), you’ll need to include additional training modalities to have a truly perfect training program that targets every component of your body, brain and nervous system.

So let’s pick up where we left off and dive into the next component of training: cardio!


Ready to complete the perfect workout plan?   Click here to go check it out now or bookmark for later.

Finally, if you have your own ideas for future fitness articles you'd like to see me write, leave your ideas in the comments section below.

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