2009’s Top Ten Most Downloaded Podcasts from BenGreenfieldFitness!

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Drumroll please…

Whether you're a brand new fan of the podcast at https://bengreenfieldfitness.com or you've been a long-time listener, you'll probably be interested in the freshly tallied results of our most popular podcasts of 2009.

I was actually a bit surprised as I went through the results and statistics of our “most downloaded” episodes. It always amazes me which podcasts you like the most!

OK, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Most Downloaded Podcasts of 2009 from https://bengreenfieldfitness.com. Remember, you can listen to all of these for free by simply going to the shownotes for that episode at https://bengreenfieldfitness.com, or by simply doing a “search” on the right upper side of the Ben Greenfield Fitness website, or by simply clicking below…

10th place: Podcast Episode #31: Mysterious “Product X” Destroys Microbes, Blowtorches Body Fat, Fights Fatigue, and Powers Performance, with a farmer from the Palouse.

9th place: Podcast Episode #38: Learn Exactly How Low Fat Diets Make You Fat, with Cary Nosler.

8th place: Podcast Episode #51: Ben Greenfield & John Gilbert Answer Your Best Burning Questions About Fat Loss, Nutrition & Human Performance.

7th place: Podcast Episode #39: How Quantum Physics Can Heal The Body and Enhance Performance, with Dr. Herb Akers.

6th place: Podcast Episode #53: Six Key Performance Factors Every Athlete Needs to Know About, with Dr. Richard Cohen.

5th place: Podcast Episode #29: The Gut Flush Plan, with Dr. Anne Louise Gittleman.

4th place: Podcast Episode #22: Eight Ways to Instantly Increase Your Metabolic Rate, with Ben Greenfield.

3rd place: Podcast Episode #62: The Results of Ben Greenfield's Internal Performance Factor Testing, with Dr. Richard Cohen.

2nd place: Podcast Episode #54: The Magnesium Miracle, with Dr. Carolyn Dean.

1st place and the most downloaded podcast episode of 2009: Podcast Episode #45: The Shocking Information About A Compound That Pharmaceutical Companies Really Don’t Want You to Know About, with Dr. Mark Sircus.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the consensus? Most importantly, do you have special guests experts and episode topics that you'd like to see appear on the podcast in 2010? Just leave a comment below, and tell Ben what you'd like to see!

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5 thoughts on “2009’s Top Ten Most Downloaded Podcasts from BenGreenfieldFitness!

  1. Gary Bush says:

    I am always listening to A PowerSong in my music player everytime I am working out. This is to give me a mental and physical boost to finish a set when I am reaching my fatigue.

  2. jill says:

    5th and 6th place were both my votes. I’ve listened to both more than once.

  3. Awesome – thanks for sharing! I just downloaded most of them! I love listening to your podcasts on my runs.

  4. Lance Mateas says:

    Being fairly new to the podcast, I was surprised to see my favorite episodes there: Dean, Sircus and Cohen. I was fascinated by the magnesium information, and have incorporated into my routine, with success. Keep up the good work, Ben!

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