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If you use the search box in the right side of the page at BenGreenfieldFitness and do a search for “Chef Todd“, you'll find some of most entertaining and educational healthy cooking information that you've ever seen in your life. Good news! In today's post, Chef Todd has done it again…and created a super-special series of healthy cooking ideas and videos for you.

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And now…on to Chef Todd's fantastic post and crazy videos!

In Your Home Is It Healthy Cooking, or Does Your Food Have a Passport?

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You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to like the best tasting fruits and vegetables. I like the freshest produce, because they always yield the best flavor. Other people may look for fresh ingredients because they want to retain the most nutrients in their food or get food with the most nutrients possible. Some people may be concerned about supporting their local farmers and community supported agriculture to get the best ingredients. Still others are concerned about the earth, agriculture, or the health benefits of eating only what is grown seasonally and locally. Many people are concerned about the labor practices employed by large corporate farms that serve half the world. All of these are healthy ideas that will result in healthy cooking.

I don’t care what your reason is, but you should be concerned about where you food comes from. Whatever reason you choose, it’s easy to support local farmers by simply asking your local grocery store where your produce comes from.

If you are already shopping at your local farmers market, you probably already know where your food comes from, because you’re shaking the hand of the guy that pulled it from the ground. If you’re shopping at your mega-mart, start asking where your fruit and vegetables come from. Start examining the flavor, texture, and your enjoyment of produce grown locally and those brought from a large distribution house. You should be asking why you are sending your money to the international grower instead of to your local neighborhood. It’s difficult to deliver healthy ideas in your own kitchen if you can’t get healthy produce from your local market.

These are more questions to ask of Sandi Kronick of Eastern Carolina Organics. Eastern Carolina Organics has been in existence since 2004 and is dedicated to helping local farmers with quality control, business assistance and expanding the market for their locally grown family produce.

Local farmers are not subject to the same weather problems in other parts of the world. The huge fluctuations in price of produce that comes from a single corporate operation is called “Stock Market Pricing”. This is when prices will climb or fall based on future yields or promise of good growing season. Local organizations like Eastern Carolina Organics can help with the supply and flow of food by partnering with the farmers who are also owners of Eastern Carolina Organics.

In the partnership between Eastern Carolina Organics and the local farmers, they can help each other to get the best food at the most fair price to the farmer and their customers and ensure that there is healthy cooking occurring in our homes. So, whether you attempt gourmet cooking or just want to bring healthy ideas into your kitchen, supporting your local farmers is a great place to start.

Easy Healthy Recipes Left on My Doorstep!

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Want to make some easy healthy recipes and ensure that your kitchen is only producing healthy cooking? Then you are going to love the idea that I’m going to share with you today. I just received my first Produce Box! The Produce Box is filled with healthy, fresh ingredients that practically guarantees that I will be cooking light recipes all week.

Why The Produce Box?
Growing your own fresh vegetables can be fun and rewarding. I think it’s a big pain in the neck. The second best thing is going to your local farmers market to buy the most wholesome fruits and vegetables that are grown in your community by your local farmer. However, I’ve discovered the next best thing to THAT! It’s a produce box that is delivered to my front door each week.

The Produce Box is an excellent example of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that is now becoming very popular, and may now be available in your area.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
CSA is a way for the farmer to cooperate directly with his customers, as we all agree to purchase whatever is freshest and best from his farm this week. Each week’s box will contain different items based on the local conditions, not the national conditions and price futures, you work directly with the farm and farmer.

Healthy Cooking
Besides having the best ingredients with the most nutritional quality and flavor, I love the Produce Box because of the serendipity of opening the box. I don’t know what surprises I’ll find, but I’m always up to the challenge of being ready to cook whatever is in the box. The Produce Box makes it easy for me to cook light and healthy. I bet it will help you too!

Curious what Chef Todd does with his Fresh Produce box? Check back to BenGreenfieldFitness.com this Friday to find out!

Koloa Sunshine Farmers Market in Hawaii

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The best place to get fresh fruit and fresh produce is your local farmers market. I’m looking for fresh fruit and fresh vegetables from the Sunshine Koloa Farmers Market in Hawaii.

Notice that I didn’t bring any recipes with me. It would be impossible to find all the ingredients that are called for in any written recipe at a local farmers market. However, if you are armed with the knowledge of basic cooking methods, you can create an original recipe from what you find there. You’ll know that the meal you create from the freshest ingredients, fresh fruit and fresh produce, along with your creativity and study of online cooking lessons, will be the better than someone else’s opinion of what you should cook.

There’s a mindset involved in farmers market produce shopping.
Years ago, I’d take my lengthy list of requirements to have on hand at all times to the grocery store. I had an insecurity that, when cooking by written recipe, it might call for something I don’t have in stock. Then, I might have to go back to the grocery store. At the farmers market, you’re committing to cooking whatever is freshest and readily available.

Packing your pantry with canned goods in case they’re demanded by your recipe
is the best way to waste time and money in your food shopping. While farmers market produce is more expensive than grocery store items, it should be. It’s a better product that has been produced and distributed in a more wholesome fashion. You’ll get more enjoyment, more flavor, and more nutrition from fresh local produce that comes from your local farmers market.

The best ingredients you can access and afford, combined with basic cooking methods
will help you create recipes from what is seasonal and available, and will keep bringing you back to your local farmers market for fresh produce. Not going to Hawaii anytime soon and want some ideas for your local farmer's market? Check out the video below…

My Local Farmer's Market

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