Who Wants A Box Jam-Packed With Handpicked Goodies From Ben To Arrive On Your Doorstep Every Quarter?

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Big news.

I'm launching a box with Quarterly.

What is Quarterly?

Quarterly allows you to sign-up to get curated boxes from people you follow online, such as authors, style experts, musicians, etc. You choose your favorite cultural icons, they curate unique boxes, and then you receive handpicked stuff from them each quarter. It's actually a really cool idea, and something I wished I'd have discovered a long time ago!

So here's the deal: Quarterly approached me about sending you and a select group of my other followers a customized Quarterly box. But I need your help to prove that people other than just my Mom are actually interested in getting a regularly scheduled package jam-packed with cutting-edge goodies from me.

After all, every day I pour through research and spends massive amounts of time in the trenches figuring out what works and what doesn’t in the realm of performance, fat loss, recovery, digestion, brain, sleep and hormone optimization – and this seems like a very cool way for me to share that stuff in physical form with you, sent straight to your doorstep. Think supplements, unique fitness gear, functional foods, sleep hacking tools, mind enhancing games, etc. You know…all those weird things that make being healthy, defying aging and getting to peak performance both educational and fun.

So if you think this is a cool idea, then click here

When you do, you will go to a page that let's you support my Quarterly by raising your hand and also spreading the word with your friends and family (and there's even a video of me wearing funny toe socks). Then, once there is enough interest, you'll be the first to know when my box is available.

That's all you have to do to make this happen (and to be the first person to find out when my Quarterly launches). Just click away, and then sit back and wait to see what kind of cool things I can get together to ship to you each quarter! Leave any questions below.

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8 thoughts on “Who Wants A Box Jam-Packed With Handpicked Goodies From Ben To Arrive On Your Doorstep Every Quarter?

  1. claudio says:

    i just got mine boxe. what a bummer!!!! thanks to you im cancelling my biohaking box quarterly. disapointing to spend +100 on crap.

  2. Roger Casanova says:

    I haven’t received my shipment, it says on the quarterly site, ships out in October, unless you changed it, we’ll let me know if there was any changes, thanks

    1. If you ordered the BioHacker box I was a part of, then it should have shipped last week and you will have received an email. We don't manage the shipping so you're better to get in contact with them. If you ordered my personal Quarterly.co box, then it won't ship until Q1 next year.

  3. jf71989 says:

    Very interested, but I'm concerned that you will send products you have recommended in the past that I have already purchased (have had that issue with Dave Asprey's box). Will you be sending new stuff that your avid followers are unlikely to already have? Thanks!

    1. Well, I can't make any guarantees but I think you will be very pleasantly surprised!

  4. Michelle Wittman says:

    What a great idea!

  5. hayls8 says:

    cool idea, I've never heard of Quarterly. Do they send it anywhere in the world? really? I'm assuming if so, then shipping prices on top of the cost.

    (I'm in Australia)

    1. Take a look at this page https://quarterly.co/help

      International Quarterly subscriptions—yes, we offer them!—require an additional fee, at the following rates.
      All mailings: Canada +$20; rest of world +$30
      Note: We do not make a profit on shipping. These rates directly reflect our costs.

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