Dr. Carolyn Dean’s Top 12 Wellness Predictions for 2010 – Here’s the First 8!

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Today, I bring you another guest post  by Dr. Carolyn Dean (pictured left), a medical doctor, naturopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, lecturer, consultant and author. Dr. Dean has been in the forefront of health issues for over 30 years, and first appeared here on Podcast Episode #54. What do you think of Dr. Dean and her predictions? Leave your comments below this post…some of this post is a bit controversial, but if I get at least 15 comments from people that actually want to see her final 4 predictions, then I'll post them later this week.

Dr. Carolyn Dean's Top 12 Wellness Predictions for 2010

Plenty of grim predictions going about for 2010: War with Iran. The Greatest Depression. More taxes. Zimbabwe-like inflation. Oppressive health care. More taxes. Shock bracelets for airline passengers. More taxes. And yet another Batman movie.

Sheesh… to everything there are two sides. I like to say “not in my universe.” I predict what I see and want to see happening. So here are my Top Twelve Predictions for how 2010 will usher in more health and natural living for you, your family, your community and the world…

Prediction #1: Edible Landscaping and Urban Farming

Millions of families will move away from decorative lawns and use their property to grow their own vegetables and fruits. This will be largely in response to inflated food prices and unemployment. There is a huge side benefit. With this move people will be eating more and more healthy produce again and less genetically modified, chemically sprayed Frankenstein food from the supermarket. (See my message on Victory Gardens Over Factory Farming from last May.)

Prediction #2. More Family Co-Ops

More and more people will stop supporting big-box superstores that deliver sub-quality food from factory farms and cheap products from Asian sweat houses. More conscious consumers will realize they have sacrificed quality for quantity; sacrificed human rights for cheap labor; sacrificed local jobs for big-box discounts; sacrificed Ma & Pa shops for cooperate franchises.

Grouping together, people will make  large orders at bulk discounts directly from quality companies. This way they get organic, fair trade, non-toxic products with the lower price they need during tough economic times.

Prediction #3: Less TV and More Video

I think we’ll start to see an ever-increasing dying out of commercial-based TV as people move more and more to watching videos online, through DVD mail order clubs (like Zip.ca or Netflex) or just buying it second hand off Ebay. As free time becomes more scarce people will be more selective about what they watch.

For example, season three of Lost (one of my favorite TV shows) sold over one million copies in the first three weeks after its release (according to the-numbers.com) despite the fact you could watch it on TV for free. So the less commercial TV people watch and the higher quality the programming the better their overall health (as I explain in Module 20 and 24 of Future Health Now!).

Prediction #4: Natural, Self-Care

People will neither have the time, money or patience to waste two hours sitting in doctors’ waiting rooms for a five-minute visit — only to be given an expensive prescription. Especially when the prescription only provides some short term relief while creating long term side effects (resulting in more drugs or even surgery).

Instead, people will be flocking in greater numbers to the internet searching for low-cost solutions to their health problems (and hopefully finding Future Health Now!). The masses will begin changing their lifestyle, improving their diet, exercising more and detoxing their homes (see my post about Gerald Celente’s predictions).

Prediction #5: More Produce From Local Farmers

More people will start “renting” pieces of land from farmers and paying the farmer to toil the soil and supply them with the fruits of their labor. The result will be higher quality, environmentally friendly food while boosting the local economy. People will benefit both from the lack of pesticides but also from eating food in season that only traveles a few miles at most. Because they are buying direct and in advance they’ll save a bundle.

Prediction #6: Rising Fuel Prices Will Lead to More Walking and Biking

I think it’s time to reveal that I’ve never owned a car. I’ve lived in all manner of places – from the Big Apple to Nova Scotia and now Maui. I mainly walk and bike (even swim). It’s one of the simplest ways to become healthier. Even better if you live in hilly country.

So if fuel prices double, triple or quadruple – as many are predicting (whether due to oil scarcity or inflation) – people will be forced to do more walking out in the fresh air and sunshine – often carrying, pushing or pulling something to boot.

Prediction #7: Less Wireless Technology

For many, if the economy really goes sour, the first thing to go (or at least reduce) will be cell phones and BlackBerrys. This will mean people will be exposing themselves less to the dangers of wireless technology. It’ll also mean there will be less cell phone towers broadcasting DNA disrupting microwaves. (For more on reducing the negative effects of wireless technology see Module 18 of Future Health Now!).

Prediction #8: A Simpler Christmas 2010

After commissioning a survey to study the stress produced by Christmas shopping, the managing director of DealTime.co.uk said: “We were very surprised to see that [Christmas shopping] was thought to be a more traumatic experience than working, visiting the dentist or looking after a crying baby, things which usually have people pulling their hair out.” (BBC News)

Next Christmas, people will be more concerned about necessities like food and clothing than luxury gifts. People will be more likely to just make baked goods, knit a sweater or buy fruit for friends and family. It’ll cost less, be easier to plan, and probably more appreciated.

Personally, I gave up Christmas shopping decades ago. Too much stress for a holiday that’s supposed to be about the gift of peace.

Prediction #9…


What do you think of Dr. Dean and her predictions? Leave your comments below this post….if I get at least 15 comments from people that actually want to see her final 4 predictions, then I'll post them later this week, starting with Prediction #9…

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24 thoughts on “Dr. Carolyn Dean’s Top 12 Wellness Predictions for 2010 – Here’s the First 8!

  1. Bill says:

    Wow…great and extremely thoughtful predictions. Too bad she’s not in Congress with that type of mind. We need more like her and after listening to the Podcasts I’m extremely impressed and glad I found this site.

  2. Wendy says:

    Ben, Have you heard of the new healtier energy drink eFusjon? Wendy

  3. Todd says:

    I’ll echo the others’ comments that these are cool and interesting predictions. However, I’ll also play Devil’s Advocate like Patrick. I think these predictions will definitely happen, but not really in 2010. As human beings, we are inately attracted to the path of least resistance (some would say lazy). We love technology and convenience, all at a low cost. It takes a significant commitment to preventative health and human performance. The bottom line is that all of these predictions take work, and most of us are too busy, or set in our ways to change.

    Here’s my advice to all the 30 somethings out there. Next time you visit your parents, look at all the medications they are taking. Then do some research on how you can prevent all the ailments they have by eating well, and keeping your key health factors optimal (Vit D., Magnesium, EFA’s, blood alkalinity). You will avoid all these medications, and their enormous cost burden on society. And even better, you’ll feel amazing, love life and stay lean.

    Thanks to Dr. Dean for listing these out – if we all followed her predictions, the world would be a better place!

  4. Jerry says:

    Hey Ben, I like Dr. Deans pridictions, respect & copy her life style & want to see more predictions and more articles from her during the coming year. Love all your guests & podcasts. Keep up the good work you are appreciated.


  5. Chuck says:

    Cool predictions and most make sense. But it seems like with higher gas prices and more walking and biking, wireless technology will have to increase especially in the business world.

  6. Jim McIntosh says:

    I already do several of her predictions

  7. Lila says:

    Being like-minded I am hopeful for the predictions to become reality but I don’t see the changes being welcomed by my co-workers.

  8. Barb says:

    It’s amazing how her prediction are parallel to my thoughts. I have been studying natural health so I can take care of my family, learning how to grow a garden so we can eat healthy food and cutting out the excess and trying to live a more simplified life of healthy choices. Can’t wait to read about the last 4 predictions! Thanks for sharing.

  9. cindy says:

    I think she is right on. So many people are saying these very words right now.

  10. Tommy Nosek says:

    I hope these come true, however, the people I work and associate with, probably would have a difficult time adjusting to these predictions.

  11. Patrick says:

    I don’t buy a lot of this. This all sounds like a slippery slope fallacy that the economy will continue to tumble and tumble into this bottomless pit of despair and widespread poverty. Things will have to really come apart AT THE SEAMS before you’ll see your average joe American giving up his car, his TV, his cell phone and his processed foods. There will be mass scapegoating and rioting before all that happens.

    Though, I like the idea of renting a plot of land and paying a farmer to cultivate it. I’ll need to look into that for sure…

  12. Janel says:

    I’d love to see the rest of her predictions. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we begin (or continue) to live as she predicts? Her predictions are a great way to evaluate your lifestyle!

  13. Deb says:

    I LOVE these predictions! This is exactly the world we should be living in. Just an FYI too – my partner and I are part of the growing masses who are making a world like this become a fast reality!

  14. jill says:

    I like these predictions and think it could lead to a more healthy nation. However, some of the predictions will require time from people (ie. growing your own fruits and veggies) and I don’t believe people will go back to doing things themselves. Perhaps, they will prove me wrong. And, I’d love to see prediciton #7 come true, but too many are attached to the blackberry and cell phone regardless of finances.
    I would love to see these predictions come true, I’m just not sure our society can or will actually do it.

  15. Lou says:

    This is the kind of message that needs to be put into more and more people. Wake up America and let’s stop supporting big businesses who are subsidized by government.

  16. Lisa says:

    I love her predictions. I think it’s exactly what’s been needed all along, however, not to be a doubting Thomas, but I agree with Jill, I don’t think people will give up their cell phones. The information age is upon us and people will be reaching out to stay in tuned more. I too am on the upswing of taking me and my family in the direction that less is more. We’ve always spent good quality time together and we’ve never been to Disney. As for younger generations knowing basic needs. They need to be taught. We’ve taught them that cell phones and cars are necessities. My twelve year old doesn’t have a cell phone, nor will she until she has a job that she can pay for it herself. We only have one car, but we’re trying to move closer to everything so we won’t even need that. If more people thought this way it would really make a difference. Until then I think that we all just have to do the best we can minding our own selves and anyone that we can pull along for the ride is welcome to come. Lets see the other predictions.

  17. Karen says:

    Sounds more like a “wish List” than a prediction!
    But it all sounds good to me and I hope her wish comes true

  18. Donna Rice says:

    I think you also need to look at the impact of baby boomers retiring,and looking for a simpler life. Stepping away from technology and TV and back into the outdoors and gardens.

  19. Alan says:

    Totally agree with all her predictions and comments. Soceity will be all the better for going back to some real core values of good health and “self preservation” rather than materialistic “adverts” and increasing poor health from obesity and information overload (bengreenfieldfitness.com excepted!)etc.

    I’m on the CEO dominatotr program and no I do not own a carbon frame bike that cost thousands of pounds (I’m British)as I am overweight still but I love the training and good health benefits that come from setting such goals.

    As they say I wake up and smell the coffee and see nature the real way, not on a computer screen. Show me the remaining predictions Ben!


  20. Sam says:

    I hope these predictions are right because they are the right thing to do.

  21. Colleen Cihak says:

    I find them interesting and probably quite true if things don’t turn around which I don’t expect them to. Younger generations need to have the know how for basic needs.

  22. Barb says:

    ok lets hear the rest.

  23. Donn Raseman says:

    Interesting stuff, although some of it looks like she’s planning for an economic downturn. I love the fact that she’s never owned a car!

  24. zac says:

    I think Dr. Dean is right on! My day job is an economist and my hobby is triathlon/well being so this article was of particular interest to me. Consumers are over-spent and over-borrowed and a new era of frugality is upon us. There will be less trips to restaurants and more gathering around the table for family meals, less vacations to Disney Land and more camping and hiking trips and with all this will come a realization of what’s important in life – not borrowing or spending. Rather, savings for retirement and education, you and your families well being, health and ensuring that our kids (and parents) are looked after is what counts. Not to mention charity. Bravo Doc!

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