The Great BioMat Giveaway – $1750 Of Bonuses Between Black Friday And Cyber Monday.

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Biomat Giveaway
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Oh yeah, baby.

This is the biggest, most valuable giveaway I’ve ever done…

…a professional BioMat, worth $1650 (and another $100 detox bonus you'll learn about in a sec)

The giveaway starts…well, yesterday. At 5am.

And it goes until December 3 (that's next Wednesday) at midnight.

Click Here To Enter The Giveaway Now.


So what's a Biomat, you say?

I use mine every freakin' day.

When you lay on it for as little as 10 minutes each day (or sleep on it the entire night if you’d like) the BioMat’s unique infrared technology penetrates at the cellular level, rapidly speeding the repair and regeneration of your muscle tissue. The BioMat also balances your immune, endocrine, lymphatic and nervous systems, delivering a wealth of health benefits, including increased cardiovascular capacity, resilience to sickness, deeper, more refreshing sleep, cellular detoxification, decreased brain fog with increased focus and enhanced cognitive performance.

And that’s not all…

…because I’m also throwing in $100 of Detoxi Salts. Subjected to temperatures of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit and heated 9 times for 20 hours, resulting in a pure-grade salt packed with essential minerals and micronutrients that is absorbed easily into the body, these are a perfect complement to your BioMat treatments, and a powerful healing treatment on its own. These salts contain a huge beneficial chloride content and 22 trace elements, delivering remarkable health benefits, including balancing blood pressure and blood sugar levels, neutralizing and eliminating toxins, boosting your immune system and providing essential nutrients to the body with just a tiny sprinkle of salt.

Yep, that’s $1750 worth of prizes.

Just click here to enter the contest, and then you’ll get a lucky URL sent straight to your email inbox. Every time you share your lucky URL on Twitter or Facebook, you get THREE extra entries into the contest. Pretty cool, eh?

Click Here To Enter The Giveaway Now.

(and leave any questions or technical issues below)

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