Healthy Cooking Without Recipes: Free Video #3 of 6 – Saute This!

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Along with each video in this series, I'll be giving you extra tips from Chef Todd Mohr, and be sure to read the end of this post for a special announcement about Chef Todd coming onto the podcast! I still need your help!

During a discussion we recently had, Chef Todd told me that most people buy so many kitchen tools and gadgets that they don't really need.

As a matter of fact, he recommends just 4 essential kitchen knives.

Here's his synopsis of what you really need for successful kitchen prep:

French (Chef’s) knife– Offers the greatest versatility for most cutting and chopping. Used in a rocking motion where knife tip always touches the cutting board.

Boning knife – thinner, pointed, used for cleaning meats and removing bones.

Paring knife – small, short knife, most often used for cutting fruit. Used in one hand, pulling the edge toward your palm in opposition to pressure applied by the thumb

Slicing knife – longer knife with serrated edge, for cutting bread and slicing meats in a sawing fashion.

Proper knife skills are essential for the type of quick and easy kitchen prep that Chef Todd teaches. You've probably been to his website by now, but in case you haven't, you should know that he gives out a bunch of other cooking secrets in other free videos on his website, along with online cooking classes! Click here to check it out.

Great news – not only has Chef Todd agreed to be on a podcast, but it's going to be a video podcast straight from his kitchen, so he can demonstrate all his tips and tricks, and answer your questions. So if you have a special technique you'd like to see (like how to use the knives above, how to chop a tomato, or how to make butter have less fat), then simply leave your comments and questions below, and I'll ask Chef Todd during the video podcast!

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4 thoughts on “Healthy Cooking Without Recipes: Free Video #3 of 6 – Saute This!

  1. Patrick says:

    I’m really enjoying your videos so far and can’t wait until your full on podcast. Okay, I can wait, it’s not that serious…

    Tough questions I know, because you mentioned how variable it can be depending on personal taste and theme of the dish, but what are some of your favorite GO TO liquids to use when removing the fond off of the pan? What are some NO GO liquids? What about using fat-based liquids like oils or butter? Forget the “themes,” just a regular piece of chicken/beef/lamb on a regular night cooked in a minimalist way without losing the natural flavors?

  2. steve says:

    Chef Todd is awesome! Give us more!

  3. Well, sure, isn’t it called skimming or clarifying or something like that – to get rid of milk solids?

  4. Ben-
    I’m really looking forward to the podcast and would love to answer any and all questions.

    However, “how to make butter have less fat” isn’t going to be one that I can answer! LOL.

    Chef Todd.

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