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Want to win a free book?

You're in luck! In exactly 2 weeks, on August 24, at noon, Ben Greenfield will be selecting the top 3 blog comments of the entire 2 weeks and sending the authors a copy of Shape21: The Complete 21 Day Lean Body Manual. Your comments can be questions for Ben, analysis of recipes or articles, or even how you felt after performing the workouts in the Video section on BenGreenfieldFitness.

So what is Shape21? This book includes exact day-by-day instructions with meal plans, recipes, grocery shopping lists, cardio routines, resistance training workouts, and exercise photos. Each day for 3 weeks, you find out how to shed maximum fat and achieve ideal muscular tone. No guesswork involved. Click here for more info on the Shape21 program by Ben Greenfield.

And remember to post a comment on the blog. It's the only way to win a free copy!

P.S. Ben Greenfield is now posting mini-tips on nutrition and fitness at Don't know much about Twitter? That's OK. Just go to the page to learn more. It's the easiest way for you to follow expert advice for free!

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  1. The fastest way to get fit is to eat right and build some muscle. Women can build muscle without "bulking up" and this is the fastest way to increase your metabolism, helping you lose weight look more fit.

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