What Is Your Biggest Nutrition or Fitness Problem?

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I want to tell you a quick story about a nutrition issue I had. And at the end of this story, I'm going to make an iron-clad promise to you. So here we go:

Five years ago, I was addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper.

Straight out of college I worked a short stint as a surgical salesman, marketing hips and knee replacement parts to local orthopedic physicians, then standing and watching during surgery as people had their new hips and knees placed into their bodies.

It was a tiring job, so I wanted a caffeine kick. But the Diet Dr. Pepper wasn't just giving me caffeine. I didn't know it at the time, but my two to three soda serving a day diet was also injecting me with heavy doses of addicting, excitoxic artificial sweeteners, seeping acidity into my body, dying my teeth brown with artificial colors, and a exposing my gut to a host of other chemicals that were wreaking havoc on my metabolism.

And I'm sure the extra Cherry-Vanilla flavoring wasn't exactly helping.

Although my eyes were eventually opened to the damage that the diet soda was causing to my health and performance, I still had a serious issue – I was chemically addicted to the Diet. Dr Pepper. Several times, I tried to quit drinking it, but found myself pulling over to the gas station and grabbing an icy cold, fizzy can or bottle of brown nectar whenever I had a craving. This was a big problem.

Unfortunately, I really couldn't afford an expensive nutritionist or registered dietitian to give me advice about what to do, and most websites I found simply told me about the “dangers of diet soda”, but didn't tell me what I could do to beat the addiction! So I not only had a big problem, but I had no solution.

So I invented a solution. And here is what I did:

– Sugar-free gum has artificial sweeteners in it – but in the same way a nicotine patch has less nicotine than a cigarette, it has less of the artificial sweetener than a full bottle of soda – right?

– And carbonated water, like Perrier or Pellegrino, has that same satisfying fizzy pop when it's opened and same bubbly sensation on my tongue, right?

– So why not pop a couple pieces of diet gum and drink a soda water whenever I craved my Diet Dr. Pepper?

And that's exactly what I did. And it worked! Within 2 weeks, I was completely “Diet Dr. Pepper free”, and I haven't touched that liquid chemical addiction in five years. Since that time, I've switched from the artificially sweetened gum to a brand called “Spry”, which is flavored with more natural xylitol and stevia.

This trick works like a charm to overcome a diet soda addiction…try it out! I love to solve problems like that, and since becoming a nutritionist myself, I've helped hundreds of clients conquer similar addictions, and fitness or nutrition problems that they face. So let me ask you this:

—>What is the biggest fitness or nutrition problem that you struggle with? <—

You can't lose weight no matter how hard you try?

You can't figure out how to squeeze marathon training into your busy life?

You never have any energy?

You want to qualify for Ironman Hawaii?

Leave your fitness or nutrition problem in a comment below,  keep it completely anonymous if you'd like, and I promise to personally respond in a blog post, podcast or newsletter with a solution to your fitness or nutrition problem. And if I don't know the solution, I will find it for you. That is my iron-clad promise to you.

All you need to do is tell me the nutrition or fitness problem that you need solved for you.

Deal? If so, just leave your comment below. You don't have to tell a full story like I did, but write whatever you'd like!

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483 thoughts on “What Is Your Biggest Nutrition or Fitness Problem?

  1. courtney says:

    ok so im addicted to diet dr pepper and is becoming a problem i go though a 24 pack in just two days then if i dont have it i become a real you know what but im also on a diet i have been for a month now and ive lost 11 pounds but i also binge eat when im bored but for me found that drinking ddrp stops me from binge eating cause i drink can after can when i crave binge eating please help

    1. Follow the steps i outline above: sparkling water and gum work great!

      1. Deborah Graham says:

        Thanks, Ben! I decided to wean myself off of Diet Dr. Pepper as my No. 1 New Year’s Resolution. Then I decided, why wait until the New Year. Maybe if I start now I can be off it by the 31st. Yours was the first site I came to when I asked how to handle a Diet Dr. Pepper addiction. Thanks for your suggestion, and I can’t wait to get started.

        1. Amy says:

          I drink diet soda all day know I am addicted. Have to stop. I have no trouble giving up sugar and fat but diet soda is the hardest.

  2. kddray says:

    oh boy, substitute Diet Coke for Diet Dr. Pepper and it's me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    need to wean now

    1. Check out Dr Zevia – not as good as drinking water but much better than Dr. Pepper.

  3. TheCosmicDuck says:

    Hi Ben!

    My biggest problem seems to regard pre-run nutrition. I usually wake up around 10 o'clock, eat a meal around 12, and usually head out for my run around 2. I've been going on long runs, and I'm always sluggish at the beginning. It usually takes like 3 hours before I can really get warmed up and feel lighter and faster. I know it has a lot to do with the food digesting in my stomach. I usually eat a green salad with avocaodo, some kind of bean dip or legume, and then some kind of coconut/cacao combination with some nut butter. I try to eat a lot of good healthy fats and slow burning carbs for long sustained energy, but the problem is trying to overcome the initial sluggishness. I know it would be better to allow more time for digestion before leaving for my run. How much time would you think would be best to give my body time to digest? Also, how would you fuel for a 4-5 hour run? I've been running this way for a while now and am well fat-adapted. Also, real food is preferred over stuff like superstarch and MCTs. Maybe invest in a blender and have a liquid meal instead?

    Thanks for everything you do, keep up the awesome work!


  4. Sean says:

    Hi Ben, I was a very active person over the last 12 years with my last Ironman December 2012. Since that day I have not done a thing active and have become stuck on the couch. I have no energy, always tired, lazy, no drive to get out and run, bike, swim, gym, tennis, hike, etc. I work, sit on the couch, and have gained about 15lbs. I’m addicted to chips and salty snacks. I would really like your help to change this and get back to my happy active life. Thank you.

    1. Sounds like you really dug yourself into a hole. Take a look at this https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/05/what-… and also this https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/01/what-… and of course, to really get to the bottom of your issue, feel free to book a consultation with me at http://pacificfit.net/items/one-on-one-consultati…

  5. trainerterry1 says:

    Acne! All over my back and shoulders. I'm 23 years old. Been trying all sorts of different diets. Seen some improvement but I've been experimenting for years with no lasting results. Any ideas?

    1. Have you tried eliminating dairy? Check out the question from William on this page https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2009/04/episo…

  6. Alan says:

    Recovery after crossfit workouts…including muscle soreness and lack of sleep.

    1. Have you taken a look at this page? It'll give you some great ideas – https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/06/how-t…

  7. Herman1696 says:

    Ben, my biggest problem is hormones!
    As a female, oneweek a month I can't controlled me eating no matter how determined I am!
    Any tips? Julz

    1. Have you tried Tianchi <a href="http:// (http://pacificfit.net/items/tianchi/),” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(http://pacificfit.net/items/tianchi/),” target=”_blank”>(http://pacificfit.net/items/tianchi/), this can help out quite a bit with the hormones and might be all you need. A lot of women have hormone swings that month and need a little extra help. Also take a quick look at this post for more info on your hormones: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/12/how-h…

      1. Herman1696 says:

        Thank you

  8. cyn525 says:

    My weakenss hands down is sweets – especially between 12-1 day(s) before my TOM. It is torture. I would give anything not to have these intense cravings. Carbs also. And I can eat more volume than my 200 pound husband!

  9. Mrsgrew says:

    Snacking….I feel like I blow all my hard work and healthy eating by snacking. I snack of healthy things like hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese with protein powder, avocado and lots of nuts. But it must be too much because I'm just not progressing

    1. Yeah, even good snack can add up and stall progress. Take a look at this https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/01/what-… and this https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/10/snack…

      1. Mrsgrew says:

        Thank you….helpful!Sent from my iPad

  10. melissadishes says:

    I lost 42 lbs over 7 years ago and kept it off effortlessly.

    These days I have overcome adrenal fatigue in the last 1.5 years, I've had hashimotos for at least 4 years, been GF at least 3.5 years. In the last year i've gained 20 lbs. This is heart breaking to me. No amount of diet or exercise seems to be working. I've even done a metabolic recomp with calories.

    1. We talk about Hashimotos in this podcast https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/02/episo… and you should definitely check out the Thyroid Sessions https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/thyroid-session

  11. zeuszeroo says:

    I used to practice triathlon but because of a leak gut i had to stop it.
    I have been hearing all these webinars about adrenal fatigue, leaky gut and thyroide problems.
    In all of them they speak about what protocol and which supplementation to take for each condition but what about when someone sufferes from all of them. What can we do in order do speed up recovery and start to pratice triatlhon again??? Treat each one individually or all at the same time?? How much sport is to much if we suffer from this condition? What supplementation??

    1. Take a look at this page https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/05/what-… and I would also encourage you to sign up for a one-on-one consultation. That is the best way to get to the bottom of your problem and take care of it https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product/ben-…

  12. Joe says:

    I have an insatiable appetite for sweets/carbs at about 8:00pm at night (the worst time to be eating them), I am not hungry usually finish a healthy (good fats/protein) dinner by 7:30. What’s up? How do I control it?

    1. Take a look at this, many of these techniques could help you: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/05/a-sim…

  13. Sean says:

    Hey Ben, my problem is that I had an accident about 10 years ago. I hurt my back pretty bad. I’m 5′ 7″ and ballooned up to 235 pounds. I lost both parents to cancer three years ago. Something clicked in me after that. I’ve run 3 marathons and two halves since then. My thing is I run, swim, and bike but still can’t lose the belly fat. Crunches and the sort I can not do. Any suggestions on exercises that I could do. Or diet tip help get rid of the fat. Thanks love your articles.

    1. Crunches won’t help anyway, so don’t worry about that. Check this out, it should help – https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/09/episo… Specifically the question from “belly”.

  14. Cslangston says:

    My problem is that I've started binge eating a few months ago, and gained the freshman fifteen before I actually leave for college. I binge eat mostly out of boredom and when I'm presented with a stressful situation. I hit the gym at least 4 times a week and do compound exercises but as a student I'm sitting down for half the day. So how do I steer myself from the overeating urges, and how can I lose the 15 lbs before I start college in the fall?

    1. That is a pretty common problem. Take a look at this article, it should help – https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/09/how-t…

  15. pamjsruns says:

    My biggest problem is finding the right foods for my body. I am a personal trainer and have been researching nutrition thru all the top dogs- JJ Virgin, Dave Aspry, Abel James, Rich Roll, Vinnie Tortorich. Bottom line- I have to find what works best for my body. I don't care for a lot of meat and high fat makes me gain weight. I have hypothyroidism and hashimoto's and have put on 10 lbs. This is driving me bananas. I eat a clean diet with loads of veggies, some healthy fats and some eggs and meat maybe once a week. Need to get help to drop the weight- although I know I have whacked out hormones, adrenal fatigue and a lot of stress. Seems like I am just a hot mess right now.

    1. Pam, you should take a look at this https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/05/episo… and this http://pacificfit.net/items/hormone-supplements/. And perhaps this as well https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/02/episo…. If you still have questions, you can always consider booking a private consult with me at http://pacificfit.net/items/one-on-one-consultati….

      1. pamjsruns says:

        Thx for your prompt response.Pam shermanSent from my iPhone

  16. Shamb1 says:

    Hi Ben. Biggest problem and one that causes such discouragement with my fitness endeavors, is I have back fat! I am 50 yrs old, 126 lbs. I workout 3-4 days a week, i.e. weight lifting, yoga, and HIIT. I am not on a diet! I do however fast on certain days, higher carbs on workout days, higher fat on off days and of course weekends are my fun days…wine!! I feel great except when I put on a bikini and I see back fat! WTF! My stomach is defined and flat, but my sides and back look awful! I'm short waisted so this makes it even worse. Am I stuck with this?

    1. I think you might benefit from reading this book https://amzn.to/2wjRd2j. It's a great way to target your particular body type.

      1. Shamb1 says:

        I just bought the book you suggested only to find, I already do these exercises, eat this way, so forth and so on! I have no problem with the number on the scales. It's trying to understand why I have “fat pockets” I like to call them, no, take that back, HATE that I can't for the life of me get rid of! Is there somewhere I can send a picture to show you what I'm referring to that no one else can see? I've also read the topic of loose skin from losing lots of weight, but I've never been over weight.Sent from my iPad

        1. Your best bet is to book a one-on-one with me – we will get to the bottom of things. http://pacificfit.net/items/one-on-one-consultati… Sounds like it isn't a matter of "diagnosis via internet".

          1. Shamb1 says:

            $100 for 20 mins is not in my budget! Thanks all the sameSent from my iPad

  17. theultrafreak says:

    I like to have a drink (beer/mixed drink/wine) or two after work each night. I'm wondering if there is a good or bad amount of alcohol to intake daily or weekly. Is any drink choice better than others? Even though its never caused me to miss a workout, does it affect me in ways I am not aware of? I'm sure the extra calorie intake is not helpful either, but what are your thoughts on alcohol?

    1. If you’re trying to maximize muscle gain and recovery, booze ain’t your friend: http://ow.ly/uJZLu Also take a look at this page: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/02/episo… and https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/03/three…

  18. Sheena says:

    Vegetarian Problems. With my limited diet, I tend to fill up on carbs which doesn’t help my weight loss goals. I want to eat lower carbs, but don’t have many protein options to substitute that with besides beans and protein powder, yogurt. Staying away from eggs and soy products. My energy lags after work, and I just want to nap instead of workout, though I get 7-8 hrs of sleep a night. Any suggestions to keep my energy up with vegetarian diet so that I can meet weight loss goals?

    1. Take a look at this page https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/07/how-t… but also do a search for "Vegetarian" on the website – tons of great tips all over the site.

  19. Elle_sd says:

    HEY Ben..so my biggest problem is SUGAR!!
    I love cake and cookies and chocolate and juice!!! I use to drink like 3 glasses of juice a day( i switched to Welch's 100% grape juice cause i figured that was best) and drink hot cocoa… i am fit otherwise, doing yoga almost daily and training and I swim but I cant seem to stop desert cravings!!

    What i would love is an affordable substitute for brown sugar cause now Ive stopped drinking juice and started drinking punch!!
    Punch: sour-sop sea-moss+ banana+ nestle skim milk and nestle condense milk(1/2 a can to 2 glasses of punch)

  20. DesCow says:

    Hey Ben my biggest problem right now is that I've very recently switched to being a Banter. How long does it take to feel good? I'm an Ultrarunner and for the past few weeks my legs have felt very heavy and almost oxygen restricted. This sucks!

    1. What is a Banter?

      Either way, you need to read this ASAP! https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/06/how-t…

    2. DesCow says:

      Sorry Spelling error meant to say "Banting"

      1. Ah ha! In that case, take a look at this – https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/04/exerc… but it can take a few weeks or months depending on how carb addicted you were. You may want to increase your sodium intake.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I struggle with a food addiction.

    And that is the first time that I have ever admitted that out loud.

    I think that I am just now coming to terms with this – years of yo-yo weight loss and gain, I never really put it together. I am vegan. I am an Ironman triathlete. How on earth can I gain and lose so much weight so quickly? How on earth can I be 50lbs overweight and train 10+ hours a week for Ironman? Once I started to track what I was eating, the reality appeared. I was consuming far too many calories for the efforts I had been putting out.

    I can go periods of time doing great and watching what I eat, even for a year of really just excellent living, promising myself that I am never going to go back *there* to my heavy eating crazed weight. I crave sugars and sugary things. Then it just sort of snowballs from there.

    I really want this to stop, but I guess I don’t know how to curb the self-destructive tendencies, or better put, I don’t know how to fuel myself daily in and out to where I don’t feel this pressure building up inside of me to go crazy once in a while with “forbidden” foods. What can I do in my day to day life to set myself up for success more long term?

      1. JWarstler says:

        Thank you Ben!

  22. Alexandre says:

    I am training for a marathon and a month ago I started the Paleolithic diet. During the last five years I followed the Atkins Diet.
    Until this moment I had no problem of energy deficit during workouts. I think I already keto adapted.
    I have trained in fasting.

    My doubts:

    You can perform a long race like the marathon printing intensity, since this is a competition, without consuming carbohydrate without breaking?

    Can I do the marathon fasting? If not, what consume before and / or during the race?

    Thank you!

    PS Translation taken from the Portuguese (Br) via Googe + Translation adjustments

  23. ALANWEST77 says:

    I have been successfully losing weight, 4Kg over 22 days, but stuck at 75Kg for the past 5 days, despite 2.5hr. daily walk and food iontake reduction. I drink a lot of Pellegrino daily., —any connection?

    1. If it is one of the sweet, sugary drinks, then YES! If it is just sparkling mineral water then… I doubt it.

  24. Lindsey says:

    I am a 5xhalf marathoner and 1x marathoner training for another marathon and half ironman this spring and summer. I eat clean paleo until recently played around with adding popcorn and some beans into diet. Also looking to lose about 10 lbs (5.7″ 127lb) while wanting to perform well. More importantly want to lose the weight. Late night hunger cravings is my downfall and sometimes eating in middle of night. Wake up between 1-2am is a usual. I usually choose healthy options first. Is eating late at night a bad thing if hungry? What advice to get out of this habit is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Love your podcast!

    1. Eating late at night isn’t so bad (if you are legitimately hungry) but waking up because you are hungry is. Have a fat and protein rich snack before going to bed so you don’t have to wake up to eat.

  25. Nicole says:

    Ben, my biggest weaknesses are failing to stick to paleo and I quit working out when I don’t see results. I’ve gone three months on a diet and exercise program without losing a pound nor an inch.

    1. You certainly have to stick with it but you also need to find the right regime to fit you – https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/01/how-t…

  26. ptshay says:

    Hey Ben,

    My biggest weakness is coffee. It completely destroys my energy and I always get mouth ulcers after drinking it. It's so frustrating because the less I drink the more sensitive I become to it.

    Any advice Ben?

    Love the blog,


    1. For sure! There are many coffee alternatives. Take a look at this https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/04/healt…

  27. christinesutherland says:

    Ben I don't have any food addictions and I eat healthily. I do martial arts 6 times a week and that includes aerobic and core exercises. I do Pace Express once a week, and tennis once a week. My issue is fatigue and a low metabolic rate. I'm 58 and 13 kg overweight and it just won't budge. If there's an answer to that one I'll be astounded.

      1. christinesutherland says:

        Thanks Ben, I'll take a look now and at this stage willing to do anything :-)

  28. Skyler88 says:

    Late night eating and peanut butter!
    I eat healthy and regularly during the day but no matter how well or how much I eat I get up and eat again between 10pm-2am…. If I don't I usually can't sleep. It's not always sweets but often is, peanut butter is a big feature. I know it's bad for digestion to eat late but I can't stop. I tend to be a little hypoglycemic as well. thanks

    1. Try having a small amount of satiating protein and fat before you go to bed. I do this “Chocolate Pudding” recipe: Blend together 1/2-1 sliced avocado, 1 teaspoons cinnamon, 1-2 scoops of organic whey or vegan protein, 4-6oz full fat coconut milk, 1-2 teaspoons almond butter, 1-2 teaspoons carob or cocoa powder, and a dash of natural vanilla extract. Very minimal insulin spike from this one.

  29. shockingpink says:

    Hi Ben ..

    Nervous system has rewired to SNS dominant , using somatic therapy to correct this ( awesome check it out ) If I do long state cardio I can see that I get to excitable and could flip in to anxiety, also people are saying long state cardio is leading to weight gain. So I know it is spiking my cortisol levels. Challenge is I boarder on multiple chemical sensitiveness. Doing huge bio hack with medical team to sort this..however mean time. I do my exercise everyday ( weights, t-tapp barre etc ) but I am not getting in 10000 steps no where near that, I am not allowed in any public building ( chemicals /gluten/corn/rice inhalation ) or by roads ( exhaust fumes ) or forests ( mold ) fields ( chemicals ) you see where I am going with this ?? How would you get your steps up in the home yet not trigger yourself in to cortisol rise from turning it into long state cardio.


    1. Is purchasing a home treadmill an option for you? With that you could do a combination of walking and HIIT to steer clear of the chronic cardio scenario.

      1. shockingpink says:

        Thanks Ben I had been considering that option, then heard a well know female alignment expert saying that treadmills where not good as you did not get the push off action that you would get in normal walking..but perhaps this is a case of taking note of different thoughts and deciding what is best for your life style or needs at this moment.
        I liked your suggestion of mixing up walking and HIIT, do you know off hand what time length is consider long state ? Ie is over 25 mins or 30 mins long state ? I have been searching to find that out and as yet have not found the answer.
        Really appreciate you answering, thank you.

          1. shockingpink says:

            thank you so much ;0)

  30. GidgetGinger says:

    My biggest problem is after a long day I want to sit on the couch, relax and snack. I love my kids snacks and can't put them down. It is all processed foods. I need to loose about 5-10% body fat and I know this is why I haven't taken off this weight.

  31. 6genet says:

    Hi Ben, I'm 45 years old, a former couch potato and just started exercising in July. I'm having a problem with endurance. I can do a fast walk on a treadmill or elliptical but I can only hold about three min at a jog or run then it feels like I'm running out of air.
    I recently completed a cardio stress test and the Cardiologist said there were no problems.
    So is there any advice on how to build endurance?
    Thanks, Kevin

  32. MyDogTuff says:

    So, over the past few years I have lost a lot of weight…learning to work out correctly….learning to eat real foods and focusing on nutritionally dense foods….but the past few years, the weight loss has slowed to a snails pace….it is frustrating me to no end. I just don't understand how to get consistent weight loss anymore. What should I be focusing on when I once had a LOT of weight to lose and now only have a fraction of that (but still quite a bit more than most people).


    1. It's a very common phenomenon called a "weight loss plateau". Take a look at this http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/e…

  33. Nick says:

    Nut and Chocolate addiction. Can’t figure it out. I know my adrenals need some TLC.

    1. Those are both very common and often signify a magnesium deficiency.

  34. Rae Reichlin says:

    My problem is portion control and over-eating. I eat an extremely clean diet, nothing processed or packaged, and usually my biggest indulgence is too much all natural nut butter or dark chocolate. But everytime I eat I feel unsatisfied unless I eat A LOT, and will keep going until I feel completely stuffed. I don’t know how harmful this is given the nature of the food I’m eating, but it is a compulsion that I would like to learn how to control. I am also wondering if this could be the reason behind why I am not seeing results more rapidly, despite the fact that I workout 6 times a week.
    Thank you! I love the podcast.

  35. Matt says:

    My problem is overtraining! I am recovering now from what I suspect is overtraining syndrome from crossfit! I am not sure what to do or how to recover from this and is there any supplements that would help!

    1. Do a search on this website, I have talked about overtraining a LOT!

  36. chriscrazie says:

    10 Ironman races with four finishes only. Get to mile 90 on the bike and begin to get nauseated, sometimes cramping, shaky, lightheaded, confused, disorientated, headache, uncoordinated, chills, and eventually have had unconsciousness. Very frustrating. Experienced, eat healthy, work hard to get to an IM, understand hyponatremia and hypoglycemia. Tried chews, gels, sports drinks, GU, chicken broth, baked potatoes…you name it, it's been tried. In a group of tri guys, all doing IM's…..so no dummy to the sport. What is going on and how can this be fixed? Disorientation and unconsciousness are NOT fun. But desire one solid IM finish without the symptoms described. Thank you!

    1. There's not enough information here to be certain what the root of your issue is. Head over here and I can help you get to the bottom of it: http://pacificfit.net/items/one-on-one-consultati…

  37. DaveyWayne says:

    What’s up with these dang headaches I get after a long, hard bike ride? I drink plenty of fluid and it doesn’t matter if it’s 40 degrees or 95. If I can keep my tired body from crashing on the sofa for a nap afterwards the headache usually will stay away. But if I lay down my head begins building with pressure. Once it’s there it’s nearly impossible to get rid of until it finally fades in about 24 hours. Any ideas? Thanks!

  38. Anon says:

    I want to train for an IM, but I’m worried about adrenal fatigue. Any thoughts?

    1. Dude! Do I have any thoughts? I wrote a whole book about just that! https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/02/are-e…

  39. samlouise24 says:

    Hi ben,
    Whenever I exercise I find my odor is much worse than anyone elses. I've always been very physical including high school years however only in my 20s have I noticed a more putrid smell. I understand sweat doesn't smell itself and it is the bacteria breaking down the amino acids but how do I stop or even reduce the smell? Also do you know any tricks to get sweat smell out of clothes? The simple wash doesn't do the best. So any nutritional or hygiene practices would be much appreciated. I already shave and scrub my under arms thinking this would help but recently I read it is better to just use water and flannel. Please help ben.
    Kind regards

  40. eeunt says:

    OK, I've been lowish carbs for a few months and have noticed a growing ammonia body odour in my sweat towards the end of an intense exercise session (typically 45/50 mins). However since cutting carbs down to 50/60 grams during the past 3 weeks and removing all wheat from my diet the odour is growing and is now present from the end of my warmup even before I start exercising hard. By the end of the session it's rather unpleasant.

    I've read that this odour is caused because I am burning amino acids (from protein) and I'm concerned that I may be destroying my hard earned lean muscle rather than burning fat. However 'web info' is somewhat contradictory on this matter. Also, I recently has a blood test and my results show I have normally functioning kidneys and liver.

    Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

    1. The ammonia is actually due to ketone bodies in this case, not from muscles. The more efficient you get at burning ketones, the less of an issue this will become.

  41. marcbrasileiro says:

    I have the same problem with ciclamato. I´m adict in product with this. I´m from Brasil and this is allowed. SO I eat a more than a traditional food. I try to stop this, but is like a drug!! I alread read the pasquale in metabolic diet and he says that teh ciclamato can make the people havbe compulsio, I think the name of this is hipofagia or some like this.

  42. bzembower5 says:

    I just cant stop thinking about food and the nutrition that is going into the things that I prepare and what glycemic complications those foods have. Its kind of like a headache because I cant be satisfied with the foods that Im eating, i.e enjoy what Im eating. I continue to additional ingredients, sometime things that end up being gross, with the thought that it adds to the nutritional density somehow. I find myself then overeating, or so I think due to this. What should I do?

    1. I'd look into mucuna pruriens supplement and I'd keep in mind – living in the present helps a ton!

  43. Shorty says:

    Hi Ben,

    I need some help. I’ve been following a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet since 1 July 2013, so I’m 25 days in. Unfortunately no weight loss so far. I’m 1.53 tall and weigh 57kg’s (126 lbs I think). My goal weight is 52kg’s (about 115 lbs).

    I have 2 issues: (1) I have no power in my legs when cycling and (2) I’m not losing weight.

    Usually a training week would include: 2 weight training sessions at the gym for about an hour, two or three 2-hour cycling sessions and a long 3-4 hour cycle on the weekend (here I would have had carbs before and during the ride).

    Since on the LCHF, (due to lack of energy) this has been scaled down to only one weight training session, one cycling session and one long cycle on the weekend (with no carbs before or during, only water and some almonds or other protein). I thought that maybe by scaling down the weight training my legs would not feel so heavy on the bike. But it still feels like I have no strength on the bike.

    Eating patterns: my eating patterns have changed a lot. Usually I would have had oats early in the morning and eat every 2 hours seeing that I was hungry all the time. But by changing to the LCHF I can easily eat only 2-3 times a day.

    New eating habits: I don’t eat any refined carbs (bread, pasta, rice, etc.) or vegetables that grow under the ground, no fruit or sugar. I’m experimenting with some intermediate fasting, like this morning I skipped the bacon and eggs breakfast and will only eat lunch later. But this I will only do on days that I’m not training. I regularly measure my blood glucose, no big spikes, usually below 5.

    So I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Could it be any of the following?

    • I drink a lot of coffee with artificial sweetener (the healthy one) during the day.

    • For dinner I could easily eat a 250g of steak with a mixed green salad. Maybe my fat/protein ration is not right? Maybe the salad with some feta, tomato and avocado contains more carbs than I think?

    • I have about 2 glasses of dry white or red wine a week.

    • On no training days I only drink about 500ml of water. Other than that I will have coffee or tea.

    • Most training sessions is in very high heart rate zones.

    • I drink a bit of high fat milk in my coffee/tea. Sometimes I would add cheese and other diary to my meals (like the feta with my salad, or full cream yoghurt and berries for breakfast).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    1. Well first of all you're only 25 days in. Sometimes it takes up to 60 days for body to begin responding to a new protocol. Second, it's very tough to say anything without seeing what your estrogen, progesterone cortisol and DHEA's are at. I'm guessing you may have some hormonal imbalances that need addressing – especially with the amount of cardio you were doing and the coffee you're drinking. Finally, you may not be eating ENOUGH carbs – consider upping to 150g/day and see what happens.

  44. CaptainTurtle says:

    When I was young my staple diet was lollies. I've always been super thin.
    Biggest problem for me now is weight gain and retention. I have an incredibly fast metabolism, eat bulk GrassFed organic steak, wild salmon, low GI grains and seeds like brown rice, quinoa and oats, with lots of fresh veg and nuts servings. I eat 5-7 meals a day, am 25 and only weigh 65kg. My exercise regime includes practising yoga 3 x a week and cross fit style workouts 2 x a week at a gym.

    My only struggles would be rare alcohol and subsequent poor eating sweet tooth style 2-3 x a month.
    What gives?
    Keep up the work great work Ben!

    1. Best thing you could do would be to eat MORE fats and cut meals down to just THREE PER DAY to increase your metabolic, fat burning efficiency, Jake!

  45. digitaldoofus says:

    My Problem/Issue: I can maintain a decent weight, but cannot seem to produc visible "abs" (just a little flab, left over from overweight days). What is the single best method/exercise/technique to produce *visible* abs?

  46. Anonymous says:

    Depression. Deep, abiding, physical, emotional, and mental depression that makes me feel physically heavy and mentally foggy. It keeps me from getting things done and stops me from “keeping going” when I do get a good rhythm. I’ll finally start running, working out, and eating well and once I’m able to run around 6 miles, I lose it and become a slug again for months or years. I feel like there must be some deficiency I need to overcome to get real energy into my body that stays with me so I can get fit and stay fit for good. I’m just a bit shy of 40 and a solid 30-50 lbs overweight consistently. It’s only going to get harder, but this has been my entire life. Every day is a battle and I can’t stand much more. I want to beat it, but can’t every seem to find the energy.

    1. I would highly, highly recommend you meet with Kalish practitioner. Google "The Kalish Method" and find one in your area!

  47. Balej22 says:

    Beer. Train hard but love beer and when I do drink it (once every three weeks in general) it ruins me and I dont train for the weekend. Would love to cut it out but love the beer.

    1. James, for cutting back on beer I would HIGHLY recommend my "Carb Cravings" posts…I list a bunch of them in: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/07/get-b…

  48. Trevor013 says:

    Hi Ben, I recently came across your website from UI and am loving it!! I can't get enough. I'm a health and nutrition conscious person (lots of veggies and lean meats), but something is causing me to have allergic reactions regularly, which has halted any exercise. I've tried Paleo, Vegan, gluten-free, dairy free with little success (although for only a few weeks for each). Skin testing showed nothing, which isn't reliable anyway, but still. I'd love to figure out if it's a food or not, then move to other possible causes. Do you have any guide to an extremely basic diet where I get my nutrition, but can slowly add things back in?

    1. Yo Trevor! Listen to today's podcast <a href="http:// (https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/246)” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/246)” target=”_blank”>(https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/246) because we talk about this stuff, and then use this diet: http://goo.gl/6MhqT

  49. tjclayton210 says:

    Two things (sorry):
    1. Designing a weight training plan that fits into my ultra-running/trail-running routine (off season: 25 miles/week; in-season: 40-50 miles/week). When to run, lift, and recover? I have a good repetoire of exercises/lifts. Just need a high level schedule.
    2. Eating for the day/season. I eat very clean, but eat the same stuff and same ammounts when I'm training and recovering (e.g., eat same macro numbers every day whether training or not that day).

    1. Great question. Do you listen to "Ask The Ultrarunner" at EndurancePlanet.com? They talk about this type of thing quite a bit. For eating, I recommend http://www.RevDiet.com and also the "real food cookbook" at http://www.enduranceplanet.com/bookstore. Also, listen to https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/244 where I lay out a weight training program for ultrarunners!

  50. shauna says:

    I can't seem to lose weight around my belly and hips… no matter what I do. I've started running (well jogging/walking). I lift weights (not huge amounts mind you), I do hiit programs, and have a healthy eating style overall (paleo with the occasional treat to pizza, brownies, or other goodies I miss. Summer time is bad as well because there is more exposure to alcoholic beverages. When I'm on point, my diet is strict and I'm working out 6 days a week and still not losing the fat. Its frustrating…and then I feel like it's no use. Then I go online and find 5 other things to try – and still no luck. I feel like I must be doing something wrong, just not sure what that is.
    Any ideas? Thanks!

  51. Leigh says:

    I’m a 19 year old girl and I’ve been struggling my whole life to shrink my thighs. I’m thin but I just naturally store my weight in my thighs and butt. My biggest problem is how the only way to lose the fat on my thighs in order to shrink them I must do cardio like running, but instead of burning off the fat I just bulk up with muscle making my legs even bigger. I eat as clean as I can and drink plenty of water. I’ve heard that squats and lunges help tone legs so I’ve been doing those as well but my thighs refuse to be slender. I even tried increasing my running distance in the hopes to adopt the very lean form of distance runners but so far nothing has worked. During a 10k the insides of my legs started rubbing against each other so much that by the end of the race I was bleeding.

    Hope you can help!


  52. Warren says:


    I love your website and really loved what Jay Schroeder says. My biggest trouble is gaining muscle mass and weight. My son and me have the same problem. If you could give any suggestions , I would love it! I would also love to hear more Jay material!!


  53. Mike says:

    Thanks for the post on diet soda (Diet Coke). I will try your advice on this.

    My biggest problem is losing weight and I'm struggling with a plateau. I have seen lots of conflicting advise out there and would like your take.

    Tim Ferris advises you should have a "cheat day" and I've seen similar suggestions in other places. It is to avoid a metabolism slowdown. How would you avoid a metabolism slowdown?

    I have changed to a mostly Paleo/low carb lifestyle and I have added Intermittent Fasting (IF) to the mix. There are lots of ways of doing IF. What is your experince with the different versions (Fast Five, 5:2, Window, etc?)

    There is a lot of conflicting advise on caffeine/coffee and artificial sweeteners. Will they harm or help a diet? How about Ketosis?


    1. These are a lot of questions! The #1 thing I can recommend for you is the Superhuman Food Pyramid. It's on the right side of this blog…scroll down and you'll find it available for free.

  54. Jaytee says:

    I eat healthy, 80% of the time, I have a healthy weight (135# 5'6", female) but I have a very small frame and look much better at 125 or at the very least I have some belly fat to lose. A typical day of eating for me is egg, spinach mushroom scramble, handful of almonds for a snack, salad for lunch, lean protein and veggies for dinner. I also do some interval cardio and a couple hours of strength training per week. I think my biggest downfall might be the cheese and wine I eat before bed, usually about 2 oz of cheese and 3 glasses of wine. Is just that enough to keep me from achieving the results I desire??

  55. Una says:

    My biggest problem is breaking the 4 hour marathon – I have come so close – 402, 404, .. I hired a coach this year, lost 20 pounds and just keep getting slower finishing at 4:13. I work really hard, eat a high fat diet as of October 2012 which has been awesome! I am only 45, and feel like I am in my prime!?

  56. Check out these helpful articles on cravings, Tony:-VIDEO: 5 Powerful Calorie Control Tricks To Help You Eat Less Food <a href="http://:https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/10/appetitecontrol/:https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/10/appetitecontrol/<br />-VIDEO: 5 Ways To Suppress Your Appetite Without Taking Any Special Pills or Capsules <a href="http://:https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/05/5-ways-to-suppress-your-appetite-without-taking-any-special-pills-or-capsules/:https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/05/5-ways-to-suppress-your-appetite-without-taking-any-special-pills-or-capsules/<br />-PODCAST: How To Stop Carbohydrate Cravings In Their Tracks <a href="http://:https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/08/episode-160-how-to-stop-carbohydrate-cravings-in-their-tracks/:https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/08/episode-160-how-to-stop-carbohydrate-cravings-in-their-tracks/<br />-PODCAST: Inner Circle Free Episode: How To Stop Sugar & Carbohydrate Cravings In Their Tracks <a href="http://:https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/10/inner-circle-podcast-3-how-to-stop-sugar-carbohydrate-cravings-in-their-tracks/:https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/10/inner-circle-podcast-3-how-to-stop-sugar-carbohydrate-cravings-in-their-tracks/<br />-ARTICLE: A Simple Six-Step System for Eliminating Food Cravings <a href="http://:https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/05/a-simple-six-step-system-for-eliminating-food-cravings/:https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/05/a-simple-six-step-system-for-eliminating-food-cravings/<br />-ARTICLE: How To Fight Candy Cravings: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/10/how-t…

  57. Tony says:

    Ben, my issue is beer. I drink too much. 3 to 5 most weekdays and more on the weekends. It seems to calm me down after workouts when I am feeling high strung. I am 55 and in ideal weight at 175 (5’10). I have switched from craft brews to light beer but would like to kick the habit all together.

    I am an ultramarathoner and workout with weights and plyometrics occasionally. Most people tell me I look younger than my age And in great looking shape. I use this and my diet of mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts,seeds, and meats as justification for my beer drinking. What can I do to quit? Tony

  58. Meg says:

    I love high quality coffee with half and half, real sugar, with a little shot of MCT oil and grass-fed butter. It's what I dream about in the late afternoon, and I even start planning my wakeup routine and pre-workout activities around that coffee. It makes me feel so good. But I just read that adding the half and half and sugar to it nullifies the benefits of the coffee-MCT oil combo, and that really bums me out. I just loves me some bulletproof coffee.

    Also, I avoid corn chips like the plague. But on the rare occasion that I buy some chips for a party or something, I eat 2/3 of the bag in one sitting. Then I have to buy another bag for the party. Then there's the remaining 1/3 bag sitting around, so I eat that too. I just can't have them around.

    I'm otherwise a healthy endurance athlete with good cholesterol and satisfactory weight.

  59. Darrin Max says:

    Hi Ben,

    I competed in Wildflower long course last week. I had started doing NSNG about 10 days prior to the race and figured I would add grains in a few days before the race and do GU and HEED during the race. The plan seemed like a great idea at the time (at least in my mind). For the swim and the first 30 miles on the ride , I felt like I was on rocket fuel, then I got a stomach cramp and had the runs and had to go in a field immediately. I felt better for a little while and then after Nasty Grade I tried another GU and at mile 45 I was in the bushes again. I limped back into the transition area and had my first DNF in over 30 tri's..

    I know changing my diet 10 days before a 1/2 ironman wasn't a great idea, but I thought I could tough it out. .I felt really good going off sugar and would like to continue in that direction. I am 51 and have put on an extra 25 pounds in the last 10 years and also need to cut out Diet Dr. Pepper. I generally like to compete in 1 Long Course Tri and 3 Olympics each season. Please help me find a new direction for my triathlon nutritional needs.

    1. Easy. You need to read this (almost exactly what i did during Wildflower): https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/09/healt…

  60. Hodan says:

    I am able to exercise daily but sometimes I miss one or two days of proper exercising and then I would feel bad about it. I always hear people say do it daily, but I am not sure how long I should do it. For example, I try to do it for an hour daily. If I had a bad day, sometimes I would do it for 30 minutes or none at all. What do you think I should do?

  61. Paul Carroll says:

    Hi Ben,

    i am a triathlete, 13 st 5 ish. i want to get to 12 st 7 ish. i have tried juice diets, cabbage soup etc and failed. I would say my diet is 80% quality, 20 not. I have downloaded your food pyramid which is really helpful. I have also read racing weight by Matt Fitzgerald. My achilles heel is crisps (chips in US) and i can't seem to shake it. Any ideas on how to shake the habit and hit my target weight……

  62. Sarah says:

    About 5 years ago I lost 60 pounds. I’ve gained back 20 and can’t seem to lose it again. I’m 5’4 and 145 pounds. When I was thinner I was hungry all the time. Now I feel tired and drained all the time unless I eat more food, but when I do I don’t lose weight. I run, do elliptical and biking 3 or 4 times a week and do yoga at least once a week. I’m vegan and eat zero processed foods. Calorie intake usually between 1200-1500 a day. What can I do to lose weight?? It was so easy before and now I can’t lose so much as a single pound. Btw I’m 29.

    1. An excellent place to start, if you are vegan, is here: rawfoodsos.com/for-vegans/

  63. Robert Wadhams says:

    Hi Ben, One of my troubling issues is that when I travel to a race, especially if it involves a span of a few days, I have a hard time getting into race mode. I typically feel sluggish, bloated and my weight is up from water retention. I admit that I havent paid close attention to my diet over those two days with the exception that I am careful not to go overboard since i do have an event and I know I will pay for it.

    My question is that will following as much of a low carb protocol as possible while travelling help with this issue as well as making sure my hydration is topped off help in this scenario? the last thing I want is to hit the starting line with an extra 5 pounds I dont need to be toting around.

  64. Michael says:

    My problem is that my food seems to process through my body at a slower rate this past year. It seems acid and gas building up in my system. I did have upperendoscopy and capsule camera endoscopy/colonoscopy all negative. I have stuck with eating leaner foods and take nexium every day to reduce the acid but still a problem. can this affect my lack of weight loss? Only cat scan showed some folding near duodenum and testing negative for celiac.Thyroid has good numbers. I have seen three gastroentologist but they do not have an answer except take more fiber in and eat leaner foods. Any suggestions?


  65. Lindsay says:

    I neef help curbing my cravings. I am an older student finishing my bachelor’s degree. I have recently found myself wanting to eat while I study. It gets worse right before tests and big projects. The majority of the time this happens late at night and typically consists of gummy bears, dark chocolate, popcorn or something sugary. I’m usually not even hungry but I crave the action to eat while I study and now later in the evening. These are calories that I know aren’t benefitting me and they’re sabotaging my health plan. Is there another healthier habit to go along with my studying I can try instead?

  66. Jewels says:

    I have been addicted to refined sugar and simple carbs since I was a kid. I am now 47 years old and I run at least 8 miles a day, sometimes as many as 15 miles (5 days a week), and I work out six days a week using Insanity DVD's, but I binge at least once a day and usually purge afterwords. I hate myself and feel sick, but I just can't seem to stop the cycle of self-destruction. I eat a very balanced diet otherwise, and my weigh fluctuates only a few pounds. I am in the best shape of my life and wish I could eliminate the overwhelming evening cravings for the evil white sugar and flour products.

  67. Anders says:

    My biggest nutrition problem must be eating to big portions. At some points I could just not help myself to eat reasonable sized portions. It's getting better now when I following this intermittent fasting regime fasting for 16 hours a day and then have a eating window from 12:00 – 20:00. I just get full so much faster and it helps me to not overeat. Also started to cook all the food for me and my girlfriend instead of buying some outside crap and take home. I have the responsibility to make sure that we have good, healthy food every day and a lunchbox for work the next day.

    Just found out about you and your blog from the Marathon Training Academy podcast you attended and have been listening to yours for some days now trying to catch up. I really enjoy it and have a lot to read and learn from it.

  68. @honorsprof says:

    I lift for strength, then panic when I gain weight. I drop my caloric I take, lose muscle mass and strength, and drop the pounds. Then, irrational as I know it to be, I repeat the cycle. My metabolism is taking a dive, and I know I could be healthier.

  69. joy says:

    I am 20 years old and have been struggling with a long sequence of lower-leg injuries. It all started with an ankle operation 3 years ago and since then I have barely been able to string a few months of consistent training together. I lift weights with good technique, train my core regularly, make sure to stretch and eat well.

    At the moment I have a stress fracture on my right leg and have just started getting pain on the patellar tendon of the left leg, so bad I can't even sit with my leg bent for a while or climb stairs. I have been doing 'pre-hab' on that leg as it is weaker than the right, but seem to have injured myself by doing it!!

    What can I do? I'm getting desperate!

    1. It sounds to me like you may have some soft tissue weakness. I'd look into eliminating gluten, dairy and soy, along with nightshades and then look into something like the bone building recommendations a http://goo.gl/Zu02D

  70. Cora says:

    maybe you can write a podcast about a "functional fanny" vs a "floppy fanny". My experience at PT and with a trainer has shown me that I probably do not engage my glutes enough (or at all) when doing most exercises. I was just queued by my trainer better poster with the following advice: weight on heels, engage core, squeeze glutes. I was told by another trainer that to perch on the bike seat I might need to squeeze my glutes and thighs. At PT they are training me to NOT engage my Sternocleidomastoid while performing a lunge, the only way I can stop engaging the SCM is to squeeze my glutes. How come in all my years of reading articles have I not read about the squeeze glute part of engaging the core, or on how to "perch" on the bike seat? Am I the only one with a floppy fanny?

    1. Interesting cora. It makes sense not to “perch” and it does kind of fly under the radar. Maybe I'll do a podcast on this!Ben

  71. Chloe says:

    Hello :) I find lately that I crave sweets almost after every meal. I am a naturopathic/nutrition student and about a year or so ago my fiancé started getting sweet desserts for himself for after dinner. What started out as a few innocent bowls of delicious blueberry crumble with low fat ice cream has now become a real problem. I find myself eating chocolate or Italian homemade biscuits (his family is Maltese/Italian) almost every night now and I’m starting to gain weight which is depressing!!!
    I have tried not having junk in my house but somehow it finds its way in and once I know it’s there my mind constantly thinks about it until I have to have it then and there!!! I really need some help….I know there are alternative options but I find I’m not as satisfied just by fruits and yoghurt anymore :( please help!!!

  72. JDJ says:

    Can't seem to lose the last few pounds of love handles. Rest of my body is pretty lean except that spot. I eat well although too many nuts many times. Follow a Paleo diet, fast, I am keto adapted as well, etc. Can pretty well follow whatever. Kind of just thinking that my body has no interest in losing that weight without me doing something very drastic which I would think would hinder my training performance.

  73. Jen Arcila says:

    Hey Ben, Thank you so much for your awesome Podcasts, website and general massive knowledge. My biggest challenge right now is targeting my lower belly fat – I have had this slight 'jutting out' part of my body since childhood yet I'd like to believe i can say good-bye to it and tone it up. My diet is 95% Paleo, with 2 grams of Stevia sugar in the morning, no fizzy drinks, no sweeteners, no dairy, no grains, only healthy fats, veggies, and protein (eggs, beef, chicken, fish). I work out 5-6x/week for 60mins 5x/wk and 1 rollerblading session of 1.5hours and all workouts in a fasted state. Workouts are weight-training bodybuilder split, supersets and with cardio boost.
    Perhaps the only questionable foods I intake are: ON Whey Protein Powder (bc of additives) and Casein Protein (also additives), 1 scoop Whey mid afternoon, 1 scoop Casein pre-bedtime. I hit bed by 10pm and wake at 6am for fasted workout.
    Take BCAAs tabs, 200-400mg Magnesium pre-bedtime, 1.500mg L-Carnitine pre-wkout, Vit D,B, Acai and multivit.
    Do you think the Protein Powders (bc of Soy Lecithin content) might be significantly hindering losing the belly fat, or else what could be more certain/effective to definitely tone my lower abs and firm them? Seems like diet may be the key…and patience.
    I am 26 yr old female, 5'1", 51kg and have been working out for 10 yr. I love fitness, nutrition and healthy living!
    Thanks in advance and thank you sincerely for your incredible knowledge!

    1. Evan Brand says:

      HI Jen, hard to say without testing, but were you on a hormonal birth control? Hormone levels could influence levels of body fat as well as carb intake. Overtraining can also increase cortisol so much that you actually can lose muscle and keep that belly fat. Best of luck, hope you reach out on my community as well.

  74. Kathy says:

    Binger and no energy!

  75. Gerald says:

    My biggest problem is trying to establish a consistent fitness and nutrition system. I recently was reassigned to a job location that is an hour away from my house. I now have two less hours a day to workout. My new assignment does not have a consistent schedule. Several days a week (not always the same days)my lunch hour is spent attending a seminar or presentation. The inconsistent schedule has created inconsistent workout and eating. I have fewer hours to workout each week and I find I am eating out more often (and not making good choices). My previously balanced schedule is now anything but balanced.

    1. I use a computer app called imonTime to do all my scheduling. It works really well!

  76. HB says:

    I have a difficult time eating healthy.
    I also am trying to prepare for a 10k, but cant sustain energy to accomplish the training requirements…my goal is a 9 min mile but cant seem to pull it off. Any advice?

  77. trish says:

    hi ben- i love your podcasts. i've been listening for about a year. I am a long time swimmer and started running several years ago. I did my first sprint triathlon last year as well as my first half marathon. I will be doing more sprint triathlons this year and also my first marathon, so i do quite a bit of training. I eat well though I have a lot of work to do on this aspect. i have lost 34 pounds over the last several years. I am 5'4" and currently weigh 133 lbs. I have a wide figure- 37" hips, 31" waist, and broad shoulders. I guess my question has to do with how do you know when you have lost enough weight? or how do you figure out your ideal weight? I think i need to lose 10 more pounds but my goal is to be strong and healthy not skinny. any advise would be appreciated. thanks trish

  78. Karen says:

    Carbs, carbs, carbs my addiction and can't lose wt HELP

    1. Check this out, Karen:-VIDEO: 5 Powerful Calorie Control Tricks To Help You Eat Less Food: <a href="https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/10/appetitecontrol/https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/10/appet… />-VIDEO: 5 Ways To Suppress Your Appetite Without Taking Any Special Pills or Capsules: <a href="https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/05/5-ways-to-suppress-your-appetite-without-taking-any-special-pills-or-capsules/https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/05/5-way… />-PODCAST: How To Stop Carbohydrate Cravings In Their Tracks: <a href="https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/08/episode-160-how-to-stop-carbohydrate-cravings-in-their-tracks/https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/08/episo… />-PODCAST: Inner Circle Free Episode: How To Stop Sugar & Carbohydrate Cravings In Their Tracks: <a href="https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/10/inner-circle-podcast-3-how-to-stop-sugar-carbohydrate-cravings-in-their-tracks/https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/10/inner… />-ARTICLE: A Simple Six-Step System for Eliminating Food Cravings: <a href="https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/05/a-simple-six-step-system-for-eliminating-food-cravings/https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/05/a-sim… />-ARTICLE: How To Fight Candy Cravings: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/10/how-t…

  79. Craig says:

    Ben, I have just found your web site and started listening to your pod casts. I am a 45+ year old male who for years has driven a desk and now drive a truck. Needless to say I have led more than a sedentary life. I am also stuck on soda and lack a proper exercise/nutritional program, but with gems like the one you have posted here I have the start of a great arsenal to changing. – – – Thank you!

  80. Robin says:

    I have a very stressful job, travel a lot, and can’t unwind at night so I grab a couple of glasses of white wine. This makes me relaxed and sleepy. Problem is, I grab this before my workout. Then not only do I not want to work out I’m also tired in the morning. Help!!!

  81. Mer says:

    Hey Ben, I am a professional dancer/singer. I have to maintain a very low weight for my work. For a spacific gig coming up i have to drop 5lbs, Im already underweight for my height so this is not an easy task. In the past when doing this I've instantly lost all my energy and felt terrible.
    To add complication, Im a vegetarian who does eat enough protein and takes all recommended supplements.
    How can I do this with while maintaining my health and energy?

  82. Michael says:

    My appetite, particularly for a late night snack (usually a handful of cookies), or when we would make pizza, mac and cheese (comfort foods). I would really pig-out. Despite leading a normally healthy lifestyle (60 minutes of exercise per day, 6 days a week; homemade granola for breakfast and salads for lunch), my appetite in these situations prevented any significant weight loss. I tried minor changes (switching from cookies to a sandwich at bed time, for example), but my appetite didn't seem quenched.

    Last year, I decided a broader change was needed if I wanted to 'eat until I'm full' and also become leaner.

    I switched to a plant-based diet — dropping all animal products and nearly all processed foods.

    Within these new parameters, I can eat what I want, when I want — basically, I eat when I'm hungry without worrying about gaining weight. There are other benefits, such as overall health improvements, a deeper understanding of nutrition, and expanded cooking/recipe skills.

    I have also continued to improve my endurance runs, as I target some 50k and 50m runs in 2013 and 2014.

  83. D'don Washington says:

    French Fries. Everytime I go to a restaurant, I HAVE to have french fries. If I don't get those, I have to have a form of french fries (sweet potato fries). But, my weight loss is going well now. I'm just trying to maintain now. It used to be a problem with my weight loss being on a plateau, but that wasn't because of the french fries because I just start going out to restaurants again, then I was eating very healthy (I've researched over the years). I think my fitness problem now (was) that I was doing exercises that weren't burning enough calories that I needed it to, or that it was causing my muscles to strain which made me retain water weight. These exercises included dancing like Just Dance 4, & playing Fitness Evolved 2013 on Wii U.

    1. You should try “kale chips”, D'don. You can do a search for them here on this site. Same crunch and saltiness as french fries at a fraction of the calories!

  84. nigel durbridge says:

    I have been doing ironman endurance training for ten years and am concerned that it is causing cardiomyopathy. We really don’t know yet because of it being such a newish sport.

  85. nigel durbridge says:

    It angers me to see so many so called coaches just ripping off newcomers to triathlon. It is a sport that anyone can just call themselves a coach and punch out a program that has no substance in it. I live in a small town in Australia that has an ironman and there are so many people on program’s that are just junk and will not get them to there potential. It’s sad to see people just doing junk miles. This needs more regulating.

  86. Jamie says:

    Hey Ben, my problem is losing muscle as well as fat when I am trying to lose weight. I use the Omron handheld body fat analyzer to get my body fat percentage, multiply that by my weight to get my lean mass-to-fat ratio. When I am losing weight I find that both numbers go down. How do you prevent muscle loss when losing weight?

  87. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I will try this but what should my goal be to keep my carbs at? Less than 100gms? Less than 75gms? Should I be avoiding all fruit and carb heavy vegies?

    1. 40-60g/day on “low carb” days. On very active days (i.e. you have a huge workout) 60-100g.

  88. Gregg says:

    Hey Ben

    I currently do 3x swims per week, 3x runs and 3x strength. Broken up into sprints/combo's/distance for the swim and runs. For the strength i have been using a workout video/routine called Rushfit byt Goerge st Pierre(for about 3 months).

    I wanted to know if you are aware of this program and what your thoughts are on it? The workouts are tough but i feel GREAT and have become a lot stronger+injury free! I'm just a tad concerned the swimming might be counter productive in building muscle mass.

    I'd be interested to hear your thoughts


    1. This sounds like a good program to me, but I haven't seen Rushfit or done one of the workouts. Send one to me and I'll try it out. And you're correct – swimming doesn't really help you build muscle. But it is of course necessary if you want to do triathlon!

      1. Greg says:

        Cool. Will send it try zip it up and send via mail.

        Cheers Ben

  89. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ben,

    Last month I completed my first 1/2 iron man and am completely addicted. I train about 15 hours/ week, weights, running and cardio machines. I have been on & off again with paleo life style (currently on for 1 month). I have eliminated all caffeine in my diet, all artificial sweeteners and working on eliminating fruit. But I still can't seem to cut more than a couple pounds or centimeters before it just comes right back.
    I want to lean up, as I know that it will make me faster, but I'm frustrated with the lack of results. I have just started doing my food diary again, but do you have any other suggestions?

  90. greg says:

    The truth about wheat is really disturbing.
    My dad is have such sinus/gut/weight issues(I am sure wheat has a large role in these) + his dietician has put him on a diet that includes all bran flakes EVERYDAY! This must stop..

    I will try soaking the oats i have left to remove phytic acid but essentially i think i am going to move away from them completely and move onto more unrefined produce.ie, NOT wheat ;)

    Awsome Ben. Thanks for all the advice.

  91. greg says:

    Cheers Ben. I'm finding misguided info on nutrition and training more & more now days. It's quite a concern. The research going into A LOT of things types of things is minimal and/or extremely bias.

    Anyhow, I am still to do concise research on wheat & gluten(I am about to start reading 'Wheat Belly'). I'm quite certain I will be as shocked as you were when it comes to consuming wheat.

    Sticking to fruit and vegetables as primary source of carbs(for general nutrition as well as fueling for training) is how you get by?

  92. greg says:

    Sure thing, Thanks Ben. I usually have a fruit or a provita before training but i think ill just stick to fruit.

    I know bran contains gluten but am getting mixed info on rolled oats(which is said to be a triathletes best friend) Do you not agree?

  93. Gregory says:

    Hello Ben

    I do triathlon style training and have recently(about 2 months ago) gone onto a low carb high fat diet.I do not want this to start affecting performance. I am aware that we all respond differently to different nutritional approaches but there are things I am still finding my way around.

    I am being cautious in terms of leaving out oatmeal-bran-fruits, etc(the most calorically dense carbs im eating currently) entirely as i know explosive sets and strength training require sufficient levels of muscle glycogen.

    What are your thoughts on this dietary approach for this kind of lifestyle( I know the topic has been covered before but i figured more advice/info would only help).

    Thanks Ben

  94. Greg says:

    Hey Ben

    I started training with a triathlon team about 1.5 years ago. (running and swimming, no cycling YET). I have always been the athletic type but never has my physique and performance been so high. Therefor i love this new found passion alot.
    I have had ups and downs in terms of learning how to diet and rest for this type of training(ie iron deficiencies) and some fatigue issues but i think i am balancing the equation quite well currently.

    I am VERY consistent with my routine which involves waking up extremely early(due to work constraints) most days to train and then doing strength work outs 3 days a week as well.

    After listening to your pod cast with Christopher Walker, I started to think to myself that sometimes I could be pushing too hard. Perhaps the stress that i put on my body could be doing my self more harm(at times) than good.

    One of the best things i took out of that article was how to learn when you are going hard and when you are going easy and balancing the two. I'm just finding it hard to practice the latter. I guess sub consciously I dont want to lose form and am adamant about not missing sessions etc

    I guess i dont have any serious problems at all, I'm loving the training. Although most athletes probably have these kind of thoughts crossing their mind. Any general advice on this topic would be much appreciated.

  95. Michele says:

    I feel like I am addicted to sweets. I think about them 24 hours a day. I crave cookies, chocolate, muffins anything cake'ish. I gave up smoking about 11 years ago and I have been packing on weight ever since. I think I traded one bad habit for another.

  96. Jenna says:

    My biggest problem is knowing how much to eat, I want to support my training but don't want to gain any fat, training 15-20 hours a week and having trouble finding the balance.

  97. william says:

    I can't get motivated to eat right. i know what to do but i just dont do it.

  98. Heath Boyf says:

    I have trouble eating the five times a day that I should cause I work rotating shifts ( 7am – 3pm, 3pm – 11pm and 11pm – 7am) every two weeks to each shift.

  99. Rimi says:

    Hi Ben,

    I have a soda problem as well, I need to have a diet coke or 7up after a meal. Before I used to have during the meal, now I just have a very small can after. I will try your solution hope it works. Another one is dark chocolate. Right after having my lunch and dinner I crave a piece or two or three :) of dark, organic chocolate. Is this so bad? how can I overcome it if so?

    Oh one more thing. Around my Time OF THE MONTH , I eat more almonds than I should and more dark chocolate than I really should . Anything to be done there?

    1. I wouldn't worry about the chocolate BUT to make sure that you're able to “take charge” of your body, tell yourself you're not going to do it for 30 days. If you can do that just fine, then it's not an issue! Eating more almonds and dark chocolate during your time of month is also normal, but again: I'd make sure you're hormonally stable. I recommend the “Top 10 Test For Females” from http://goo.gl/JJoOT...

  100. Matthew Wood says:

    My problem is SUGAR usually in the form of candy! But also Coke when I’m tired! I work a lot & as a fireman sometimes work all day on little sleep! Cokes & candy & “sweets” in general are in ready supply everywhere I go! But there are very few healthy options.

  101. Corinna says:

    My biggest issue is sugar cravings and consistency. Consistency in the doing things on a consistent basis.. not the texture of food.

  102. William says:

    9 months ago I started a paleo diet which I consistently follow about 90% of the time. I workout regularly, about 4 to 5 times a week, primarily through crossfit, and live a very active life. I am a former college athlete and have an athletic build (5'11", 175 currently) but have always had an extra layer of fat to lose. Within the firs 3 months, I lost 15 lbs, dropping to 170, but since have bouyed up to about 175, where I have stayed for the last several months. My strength and conditioning continue to improve, but I cant shake this layer of fat. I've tried being stricter about my diet, but only discovered that it doesnt fit my lifestyle and that I actually eat better than I thought! My biggest problem is that I LOVE food – when I eat, I eat until I am full, sometimes too full. Im a student and there are often long stretches when I cant get a meal, so I try to 'load up' before so that Im not fighting hunger during work or classes. What do you think? How can I get rid of that extra layer of fat?

  103. jt1250champ says:

    I have a younger brother (12) and he loves chips and other junk food as most kids do, so there's always junk food around which makes self control VERY hard.

  104. Lenae Thirnton says:

    I have a chocolate problem. After lunch and dinner my brain tells me to eat chocolate. At lunch I can usually eat one piece of dark chocolate and be ok but after dinner look out! I go from a cookie to chocolate chips, to dark chocolate, anything with chocolate. I can’t control the urge and craving. I don’t crave candy just chocolate! It adds 200-300 calories just in chocolate at night.

  105. Dan says:

    Ice Cream. Full fat premium ice cream. Its ALMOST as good as sex! Im eat healthy most of the time but when stress, bad weather, or the weekend comes I crush ice cream (and the occasional sundae toppings). Every other vice but sugars I have conquered. diet soda – gone, coffee – out, greasy food – nope, low carb lifestyle – yup, booze maybe every other month… sugar…. damn you!

  106. Jane says:

    I can't lose fat (or weight) and it's so frustrating! 4 months ago I changed to a mostly paleo diet (I started with a 30 day challenge) and doing Crossfit 3 times a week. I limit fruit and eat healthy fats, protein, veg, and the only dairy I eat is nonfat greek yogurt. Except for occasional cheats when I crave something sweet, I stick to eating clean. Since doing this 4 months ago, I have only gained weight and increased body fat, even though I know I am getting stronger, my original goal was to lean out and lose fat. Help!

  107. Terry says:

    Hi Ben,
    As a US service member deployed numerous times to Iraq and Afghanistan, I have found myself addicted to anti anxiety medications, Effexor as well as Klonopin. The military prescribes a host of life altering drugs and I foolishly didn’t know what I was in for. Withdrawl symptoms are a little overwhelming and wreck my mind and body. I have reduced the dosage and have had success, but early on I realized simply stopping without the taper was a huge mistake.

    I recently listened to one of your podcasts and you stated your body’s chemistry is unbalanced if alchohol, tobacco….. is craved. I fall into this category, but what is my body and mind missing? Thanks.

  108. Peter (UK) says:

    My problem is being an "all or nothing" type, meaning an inability to stick with anything for long.

    Perhaps I have a mildly addictive personality, but I get very enthusiastic about something, like training for a marathon, or starting a new healthy eating regime, or cutting out all alcohol, or time management at work, or hobbies like photography or playing guitar or cycling or playing online chess or cooking or writing or investing…. but then within days or weeks, I'm off that and onto something else. These enthusiasms cycle around. I pick them up for a month, put them down for 3 months, then pick them up again.

    This isn't all bad! Regarding health and fitness, for instance, it does get me off the sofa and into the gym, and I do have long spells of eating healthily and losing weight. Better than never doing that at all, I guess. But inevitably I lose interest and start drinking too much and eating junk food and piling on weight. Until a few weeks later, when I get all keen on being healthy again!

    I don't know if this message is appropriate here as it's not as simple as "I love Pepsi", but I just wanted to share in case others have a similar issue, or have found ways of leading a more even lifestyle. it's been fascinating reading all these posts — thanks everyone.

  109. Jason says:

    My biggest problem is two fold.

    One, I eat healthy, but find it hard to give up the occasional ice cream and sweets when they’re around. Hardest obstacle being that I work in a fire dept where the counters seem to be countlessly lined with junk food the citizens bring by. Combine trapped in a station w/ constant temptation, and I’m prone to fail.

    Two, my biggest addiction is actually to bread. I can’t seem to find hunger satisfaction when eating snacks (meals I do fine with meat and veggies) without some kind of bread directive. Crackers, pretzels, PB sandwich, etc…


  110. Evelyn says:

    My struggle is carbs. I have started to reduce wheat from my diet…did you know there is wheat in almost everything! ARG! I want to reduce my total carb intake too, but I am doing it a little at a time.

  111. Bill says:

    I have two problems (well two I care to share in an open forum :-)). 1. I LOVE coffee. I have successfully kicked soda of all kinds and tried decaf coffee but always end up going back to regular. 2. I really want to get down another 5 lbs in weight. Don't get me wrong – I am better shape than I've been in 10 years (I'm about to be 40) but I really want to drop that last 5. In addition to 3 weight and 3 cardio workouts per week, I have tried extra cardio, staggering my calories each day, more carbs, less carbs, more protein, less protein, you get the picture. My weight still never varies more than a pound. It's been a long 3 months at the same weight! My fitness friends tell me to focus on the fact I'm getting stronger and gaining muscle but I'd like to weigh less and be a little more ripped.

    1. No problem with coffee! I do 1-2 cups of 8oz of black coffee per day. Try to cut wheat if you haven't yet…that is the single biggest thing I've found to help guys in your age category lose weight fast!

  112. John says:

    My biggest problem seems to be inflammation. I am a 51 year old male and am very active as a personal trainer. After a hard run or intense workout, I have joint inflammation especially in my legs. Muscles are solid, but the joints, ligaments and tendons hurt especially in the morning or after sitting too long. This does not prevent me from working out, but makes the time that I am not uncomfortable at times. I do not accept the fact this is just the way it is as I get older. It must be a nutritional deficiency I haven't been able to figure out. I am tempted to go ketogenic for a while to see if that clears it up. Help

    1. Get rid of gluten. That is the biggest issue typically…

  113. Ty davis says:

    My biggest problem is that every time you find something and you thinkg your on the right path there’s always another study or proof of something else to contradict you

    1. Just listen to me, Ty. I'm usually right. Haha! No, seriously, I try to stay very well informed, and yes, sometimes research changes…but that's life…

  114. Alex says:

    During the week I find myself doing pretty well with a low carb diet. Eating mostly homemade foods but currently I do use canned or frozen for ease and time. My problem happens to be the weekend. I can hold off breads and pasta through the week but on all the weekends order some great Chinese or something else is difficult. I have found my weight loss stalled and body fat is now holding at 18%. Thoughts on how to continue to reduce fat and break cravings

  115. Kate says:

    Hi Ben, Is it true that there is a link between soy and breast cancer? Breast cancer runs in my family. What causes calcification in the breasts? What should I being doing to prevent this from happening? Thank you, Kate

    1. Yes, the Weston A Price foundation has some fantastic info on this. Go to their website and do a search for "soy"!

  116. Cathy says:

    Sleep! Until I was 30 I was a hyposomniac. I could sleep anywhere, anytime for as long as I wanted. Then, overnight, I completely switched. I have been an insomniac for almost 8 years. I fall asleep, but wake up constantly throughout the night. I have tried melatonin, all the natural calming herbs you can think of, even CALM magnesium. The Calm Mag leaves me very nauseated and extremely lethargic. I have excellent sleep hygiene. I sleep with a grounding mat. Protein Powder in Coconut milk before bed helps, but not enough. A gluten free diet does not help. Oils, massage, meditation, yoga, none of it helps. Blood tests are all mostly normal. Ugh, so frustrating! I'm thinking about the Earth Pulse you recommend, but I don't have $500 to spend on something like that…

    1. Might be more psychological than biological. I'd try neurofeedback. Look for a local neurofeedback practitioner: http://directory.eeginfo.com/

  117. Ironmoon says:

    Very low carb athlete (less than 50g), doing mix of heavy oly lifting and distance running and biking. Every day is some kind of activity…
    I'm 180 lbs and about 13-14% bf and trying to get below 10%. I'm taking 200g protein and the rest is fat with carbs from veggies and nuts only. I heard from many sides that's too much protein so I lowered protein to 140g and up fats… felt like crap all the time and my lifts went down. Now I got back to 200g protein, feel better and wokouts got much better. Still, I'm little bit concerned about taking that much protein long term.

    1. That's too much protein, yes. You will feel like crap for 10-14 days when you raise fat and decrease protein, and then your energy levels go back up!

  118. Non athlete says:

    This is great!

    I am a 29yo female. I’ve been addicted to carbs since god knows when. I don’t eat meat at all, hardly any dairy. I don’t even like meat. But I just cannot break it off with carbs, carbs of ALL KINDS, cookies, bread, crackers, potatoes you name it. The only so called healthy choices on the market are the “sugar free” stuff. So I’ve eating tons of those. I often find myself finishing up a whole pack sugar free and still left unsatisfied. Is sugar free/ fat free healthier than regular (if I can quit). I am the typical “workout to eat” type. Constantly feeling guilty in this over eating over training vicious circle. Look forward to your advice, Thanks millions!

    1. You should listen to my interview with "Nora Gedgaudas" (do search for it on upper right corner). It will really help you….

  119. Joe York says:

    My biggest issue, besides diet soda addiction, is that I am not a morning person, but due to a busy work life and being a father of 3, that is the only time that I can be assured the opportunity to run, swim, bike or lift. The problem is I try to sleep to last minute possible and don’t work out as much as I need.

    1. Intensity over volume! I've found that to work really well. It means digging deep into the pain cave, but 10×30 second treadmill sprints beats out a long run anytime.

  120. Christine says:

    Hi Ben,
    I am now in my fourth day of trying to kick a Diet Dr. Pepper adiction..and I do mean addiction. I drink anywhere from 2 cans to 1.5 2liters a day! I switched over to plain seltzer water, Crystal Lite, Perrier, but nothing is filling the 'void'. I have not given up and still hanging in there but the headaches are terrible, not too mention the lethargy and constant craving! I'm trying to eat more prepared foods, staying away from fast/packaged foods……how do I have more of a fluid intake? I know I am not drinking the amount of fluids I did when I drank diet soda and I worry about becoming dehydrated (water with lemon is not a refreshing substitute) at least not for me. I always had a can of diet soda with me, a bottle of water is just not the same! I come from a family of addicts so I know it is also genetic. How long does it take when the physical symptomswill alleviate and this will not be all I ever think about?

    1. With addiction, sometimes it can be neurotransmitter based too, Christine. You should look into these for brain:

      -1 TianChi per day (Chinese Adaptogenic Herb complex) on empty stomach

      -2-6g/day triglyceride based fish oil – recommend SuperEssentials

      -Acetyl-L-carnitine – 500mg, 1x/day – recommend 1-2 servings “NutraRev” per day

      -Alpha-lipoic-acid, 100mg, 1x/day – recommend 1-2 servings “NutraRev” per day

      -For depression/lack of motivation – 3000mg Tyrosine + 300mg 5-HTP

  121. Donavan says:

    My nutrition weakest has been ice cream mostly, and living in a house where other people do not care about their nutrition is hard. The impulses for ice cream is hard t o fight. Also, with dinner being made unhealthy all the time its hard to eat a healthy dinner. With a low budget I’ve found frozen fish and chicken is easy. Any other suggestions?

    1. Donovan, you should listen to my budget talk here: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/06/episo…

  122. Charles says:

    Currently working with doc to get my health problems straightened out. So far we know through testing that I am deficient in Thiamin (B1) and Lipoic Acid and appear to have difficulty digesting and assimilating the protein I am eating (specifically tyrosine and a few other amino acids i believe). Though we are still working on the "why." My body has an incredibly difficult time getting below 12% body fat, and we know that while my testosterone is high, so is my estrogen. And it shows because despite being pretty lean everywhere else, I'm still rockin some man boobage and love handles. I eat a pretty darn immaculate paleo diet, cheating maybe once a month, limiting nuts and fruit as well. Any ideas you have that might help us piece this mystery together would be wonderful.

    1. Regarding the man boobage, Charles, I'd start by listening to this and doing the same thing that I recommend regarding estrogen dominance: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/05/episo…

  123. pipesbi says:

    Sugar…for sure, cookies, muffins etc…From a fitness perspective it would be proper rest/recovery. I have no problem getting out there and doing the work, but I still have that mentality more is better. This year I moved up to cat1 (XC racing), at this point I can barely finish a race…I'm assuming from lack of proper rest/recovery.

  124. ApeMan says:

    I'm almost 30 and struggle with alcohol. I smoked pot for years until it started causing tachycardia, then I switched to alcohol. Now about 18 months later I can't stop. The anxiety I experience while sober is overpowering. Sometimes I'll manage to quit for a few days, start exercising again, feel GREAT, and then something will trigger a blood sugar swing and the alcohol cravings hit like a freight train. I take 3-5g l-glutamine 2-3 times a day to help control cravings, and recently started taking passionflower and valerian extracts to help with the anxiety. I'm making progress, but sometimes still end up back in a bottle without really knowing why.

    1. You should consider looking into neurotransmitter balance. See the 'cravings' section at: http://goo.gl/Zu02D

  125. Nate says:

    Ben – New reader here, and I'm enjoying what you offer. Thank you for the time you commit to such! My biggest nutritional problem I'd welcome your advice on –>

    I wake up in the middle of the night, every night, usually multiple times (2-4) and succumb to eating. On average, I'm eating something at least once per night. This is obviously messing up my sleep patterns, and introducing unnecessary caloric consumption. I've yet to be able to break this HABIT.

    About me –> extremely active competitive athlete. Big Beachbody fan, having completed P90X, P90X2, Asylum, and currently doing an Asylum/X2 hybrid. I'm also a competitive runner, racing throughout the year. I workout every day with no/little exception, but am conscious not to over train. 38 year old male, 5'11'', 168 lbs, <6% body fat.

    Continuing in second post . . .

    1. Nate says:

      . . .

      All of my food consumption is tracked via www.myfitnesspal.com. I manage to a maintenance plan of 40/40/20 macros, carbs/protein/fat. About 2300 – 2500 calories per day, regardless of exercise performed. I workout early in the AM, have breakfast, eat a mid morning snack, then lunch, then mid afternoon snack, then dinner, then evening snack before bed. Typically protein heavy before bed, sometime casein based for slower absorption. Sometimes a whey bar too.

      I'm wondering if you've advice for how to break this habit? I'd so welcome a good night's sleep!

      Thanks for reading.

    2. In most cases, that's concominant with a drop in blood glucose. Try doing 2 big tablespoons of coconut oil pre-bed.

      1. Nate says:

        Coconut oil. Interesting. I will try it, thank you. Would you ADD the oil, and take it RIGHT BEFORE bed, or take it INSTEAD of the casein and/or whey?

        1. Instead of the whey…

  126. Anonymous says:

    Acne / Rosacea — I have tried EVERYTHING and can't figure out if it is diet, hormone, or stress related… HELP???

    1. read Dr. Loren Cordain's "Dietary Cure for Acne". I'm serious.

  127. cassiazoe says:

    I could eat my weight in potato chips, but I don't think that's my biggest problem. My biggest problem is staying motivated. I'd weighed about 180, got down to 161 and then lost steam and gained 10 lbs. back. I'm now, after a few months, back on track again, but am terrified of losing my motivation again. I'm a 40 year-old woman, 5'3" tall, and currently weigh 168. I do enjoy exercise and eating well, but I also have a two-hour commute. I'm looking for work close to home, but don't want to hang on to the commute (since I don't know how much longer I'll be doing it) as my excuse for falling off the wagon. I know that motivation has to come from within and I'm hoping this time I've found the drive that I need, but am still fearful. Any insight you can give will be most appreciated.

    Your podcast, by the way, is one of the things that gives me some enjoyment during my commute, so thanks for that!

      1. cassiazoe says:

        Thanks, Ben. Reviewing my new plan, it looks like I've lined up a lot of those this time, so maybe my fears are unfounded this time! I'll keep those tips handy, though, just in case I find myself wanting to give up.

  128. Gustavo says:

    Great Ben, I am addicted to soft drinks, couple a years ago, I usually drunk two or three litters per day. At this time, I weighted 120kg ( 1,70m). Then, I started to choose diet soft drink and sparkling water, but in the same amount. the problem was not the sodas, it was the snacks that follows. My wife challenged me to avoid this habit. I tried to find out why I take so many soda cans. I think it was a emotional issue to handle stress. So, since the 2011 Jan 1th, I do not drink diet, light or normal soft drinks. On the beginning, I replaced with sugar-free juice, sugar-free ice tea and coconut water – all of them too much, anytime I felt the urge to drink soda, I drunk one of the options. With this decision, I started my weight loss, on three month, 6 kilos. Now, to follow meals I choose sugar-free juice and of course, mineral water. Now, with workout and diet, I weight 86kg. Your podcasts, books and sites are a good source of inspiration and knowledge to me.

  129. nanseer says:

    hi ben,im 53,been in the men on pause for 5 long years now…used to be size 6-8 [uk] now im size 14..even tho i live on salads..rejected hrt.. im hypothyroid and trying to swerve thyroxine..am taking tyrosine,and prog.cream on and off…cant shift the fat,help!!

    1. Listen to all the podcasts that I've done with Roby Mitchell (aka Dr. Fitt). They will help you a ton!

  130. Gary David says:

    One question I have is structuring diet and nutrition to periodize in conjunction with training periods. So obviously there is the 'carbo-loading' phase that can be done in conjunction with a peak period before a race. How does the diet then modify in terms of fats, carbs, proteins, and vitamins and minerals during other phases? What are general g/kg ratios, and how mindful of certain kinds of vitamin and mineral depletion should we be concerned about? Or Do vitamin and mineral intact concerns stay constant and you modify your fat, carb, and protein mix based on what you are trying to achieve during that training period?

    1. Check out the video here, Gary: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/05/nutri…

      In terms of g/kg ratios, vitamins/minerals, etc. – to be honest with you, I continue on my current supplementation profile and just gradually increase carb intake throughout week. The only thing to worry about in that case is fat soluble vitamins, which your body can store for weeks, so it's a non issue as long as you haven't been low fat, high carb up to the point where you DO start eating the carbs. Hope that helps!


      1. Gary David says:

        Helps a lot. Thanks. I saw one on-line rec of 10g/kg a few days out from my race (70.3 distance). That would mean 750g of carbs. I've been focusing on around 60% carbs during race week and can only get around 450g (which feels fine to me, but what do I know). Nice thing about races: you get to put theory into practice : )

  131. andres says:

    hi ben: good website.
    Just saw your website in a random browsing in google.
    My biggest problem is is difficult for me to have a decent brekfast, I'm never hungry in the morning. And I need to gain weight because I'm underweight. Can you talk about being overweight?

    1. Yes, usually lack of hunger in the morning is because of inadequate melatonin release from not going to bed properly or early enough at night. Fix that first by getting quality sleep, then train yourself to eat when you get up. Eventually, you'll just start getting hungry when you get up.

  132. Anonymous says:

    I been following your articles for past 6 months and now that im struggling with getting the last few inches off me thought of sending you a mail. Im 40 and my goal is to build a lean physique with high strength, stamina and endurance.

    Im from mumbai, India and the trainers out there only know how to pump it up, have supplements and build a buffy physique.

    I been working out from November 2011 and had started off with 74 kgs weight and 30% body fat. With lot of reading and talking to the trainers I disciplined myself on my food intake and have been doing high rep weight training and cardios. I workout 5-6 times a week.

    Now i have reached a body weight of 65.50 kgs. and 17% body fat. 3 fingers below my buttonhole my measurement is still 33 inches. I have reached a dead end and unable to lose the lower belly fat and even my body weight is stuck at that no. for a month now. If i reduce my food intake then I actually may not have any energy in doing my workouts. Also need to mention that i never feel thirsty so max even after my heavy cardios and workouts I probably reach 1.5 litres of water intake.

    I really need your help to build a lean ripped physique with fat % between 7-12%. I would really appreciate if you can advice me on a detailed workout and cardio plan, diet intake plan and a maintenance plan once I achieve my goal. I have never taken any protein supplements and only rely on chicken, eggs, lentils, legumes, brown rice, sausages for my protein intake.

  133. By themselves is fine. Otherwise carbs can be tough to digest right when you get up and head out on a run.

  134. Adi says:

    I have a problem balancing my nutrition and training. On the weekends I sleep in and eat about 500 calories before heading out for a long run. On the weekdays, however I get up at about 5am and head out before eating anything. I always eat breakfast after I run (a smaller snack if I eat breakfast before the run). However, I feel a bit haphazard in my approach to fueling. Is there a more consistent strategy I can use given that I run about 80 miles a week, usually in the morning?

    1. Sure. Morning runs just make sure you're not going to bed hungry, then have 5-10 grams branched chain amino acids or whole amino acids before your run, then head out on your run. Weekends, you're fine, but try to get 400-600 calories complex carbohydrates 2-3 hours before you head out on your run…like sweet potatoes, yams, rice, etc.

  135. Russ says:

    Chips. Salt and crunchy. Need I say more?

    I’ve turned to popcorn as a replacement. I buy kernels and pop them on stove top with vegetable oil. Healthy alternative? Any tips on how to make it healthier, or what to replace it with? Thanks

    1. Kale chips, Russ. You'll love em. Here's the recipe: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2009/08/bens-…

  136. Carolyn says:

    Hi Ben,

    I need help with my calorie consumption. I eat way too many calories after 6PM and night eat as well stopping around midnight.

    I would really like to walk away from the white sugar I eat (DOTS) and stop lying to myself about eating just one or other lies. Yes, I am a sugar addict one of the addictions I am not recovering from lots that I am and yes I am a therapist and nutritionist too and should know better.

    Seems like mindless eating and yes I have relocated the unhealthies.

    I know what it is doing to my body to my mood swings etc to my weight.

    And yes I have not bought them given them away etc

    so any suggestions help would be great.

    Yes I know better

  137. Amelia says:

    My fitness problem is that I over train. I work out HARD for hours 4 days per week, the other 3 days I work out HARD for 2 hours.
    hour heavy lifting class
    30 mins extra lifting
    30 mins Hiit sprints
    1 hour walking

    1 hour spin class
    30 mins HIIT sprints
    30 mins calves and abs
    1 hour walking

    Same as monday

    Same as Tuesday

    1 hour heavy lifting
    30 mins HIIT
    1 hour walking

    1 hour HIIT
    1 hour walking

    same as saturday.

    I havent taken a day off from the gym in months.

    1. Amelia, you should read this article: Top 10 Reasons Exercise is Bad For You: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/07/top-1…

  138. Marlys says:

    I'm a 48 year old female and I suffer from inflammation and pain on the bottom of my right foot under my big toe. It's worse when I get up in the morning. I exercise a lot but have quite running due to my toe and have tried to do more low-impact cardio. I've tried to eat foods that combat inflammation and the area has gotten somewhat better although It looks like my joint area is increasing in size where the inflammation is and this concerns me. I don't want to use pharmaceutical drugs but want to treat with natural methods. Do you have any advice?

    Love the web site and health tips.

    1. Use Capraflex! That works very well (about 9/day): http://pacificfit.net/items/capraflex/

  139. Barbara says:

    okay…thanks for that. I got the super starch yesterday from UCann and wondered if I can use this with gels on the bike.?? I have a lot of hammer products and have never used the Gu Roctane that you suggested in your interview with Stacy Sims. Can I combine the super starch with Gu if I feel a need for it…when cycling…or will that sabotage the super starch effects?


    1. Barbara…you ever consider a personal consult at Pacificfit.net? ;) Anyways, yes you can use it with gels, but it's better by itself. Using gels with it kind of defeats the purpose of the low insulin release…

      1. barbara says:

        Thanks Ben , I am thinking about it, and really appreciate what you have to say. I am reading up on all this and might be in touch .


  140. Barbara says:


    I have a question re protein, not sure if i should post it here or any other place on your site. This is a great site and the info is terrific, thanks.

    I am 150 lb female, 5'10" low body fat, cyclist. I read your info on protein yesterday and figured I am eating way more than by calculation I need to eat according to your .55 x lbs =total. According to my calculatoin I need to take in about 85–88gms per day but this seems way to low for me, in that i feel hungry afterwards. I am a low carb cycllist and might toy with going keto in the fall /winter but not now during the season. Other than add more fat, do you have any suggestions? Do I have my calculations correct?


      1. Barbara says:

        So Ben I did read the article again….even if I am only shooting to stay low carb…should I just increase fat while I am dialing lower the protein?


        1. Yes, exactly – you follow the protein recommendations, then increase fat while decreasing carb.

  141. Alex says:

    Hey Ben,
    I really struggle sometimes with over thinking my workout, and nutrition plans. Sometimes I will have everything down to the tee, but then end up overeating and feel like I messed up. Also, I know fruit is healthy, but I absolutely love it. Sometimes I might end up eating 8-10 servings of fruit per day. Also, have you ever done a podcast on the reasons behind binge eating, or just simply not being able to stop eating even if you want to. Thanks for the help.

  142. Bill says:

    Martinis are the habit, but volume of alcohol is not the problem. After one, I say to hell with it and start eating. I'm great on eating habits, rock solid discipline, til the first martini. So…a "trigger habit," in itself not a problem, but the resulting sharpening of appetite and temporary break in discipline lead to sub-optimal results.

  143. Ollie Ryall says:

    Thanks Ben. i Tunes only goes back as far as Episode #177.

    1. Just download from BenGreenfieldFitness.com

  144. Ollie Ryall says:

    Hi, I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask this question but I have had a quick look through the website and can't find an answer.

    I am a rock climber (for over 25 years) and have recently got in to road biking (now addicted) and especially enjoy the mountain roads around where I live (in the South of France). I definitely go for the climbing aspect rather than long distances and as yet haven't felt the need to race.

    I am looking for advice as to what I should be drinking while riding to ensure hydration / energy and electrolyte levels are kept topped up.

    I understand I should be avoiding maltodextrin and fructose baed products so what else should I be looking for. What does the ideal drink contain (for a 4 – 6 hour ride).

    Any specific brands / product suggestions would be helpful and I will see if I can get them in Europe.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    1. Ollie, for road biking nutrition, listen to the interview with Stacy Sims, and also the upcoming interview on Friday the 14th with Peter Attia…also go back and listen to the interview with Steve Born from Hammer!

      1. Ollie Ryall says:

        Thanks Ben, already listened to Stacy Sims interview but must have missed the info specifically relating to sports drinks during endurance exercise. A lot of good stuff however so will re listen. Will download Steve Born interview and look forward to the one coming up.

        Another question! Is it possible to make sports drinks for endurance events yourself from easily obtainable ingredients or is there just too much that needs to go into them?

        Thanks again, Ollie

        1. read through the comments on that interview with Stacy…i put a recipe there! Also, go to http://www.enduranceplanet.com and do a search for "sports drinks" as I've talked about that there, too…

          1. Ollie Ryall says:

            Thanks – good advice. Coconut water sound like the way forward but not very easy to get hold of here in France.

          2. Ollie Ryall says:

            Which podcast episode is the Steve Born interview? I searched through them but couldn't find it in the notes. Thanks

  145. Elizabeth says:

    I'm addicted to French Vanilla Creamer – I completely admit it. I started using it once when I had no honey to sweeten my tea and what started with a little, ended up being a little more and a little more. Then the occasional sweet treat turned into an everyday thing. I love it and will chose that over a brownie or cookie any day.

  146. Anna says:

    My biggest problem is diet soda! Thanks for this post. Love the tips to stop the cravings!

  147. Ashley says:

    Hi Ben,
    Think my biggest fitness issue over the many years of training is the injuries. Get back on track then set back after set back. Find it hard to switch into the right “zone” and get back on track. I’m a sub elite track athlete in my off season at the moment. Any advice on how to refocus and get back on track again?

  148. Jennifer says:

    I love red wine! I try to stick to having it only on the weekends but really enjoy a glass or two during the week too. It is very hard for me to resist. I would like to only have 1 or 2 glasses twice a week. I also live water but having water with dinner gets old. Do you have any suggestions?

  149. ross says:

    I need to get my muscle tone back, firm up and get off stimulants ! But Im trying dl-phenylalinine 500mg plus l-tyrosine 500mg. each morning .Ive researched and these two seem to be the main amino acids in other formulas and just in general to help re-plenish my brain with dopamine . Ive gotten off the Dr. Pepper/Coke crap but my cardio vascular is still recovering from a chemo drug i had to take about a year ago but i am slowly been getting in shape and am ready to get back to me . so can u help?

  150. Kelly says:

    My biggest continual problem has been waking up in the middle of the night and eating. Usually I grab a protein bar, or a piece of flax/nut bread with almond butter, but its still extra calories in the middle of the night. I’ve been tracking my calories and trying to keep them at net 1200 a day (want to lose about 10-15 lbs in addition to just being in better shape all around), and I am great during the day, but at 3:00 am I consistently wake up STARVING. I’ve tried drinking water and trying to go back to sleep but I toss and turn until there’s something substantive in my belly.

  151. Tim says:

    Hi Ben,

    I have question related to a problem my wife is having. She recently took up distance running and usually feels good after her training runs. In October, she ran her first half marathon and came down with a severe migraine headache a few hours after the race. I attributed the head ache to either dehydration or not eating soon enough after the race. Fast forward to this past week and she ran her longest distance in quite awhile. She was careful to hydrate during the run and ate soon after she got home however she came down with another debilitating migraine. 90% of the time she feels great after long runs but the other 10% she gets a headache. Can you offer any advice to her stop this from occurring?

    1. She is likely experiencing either A) a nutritional deficiency (like magnesium) that only kicks in when she is depleted, such as after a long run or B) overstimulation of her parasympathetic nervous system, which can also cause migraines, and can be fixed through reducing acidic compounds in diet and ensuring not to overtrain. I'd be happy to go into more detail with you via a consult: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/coaching

  152. ola says:

    My biggest issue is sleeping disorder and losing control over food portions size. I have to wake up early 5 times a week and this is stressing me up very much. I have a big problem to fall asleep because of it and very light sleep. I have to start my day with a strong coffee, but in the afternoon I am wreck again. I do not control my food portions so well and do not have enough energy for proper training. What can I do to sleep better (I have tried books, podcasts, vine, herbal sleeping tablets)?How to control my appetite while I am tired?

    1. I would highly, highly recommend you use a personal biofeedback unit: it will come with full instructions on what to do – http://goo.gl/C4soc

      1. ola says:

        Thanks, will do that.

  153. Andi Neugarten says:

    Wine…I eat pretty healthy 80% of the time. I love good wine…don't really care for any other alcohol but enjoy a glass or two most evenings….just love the whole experience of discovering amazing new wines!! So, I work out hard, probably overtrain. Have had thyroid issues, both over and underactive!!

  154. Suzette says:

    I've been doing triathlons now for almost 12 years and am still struggling with the "runner's trots"…have done low fiber, amodium, tea instead of coffee before big races, and on my long runs it always happens at the 10 mile mark…one time I ate so much refined stuff for 3 days out that at the end of my half IM I exploded in the last half of the run…not pretty…any other suggestions or feed back would be greatly appreciated…thanks

  155. Jason Hensley says:

    My biggest problem is food cravings after a good workout! I get home after a long bike ride or run and sometimes attack my food cabinets and fridge. I need to start buying better food at the grocery store so I don’t eat the wrong things!

  156. Jeff says:

    I came from a MMA/Jiu Jitsu/weight lifting background to training for my first TRI, somehow I have developed pain in my hip flexors all the way around both sides to my lower back. Being in the Army for several years, I have always ran at least a couple of times a week, so the only thing defferent that I have added to my training right now is swimming until this spring when I start biking. I have been focusing on increasing my strength in my core and hip muscles, A LOT of stretching my hip flexors, glutes, as well as foam rolling, but the pain just seems to be getting worse, been doing "Run with No Pain" stations for about 2 weeks and stopped all running. Should I keep doing what I am doing and no running?

    1. I would highly, highly recommend you have a chiropractic doc look at your SI joint…

      1. Jeff says:

        I went today to my chiro. today, first time in about 4 weeks, he said right hip was way out posterior, adjusted it back, I guess we will see if it worked, I would like to run/swim this week, but not sure if I should?

          1. Jeff says:

            So I guess two weeks off was not enough rest, after my last post I continues the Run With No Back Pain program and some additional intense glute work, on leg dumbbell step ups, barbell hip thrusts, Romanian one leg dumbbell dead lifts, and tons of core work and no running or biking. Went for a easy 2 mile run on Thursday, stretched afterwards, work up and pain was back, especially in my hip flexors, some in the lower back. So should I take more time off, continue strength exercises or re-evaluate my running form? In November I did change my form to a shorter stride, with mid foot strike under my COG, quick turnover, but I did observe that my butt pushes back, which I believe causes an arch to my lower back, so maybe thats it, Im not pushing my hips forward? Thoughts?

          2. Man, this sounds like there may be some serious form issues. I'd to a biomechanical video analysis…if you send me video I can do that…check Pacificfit.net.

          3. Jeff says:

            I think you may be right, not that I dont need to keep working on glute strength. I will work on the video, thanks for the reply.

  157. Jason says:

    i quit smoking years ago and been a runner for almost two years, but i cannot seem to stop my nicotine addiction. ive been a non-smoker for close to six years yet still chew the gum which helped me stop in the first place. hopefully, i will work up the courage to stop it one day. i am sure that the chemicals in the gum are as bad if not worse than those in cigarettes. and as i become more aware of the things i put in my body i am growing increasingly aware of the need to take the next leap for my health.

  158. Sharon says:

    My issue is that I love food. I love the taste. I love the satiety of feeling full. This doesn’t help when I need to lose 100 lbs.

  159. Leonard says:

    Hi Ben,
    My biggest problem is that my legs and back's muscles do not recover.
    I eat last meal (dinner) at about 4 PM, then I go to play tennis or volleyball at 6PM for 2.5 hours, after that get in sauna for 15 min, back home at 9 -10 PM. That 5 – 6 times per week. Lately, I started to feel soreness in legs' muscles when walking during lunch break next day and when play games next evening. I feel soreness after tennis more than after volleyball, though I either play doubles or practicing singles, so, not much running.
    It is going on for 18 month.
    It goes away if I take a break from tennis/volleyball for a day or two.
    My dinner includes protein at least of 3 organic eggs plus good portion of fish (plus beans sometimes).
    I tried to drink 4-8 oz of whole organic milk after games, but that did not help. So, I stopped doing it.
    May be it is not the protein issue?
    I told my primary care doctor, he said it is the age ( I am 60). He ordered the muscle enzyme test CK, which came out normal (126 U/L).
    Ben, do you have any ideas?

    1. If I were you, I'd start taking 4 Proteolytic Enzymes, like Recoverease (check Pacificfit.net) on an empty stomach in the afternoon, and then begin using compression sleeves/pants (like the 110% compression gear)

  160. Ryan says:

    First off thanks for the Podcast and website info!

    My main issue now is that I drive my wife nuts saying Ben says this and Ben turned me onto that ect..I ordered Spry gum earlier this week.. Whatever I do I cannot get her to see the light. Perhaps some advice on her current problem will help. We had twin Boys 7 months ago, she's just getting back into working out and is trying to get her abs back but is not sure where to start due to the muscle damage from the C-Section. She's actually under her weight prior to the pregnancy due to muscle loss. She was a pretty competitive age grouper until 2010 so is used to being fit. Any suggestions for how to build up the abdominal muscles after a C-Section pregnancy? Also how I can force her to listen to one of your podcasts?

    1. After a C-Section, a really good way to build abdominal strength is via standing abdominal exercises – elastic band torso twists are one perfect way to do it. Don't FORCE her to listen to a podcast! Just go for a drive and "happen" to have it on…

  161. mhueter1 says:

    Ben – my biggest problem is finding time/energy to workout. I have a demanding job, am in school part-time, and my nights are almost always filled. I've realized the only time for me to get a workout in is the morning, but I have trouble getting myself up and out of bed and can't seem to get on a consistent routine – I feel tired all the time. I rely on daily coffee much like you relied on diet soda. I also have a lot of knee/ankle issues that make workout out hurt.

  162. Jason says:

    I carry my extra weight in my belly. It drives me crazy. Makes me always look fat in my opinion. I do sprint tri’s and 5k’s. Training this year for a half and Olympic. What can I do for this. Upper body and legs look fine. Thanks

  163. Rob FS says:

    We have a cookie / cake / sweets (candy) table at work. If I have one piece, I am unable to walk past without picking up a second, third, fourth etc.. Piece until I go home.
    However, if I don’t touch any, I can resist.
    Ideally I’d like to be able to control my snacking.

  164. jmidkiff13 says:

    What is the best way to increase flexibility? I am definitely challenged in this way and feel it would help me to increase this area of my fitness. Thanks.

    1. Dynamic flexibility when you're warmed up (i.e. arm swings, leg swings), foam roller and yoga.

  165. Jenn says:

    Hi Ben!
    My biggest problem is Oreos. I’m addicted to them. I can stopped eating them for a few days but then out of no where I’ve housed a whole sleeve!!! Any suggestions?? It’s the main reason I can’t lose weight.


  166. Laura says:

    Hi Ben,
    You might know that becoming a parent can have sleeping challenges and you will do ANYTHING to SLEEP. Well my problem is that I have been taking Extra Strength Non-Aspirin PM since my daughter was born (she's 3 1/2 now). I'm a marathon running & cyclist and very busy Stay @ home mom. Doing Yoga has helped but when I don't take a sleep aid I can't sleep.
    Any suggestions? Thank you!

    1. Here are some ideas, Laura:

      -Ear plugs and face mask for darkness/relative silence
      -PZizz iPhone app for naps (use for several sessions, allowing for 10-20 minutes to fall asleep before this thing starts to work more quickly)
      -White Noise app for longer sleep sessions
      -Using a grounding mat or grounding bedspread (stand on for 20 minutes and use in bed at night after arriving at destination)
      -MillenniumSports Somnidren GH or Hammer REM caps for better sleep – either of these 30-60 minutes before bed.
      -250-500mg Natural Calm magnesium 30-60 minutes before bed, for enhancing sleep quality and testosterone.
      -Prescription for http://www.fisherwallace.com/

  167. TLG says:

    Alcohol, specifically wine. Which I have gotten into the habit of using as a stress release after work or during challenging times in my life. It's has gone from the occasional glass or two to consistently a glass or two most days.

  168. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE candy, such as gummy bears and sour jelly beans. In general, I keep my diet low in sugar but can't resist getting myself some good, old fashioned kids candies once in a while. Sour candy is the best. Red licorice is good too. Even when going for long periods without, I still love the candy. So – I usually allow myself to have a small amount once per week. Do you think it would be better to just stop eating it altogether? If so, do you have any suggestions?

    1. I don't see any problems here. Candy tastes good and we are hard wired to enjoy it. A small amount once per week is no big deal!

  169. Ammanda says:

    Question – I’ve started to train and run ultras. For some reason my mind now

    thinks its a free pass for junk food. Any diet suggestions??  I would like to

    get back on track with eating healthy. Thanks for any advice you can give.

    1. You'll run faster and recover faster if you eat healthier food. That's a pretty darn good reason. Also, if junk food is around, you'll eat it, so make sure you've "purged" your pantry!

  170. Ron says:

    I have just started reading your blog and love it. A year ago I started crossfit and did a paleo diet for 4 months and have now lost 70+ lbs. The whole regimen has inspired me and I am now signed up for a few sprint Tri's and an olympic. I have been swimming between 2-3 times a week. Spinning or biking outside when the weather permits ( live in NY) and running twice a week on top of crossfit 2-3 times a week. Obviously I do 2 workouts a day on some days to fit it all in. This is a 2 part question, first I think I need to add more running into my workout and I am not sure what to cut out. Second I am now stuck on my weight for about 2 months and would really like to lose another 10-15 lbs.

    1. Hi Ron.

      A) But aren't you running during your crossfit workouts? If not, I'd tack a 1-2 mile tempo run after your crossfits.
      B) Switch to a low carb diet. I'll wager those pounds melt right off. Check http://www.lowcarbtriathlete.com


  171. TyRonne says:

    CHIPS! CHIPS! CHIPS! I cannot seem to put down the chips and the fries….Help! I also would like to know out of all of the information out there can you really lose belly fat? What foods or menu would you follow for nutrition to rid yourself of the belly fat?

  172. Kurt says:

    Like the tips about the diet soda addiction but how did you deal with the lack of caffeine?

  173. Brandon says:

    My probl em is that I "don't trust my eating inclinations. I always question myself when I'm eating about whether I need to stop, what is the right amount of food to fuel the workout I've jjust done or is coming up, or what I need to do later on in the day to make up for eating too much etc.
    I also feel that anytime I ever have cheat food or eat any amount of junk or even eat the wrong thing at the wrong time that my body will always gain the fat and it will go right to my midsection. The fat there just will not disappear no matter how clean I eat.
    Ben, in your experience, is a body's reaction to even a minor deviation from clean eating more pronounced in people who pay attention to their fitness and are fueling their body with proper nutrition? In brief, is the body becoming more sensitive to junk foods as it performs better? Because it seems that the people who don't work out around me eat sweets and fast food whenever they want with little deliterious effects. Are they impacted less by the junk because their body is "resistant" to junk? Or it is more of a mental block on the part of the athlete?

    1. Yes, I think that eating patterns become more important as you get healthier. I personally eat the identical item nearly every day for breakfast, and if my wife didn't make different foods, would be happy to do it for lunch and dinner as well. I personally feel "thrown off" if I'm traveling and have to eat at a bunch of different restaurants, etc. which is why I usually carry my own foods. Goes with the territory of taking care of your body and "guarding" what you've worked so hard to create.

      1. Brandon says:

        So then what would you consider a :minor deviation" from a clean diet? Having a quaker oats chewy bar for carbs in the morning (as I had to do today) or would it be more along the lines of having a few traditionally made pancakes?

        1. It would be a deviation from the norm for you. For example, i normally have breakfast around 8 and then don't eat again until around 2. But yesterday, let's say I had a piece of pumpkin pie at 11. That throws off my routine and can certainly affect diet the rest of day (regardless of whether it's healthy or not).

  174. Ron says:

    Ok, I have been running since 1974 and this is the 2nd time I have had PF. What is your suggestion for the quickest way to get over PF? It took a shot in the heel to get rid of it last time and I would prefer not to go through that again.

  175. Amy says:

    My biggest problem is breaking through a weight loss plateau. I am 4 pounds within my goal weight but can't seem to lose the last few pounds after almost 50 days of working out daily and watching my diet. I walk 2 miles every week day during lunch, workout vigorously doing cardio and strength training for an hour and a half each night, and I'm training for a marathon, so I'm running 4 times a week. My goal is to see some abdominal definition but at this point I'm no longer losing weight or inches. My calorie intake is around 1200 per day. I'm a 31 year old female, 5'4" 129 pounds. Any advice?

  176. Rob says:

    I am 40 years old and over the last two years i have tried to get started in trail running and triathlons, i have no problem with the bike, but the run and the swimming my heart rated spikes and i have to stop/walk. i tried to take my time but i have to run so slow that i expernce muscle failure , and low back pain. i think i can see improvements, but in my mind i think i should be seeing better results.

  177. Mike J says:

    Im a Nutella addict!!

  178. Les Levey says:

    I'm not training for anything specific. Just want to lose weight, lower body fat to under 19%, and get fit.
    I'm 59 years of age weight around 84kg . I would like to weigh 80kg. A year ago I weighed in at 92kg.
    It is tough losing the last 4kg.
    My binge or crave is "Bread"

  179. Laurie says:

    Hi Ben.

    My work schedule is such that I cannot work out before work. I get up really early. Like 3am. I’m also in hotels when I work( I’m in the travel industry). When I get to the hotel in the afternoon, I’m pooped. I go workout anyway but I wonder what kind of quality I’m getting. Any advice on how to get the best use of the time I have? Thanks!

  180. HarveyandVal says:

    I have food cravings in the late morning and early afternoon and I always want carbs or sugar/salt. At night, I feel like my appetite is out of control. I don't get full! I train in boxing for 1.5-2 hours 5 days per week and do 1 hour of other exercise on the weekends. I can force myself to restrict when necessary but I hate having the constant desire to eat! I am trying iron pills and eat a vegan-ish diet that is high in fiber and protein. I eat oatmeal, chia seeds, lots of fruit and veggies and quinoa, brown rice, some nuts and nut butter, and some raw or vegan desserts, no white sugar and flour.
    Thank you so much!

  181. George says:

    I have Candida. My 42nd year was more or less a disaster health-wise. Really started to have trouble digesting foods of all sorts. I am a chef and love to eat the food I make, but stopped being able to comfortably. Was completely overworked and depleted and got sick several times in succession. I had started drinking slightly more than is healthy and eating more simple carbs and cheese. After feeling crappy for months, I researched and started to suspect I had Candida. On my 43rd birthday, in late May I got a confirmed diagnosis. Had more or less quit exercising in the early stages of treatment and started losing weight rapidly. Stabilized that with an expensive cashew habit which I still have. Ran a little through June and then 3 weeks ago went on my first bike ride in over a month. It was good. Followed it up with a bad one. Got an email from a Seattle Seafair Tri and wondered if I could make it through a sprint. Reckoned if I could pull off a ride-run brick and a swim, I'd sign up. Both of these endeavors were fantastic. First swim in a year or so I worked up to 800yds and then back down the ladder I was increasing speed from 400-200-100-50. Signed up and was 12 out of 46 40-44 yr men. I killed it, with the 6th fastest bike time. Thinking about it, I think food has a lot to do with why I was good. I can't eat any sugar, gel packs, etc. Eat pears as food during exercise, but don't do anything all that long. I eat a lot of chia seeds. Basically I'm on the mend. It's sad that I can have wine and cheese, but it isn't permanent and in the mean time I'm getting much healthier. So my issue is how to fuel training and recovery only being allowed protein, fat and "watery" vegetable in large amounts and whole grains, starchy vegetables and fibrous fruits in very moderate amounts. I ramble. Thanks for reading.

  182. Stu says:

    Try as I might I can not lose weight. I know what to do but late at night cravings kill me. Either some nuts, sweets or ice cream … there is always something. Please, please help!!

  183. Charlotte says:

    I'm recently married and my husband eats all the time. I can't help myself but to have a little of whatever he is having. I love food and I am a social eater, if it's in front of me I will eat it even if I'm not hungry. How do I kill this craving? I have gained about 10 pounds since we got married. :( It's tough to ignore the smell of fresh pizza in the house and not have a little piece, even if he is having it as a snack at 11pm!

      1. Charlotte says:

        Thanks! will do!

  184. eldadenisse says:

    Hi Ben ,
    I would like to know what to do with my fitness problem which is getting sick (respiratory infection). Really, I have tried everything. In two weeks is my marathon and I have done everything by the book! Eating natural supplements (Chia seed, spirulina, flaxseed, fish oil, chlorophyll, acai, coconut water), recovery protein shakes, low carb and sugar diet, LOTS but LOTS of veggies, fruit in the morning, avoiding process food. I am really fit (like never before) . I did my training perfectly( just missed 2 days) in 4 months of the training. And I am about to get sick, I did not train yesterday and the day before because I am scare of getting sick. I am freaking out!!!!
    Hope you can help me!

    1. Are you using Eneprime and Oil of Oregano? I'd be way into that stuff at this point! I've discussed in several podcasts – 6 enerprime capsules per day, 4-5 drops o of oregano morning/evening, in water.

  185. Mary says:

    I love cereal. Can eat a whole box in one sitting if it is in the house. Any type, even the boring high fibre options! Could really do with finding a way to control myself.

  186. Petra says:

    So…my problem is I have a really hard time building muscle mass. When I try it just seems to never develop and I give up. I have ran ever since I could join track and now train for marathons. I feel like I have a lot of endurance but if I could just get the strength I need I would be able to be a lot faster than what I am now. With how much I have ran my entire life I just don't get why my legs especially are just kinda soft! I want to do strength training that correlates with my running but don't know how much, or what exactly would be the best for a long distance runner like myself.

  187. Petra says:

    So…my problem is I have a really hard time building muscle mass. When I try it just seems to never develop and I give up. I have ran ever since I could join track and now run just train to run marathons. I feel like I have a lot of endurance but if I could just get the strength I need I would be able to be a lot faster than what I am now. With how much I have ran my entire life I just don't get why my legs especially are just kinda soft! I want to do strength training that correlates with my running but not sure what to do and what would be too much strength because I don't want to bulk up, I just want to be lean! I feel like I'm a lean, soft bodied runner but want to get some definition. I always read that too much strength training for runners can be detrimental to timing but finding that balance for myself is really hard.

  188. Chuck_H says:

    After a hard workout I crave salty snacks like chips. I don't normally use salt with my meals nor do I take it during exercise or events. I do the Honu 70.3 without electrolites other than whats in my nutrition (GU, Shot Blocks, Cytomax) with no problems. My sweat isn't very salty either. So should I pop a salt tab during a hard workout? I try to avoid as much as possible so as not to have any stomache issues.

    1. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Although you may need extra salts if you step up to Ironman distance…

  189. Amanda says:

    I struggle with having a glass (or 2) of wine each night. I don’t need it and have cut it out for weeks to make sure I don’t need it but it’s a habit while I’m cooking dinner or to have a glass of wine at dinner. It’s empty calories and I’d like to break the habit as it’s not doing anything constructive.

  190. Polly says:

    i have an addition to chocolate. i have tried switching from milk chocolate to dark chocolate for the health benefits but the daw gone it….the milk chocolate is so delicious!

  191. Crystel says:

    At the risk of putting the "Get Fit Guy" at odds with fellow Quick and Dirty Tipper "The Nutrition Diva," can you address the issue of fasting for weight loss and improved metabolism? In the Ben Greenfield Health Handbook, you support the idea of eating often to boost metabolism and not skipping breakfast. The Nutrition Diva, in this (http://nutritiondiva.quickanddirtytips.com/benefits-of-fasting.aspx) and other podcasts (linked in that podcast), she supports frequent fasting for weight loss, improved insulin sensitivity, metabolic function and disease prevention. These two positions seem to be at odds with one another. Can you help clarify the issue?
    Thanks a million.

    1. That section of Ehealth handbook was written a couple years ago, and I have since changed my position. A quick search for "fasting" here at https://bengreenfieldfitness.com will reveal several interesting posts I have done on the matter. I agree with Monica.

    2. That section of Ehealth handbook was written a couple years ago, and I have since changed my position. A quick search for "fasting" here at https://bengreenfieldfitness.com will reveal several interesting posts I have done on the matter. I agree with Monica.

  192. hksparky says:

    I used to tightly control my diet intake. No Sat fat, no dairy, avoid red meat, low sodium.
    I tried to keep numbers of servings of Meat,Grains,Fruits,Veg according to the Food Pyramid guidelines and I was able to control my weight quite well. Since I started following you I've been trying to change. Now, I'm not so restrictive on things like Eggs, Yoghurt, Beef and Sat Fats. I've also pushed my carbs back into my day, concentrating on good fats and proteins in the afternoon/evenings. Problem is I've completely lost control of my weight! I keep ballooning, then strictly limit calories to bring it back, then balloon again. I think my problem is food/calorie quantity. Are you aware of a Food Pyramid (ie guidelines on number of servings) but in terms of Carbs/Fats/Protein and not Meat/Veg/Grain? I want to get things back in control, then begin to enjoy the performance benefits of my new way of healthy, high performance eating!

      1. hksparky says:

        Thanks Ben..that gives the pyramid certainly! But not guidelines on number of servings. I think what I'll do is go back to my old diet and count calories. Once I've got weight stable and calories counted, I'll then slowly begin to switch over while counting calories. Basically come up with my own set of guidelines. The answer to this isn't simple I think. I've asked Monica Reinagel the same question and she referred me to you! So, if my 2 experts don't have an clear answer, then there can't be one!

        1. really, if I were you, I'd get a resting metabolic rate test done at your local university so you know EXACTLY how many calories your body needs during the day, then add the number of calories you burn during exercise to get your daily baseline, and don't underfeed that number by more than 1000 calories. Then just go about 40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat.

  193. breezy21 says:

    I am a compulsive overexerciser and I've destroyed my metabolism! I became obsessed training for my Ironman in 2009 – always pushing harder & harder. I read all the info. about proper (smart) training and fueling – then did my own thing anyway. I became extremely lean and looked very muscular (I love heavy weight training too). I am now suffering the consequences – no menstrual cycle for 4 yrs (now 46 and clinically menospausal). My hormones went crazy – I put on 10# in a few months even though I was doing absolutely nothing different. My response was to train even harder (2 hrs/day of INTENSE circuits every day + several long runs/week). Nothing. I've tried "resetting" my metabolism by taking rest days & eating more but then I get depressed and fall back into old habits-plus it hasn't seemed to have helped. Can't seem to balance love of hardcore training w/actually achieving results.

    1. Sounds to me like you already know what the issue is, breezy, and at this point you simply have to ask yourself what is more important to you: hardcore training or your health/life. If I were you, I'd do about 4 weeks of nothing but walks and extremely healthy greens based diet.

  194. Allison says:

    Ben – My problem is not unique – it's that I lack a comprehensive plan so that I can: (i) successfully avoid the sugar/fat/salt obstacle to good health; and (ii) achieve better endurance/stamina to finish a marathon. My cycle is that I get super hungry, make bad food choices, stop eating, try to exercise but I don't have enough energy, then I'm super hungry again, and so on. It's hard to stop the cycle!

  195. Jordi says:

    Hi Ben,
    This is my first post, so let me say your website and podcasts are amazing. Lots of really great info.
    My biggest issue is side stitches. I ALWAYS get them, even though I've tried to change things up. Usually on the left side, but sometimes on both and usually it is when I run. I took up triathlon recently while I have been living in Singapore (so maybe heat and humidity have something to do with it). I don't know if I would get them (side stitches) in other climates. It usually goes away if I walk for 5-10 minutes while breathing deeply, but this doesn't help my racing time… Looking for a preventive idea if you have one!
    Thanks, Jordi.

    1. A few reasons: 1) tight ab muscles or hip flexors pre workout (stretch em); 2) too much fluid/food in stomach; 3) erratic breathing. If you can address those issues through flexibility in torso, not consuming to much fuel, and focusing on relaxed breathing, you'll banish those stitches!

  196. Pauline says:

    This problem is definitely not something I struggle with every day but when I have a large amount of free time for example on the weekends – How much exercise in terms of cardio or strength training or combined, is too much? I have read some articles that claim that after 60 minutes of weight lifting, your body starts producing more of the stress hormone cortisol which can have a negative effect on weight loss. Too much cardio can also start to have a negative effect on my hunger levels so i try to be somewhat careful with that as well. I am also concerned about developing an injury from over exertion which can put my exercise routine on hold completely for an extended amount of time.

    1. Totally depends on YOU. With proper nutrition and recovery, some people can do 2-4 hours of cardio without too much stress. Others can only handle 30 minutes. If you're tired, sore or fatigued the next day, it's likely you overstepped. Do a search for "restwise" here at BenGreenfieldFitness.

  197. Julie says:

    Hi Ben
    I am wondering what you know about exercise intolerance. I love to exercise, but have to be careful about the intensity and duration of my workouts because if I overdo it, I will be fatigued for several days afterwards. Personnally, I think I have some type of mitochonrial disorder since I have had this all my life. Any suggestions for dealing with this?

    1. I guess it depends on what you mean by "overdo" it. Typically, exercise doing this type of damage is indicative of some type of nutritional deficiency or hormonal imbalance (i.e. not enough progesterone, vitamin D, magnesium, etc.) or simply not enough calories overall.

  198. Jill says:

    HI Ben,
    I pulled a calf muscle a couple weeks ago and it doesn't seem to be healing. I have stopped running and try to stay to low impact cardio like the elliptical, stationary bike or just walking and lots of stretching. What can I do to speed up the recovery of my calf muscle so I can get back to my regular work outs.. not running is really getting me in a funk!

    1. Jill, I'd do aqua jogging. Do a search for it right here at https://bengreenfieldfitness.com . Also, use foam roller, massage, Phenocane, topical magnesium, calf raises and if you can get your hands on it, electrostimulation. Ultrasound and icing will also help.

  199. kaimanua says:

    my biggest problem are my butt, thighs and calves.
    they are Huge, such that i always have trouble finding pants that fit and dont look ugly on me.
    I'm around 5 ft 2 inches, weight around 135lbs. my calves measure around 16 inches, and my thighs around 23-25 inches. should i do lunges and squats, will these exercises make them bigger?

    the other problem is, i have bought quite a number of online programs, but can't seem to see through any of them. i work early and back home late, (6am -1030pm), have trouble fitting in a good quality workout as sometimes i'm just fatigued.
    normally at the start of the week, i'll set these really good sounding goals like, run at least 2 times this week. but once the week starts i just can't seem to keep to them! really need help here.

    i think that i need social support, so i have joined a few forums, however im unable to keep track of what's going on int he forums as there are always so many threads going on.
    i just need someone to be accountable to, and kick me in the butt when i start giving excuses or slack off.

    thanks for the effort and time!

    1. Well, I do have a program where you get unlimited e-mail access to me! That's great for accountability: check out http://www.pacificfit.net/bengreenfield.html

      Also, for your legs, the squats and lunges won't make them bigger as long as you're at a caloric deficit…

  200. Nick 3rd says:

    My biggest challenge currently is not skipping meals and drinking all the water I should.

  201. Henrick says:

    I crave a dessert every after a meal. Sweets. Nothing specific, just sweets.

  202. Vecelia says:

    My biggest problem is that I can do well all day but after dinner I want something sweet.

  203. Clelake says:

    I am a 35yr old female…5'11'' tall…and about 163lbs.
    I exercise about 4-5 times a week. Workouts vary from intervals on my exercise bike…and kickboxing, cardio, weight training, kettle bells, yoga… I workout at home, watching workout dvds, and the length is usually form 35mins to 70mins… I am always exhausted but energized at the end of each one.

    My goal is to become cut with lean muscle.. So I realize I have to lose a bit more weight, and gain muscle…but I can't seem to figure out how many calories I should eat each day to gain muscle AND lose weight. I am also a vegetarian (I eat fish and a bit of dairy). I eat very healthy. I count calories, but don't obsess over it. I don't know how many protiens vs. carbs vs. fats I should eat in a day…

    I know this is a lot of info…and I try to get all my fitness/nutrition advice from books and internet, but I hear conflicting things. I don't have money to spend on personal trainers/nutritionists.. Any advice would be appreciated.


    1. They did a study, and people on as low a calorie intake as 800 calories a day STILL gained muscle when they were weight training. But as a pesco-vegetarian, you'll really want to make sure you get fish and/or dairy on every day that you lift, and you should lift a full body, heavy program 4-5x/week, along with a more sane caloric intake, like for your size, about 1500 daily calories.

  204. Amy says:

    Sugar intake at social functions is my biggest problem. I do really well during the week and have cut out all artificial sweeteners and stevia and that has helped significantly with my cravings. I don't drink alcohol anymore so I don't have the excuse that my "guard is down". I get uncomfortable or bored and whammo, I am heaping loads of bannana pudding or chocolates or ice cream on my plate. It's a total diet sabotage and I'm doing really well otherwise. I have at least one social function per week and this is slowing down my progress. Any suggestions or books you've read that will help me get over this hump?

    1. Amy, two options here:

      1) self defense. before you go to social functions, exercise so that your body is less sensitive to this binging and your appetite is stabilized (exercise in moderation helps decrease appetite)

      2) stay very far away from food at social functions. plant yourself in a chair or couch far away from the actual food, and have soda water and gum on hand to keep your palate entertained.

      1. Cut Dot Calm says:

        Amy! You surely enjoy getting dressed up for these functions and liking the way your clothes feel, fit and look….you look great and you feel great! Right? You look in the mirror and you like the image you have strived for and worked hard to accomplish all week, watching your diet and avoiding the sugar and sweets, the poisons at issue here.
        Next time you are at a social function Amy…..look down at your trim figure, look in the mirror, feel great about yourself and the way you look and feel. Ask yourself if it is really worth it to sabotage your personal weight loss program and health for a few moments of banana pudding? You probably feel very guilty after eating that banana pudding, chocolate and Ice cream anyway….not to mention a bit ill. Right? You can shake this real quick Amy, stay trim…..stop doing that! (grin) Eat healthy…feel great! Peace…… C

  205. Neil says:

    Ben – I recently heard you be quite critical on the podcast about calorie counting. I agree with you that it is a bit OCD and takes much enjoyment out of food. However it is the ONLY thing that has ever produced results for my weight loss. I hate that I calorie count but feel I have no real choice. Calorie count or be fat!! Can you help me or am I doomed to record every morsel that goes in my mouth?

    1. I calorie counted with great dedication for 6 months of my life, and recommend the experience for everyone. However, once you've done it for awhile, you should be able to *sense* how many calories you're eating, and not have to do mental math all day long, which can take some enjoyment out of eating for many people. One of the biggest tips I can give you is to eat many of the same foods – i.e. develop a meal eating pattern. Once chaos ensues with your meal pattern, it's easy to overeat or undereat.

      1. Cut Dot Calm says:

        I agree with Ben! Develop a meal eating pattern Neil, make a list of all the right foods that work for you for your best possible health, and foods that will maintain your desired weight goal……and keep your cabinets and fridge full of them. Your list will be long! Your fridge will be full! No need to calorie count if u have the right stuff always at hand once you know the drill! Snack on a few tasty black olives or a chunk of zesty sharp cheese…. Keep the other stuff out of the house! You have calorie counted, so I'm thinkin you already know the right stuff! Peace…. Be well! C

  206. Run_DrinkNRide says:

    My biggest fitness/nutrition problem is TOO MUCH ALCOHOL! I don't want to stop drinking altogether, but sometimes I drink too much, and then it leads to too much eating and trouble feeling well enough to enjoy the next day's running, etc. In excess, it can be depressing, too. I feel alcohol has a nearly equal amount of upside as downside, but if I could get to "moderation" it would be great! Right now, it is too much and/or TOO OFTEN a part of my otherwise healthy and VERY happy life.

  207. Chris says:

    I do all my carbo loading on red wine. I drink 1 to 2 bottles a day. I feel better training next day if I do drink red wine vs without, although early morning training is non starter. Even before racing triathlon I have 1 bottle. I am competitive and capable of 2.15 OLY times after 1 year. Is this just my composition type or are there others?

    1. you have got to be joking.

  208. BillyH says:

    My biggest problem is figuring out what to do. I've tried exercising/working out in the past and have had no success. I'm at the low end of what is considered an average male at 5'7" and 155 lbs with a small body frame. Though I appear "slim", sadly, most of my body weight is fat. I have very thin arms and legs. I carry my weight, mostly, in the rear-end, pelvis and midsection. I've had no success at trying to lose fat and build muscle. I read and listen to all kinds of resources and everyone has a different opinion of the correct way to be successful. It leaves me not knowing where to begin, how much to do, when to do it or if any of it is actually going to work. Unfortunately, I can't afford to pay someone hundreds of dollars a month for the seemingly mystical answer. At this point I'm 34 years old and don't want to go through another unsuccessful attempt.

    1. Here's a solution that's just a few bucks that will give you right what you need to start: http://www.shape21.com

  209. Billy says:

    Smoking. I am fit, run races, do tris, lift and eat well, but I still smoke a few cigarettes a week, less than a pack a week. . In fact, I'm just as likely to lift and run 5 miles and then go to happy hour drink a glass of red wine and smoke a couple cigarettes. I try to stop for a few weeks but I just come back to it and I'm not even all that concerned about it usually. My performance still seems to improve. I think the drinking affects me more than the smoking. So, let me have it, remind me how stupid I am being.

    1. you should read the book "Psychocybernetics" by maxwell maltz, it would change your life!

  210. Lela says:

    I am very active older long distance fan and have been through the gamut of healthy nutrition lifestyles, even becoming a semi-vegan for a couple of years. I felt great and enjoyed the benefits. Unfortunately my husband is a tried and true cowboy who is happy wih Dr Pepper, meat, potatoes, Dr Pepper, chips, cookies, Dr Pepper and anything else that goes against standard good nutrition practices. Did I mention he likes Dr Pepper for breakfast, lunch and dinner? My problem isn't the Dr Pepper but the little cheat foods that are always on the shelf. 1st rule of changing dietary habits is to get the cheat foods out of the house. I really got tired of preparing 2 different menus every day and now I don't have the time to do it, so I'm back to doing the best I can nutritionally with SAD and my favorite ginger cookies staring me in the face. Any suggestions on how to deal with the negative food in the house so I can get back to how I'd really like to eat – more holistically and raw? PS Divorce is not an option, I love my boyfriend dearly and he'll change when he is ready, it just isn't going to be today. :o)

  211. Chris L. Tris says:

    I had gastric bypass surgery nearly 6 years ago and lost 140 pounds! I feel great compared to before the weight loss. My issue is that I am in nursing school and my schedule has taken over my life …. I am not taking the time to eat right and drink right. I discovered yesterday that I have gain almost 25 pounds and I am freaked out! Since I have not been diligent about my eating, I have noticed a huge increase in the food cravings and do not want to give into them anymore. How do I change that? I have, because of the weight loss, been involved in triathlons and completed my first marathon this year. I do not want to fall back into bad habits but am afraid it has already started. I would love to have a personal trainer but because of school do not have the income for that. What other options are there?

    1. Check out Inner Circle Podcast #4, where my wife and I discuss how to control carbohydrate cravings. Some of that will help. Also, if you want a low income option to lose weight and get ready for triathlons, try something like http://www.shape21.com

  212. Rebecca Wilson says:

    The biggest thing for me is struggling with body image. I am a personal trainer and have never been the thin girl on the block. I also lecture to people training to become trainers so i feel very self conciuos about it. I know the head fact about different body shapes etc and my personal motto is action not excuses but I am too fat and lazy sometimes. Energy can be an issue so I am trying to be careful about eating high value foods but being the mum of four I just dont get it right enough. How can I drop body fat without having to spend a fortune on protien formulas or meat?? I know just get it togethor woman.. I am trying every day but its a long time issue.

    1. You answered your own question. You believe you're too fat and lazy. You've convinced your subconscious of that. You have to re-train yourself with visualization and affirmation that A) you can have the ideal body; and B) your'e not lazy.

  213. Aubree Holt says:

    Nice to see a Vandal doing so well in life. Congratulations. I graduated from Idaho in 99'. I'm a triathlete but struggle with how many total calories I need to eat. I eat 1600 cal per day…a very clean diet. I'm concerned this is not enough. I have been gaining weight training for the Olympic distance and plan on doing a half iron in June. I will start training for the Boston Marathon soon and was hoping you could give me some insight. Gaining weight has been frustrating when I work out at such a high intensity and eat a clean diet. If you could give me some tips to end this frustration I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

    Go Vandals!!!

    1. Aubree, I would check out my book: Holistic Fueling For Endurance Athletes, at Amazon.com . It would be a huge help!

  214. Kathleen says:

    Sabotaging Diet with excessive eating every few days.

  215. Robert says:

    I'm trying to lose about 25 pounds, which I feel will be a good racing weight for me. I am 5'8" and weight about 197 right now and would like to be around 170. Form some body fat calculators I've found, it apperas that I have about 155 pounds of lean body mass.

    I have been using a Keto Diet for a some time now and lately I've been having late night food cravings and binging on whatever I can get my hands on. It happens about 11:30 or so when I am having difficulty falling asleep. The binging is recking havoci on my diet and honestly making me depressed, which affects my training. I haven't been on my bike in weeks and my run traing has fallen off as of late.

  216. Pritz says:

    Hi Ben,
    My issue is that, I was on a mission to lose weight before conceiving, which I did – 15lbs through exercise(circuit training, plyometrics,aerobics) and healthy diet +calorie counting. But now, its been 3 weeks since I reached my goal, and I dont feel the pinch to exercise because I suddenly dont have a goal except "to remain healthy". I'm still counting my calories and 8 out of 10 days I eat within 1300 cal. But I'm not exercising ~ seeming to have a huge Mental block plus a wee bit of confusion as to how to exercise now bcoz I'm pregnant(1st month) – scared to jump about and also do crunches.. HELP!

    1. Have you thought about signing for a 5K, Triathlon, Weight Loss Challenge, etc? That would help out in terms of you having a defined goal…

      1. Pritz says:

        During my pregnancy Ben? doesnt sound safe to me at this point of my life but otherwise, thats an awesome idea coz i've always been the athletic type :)
        Any ideas for a defined goal during pregnancy? Thank you, God bless!

        1. I mean, sign up for one that is 3-6 months out from your pregnancy. You'll feel the pressure to stay fit during the pregnancy.

          1. Pritz says:

            **great** idea :) will defly do that ~ thnx buddy!

  217. Chris Sloan says:

    Wow. Your post is so weird for the timing. I was addicted to the very same product you were. But, 0n 9/12 of THIS YEAR, I celebrated my one year anniversary of NOT drinking ANY sodas at all.


  218. Dawn says:

    I am stuck at a weight plateau. I've increased my exercise over the past couple of weeks (run/walking on treadmill like you suggested in the Get-Fit-Guy podcast) but can't seem to watch what I eat except into my mouth. I lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers, put 10 back on, and can't seem to get back to my old motivation. I need to lose about 40 more, according to my doctor.

    1. Una says:

      Hi Dawn,

      I really loved weight watchers over the years, I would get excited to go every week to weight in and lose weight. I would lose, gain back, lose…then it just stopped working for me, it stopped working because you are not eating too much, but eating the wrong foods. Go on a high fat, low carb diet for the rest of your life and you will have complete freedom from up and downs. Read Low Carbohydrate Living by Phinney and Volke for a really great overview.

  219. Sandra says:

    I am one of those who completely changed my lifestyle about 5 years ago and picked up healthy eating and exercise. I went from a 27 year/pack a day smoker, overweight, lush to a addicted triathlete…however there is still one problem plauging me. Almost every day in the afternoon I get pain in my lower stomach, it includes bloating and sharp pains. I have been to regular docs, sports docs, nutritionists, accupuncturists, have had many different tests, taken foods out of my diet, added foods in my diet, went raw, cooked everything, allergy tests, and tests I would not wish on my worst enemy. All show everything in normal perameters. Not allergic to milk, wheat, sugar, or any other food allergy. No paracites, no cancer or polyups. It never happens in the morning, only afternoons. I even had one person say it was something to do with my old smoking habit, another thinks its from an old endomatic cyst on my ovary. Needless to say, we are all at a loss. Since I train in the evening because of working early in the morning, it can sometimes be really difficult to get my workouts in without feeling miserable. Good luck with this one! and Thanks :)

    1. This is a pretty involved question that would probably require me to do a dietary analysis / nutrition consulting. Off the top of my head, however, one element that I'm not seeing is the use of digestive or proteolytic enzymes…

  220. corona_rce says:

    i like greasy food s but i watch them my only addition is the 5 lite beers that i drink everynite

  221. michel says:

    I would say my biggest problem is keeping my calorie intake within a range that would allow me to lose my last 15 pounds. I track my food everyday and usually have a pretty clean diet. I think the issue is more emotional/psychological. I always convince myself it's okay to eat this much [insert really good-tasting-bad-for-you-food here] or even just a large amount of something healthy but calorie-dense because I just ran 8 miles or because I have a 12 mile run in a couple days. Sometimes it is more emotional – eating out of boredom or loneliness.
    I see exactly how many calories I am eating everyday and know exactly how many I need to eat to lose the weight, yet still I overeat.
    It seems like I have made something so simple into a complicated problem.

  222. Scotty says:

    Hey Ben,
    Greetings from Canada! New subscriber to your news letter so this topic sort of freaked me out. A serious 20 year addiction to Diet Coke, serious problem losing weight no matter how hard I train, diet, or starve!! After a tri the only thing I crave is Diet Coke, usually McDonald's, however I rarely eat there.I know I have to quit, but it's bloody hard. I gain weight after training or competing, wierd hey!! Zero metabolism. Sound familiar.
    Very frustrated !!

  223. Jim Cooper says:

    Thanks. I haven't done any strength training in over a year and was wondering about that in the context of out-of-the-saddle climbing (legs), swimming (everything) and running posture.

  224. Beth says:

    I can't stop my sweet tooth. Cookies, cupcakes, zingers. It's terrible. I'm thin now but don't know for how long because I eat nearly 2 packages of cookies per week. If I don't buy them I eat chocolate chips and peanuts. How can I stop my 3:00 sweet tooth?

    1. I'd start with cinnamon, and the chromium and vanadium you can find in something like Thermofactor (http://www.pacificfit.net/supplements.php#thermofactor ). Also, go to https://bengreenfieldfitness.com and do a search for "cravings"

  225. Jim Cooper says:

    I would like to do my first sprint tri of the year (have done several before) and cannot figure out a training regimin that will retrain my innefficient metabolism while I continue my regular swimming, biking and run training.

    Did a 6 step (35 min) submaximal metabolic efficiency test on a parvo cart and confirmed my carb / fat use curves are like the 'Innefficient" metabolism shown here: http://tiny.cc/e11am. My max fat use occurs at 87 bpm and declines as hr increases.

    Have changed my diet per Seebohar. Walk 20 min at that HR of 87-89 every day, ride 20 – 40 mile group rides twice a week (HR 120-140), jog 45 min. 3 times a week (hr 124-151), do bike sprints (8reps, 30 sec. max effort) 3 times a week and swim twice a week. TIA

    1. Great question, Jim.

      The only issue I have found with Seebohar's approach is that most people begin working out at Metabolic Efficiency "zone" or peak fat-burning zone and neglect cardio intervals and resistance training. It appears you have the cardio intervals included in your program, but you MUST add lean muscle to stimulate the metabolism. I'd recommend beginning a weightlifting protocol ASAP!

  226. Try chromium or vanadium 1 hour prior to eating. Check out http://www.pacificfit.net/supplements.php#thermof…

  227. Adrian says:

    My biggest problem is I have a sweet tooth and I crave something sweet right after I eat something that is not sweet. Any Tips?

  228. Virginie says:

    Hi Ben,
    I really enjoy your podcast and newsletter. Thanks very much.
    My question is the following: I tend to have difficulties ending meals; I tend to keep on eating. I think you mentioned having a mint gum to help. I also go and brush my teeth. DO you have any other suggestions ?

    1. A) Mentally commit to the meal being finished. Your body will take 30 days to break the cycle of wanting something *more* after the meal is done, and until that point, you'll need to close your eyes before each meal and visualize yourself pushing away at 80% full and being finished, then moving on with your life, understand there are more important things than food.

      B) Sparkling water and gum can certainly help, but even more effective is LEAVING the kitchen and the house and going on a long walk.

  229. Guest says:

    My problem is that I eat (wrong food – too sweet or full of fat) when I'm stressed, depressed or lonely.

  230. Monika says:

    Hi Ben, it’s funny that you mentioned chewing gum to wean off of Dr. Pepper because my problem is chewing gum. I’ve read articles where gum is not recommended for runners because it causes you to burp. Lately I have been craving chocolate more than usual, these past 3 months actually. I don’t know where the craving comes from, I used to be able to go a month without eating chocolate, and now when I have a little I tend to binge. I am training for the NYC marathon, I’ve seen in a previous post you said this might be magnesium deficiency, could it be something else?

  231. James says:

    Hey there! I too was addicted to diet soda's I was going through i case every 3 days, when i finally woke up and saw what had happened to me and my body. I have quickly changed losing 60 pounds on my new Tri and healthy living lifestyle. So glad I found you on the web, I ate your famous kona wrap the other day it was great!

  232. Roxana says:

    Ben, I'm very happy to have subscribed to your letters. My problem is chocolate. No matter how much I workout daily, my body is not enough toned and slim. I only exagerate with chocolate. No other carbs or sodas or cakes or whatever…maybe ice cream or biscuits with chocolate, but yes, chocolate is the guilty one…please say something for me :-) tks a lot!!

  233. Lightning Tortoise says:

    I am like an alcoholic with just about anything "junk". Once I have a little bit, I can't stop. I try and stay away but sometimes I think just one little piece and then it is all over.
    Also I feel like I am generally lazy, I have my training plan but just try and make any excuse i can to not do it.
    Code Name; Lightning Tortoise

    1. Re: Ben Greenfield Fitness – New comment requires moderation on: What Is Your Biggest Nutrition or Fitness Problem? Approve

  234. Ben, so far my biggest challenge is lower leg issues. I am a 58 year old male that just started running in the last 2 years. I ran in the 2009 Austin Cap 10K and Texas Roundup 10K and then ran the 2010 Austin 3M half. For the half marathon I participated in a local running trainng program. It was a good experience and I definitely improved but I had a lot of lower leg pain, (I'll call it shin splints), so I only did two runs per week. However, I cross train a lot in between the runs. Twon weeks after the half, while on an easy run, I developed significant pain and was ultimately daiagnosed with a severe stress fracture of the left tibia. Six weeks on crutches and I am still receiving some physical therapy, so I am not 100% yet.
    My plan is to finsh rehab and get back on my road bike through the summer and when the Doctor releases me to do so intersperse short runs . I would sure like to be able to train for and complete a marathon in January or February. I have to figure out how I need to train differently because I sure do not want another stress fracture, but I really miss running.

    1. For stress fx. issues, cut yourself down to 4 days a week of running, Mark. Have you seen the 4 day a week program at http://www.marathondominator.com?

  235. Stephen Smith says:

    Hi Ben,
    I am addicted to rood in general. Since I have been in Korea I cannot seem to get away from the cuisine. Also I find it very hard to exercise, but after seeing how awesome your body is. I have a reason to workout now. I would like to take time out of my day to personally thank you for doing this podcast, you will help alot of people out. After you answered my question i posted, I feel like i can accomplish my goals. Thank you Ben keep up the good work.

  236. Ron says:

    I'm addicted to sweets, particularly crumb cake. I am decent shape, mainly because I exercise quite a bit and my diet is ok, other than a giant piece of crumb cake almost every day as dessert for lunch. My plan my errands around the bakeries that have the best crumb cake. All that sugar can't be good for me, but I can't seem to give it up.

  237. A says:

    Getting rid of my coffee habit at work – seems teas don’t quite fill that craving – I can’t seem to break the habit.

  238. katie says:

    im hypothyroid, i drink 5 diet pops a week, drink coffee with sugarfree creamer everyday, i dont eat the same thing everyday, my weight changes weekly, i diet then binge eat, i dont exercise

  239. Kevin says:

    Ben- MY 4 yr old daughter was just diagnosed with JRA( Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis).We visited the doctor today and after a fairly quick assesment (bending of joints, reviewing her lab work, and looking at her eyes, ears and throat) she promptly handed us a long lasting ibuprofin prescription. I asked about any magnesium treatments or even if they could test her for a deficiency and she of course looked at me as if I was speaking Chinese!!! I know 1st hand the anti-inflammatory benifits of magnesium, not to mention the links between magnesium deficiencies and so many forms of arthritis.
    If you have any advice or information on the treatment of JRA through magnesium supplementation I would GREATLY appreciate it! I just don’t feel good about pumping my little angel full of Ibuprofin 2 times a day just to band-aid the problem! Thanks and thanks for such amazing dedicated work and info!

  240. Kevin,

    Here's what Carolyn Dean says:

    For autistic kids we get them to put an ounce of mag oil in a child's bath and the mag absorbs and starts doing really well.

    There is also an excellent kids multi that I "inspired". It's not my formula etc. etc. but I know the ingredients and can recommend it. It has oral mag, EFA's, zinc, methylated B's and calcium.

    Kid's Calm Multi:

  241. Susan says:

    Thank you Ben. I will go purchase it tomorrow! As always thank you for the feedback.

  242. Susan says:

    Okay, my biggest problem is me! I love the challenge of a tri but I cannot concur my mindset of what if scenarios. What if I am the last one, what if I don’t run fast enough, what if I have to walk, what if i can’t complete the swim without resting, what if I get passed by the oldest person I have ever seen…? The what if’s convince me to skip this event, train harder for the next one, there will always be the next one. I am my worst enemy at times.

    1. beth says:

      ooooooo i know the answer to this one!!!! Nike is right, just do it!!! The rush of crossing the finish line is like nothing else. Do NOT compare yourself to anyone but yourself. You do this for the challenge of the training, and the fun of participating with other people who enjoy doing the same thing you do. i know it is tough to be think you might be last (i really doubt that would happen, but hey, someone has to be last) but that should not stop you from the joy of joining in on the fun. i used to get passed by women in road races who were running with their damn strollers with babies in them. i got passed by pregnant women. i got passed by old men and old women. and i passed a lot of them too. i did triathlons too, same story. But i kept participating because i was a part of something big, i got to talk to all these really interesting people, and it was just plain fun. So give yourself a big kick in the butt, sign up and just go and do it!!!

  243. Mentally_unmotivated says:

    It feels a little wierd posting my dumb question here, because everyone seems so advanced in their fitness and nutrition, but here it goes. What would you tell a person who has novice (entry-level) skills and tools on how to lose weight and get fit, yet they aren’t mentally motivated to put the skills to work on a consistent basis. I feel like I want it (to lose weight) bad, but my actions don’t reflect that. I just want to lose weight with the basics as I don’t have any fancy equipment and can’t afford upteen supplements. Help!

    1. Stay tuned…I’m working on some material about how to get motivated…in the meantime, go find the book “psychocybernetics”…

  244. mike says:

    Ok, I’ll give it a try.
    Thanks Ben

  245. mike says:

    Hi Ben, my biggest problem is trying to lose weight. I have altered your IM Dominator to suit my 70.3 training but the pounds just won’t drop off, i am now running between 4 and 8 miles in one session, swimming over a mile and cycling, normally around 30 miles in one session and 60 miles once every 10 days or so. I am 220lbs and it is just not coming down at all and i really need it to so i can get faster up them hills..I don’t drink and eat quite sensibly. I don’t follow the holistic fuelling program in fear of putting even more weight on.


    1. Mike, I can confidently tell you that your BIGGEST problem rightnow is not following the Holistic Fueling Plan that came with the Dominator plan…did you read the “Why Eat Like This?” section of the plan? You’ll lose weight.

    2. Scotty says:

      Hey Mike,
      Scotty here with exactly the same problem as you. 10 lbs heavier and 54 yrs of age. No matter how hard and long I train I gain weight. Addicted to diet coke. Eat very well, don't drink or smoke. Trying my hardest. Let me know if you find anything that works to kickstart your metabolsm!!

  246. anonymous says:

    Hi Ben, I am addicted to food. Or I should say my emotions dictate me. I stress eat. I sabbatoge myself, I lose weight then I think I am doing great and go back to old habits. Its like the food is pulling back. I am in a horrible cycle right now and I am struggling to get back on track. I eat when I am bored, I eat when I am stressed, I eat when I am sad. I eat just to eat and won't even be hungry. I am eating away my feelings. My sister passed away a few months ago and my eating is out of control. And I have gained almost all my loss back again. How do you control emotional eating? And how do you stay motivated to continue healthy eating? Apparently my weight loss is not motivating enough. I feel the food we are eating is so addictive that I struggle to get away from it. Any suggestions would be very helpful

    1. I’m going to address this topic of “food addiction” in an upcoming podcast and blog post…stay tuned!

    2. CynRozy says:

      Hi anonymous – I have the same problem. Because I am training for Ironman I have held my "overweightedness" to about 25-30 pounds but I would be so much more efficient at an ideal weight. My problem is emotional eating, and sweets. Just this week I looked in to Overeaters Anonymous. They have online and in person meetings. I chose online and I chose a group called One Day at a Time. Checking in with others who understand the struggle seems to help

  247. cindy says:

    Thanks Ben, would that also attribute to my light-headedness at times? I usually figure I am just needing carbs.

  248. Scott says:

    This is all fantastic stuff. Thanks!

  249. Jill says:

    Is coffee bad or not?! Lots of conflicting evidence out there and I’m wondering what you say?

    I drink 2 cups every morning

    1. Jill, you should go read Eric Petersen’s latest post at http://www.everymantri.com ! I drink 1-2 cups/day myself…

  250. craig wiste says:

    I have been training for a marathon.About half way through taining and feel like I am going backwards.Getting fatigued easily and get winded early in run.Really have to push to keep going. Got any ideas? Thanks

    1. Craig (and cindy)…this is typically either A) low glycogen stores; B) inadequate recovery or inadequate recovery proteins or C) an iron or iron carrying protein issue. For A, bump up carbs and see what happens…for B) and C), talk to http://tinyurl.com/bioletic and they can help you out.

    2. Clay says:

      If it's anything like 4 years ago and I had been training for over a year and a half, ended up doing 3 marathons in a 6 month stretch with pretty bad plantar faciitus. Did everything from cortizone to Russian Stim and finally stopped running. I thought it was my feet. I self diagnosed sports enduced asthema and go on a non steroidal inhaler. It worked pretty good. I have learned to wait an hour before a run, but just broke 10 miles yesterday and am feeling like I can actually move across the ground faster than a putzy snail. I run for fun and race to keep running.

  251. Scott says:

    For that past 2 years, it’s been the battle between trying to gain lean muscle or lose the last bit of fat on my belly. I’ve finally settled on workouts designed by Ben for me to progressively gain lean mass and have been enjoying that. The new challange is balancing an increased caloric intake and not gaining fat. I follow a healthy eating plan (Ben’s from Shape 21) and have incorporated cheat meals on a weekly basis because, hey, I’m human and I like to splurge once a week. It’s been really difficult getting out of “fat loss” mode and eating more, even if they are healthy calories. I worked so hard to get lean and kept thinking if I pushed just a bit more that I could obtain the coveted 6-pack. Part of me feels like a failure for not achieving it, but I believe in my current workouts and plan on sticking with it for several months and track my progress.

  252. Christine says:

    I am a fitness/health information junkie which leads to information overload. I walk into a supplement store and it seems that I could buy one of everything and it would benefit me in some way. Or I discover 100 new ab workouts or ways to improve my running or my back pain. Then I get confused, don’t know what to try first and then resist trying anything since I’ve been duped in the past by bogus information or it just doesn’t work for me. I struggle with keeping my nutrition and workouts simple, effective and basic without the added anxiety of whether I made the right choice.

    1. Christine, Read the decision chapter in New Psychocybernetics…make your decision, put it into a visual lockbox, then walk away whistling.

  253. lisa c says:

    I have a slightly compromised thyroid, I figured it keeps me from burning about 200 calories per day. So with a sedentary job, even though I work out 3x per week, to loose weight we’re looking at a calorie intake or a deficit created that really only allows me 800-900 calories to loose weight! It feels impossible though I eat really well. It’s terribly frustrating to be counting every single calorie all of the time.

    Unless you’ve gone through this you just don’t know what it’s like.


  254. Becky says:

    My problem is chocolate. If I eat any at all I eat alot! So when I am very motivated to lose some weight and increase my energy, I go on the wagon – no chocolate at all. But then I treat myself with a little and then get addicted again…is moderation possible, or do I have to quit it forever???

    1. Becky, that’s pretty typical to have chocolate cravings with a magnesium deficiency (EASY FIX, RIGHT?)

  255. Shane (Triskele) says:

    Awesome Ben – this is just what I needed!

  256. cindy says:

    I have a high heart rate. I want to run or bike with friends, but I cannot keep up with them. I worked with a personal trainer for 4 years, I got thru a handful of races, but always at the very back of the pack. I am now living at a much higher elevation ( 7,300ft.) and it is very difficult to adjust to. I keep on working out, but it is a bit frustrating and disappointing.

    1. Cindy, I’d definitely get screened for anemia and ferritin if you haven’t yet, and also look into herbs used by sherpas on Everest, like cordyceps.

  257. Tim Gilreath LMP says:

    My biggest challenge is winter time blues. Not depretion but overall lack of ambition to work out. I get up pretty early, between 5am or 6am. If it is dark outside when I wake it seems to set up a mood for the day. It is not that I feel lazy or lack energy it’s that I don’t feel motivated. I noticed it alot more this winter, I feel like a hibernating bear that is laying in his cave thinking ‘well if I don’t HAVE to roll over I just won’t.’

    1. Two tips Tim:

      1) *before* you go to bed, visualize yourself getting up to workout. In doing so, you train your subconscious to be ready to exercise when you wake up.

      2) take Vitamin D if you’re not already. Listen to my interview with Dr. Minkoff about that…

    2. Julie says:

      Try a 10,000 lux light box. These are marketed for seasonal affective disorder and shift work sleep disorders. You can get them online. Sunbox is one brand that I use and it works great. The Sunbox company will give you guidelines for use if you would like. Check it out.

  258. Scott says:

    My biggest problem is being addicted to greasy, fatty foods like buffalo wings and onion rings. I crave these foods and cheat on my diet a few times a week. I always make up excuses too, such as that it is ok every once in a while since I’m training for an Ironman. I know that I’d be leaner and feel better if I didn’t eat this bad food, but I just keep having the cravings.

    1. Scott, that’s pretty typical for “protein type” or “blood type o’s”, and could indicate you’re not getting enough GOOD fats and proteins in your diet. Check this out: http://thenaturalhealthplace.com/Articles/BloodTypeO.html

  259. Michael says:

    My biggest problem isn't diet soda just regular soda. Its a killer for me cause it adds at least 242 empty calories a day in to my diet. Bit of a sweet tooth as well but the real killer is the soda. Love that Coke

    1. Hi Michael, I’ll begin working on some blog posts about tips for overcoming sugar addictions…in the meantime, did you listen to my interview with Nancy Appleton?

    2. Steve says:

      I hear you Michael. I had a sweet tooth too (cola and candy) but now don't touch any of that stuff. Why? I saw a new HBO video called Weight of the Nation that just came out in July. It scared me straight! It shows that the food industry is really interested in our wallets and not health. Obesity in America (and around the world) is getting worse each day. It shows that this can easily lead to diabetes – a disease that will cripple you from head to toe. It's slow and sneaks up on you and then, it can be too late. I am not going in that direction. I want a health life and I only eat natural foods and loving every minute of it! So forget the poison they are feeding you and see this video (amazon.com).

  260. Nicolai says:

    Hello. I started tri training last summer and have been hooked on it since. Though I am only 8-10 hours pr week, but improving and feels wonderful.

    I am 188 cm and only at 73 kg at the moment and I have really tried to eat as much as possible, I know it might be an optimal weight during race season. But now we are only getting started and I cant keep my weight up. I am nervous that before my IM in august I look like a skeleton and don’t have the necessary depots to do a sub 11 IM. Is it worth worrying about or should I try to do a special nutrition plan?

    Best regards



    Sorry for my bad English, but

    1. Nicolai, have you read this book?


      1. Jane says:

        OMG this is awesome…. Ben, is your book appropriate for non IM'ers (ie, I do sprint distances), and is this available in regular bookstores like barnes and noble or borders?

        I thought I would be shot by saying my biggest problem was keeping on my weight (people usually get mad), but between training (and we're only talking 5-6 hrs a week for a sprint, and i'm only in my second season of tris) and an elimination diet I just did with my child, I lost 5 lbs in one month, and feel I can't afford to do this. I'm 5'8" and 120 lbs, and don't want to lose more. I'm tired of clothes not fitting me, I'm afraid to buy a wetsuit for it may not fit me by the end of summer, and I don't look healthy, not to mention, I am probably losing some strength. AND, I have alot of food sensitivities / intolerances (all tree nuts, which means that most energy bars are OUT, raw apples, pears, cherries, etc, dairy, etc etc etc) – how can i gain or maintain weight if I can't eat anything??? Sorry, I had to bitch for a second. I need a daily diet plan……. I'm hoping the book will be the answer.

      2. Jane says:

        OMG this is awesome…. Ben, is your book appropriate for non IM'ers (ie, I do sprint distances), and is this available in regular bookstores like barnes and noble or borders?

        I thought I would be shot by saying my biggest problem was keeping on my weight (people usually get mad), but between training (and we're only talking 5-6 hrs a week for a sprint, and i'm only in my second season of tris) and an elimination diet I just did with my child, I lost 5 lbs in one month, and feel I can't afford to do this. I'm 5'8" and 120 lbs, and don't want to lose more. I'm tired of clothes not fitting me, I'm afraid to buy a wetsuit for it may not fit me by the end of summer, and I don't look healthy, not to mention, I am probably losing some strength. AND, I have alot of food sensitivities / intolerances (all tree nuts, which means that most energy bars are OUT, raw apples, pears, cherries, etc, dairy, etc etc etc) – how can i gain or maintain weight if I can't eat anything??? Sorry, I had to bitch for a second. I need a daily diet plan……. I'm hoping the book will be the answer.

        1. There are a ton of non-IMer’s that use both Shape21 (http://www.shape21.com) AND Holistic Fueling for Ironman Triathletes, although both are available exclusively online…they’d be right up your alley!

          1. Anthony says:

            Ben, I am training for both half and full IM’s and still want to lose a significant amount of weight. I have dropped quite a large amount over the last 18 months (25kg) but loss seems to have stalled in the last 6-8 months. Is holistic fueling suitable for someone looking to lose weight while training as well. I’d still like to lose another 15-20kg and get down to around 80kg (I had quite a lot to lose to begin with).



          2. Yes, holistic fueling would work but the other big thing I would "give up" until you reach your goals are alcohol, dairy and carbs.

  261. Sue says:

    I developed cellulite in my legs about ten years ago and cannot get rid of it no matter what I do. Now I see it developing in my daughter who is in her early twenties. What sort of activity or diet can curb this? Neither of us are overweight. Is it genetic in some way?

    1. Sue, here are some interesting cellulite home remedy tips:

      Temporary solutions:
      -exfoliating then moisturizing with sesame oil
      -coffee grounds – Just take the morning grinds from your machine and buff onto your skin in the shower.. After the shower, MASSAGE on a cocoa butter+ vitamin E + collagen lotion or oil.
      -those 2 dollar masks that you find in wal-mart or dollar stores
      -remember: your skin is a live organ! if you couldnt put it in your mouth (dangerous chemicals) you shouldnt put it on your skin! and say no to pills! only consider a cream if you know someone who has experienced evident firming results from it.

      Long term solutions:
      -put your feet up! keeping legs elevated while watching tv, reading, etc…
      get the foods/nutrients that your skin loves!
      -unsweetened cranberry juice, onions, chlorophyll-rich foods, (highly recommend wheatgrass.. too many benefits to name!) green tea, vitamin A/Protein/amino acids
      -exercise…cardio, strength training, stretching, pilates
      -lastly-don’t stress! your mind does have a powerful effect on your body!

      Now just for the record, keep in mind that over 90% of women (all shapes/sizes/ages )have it, and up until the 70’s, it was just known as flesh! vogue magazine gave it the name ‘cellulite’… it’s not even a medical term! its because of all of the fancy lighting and airbrushing used in magazines that women have come to think that their dimples are unsexy.

    2. Amanda says:

      Hiya, this may be redundant by now but as it concerns cellulite, perhaps not…
      I'm 38 and managed to get rid of most of my cellulite 2 years ago. It has stayed away ever since. A friend recommended removing dairy (cow produce) from my diet – I replaced milk with soy milk, cheese with goats cheese and butter with olive oil. I also started going gluten free. Within months, along with regular exercise which I had been doing all along, changes were already very noticeable. I feel healthier, I look healthier and my digestion is much quicker and lighter.
      Also recommend you do a food scan and if you come up with dairy and gluten intolerance, try removing it. The results definitely made the cut back for me worth it.

  262. Denise says:

    Hi Ben,

    I'm in my fifties and most people say I look like early forties – so I guess some of my exercise and eating habits are helping me not age so rapidly. However, my crave is for chips, pretzels, popcorn – very salty snacks – which I rarely ever get near. I miss them. Is there anything else that could fill this sort of salty snack craving w/out putting on pounds?

    1. Denise, yes! Have you seen this? https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2009/08/bens-top-five-strange-but-quick-summer-fat-loss-recipes/

    2. Bruce Wallace says:

      Denise..I have the same issue, love chips., etc.. They say the reason we like this stuff at night it is pure emotional and stress relief..eating gives us something to do with our hands and the food and salt satisfies these cravings. I have starting making my own tortilla chips our of Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla's and season them with sea salt. I dip them in Muir Glen Organic salsa and make my own guacamole also. A lot healthier and also tastes very good!! Occasionally i also eat pistachio's which gives you something to do with your hands and are also salty and they can but actually help increase your metabolism.

      I have also started to eat Greek Yogurt with fresh cut berries at night. This is a big step away from chips but find it very satisfying and it is also a probiatic which is good for your digestion. Hope this helps. :)

    3. Jakersnake68 says:

      I gave up sodas years ago, and now I am gluten free going on 2 years, but I still have some weight to drop around my waist that just will not go away. My problem food is Nuts. I love mixed nuts or flavored and chocolate or yogurt covered almonds. I don't keep sweets in my house and I avoid candy bars like the plague, but I can't pass on the nuts. Second in line is Tortilla chips, with salsa or in chicken nacho's.

        1. Jakersnake68 says:

          I can't seem to locate my comment and your response. I also couldn't find a link to do my own post, rather than enter it as a reply to someone else'sSent from my iPhone

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