A Book I Should Probably Hate, But Don’t, And How You Can Get The Hard Copy Free.

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Yuri Elkaim (pictured below) is a bit of an outlier and renegade in the nutrition and health community. His mission is to empower everyday men and women with proper nutrition and health wisdom so they can take better control of their own health.


He also holds High Honours degree in Physical Education and Health/Kinesiology from the University of Toronto, is a former professional soccer player, and for 7 seasons acted as the strength & conditioning/nutrition coach for the nationally ranked men's soccer program at the University of Toronto.

Some refer to him as the “health whisperer” for being to get to the heart of what matters and produce amazing health, weight loss, and fitness results where there seemed little hope.

And he just wrote a book.

I must admit, his new book “The All Day Energy Diet” is not the kind of book I would not normally read.

After all, Yuri – despite being an ex-professional soccer player – is bigtime into juicing, cleanses, detoxing – and I guarantee the guy eats far, far less steak than me…

…so I would *almost* classify him as a Whole Foods hippie.

But his book is, frankly, brilliant.

All day energy dietIt covers dietary concepts that I haven't ever seen discussed in a book – concepts like:

-adjusting your blood pH with the foods you eat…

-how to test your adrenals without expensive lab tests…

-which foods literally exhaust your digestive enzymes…

-a new thing called the “PRAL” load of specific meals…

-six myths about plant protein

-how to choose the best kinds of coconut oil and butter…

-and much more.

I learned a ton from this book, and Yuri is a fellow athlete, a father, and a very smart dude, so I'm happy to tell you about his new book.

You can grab your hard copy now by clicking here.

The best thing is, you get it for free.

Yeah, free (it's normally $25.95 retail value).

Yuri is giving away a few hundred copies of the book for free, starting tonight at midnight (a few minutes ago), so you can go grab it now by clicking here (if there's any left). Good luck.

 If you have questions, comments or feedback about the All Day Energy Diet then leave your thoughts below! By the way the free book is a hard copy shipped to your house, not an ebook. And I'll vouch for this dude, the book is good. Enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “A Book I Should Probably Hate, But Don’t, And How You Can Get The Hard Copy Free.

  1. Deborah says:

    I ordered the “All – Day Energy Diet book today. How do I join the group so that I can receive all the items mentioned on the podcast.

    1. Deborah, those bonuses disappeared the Friday after the podcast was published back in 2014 – it's written underneath them.

  2. jonnypwn says:

    Wanted to comment on what you said about the concept "adjusting your blood pH with the foods you eat…"
    Biology states that your blood pH is going to be between 7.35 & 7.45. Your blood pH needs to stay in that range for cells to function properly.
    The food you eat will not alter that by any significant degree, and your body does a great job if it goes outside of those levels.

    1. Just because your blood stays at X pH does not mean that you cannot acutely effect blood pH and then increase or decrease renal acid load based on that. In food research, PRAL (Potential Renal Acid Load) is a variable used to determine the health in the acidity/alkalinity sense of a diet.

  3. Honestly Fitness says:

    Blood pH is very difficult to change, and changing what we eat will likely not affect it much. Our body handles our blood pH well and it is very difficult to make it stray from a normal pH.

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