The Ultimate Superfood You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.

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You've probably never heard of it.

It's at the very bottom of the food chain.

Yet it feeds over 99% of all ocean life and supports 100% of all life on the face of the planet.

If this unique superfood ceased to exist, life on Earth would rapidly die off.

According to NASA research, it is responsible for producing up to 90% of the Earth's oxygen… (compare this to a mature tree which only creates enough oxygen for two human beings)…

Its main “job” is to turn inorganic raw material (like seawater, minerals, sunlight and CO2) into over 100's of living edible, organic nutrients…(This includes vitamins, bioavailable minerals, all amino acids, essential fatty acids, carotenoids and more)…

marine phytoplanktonNow – imagine how you would react when you put just one dose (a total of 170 billion cells in a single dropper) of this superfood into your body. You're about to find out.

This stuff is marine phytoplankton, and in today's interview with Activation Products CEO and Founder Ian Clark, you'll discover:

-What is marine phytoplankton?

-What type of nutrients are in phytoplankton?

-Aren’t the oceans polluted, and how can you eat phytoplankton without getting this pollution?

-What about bioavailability issues with phytoplankton?

-Are there different species of phytoplankton, and some type that is best?

-How is this stuff harvested?

-And much more.

During the interview, Ian mentions a discount on the Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton. Just click here and use code “BEN” for a 15% discount. Enjoy, and leave your questions, comments and feedback below!

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49 thoughts on “The Ultimate Superfood You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.

  1. Jordanna Mc says:

    Their website contains the standard “ask your doctor or midwife” about use during pregnancy. Do you happen to know of a reason NOT to take it during pregnancy?

  2. John says:


    Are you still taking this product?

  3. S GM says:

    What does the sodium level in OA 2.0 do to a person taking it on a regular basis?

    I thought extra sodium was harmful -nervous system deterioration / carcinogenic? does the sodium counteract the nutrient good?

  4. Peter Langcat says:

    I hate to say it but this product smells like a scam to me. Not phytoplankton itself but Ocean’s Alive.
    I know my algae well and I am very familiar with Nannochloropsis Gaditana. Although a highly valuable alga, based on the nutritional profile, you need to take at least 3 grams a day in order to get the minimum amount of recommend daily EPA for instance… These droppers contain exactly 3,5 gram which means it doesn’t make any nutritional or monetary sense!

  5. Kosta says:

    Hey Ben, I only recently found your podcast and I’ve probably already listened to about 25 of them! I really enjoy listening to you and I feel like I’ve learned so much in so little time. I have a question though. My father is dealing with lung cancer right now, what are some supplements that you would recommend for him? He has done some traditional chemo and a little radiation and even an immunotherapy. I just want him to have a higher quality of life. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Take care and thanks

  6. Un100 says:

    Ben, is it overkill to take marine phytoplankton and spirulina together? Should I stick with one, or is both alright?

  7. Ranjani says:

    Can folks with Hashimoto’s disease take this and be ok? Thanks.

  8. Bernadette says:

    Hi I’ve order some phytoplankton to help heal my gut, do some people have a die off reaction at first

    1. Yes, you CAN have a detox reaction, especially if you engage in heavy caloric restriction during your switch to this supplement….

  9. emis100 says:

    Hi, Ben. Are you still taking this product? Anything new to note? Also, when you were speaking to Ian, did he say anything about an increased dosage of it for, say, cancer patients? I am considering getting this for my grandmother recently diagnosed with lung cancer….it was recommended as an alternative treatment on the website. But nothing was mentioned about the actual dose. Perhaps this is better asked on the creator's website… :) But even so, are you yourself still taking it and seeing good results? Found any better products than this one? I'm sure it is hard to know what product does what when you take a multitude of products, though….becomes hard to isolate, I would think…. OH and one last thing…there's no Vitamin D in this product, correct? Sorry for all the questions! I just respect your opinion! ;) Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, I still take a dropperful (considered a standard dosage) when my immune system is beat up, when I'm traveling, when I need an extra boost of nutrients, etc. I really can't "legally" comment on it's efficacy for cancer but I can tell you that cancer patients do indeed need to ensure they get very dense sources of nutrients, and phytoplankton is one such source. Not a very large amount of vitamin D…get that from sunshine. ;)

  10. HealthyHand says:

    Ben – what do you think of this compared to E3Live? I have both, and am having trouble distinguishing. E3Live is easily available at Whole Foods in the frozen foods section, and is a much larger container (though, I'm unsure of the concentration of algae as compared to Oceans Alive).

    Here is how E3 describes their product: Aphanizomenon flos-aquae blue-green algae (AFA for short) that is an all-organic wild-harvested aqua-botanical considered by renowned health authorities to be nature's most beneficial superfood. (Source:…

    I actually got the "BrainOn" version:…

    Thoughts? Thanks a lot.

    1. E3Live is a bit different than this. It is cyanobacteria growing in fresh water. Some people claim to have benefits from taking E3, also many people have felt very sick from taking it also. Typically avoid taking microbiological products that are grown in fresh water out in open lakes as there is no way to ensure they are not contaminated with other bacterias and environmental pollutants.

      OA is grown in the most pristine conditions using a sealed photo-bioreactor and is a specific strain of marine phytoplankton – very different in every way.

  11. JenniReyn says:

    This phytoplankton seems to have a lot of vitamins and minerals in it. If I get this, would I still need a multi vitamin? I just started taking thorne fx and I am trying to stay within a budget. Is there redundancy I taking both of these together? Could I cut out the multi and take this instead? I'm not an intense athlete but I do run and do yoga. I would definitely keep buying thorne for my daughter who is an athlete. I am a stay at home mom buying for a family of five, so I can only afford a few of your suggestions…trying to figure out the most bang for my buck:)

    1. There are still some differences between phytoplankton and a multivitamin – especially with regard to fat soluble vitamins, and then some of the special cortisol lowering additions that are added to the EXOS multi. If I had to CHOOSE ONE, I'd use the multi…

  12. Dave_Kozikowski says:

    Ben, do you think you could talk them into "Free" Shipping when an order is over a specific amount? Or a Auto-Ship Subscription is used?

    The cost of this new life style is taking all the FAT out of my wallet as well as my belly :)

  13. scott says:

    any plans for a UK distributor of this? i was going to order some but not at nearly $50 shipping to the UK.

    1. and

    2. Bilal says:
      They supply the full Activation Products range.

      1. Bilal says:


  14. Shane says:

    Hi Ben,

    What are your thoughts on using Oceans Alive, Tian Chi, and MAP together? This would follow Bulletproof Coffee using Upgraded Brain Octane.

    Thank you,


    1. That would be an over-do, in my opinion. I'd do that former cocktail, for example, in the afternoon prior to a workout, then just your BP coffee in the AM.

  15. showerdoorsby says:

    Ben, you say in your book that the verdict's still out on phytoplankton and yet you seem to advocate it pretty strongly here and on the podcast. Why the divergence?

    1. New info has changed my mind – it happens!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Ben,

    I ordered a bottle and just started trying it. Should I stop other supplements I take? I take Tianchi which I’ll never stop! But how about magnesium and a greens powder? The mag. keeps my legs from cramping at night. Not sure if there is enough in a dropper of Oceans Alive.

    1. You can still take those others. It won't cause any issues. Although I'd use LESS of the Greens powder if you're looking at things from a pure budget standpoint.

      1. georgebryce says:

        Ben, I have been following your suggestion of Living Fuel Super Greens when I travel. Is the Phytoplankton a "good enough" substitute? It would take up less volume in my suit case and generally more convenient. Thanks for the all the podcasts, great stuff that I look forward to each week.

        1. It would do from the nutritional aspect but not from a meal replacement stand point. Supergreens has a ton of calories that will keep you satiated for hours. Plankton does not.

  17. Snowcreature says:

    Given the small suggested dosages, can this possibly provide enough nutrients to make a difference? I'm certainly prepared to believe that the nutrient density is really high, but when you're talking about dosages measured in numbers of drops from a dropper, it doesn't seem like the overall impact would be material.

    1. This is what Laura at ActivationProducts has to say: "There are 170 billion cells in a single dropper of Oceans Alive, and the product fills all the gaps in the human nutritional profile, so even though it doesn't sound like much when we talk about it in dropper fulls a little goes a long way! Some customers have felt the energy boost from as little as two drops in a glass of water! We usually recommend that people who are new to the product start with a few drops at a time because Oceans Alive is so potent that it can be overwhelming at first. The product is 100% organic and natural, so it is not something you can overdose on – this means that if you want to experiment with taking more to feel a stronger immediate affect you certainly can, but the recommended daily dosage of 15 drops is definitely enough to make a material difference to your overall health. "

  18. Baasbasson says:

    Great interview! How does Phytoplankton compare with Flaxseed oil as a supplement?

    1. We talked about that. Flaxseed doesn’t even come close… unless your looking for fibre.

  19. kelllyb says:

    Hi, Ben. Is this safe to give to your kids? I have an 11-year-old girl.

    1. yes, it's completely safe. Just like anything, don't exceed dosage. 1ml per kg of body weight is good amount for small children who are UNDER 30kg.

      1. kelllyb says:

        Great. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful information. My family and I are much more healthy and vibrant because of it! Kelly.

        1. Juan Velasquez says:


          How did you get your kids to take it. Mix it? Straight up. I don’t mind gutting it but my kids is a different story.

          Juan V

  20. mico7 says:

    what about kelp vs Phytoplankton ?

    1. I would say if you need detox and thyroid support go with kelp. General micronutrient support and health, go with phytoplankton.

  21. Tim K says:

    Hey Ben, if you had to pick just one, would you go with a spiralina/chlorella supplement or this Life Energy? Both grow in the ocean, but money doesn’t :)

    1. Phytoplankton is the most nutritious: it contains 72 minerals, all vitamins(from a-k), magnesium, maganese, silicon, iodine, etc. It also contains 14 amino acids, omega 3 and 6, co-enzyme cq-10, astaxanthin, etc.

      So it wins out!

  22. Nicolas says:

    I’m concerne about the radiations that could kill the phytoplankton during shipping. Any thought about it?

    1. Laura over at activationproducts had this to say: "When we ship out the product it is packaged in bubble wrap and put into a brown cardboard box. This protects the package from direct sunlight and other environmental contaminates. The miron glass bottle used to contain the product also goes a long way in offering protection from oxidation and rancidity. Overall we take precautions to prevent any issues from arising during the shipping process."

  23. danco1212 says:

    Hi Ben. Have you tried it or use it on a regular bases?

    1. Yes, I've gone through three bottles.

      1. katescup says:

        Going to order!! Anything you noticed once you started taking it?

        1. I've noticed that I have more energy in morning. It mixes really well with TianChi too

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