Product Review: Miracle Noodles – No Fat, No Carbs, No Calories…Too Good to Be True?

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It's not often that I stumble across a product that I automatically begin recommending to all my clients and working into the meal plans that I write…

…but a physician whom I highly respect recently mentioned to me the product called “Miracle Noodles“, and incredibly effective fat-loss tool for those of you who have to have your pasta and eat it too.

So here's the skinny on Miracle Noodles :

Originally called “Shirataki” noodles, Miracle Noodles, which have a chewy, rice-noodle type of texture, are traditionally a staple known and used in Asia for over two thousand years. They are made from a soluble plant fiber called glucomannan, which in Miracle Noodles is derived from a carboydrate-free flour made from konnyaku imo root.

So what does it actually mean if you are eating a noodle made from a root?

Think of it like Stevia, the natural root-based sweetener and completely carbohydrate-free version of sugar.

Miracle Noodles are made of naturally water soluble fiber with no fat, sugar, or starch.

Miracle Noodles contain zero net carbohydrates and zero calories.

Miracle Noodles are wheat free & gluten free.

So how do you cook them?

The answer is…you don't. To the extreme benefit of any “busy” healthy eaters out there, it's this simple:

Miracle Noodles are instantly ready. You just drain the pack and rinse in a strainer or collander for a couple of minutes. Then you add any number of spices, herbs, vegetables, seeds, nuts or lean meats to complete the meal. The Miracle Noodle website actually has a huge collection of incredibly healthy meals.

As an added bonus, this glucomannan fiber significantly slows the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream means that any carbohydrates that you may consume with the Miracle Noodles would actually cause less damage.

Want even more information? Check out the amazing video below, in which ABC News actually does a story on the Miracle Noodles.

Final thoughts:

I completely approve. I wish they were available in more commercial grocery stores, and with their fantastic fat-loss health benefits, I'm certain they will be soon. In the meantime, you can get them by clicking here. (Did I mention they have 10 different varieties, and they're practically as affordable as Top Ramen noodles?)

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12 thoughts on “Product Review: Miracle Noodles – No Fat, No Carbs, No Calories…Too Good to Be True?

  1. Jarry Maria says:

    Great taste and worth having them.

  2. Bob says:

    I tried the noodles. Is deplorable to know they are processed with calcium hydroxide, a very toxic chemical agent used in industry.

    1. Mer says:

      I think this is really important!!! I call for a re-review of this product on BGF. Ben, would you still eat these? serve them to your boys? In addition to Bob's concerns I'd love to know if you mind the BPA in the packaging?

      1. I've actually been doing these kelp noodles more. Higher in iodine and bit cleaner:

  3. Isabel says:

    I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on 1st November and I went from 17 (huge) to 6.5 (acceptable). As I am still trying to get under 5 I cut the majority of Carbohydrates and I was eating my allowance of carbs in vegies and small amount of fruits. I was definitely craving for pasta and bread. I found this noodles by chance looking on the net and I thank my lucky stars. I have also found the low carb flour and I am finally eating 'normally' and loving it.

  4. Sabrina Palmer says:

    I'm so glad someone likes them. I found mine at my local Hy-Ve grocery store in the health food section. My opinion is that I should have left them there. It really wasn't the smell that got me. I rinsed them well just like it said. When I tried to eat them they had a consistency I couldn't take. I ended up throwing them out and drinking my sauce I made. If I were to give stars…they wouldn't even get a one star rating. If you don't mind food feeling like rubber than go ahead and waste your money.

  5. Susan Cope says:

    I foudn these noodles a few months ago and am hooked. I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 35 years and pasta was my downfall. With these noodles I can have my pasta wiht no ill effects on my blood sugar. I use them in spaghetti and stir fry. They are a great subsitute for pasta-holics like me!!! the smell upon opening is easily washed away with rinsing.

  6. Chris says:


    I am wondering if anyone in the GTA eats these Miracle Noodles on a daily basis and would be willing to go on camera and tell us a bit about them. It will be shown on Global TV from Toronto. Please let me know if you are interested.

    – Chris

    [email protected]
    81 Barber Green Road
    Toronto, ON

  7. Nancy says:

    I tried the “angel hair” style, and I think I’m hooked! I haven’t ventured too far yet, but have used them in soup with good results. It is true that they are very filling and definitely have an “aldente” consistency which gives substance to your meal.
    The only downside that I have found is getting rid of the off-putting fishy smell that comes from the water in the pouch. It takes at least a full five minutes of rinsing to get rid of that. Once you do, they really are good though. If using in a creamed soup, make sure you dry them well before adding. For some reason, water just seems to cling to them, thus thinning down your soup.

  8. Pat says:


  9. Lou Dregely says:

    Where do we find them? Trader Joe’s?

    1. click on the link in the article!

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