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So as I sit here working on my computer, I have an infrared unit applied to a slight hamstring strain on the back of my knee. While I chill with a Class II Medical Device on my leg, I figured I'd give you readers the breakdown of what infrared technology actually is.

Basically, all energy exists as pulses or waves. The wavelength longer than red light waves is called infrared, and it can't be seen by the naked eye, which I think is why they call it far infrared (because you can't see it if it's far away, right?). However, these infrared wavelengths contain energy that can painlessly penetrate beneath the skin surface. You just hold an infrared unit to the affected area, and leave it there for 5-15 minutes! Here are some interesting facts about infrared technology:

-Infrared energy can work at the cellular level to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

-Infrared waves are a natural form of energy that is present in all living things.

-An infrared treatment system is superior to heating pads or creams,
because the energy is directed to the problem area underneath the surface.

-Unlike heating pads or creams, infrared energy does not cause
uncomfortable skin heat in normal use.

-Infrared technology offers advantages over laser heat therapy, which
can cause tissue damage.

-Infrared technology also uses longer wavelengths of energy, which provides
deep penetration.

-An infrared unit uses very little electric power and is economical to operate.

=LED (light-emitting diode) wave technology was originally developed for the
NASA Space Shuttle to research plant growth in space.

-Infrared technology is considered a Class II medical device by the United States Food
and Drug Administration, and is available in the US without a prescription.

I'm implementing a unit that one of my friends gave me, and so far I've successfully utilized it on a rotator cuff strain, ankle tendonitis, and now the hamstring. It's called a “Kenkowave“, and you can get it here or read about it here.

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6 thoughts on “Heal Thyself, Hamstring

  1. Maxine says:


    I had two “Charlie horses” in the last year in my calf muscle. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life. Do you know why this happens? Do you know what I can do to avoid another one.

    There are 2 settings on the Kenkowave Infrared Treatment System that I have. CW and Pulse. What do these settings mean? How should each setting be used? Would it be good to use this treatment system on my calf to eliminate another Charlie horse?

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

  2. Steve says:

    Does it work through a cast. I have Charcot Disease which affects my feet with both nerve damage and other side effects.

  3. Derek says:

    What about a bad lower back pain? And an swollen top of the foot..believed to be gout?

    1. You could use it, for sure. If you have gout, I would cut out sugar (especially HFCS) completely, make sure you are staying well hydrated and take a look at Curtis' question on this page https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/01/episo…

  4. dan smith says:

    I have kenkowave infrared system and had surgery on echillies tendon it was tourn needed to be sewed back together 10 days ago can I use this to help as well as the energizer

    1. Kenkowave is same one I have. Yes, you can use it. I'd go 10-15 minutes 2x/day.

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