How to Recover Like Wolverine from X-Men: Part 2

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The second part of last week's episode is live, so head over now to Get-Fit-Guy and check it out.

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Here's what we have from this week's episode “How to Recover Like Wolverine from X-Men: Part 2“.

In last week’s episode, I have talked about how fast should a body recover and how you can heal your body faster.  Today, I will be giving you the exact recovery techniques that I personally use.

Let’s fly through a host of other recovery tactics now:

1. Stem-Cell Therapy

Stem-cell therapy certainly is a potent recovery method that flies under the radar. You’d want to reserve traditional, injectable stem-cell therapy as a last-ditch effort to, say, avoid a hip or knee replacement or to fix a joint before trading in running, lifting, or cycling for foosball.

But stem cells have incredible healing properties since they can be transformed into neurons, muscle, and several different types of connective tissue—allowing for rapid joint regeneration. In the United States, companies like ReCyte Therapeutics are on the cutting edge of developing injectable stem-cell treatments to do everything from regrowing spinal cord cells to eradicating cartilage pain.

If the idea of using stem cells doesn’t jibe with your ethics, you’ll be surprised to learn that stem cells can be harvested from sources other than human embryos, like body fat and bone marrow. Clinics such as the Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Orthopedics in Tampa, Florida, inject nonembryonic stem cells into injury sites that need to heal fast or to permanently fix chronic aches and pains. In fact, at this point, you are have to head to Europe or Asia if you want to be injected with stem cells from actual embryos.


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