New Book by Ben Greenfield: Eliminating Low Back Pain

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I just put the finishing touches on a new manual. It's called “Run With No Pain” and offers a step-by-step workout routine for eliminating low back pain in endurance athletes. Primarily, this book is for individuals who have back pain related to a posterior hip rotation (a shortening of the lateral hip rotator muscles).

I uploaded each video for the book onto youtube so that you can check them out. Click here to visit the Run With No Pain channel on youtube. The routine that explains how to use the exercises can be found at the website

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3 thoughts on “New Book by Ben Greenfield: Eliminating Low Back Pain

  1. annie Lambeth says:

    How can I get a hard copy of this book. I live in the UK and can't find it on Amazon Uk or

    1. It's only available in electronic, Annie. Lots of clickable exercise links! Get it at

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