Fun With Blood, Saliva, and Ben Greenfield.

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Every 4 months or so, I drip saliva, bleed on paper and pee in a cup to find out what my essential fatty acids, amino acids, Vitamin D, minerals (like magnesium), hormones (like testosterone and cortisol), A1c (sugars/carb balance). Here's a video of how it works, and if you keep reading this post, more information on how and why I do it.

The Bioletics Performance Performance Profile is a simple way to get started with a profile like this. It allows you to to assess the key biological factors involved in performance and well-being, from the comfort of your own home. When you order the profile, a box arrives to your house that includes all materials and instructions for the following assessments:

Vitamin D
Mineral analysis and pH
Strength and recovery hormones
30 min consultation

To understand how the profile actually works, it is highly recommended that you listen to podcast episodes #53 and #62 here at Or just use the search bar and do a search for “bioletics”. In addition to the tests listed above, you can also choose to add a ferritin, magnesium, essential fatty acids and amino acid analysis to your performance package.

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3 thoughts on “Fun With Blood, Saliva, and Ben Greenfield.

  1. not pennys boat says:

    great video. i was actually expecting to see you with a microscope n stuff lol. anyway that looks like fun.

  2. R. (Los Angeles,CA) says:

    The sound seems to be a little off. All I hear is music in this vid — is it just me?? Thanks!

    1. yes, it's just music. aside from my intro.

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