The New Oura Ring: Track Naps, Advanced HRV Tracking, Personalized Sleep Typing, Client Dashboard Feature & Much More!

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It's no secret that the Oura ring is my #1 choice for self-quantification, due to a huge number of variables, including…

extreme “out-of-the-box” ease of use

…the fact that it doesn't produce a cell-damaging WiFi and Bluetooth signal

…the extreme sleep tracking accuracy that beats the pants off any other tracker on the market…

…the new Oura “team” dashboard that allows coaches to monitor an entire team or personal trainers to monitor all their clients…

And, as of today, I'm pleased to announce that the new Oura ring has arrived. Keep reading for the details on this beautiful new wearable that allows you to track body temperature, heart rate variability, calories, steps, respiration, extremely accurate sleep cycles and much, much more.

The New Oura Ring

The new Oura ring is small (like a wedding band), beautiful and personal. It’s the world’s most advanced smart wearable that tracks your sleep and recovery. Here's what the Balance Diamond model looks like:

The new Oura ring builds on the success of the original Oura ring: but with a smaller form factor, better battery life and ever-evolving companion app and web dashboard. In a nutshell, the features include:

-Smart ring with up to one-week battery life

-Wireless charging

-Proprietary pulse waveform detection, body temperature sensor and 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope

-Advanced sleep tracking

-Chronotype detection (e.g. your based on your personalized sleep type) and Circadian alignment guidance

-Sleep improvement programs to make guided behavioral changes in a personalized way

-Water-resistant to minimum 50m (100m and 200m in testing)

The cover material of the new ring is titanium. The seamless inner molding is medical grade, non-allergenic material like in the first Oura ring. And yes, I wear mine for workouts such as barbell lifting, kettlebell swinging and pull-ups with no issues whatsoever.

The new Oura ring comes in three design collections with several color options for you to choose from: Balance (Black, Rose and Silver), Heritage (Black, Rose, Silver and Stealth) and Balance Diamond. Price points are $299, $399 and $999 for each of those models.

The New Oura App

With active users in over 50 countries and over a million nights & days tracked and billions of data points recorded in the Cloud, Oura is now also in a unique position to provide highly personalized guidance and help individuals improve their sleep, recover better and be ready for whatever they are aspiring for in their life.

The three Oura Scores (Sleep, Activity, and Readiness) continue to be in the heart of Oura's guidance on their new app. With the new ring, they're moving even further towards personalized insights, mining their database for unique findings and helping users do the right thing at the right time. Some feature highlights of the new app include a slew of much-requested features, including but not limited to::

-A redesigned interface with fresh visuals and a focus on both an actionable daily overview and long-term trends.

-Advanced sleep and recovery tracking: notes and tags, calendar view, comparing contributor trends to see correlations between different factors.

-More personalized messages: based on the user’s long-term data in the cloud

-Circadian alignment and chronotype detection: finding what bedtime and wake-up times lead to best sleep quality and readiness

-Tracking restful moments on-demand: including naps, meditation breathing or relaxation exercises and post-exercise recovery tracking

-A web-based dashboard for teams, coaches, and personal trainers

Together with the new Oura ring, Oura is also introducing a web-based dashboard for teams, coaches, personal trainers or research groups. This feature allows organizations and teams to utilize the power of Oura Cloud – their web-based dashboard for the data tracked with the Oura ring. For example, personal trainers, coaches, and doctors can invite their clients to their group and see an overview of their client's metrics in one place. All clients have to do is approve to share their data, wear the ring and sync it to the Oura app. The data is automatically synced to the Oura Cloud and the web-based dashboard for teams and groups.

Pretty nifty, eh?

Summary & How To Get The New Oura Ring

The new Oura ring officially launched today – November 30 – and shipping starts in April 2018 to 50+ countries.

Any early birds who read this announcement you're now reading will be first in line to receive it when it ships and secure the lowest price. You will be among the first customers to receive the ring once it starts shipping. Oura wanted to offer the most aggressive discounts right after the launch and give exclusivity to current customers and readers of this blog.

So here's how to get your Oura ring now.

Get your ring HERE.

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback about the new Oura ring? Leave your comments below I will reply!

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93 thoughts on “The New Oura Ring: Track Naps, Advanced HRV Tracking, Personalized Sleep Typing, Client Dashboard Feature & Much More!

  1. Brad says:

    Ben, I believe your Oura discount is no longer applicable as they seem to have removed the coupon code field from the order form.

    1. Oura is no longer accepting coupon codes.

  2. Jason H says:

    Finally got my Oura ring and it seems to be a dud. It connects to my phone just fine, but after two days of wearing it I’m not getting any data in the phone app or on the Oura Cloud. I’ve sent three emails to the Oura support address and I’ve yet to get a response from them. Does anyone know how to get in touch with them? Thanks!

  3. Gerry Gentile says:

    Ordered the Oura Gift Card for my wife’s birthday. However the discount code you advertised would not be accepted by their site when I tried to apply it. Has your agreement with them ended? If not how do get the discount now that order has been placed? I got to their site from the link on yours.



    1. We just tested 'greenfieldoura' and it works….

      1. Avery says:

        See the information below for Oura’s current stance on coupon/promo codes:

        “From May 15th we no longer support the use of coupon codes with our third-party partners.

        We will still offer discounts during select periods through various promotional opportunities. Sign up for Oura Insider on the homepage of our website and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates on promotions.”

    2. Debbie Wurster says:

      I am just sooo very upset. I ordered my shiny black oura ring about 5 years ago (2018) and come to find out that it means I’m a swinger (which I am not!) or asexual (which I am not!). I simply wanted a ring that did NOT look like a wedding band. I wear this ring on my right hand. I am just sooo disgusted and want to trade it in for a silver or any other color.

  4. Rosemary MARANO says:

    Is there a way to get in touch with Oura other than by email (like a (US) phone number)? I have an urgent issue and they have not responded to my email.

    1. Jason H says:

      Let me know if you have any luck. I’m not getting any responses via email. I’m pretty close to calling my credit card company and filing a complaint.

  5. Lance says:

    I’ve been using the new Oura Ring for a couple of weeks now. Shows that my HRV is consistently low and that my lowest RHR is always near the end of my sleep, not in the first half which Oura suggests is optimal. What changes to my routines etc are needed to improve these two parameters? Seems that these two parameters are key to a high readiness score. Would be Keen for guidance from people how have the ring and have tried various strategies for improving their scores. Actually a user forum hosted by Oura would be great. Thanks.

    1. Here are a couple good resources to check out: &

  6. Matt says:

    Can the Oura HRV and sleep data be synced to TrainingPeaks?

  7. Laura F says:

    Is there any way to have the Oura ring write steps to Apple health? I get an incentive through work for reaching step goals, and since I wear the ring all day, it much more accurately accounts for my steps/day, but I have no way to sync that! It seems that currently with the Apple integration, it can only write sleep and respiratory rates, but not steps. Am I missing something?

  8. Iman says:

    I ordered my ring the end of October 2018. What is the estimate on delivery?

    1. I have no idea. Please reach out to Oura Ring support!

    2. Long Eun Nick says:

      FYI, ordered a black balance ring on 10/23/18. Shipped from Finland on 12/3/18. Received (USA-Florida) on 12/6/18! Love it.

  9. Joe in Missouri says:

    I am being preemptive and have asked to integrate the Oura Ring into their software like they have my Garmin Vivosmart HR+ and my scale. Anyone else using Cronometer might consider doing the same. “The squeaky wheel often gets the grease”.

  10. tiffany ludwicki says:

    I just got my ring. I was assuming it would track my movement, but I had nothing recorded when I was cleaning the house or doing yoga/stretches. Reading the other messages, I am assuming it will not track daily activity? How does it accurately track your recovery then?

    1. Tiffany Ludwicki says:

      I meant to continue…. should i take a few days of down time before starting to track so it knows when i am relaxed and recovered?

    2. Sara says:

      Hey Tiffany, My name is Sara I work for Oura. The ring does records steps, walking and movements such as running. However, if you are doing yoga standing in place or stretching it will not record that as an activity. We are working to add such features in the future that would be able to track more activities. Right now you can add activities into the app using the “+” symbol to record activities like pilates or yoga where you are not physically taking steps. When you submit these activities they are converted into steps equivalent and count toward your daily activity goal. If you have more questions please email customer service at [email protected]. Happy to help. Thanks!

      1. Jason H says:

        Hi Sara – I’m having trouble with my brand new ring and not getting any responses with the emails I’ve sent to support. Can someone please contact me? Thanks!

  11. Susan says:

    The Oura ring is more about tracking recovery and sleep than tracking activity. Overtraining is the antithesis of training, so recovery (and not chronically over-doing it) is VERY important!

    Õura said they were planning on shipping the new ring in April 2018, but I just got my Oura ring a few weeks ago (early August). They were good about posting updates to the shipping schedule, but it was sure nice to FINALLY get my new ‘toy’!

    It came with zero directions (besides a graphic showing plugging the ring charger to the USB cord); everything is online.

    The App would not open in my Galaxy 6 phone. :-(

    So I then had to wait until they updated their ‘Beta’ Android (7) App (on Aug 28, 2018) to be compatible with the older Android 6. Then it took a few days of figuring out how to get it to ‘talk’ with my (apparently now dinosauric??) Galaxy 6 phone. A lot of reboots, resets, and updates were involved. Trying the ring with my son’s newer Android 8 Google phone (to see if it paired any easier, but it didn’t) made me have to start over, since the Oura ring locks to one phone for security purposes.

    The ring and ‘Beta’ App finally started talking to each other just this morning.

    The Õura ring mostly logs sleep and measures HRV, then any exercise besides walking (or similar) has to be entered (type, time, then difficulty level (easy, moderate, hard)), to get Calories Burned. It just takes seconds to log on a drop-down menu. So if you compare the calorie # to your old tracker, you can see what difficulty level you should enter.

    HRV measurement is great for tracking body stress levels from training and needed passive ‘rest and recover’ phases. I am a powerlifter and cyclist, which are very opposite sports. I also have EBV-based Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which is related to a screwed-up Kreb (ATP) cycle, and thus a 10x longer recovery time than a Normal person.

    For a couple years I have been occasionally tracking HRV with a Bluetooth chest strap HR monitor and the free EliteHRV App (which offers a detailed analyzation), or my Garmin 520 bike computer (which just shows guesstimated recovery time based on HRV) for a couple years. I have yet to see how the ring’s HRV tracking compares with EliteHRV, but wearing a ring everyday is A LOT easier than wearing a chest strap!

    Note that the Oura ring runs one size small, due to the 3 little knobby things on the inside. My normal size would not get over the knuckle. They did send a free ‘sizing kit’ of black plastic rings, so I could try out what size and what finger was best for a ring that is (annoyingly) a bit thicker on the sides than what I am used to.

    I’ll post more soon!

    1. tiffany ludwicki says:

      I also had a lot of connectivity issues, and my husbands ring is on the way and we just realized his NEW iPad does not have the oura app, so no device to connect it to.
      It has been 2 nights now with no data on sleep, body temp or respiration.
      At this point, don’t think I will be recommending it to friends or clients.

      1. Sascga says:

        I don’t think that there is a special iPad app, but you can for sure install any iPhone app on the iPad as well. Have you searched for “all” apps (upper left corner in the App store) or filtered this for iPad apps?

    2. Sara says:


      Sara from Oura here. Thanks for the feedback. We are sorry about your Android experience, we are updating our Android app that will solve all the blue tooth issues. We will offer health kit import for activity tracking in the next few weeks. We do know users have been asking for Google Fit data integration too and this is something we will introduce in the future. If anything comes up and you have questions for our team you can email [email protected].

      Sara from Oura

  12. Joshua Finlay says:

    I would caution anyone considering purchasing an Oura ring that I have had a negative experience with the company.

    After waiting 6 months for the ring, I got fed up with the delays and cancelled my order. This was on June 17th. I have been constantly emailing the oura team (both Jonna and Anna) asking for a refund. Despite continued promises, I have not received this refund. I am on the brink of reporting the company to trading standards. I will update this comment if the situation changes.

    1. Sorry and surprised to hear this. I'll reach out to them and see if I can find anything out for you. Stay tuned.

    2. Sara says:

      Hi Josh, my name is Sara, I work at Oura Ring. I’m sorry for your frustration and communication issues on our end. We are a start up and working really hard to get thousands of questions answered every week. We already provided you with a full refund. Please email our team if you need further assistance. We are happy to help. -Sara from Oura Ring

      1. Sean says:

        To chime in, I was also frustrated pre-ordering many months ago, but received my Oura ring last week. I found the company quite responsive when I emailed over the course of the past 6 months. I imagine there must have been a massive influx of orders, and manufacturing takes time, especially for a relatively new company with a high-tech product.

        I’ve been very pleased with it so far. Was well worth the wait!

        1. Sara says:


          Thanks for the support, we are a small company growing fast. We are doing the best we can to manage the incoming messages!

          Sara from Oura

        2. Ibrahim Hamza says:

          I’ll just add – yeah it took a while to get here. But the wait was worth it! So happy with my Oura ring.

  13. Does the Oura Ring work with your app? The wrist watch isn’t for sale on amazon anymore and chest straps aren’t my favorite.

    Got your book and enjoying that!

    1. Not at this time. Oura does not transmit realtime RRs. It’s a very closed system. Chest strap is the best and most accurate anyway. There may be a patch solution within the year.

    2. Unfortunately it does not.

  14. Cesae says:

    How does this compare with the spire stress tracker. Are they completely different types of devices? I am trying to manage my stress levels and be advised in real time of when I am in fight or flight so I can correct my behavior.

    1. I'm not familiar with that product. If you go to the Oura page, they have all the information you'd need to compare the two.

      1. Angela says:

        Hey Ben, I love the Oura ring! Thanks so much for introducing me to it – I am now waiting for my upgrade to the latest version to arrive!

        I recently came across H.E.L.O from a recommendation.
        Wondered whether or not you have come across this and what your thoughts on it are?

        1. I haven't tried that one.

    2. Sara says:


      Hi I’m Sara, I work at Oura. We can’t speak to Spire because that is not our device. As far as Oura goes, we tracking HRV quite accurately all throughout the night that is useful for determining stress and recovery levels. We hope this helps. If you have more questions, please email [email protected].

      Sara from Oura

  15. Dan says:

    So I take it your not concerned about any EMF’s or technology issues with its Bluetooth, transmission, battery or other radio frequencies this supports or draws for its data? Especially when sleeping?

    1. Nope, they go over this on their website.

    2. Sara says:

      Hi Dan,

      Sara from Oura here. We offer airplane mode with Oura Ring, so the only time when you have to connect is when you are uploading the data from the ring. The charge on the ring lasts 6 days and the ring can store up to 6 weeks of data without being uploaded.

      Please let us know if you have more questions, our team can help you at [email protected].

      Sara from Oura

  16. Rich says:

    So my only real concern here is that I don’t think I would be able to wear this during the majority of my training as it consists of a lot of Olympic Weightlifting and barbell work where wearing a ring will just mess with my performance (at least on near maximal attempts, complexes and grip); so how will that affect all of my data if I take it off during the most intense portion of my day (~3 hours of training)?

    1. You can manually log such activities. It's actually recommended to do this with your strength training, as the ring is mainly meant to monitor sleep and walking-related activities.

      1. Rich says:

        Ok that is great to hear, thank you! With that said, can you log in activities pretty vaguely so that it is not a pain to do so? For example, if you did 4 hours of training that consisted of intervals of KB work, weightlifting, running, swimming, and some steady state work, can you log that quickly, or even copy the log from a template or previous day’s work?

        I think I might be sold here, but I see you can pre-order the new Oura smart ring and it ships in April so I may have to wait!

        1. I’ll reach out to Oura and get back to you. The new ring isn't out yet, so I can't say for sure what the interface will involve.

        2. This is how the manual activity input is added at the moment:

          To manually enter an activity for the current day, go to the Activity view and tap the green + icon in the top or bottom part of the activity view to open the list of activities.
          Find the appropriate activity from the list of activities, or add a custom activity by selecting "Other".
          Next, enter the start time, duration and intensity, and select "Save activity". All your manually logged activities will be visible in the bottom of the activity view.

          Note – Activities can only be added and edited for the current day. There is no other way to do that so far so no templates or copy-paste from the previous days, I'm afraid.

        3. Jason says:

          Definitely don’t wear this while weight training. I broke a ring when I was bench pressing. I ended up breaking 2 of the old rings in total. The new ring is lighter as well as feels more like plastic. The old ring had a more indestructible feel. I’ll definitely be far more careful with this new ring.
          It’s great for tracking steps as well as sleep but if you’re a weight lifter or CrossFit’er take it off before you workout.

  17. Andreas says:

    Ben, how long will your discount code be valid?

  18. Jason Chong says:

    Ben, just ordered mine. Thanks for the sweet discount, much appreciated. [fist bump] April delivery can’t come soon enough.

  19. Cindi says:

    I am upgrading, but I do hope they work on the app more. The suggestions currently are laughable; they always say practically the same thing, no matter what I do. Do any wearables actually give decent suggestions yet? The feature on the whoop that has you answer questions about your sleep is interesting, so they can point out things like “you sleep terrible when you drink.”

  20. Kirk Hutson says:

    I ordered one with your code and then got a 40% off code. I assumed “lowest price” meant lowest price. Is there any way to redo it and get the 40% off?

  21. Alexander James Deak says:

    I’m a crossfitter and I’m interested in this ring. Doea it pinch when doing barbell or pullups work, or will that type of workout damage/scuff the exterior of the ring?


    1. I’ve worn mine while lifting, but OURA cautions against it. From their website: When performing heavy lifting or when lots of pressure is applied to the ring band, the ring should be removed. Also, gym gloves are recommended. Take the ring off in any situation where skin could be pinched. However, I’ve personally had zero issues.

    2. Jason says:

      Maybe look at a whoop band if you need an activity tracker, the ring gives you superior sleep tracking. I’ve broke 2 of the old rings while lifting heavy.
      I’m not trying to steer you away from the ring but it’s fragle and can’t take banging against weights

  22. Blake Burris says:

    I just nabbed one on pre-order discount. Thanks for tracking with these guys Ben. I’m looking forward to all that the v2 Oura promises.

  23. Richard says:

    Will the Oura ring track real time heart rate for training or should I still plan on using my fitbit for that?

    1. The Oura focus continues to be on sleep and recovery from mental and physical strain. As a result, the new ring will not track heart rate 24⁄7 or heart rate during sports activities – similar to the first Oura ring. However, we have added a gyroscope for enhanced activity tracking based on movement. More details here:…

  24. Tim says:

    Ben – did you guys ever get this synced up to Sweetwater HRV platform?

    & did they include SPO2 on the new ring? Seems like a beneficial and good feature

  25. Dusty says:

    Super excited for the new model. I get lots of comments on my current one, but the style and features of the new one look to blow the current one out of the water. Well worth the upgrade. I’ve also gained lots of actionable insight from data collected and the dashboard let’s you take a closer and complete look at sleep data.

    I would caution against heavy deadlifts or other similar activities while wearing the ring. I broke one and now remove mine. Oura was great at shipping a new one out right away and it was covered under warranty.

  26. Scott says:

    From Oura “If you look at carefully, you’ll see that Heritage has a flat top while Balance has a little knurl there.” That still doesn’t answer my question to which one would be better while working out or day to day use as far as design goes – Heritage or Balance?

  27. Scott says:

    Would the heritage or balance be the better model for wearing while working out, lifting things and gripping things?

    1. I can't see how one would present an advantage over the other for working out. Whichever you like best!

  28. Walter says:

    You make claims that it blows things out of the water, that’s the best quantifier? Based on what? I assume you

    are privy to some details that we mere consumers aren’t aware of.

    ps. I am a current owner of the older model. The web interface as of right now using my desktop isn’t great. It’s certainly

    nice to see that the new model is sleeker model…more aerodynamic and it will make my arm less weary :-)

    p.p.s. NOTE. I do trust you Ben…but you need to justify things a bit more dude ;-) How about a statistical comparision

    to Whoop? I suspect you are right about sleep quantification with respect to Oura ring being perhaps more accurate.

    1. They're apples and oranges, and which one you prefer depends on your personal preference (e.g. wristband vs. ring) and also how you like the specific app and web dashboard. I am still a little bit more attracted to the Oura, unless it is for coaches working with a team of athletes or personal trainers working with clients etc., in which case the WHOOP seems to be a really, really solid solution. I have a review of WHOOP here… and provide all of the information I can gather on products I use so that people can make informed decisions on what works best for them.

      1. Walter says:

        I think neither device is that accurate with respect to sleep analysis. For example, I have found that it can miss naps

        in the middle of the day (Whoop) and also sleep during the night, in particular, if one wakes up in the middle of the night and it takes a while to fall asleep again then it won’t see that even though when one looks at the heart rate patterns it is clear that I slept, moreover, I can tell I slept longer as I feel decent.

        Now with respect to detecting fatigue levels and predicting the ability to do exercise in the morning, Whoop does a pretty good job as I can usually tell that “YES, Whoop said I would have difficulty..” All of this is dependent on whether one has properly hydrated. I think both devices get thrown off with elevated body temperature (Oura told me this one day). Also, certain chemicals may well cause some confusion–THC for example. But I am speculating.

        We need a portable brainwave quantification device.

  29. Erik says:

    Ben, thanks for the phat discount!!

  30. Nathalie Leclerc says:

    Hi there, it seems like there an issue with the link. I get this:

    Your connection is not private

    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards). Learn more


  31. usman says:

    From the oura ring website: “THE NEW RING WILL NOT TRACK HEART RATE 24/7 OR HEART RATE DURING SPORTS PERFORMANCES. We have added on-demand HR and HRV tracking for use during meditation

    and breathing exercises. The ring automatically tracks restful moments, such as naps, during the day.”…

    This doesn’t seem like a positive development? Ben your thoughts?

  32. Jon says:

    Ben, according to their website, the new ring no longer does 24/7 heart rate monitoring or heart rate monitoring during “sports activities.” Any concerns with accuracy due to these data gaps, and do you have any recommendations on other products to augment this missing info (or is it even really necessary in the first place)?

    1. The Oura ring does not support 24/7 HR. The infrared sensors which measure HR, HRV, and Respitoary Rate are only active during sleep and other times during the when you are still for at least two minutes (shown in the upcoming application). It is our opinion that 24/7 HR monitoring is not very useful unless you have a particular health issue.

  33. RoxAnne Eli says:

    I purchased their first version at the Bulletproof Conference a few months back and due to being backordered, I’m just now receiving it today! Should I send it back and get the new one instead? Can you list the differences between the two versions or tell me where to find that out? Thanks for all you do!

    1. Craig says:

      RoxAnne: Oura allows you to return the ring within 30 days of receipt. See…

      What has changed? See…

    2. Alex Fergus says:

      if I was you I would keep the original one. why? 1) because the new ring doesn’t ship until 2nd qtr of 2018 – so you will be able to use it for 4-5 months etc. and 2) original ring owners can get a 50% discount – just open up the app and it tells you how to do it.

      My thoughts anyway!

      1. Bob Linville says:

        Alex makes great points. We love the original and what it does…and will wait patiently til April for the next generation. I agree. Start using the current model now to see your results.

  34. RoxAnne Eli says:

    I purchased the first model at the Bulletproof conference in October and its just now arriving today. What are the differences between the first model and the new model you’re referring to?

    1. New features are listed in the article above! More info here…

  35. Emily Bohan says:

    I’m so excited! One of my biggest hesitations about the ring was the style – I have tiny hands so I love the new look. It’s just a bummer that it won’t be here for another 5 months! I love the rose gold but I don’t want to pay an extra $80 for the color.. Is it safe to deadlift in? I asked the company on Facebook and they recommended I take it off while lifting. How accurate is the heart rate monitor during exercise?

    1. Yep, I deadlift on it. Not an issue for me. And it's EXTREMELY ACCURATE.

    2. David C. says:

      I would agree with the company and not wear it during deadlifts or other similar activities. The back of my ring cracked at some point (I think from a drop.) The company was great about sending a replacement under warranty at no cost. But there’s really no reason to wear the ring while doing activities like weight lifting, or yoga, or Pilates as it doesn’t track your heart rate in any usable way during those activities (go to the Oura forums for more info). You can enter those activities into to the app and it adds an estimate of their caloric burn to your daily output. Here is a link:…

      I’m definitely not a hater but you need to have a realistic knowledge of the limitations of the tech. It is world class for sleep monitoring and so today I pre-ordered Gen 2. I use the product every day and the smaller form factor and longer battery life of Gen 2 are worth the upgrade cost to me.

  36. El Rojo says:

    Where can I find information on the difference among the three designs?

    1. On their site if you click through with the link above, you should be able to see/find that…

  37. Mark Austin says:

    is there any functional difference between the 3 models of the oura ring ?

    1. No, just style and fashion differences.

  38. Brian says:

    Ben, I have the original ring and I was wondering how much better is the new ring in comparison? Is it that much different that it’s worth purchasing and what features are exclusive to it that the previous version doesn’t have (besides form factor and extended battery life)? I am a student who’s currently tight on money so I want to see if the incentive is there to make the investment. I personally don’t nap so that a feature I wouldn’t use often for example. Thanks for the input in advance and great job on acquiring the latest info!

    1. In my opinion, it's going to blow the first version out of the water…but that doesn't mean the one you have now isn't good!

      1. Erich says:

        Ben— what does this mean exactly? Functionally, is there any difference in gen1 vs gen2 besides industrial design and battery life and charging? Will both track the same metrics and provide the same insights?

        1. Differences are listed above, and more information is available on the Oura website

  39. Nic says:

    Hi Ben, / Ora Team,

    Does the ring support 3rd party connectivity. IE: Use it to connect to my gamin device to read current HR whilst training.

    Does allow an app like Elite or Sweatwater health to read HRV data?

    Can HR data be downloaded and synced to trainingpeaks (from a gamin device or from the ring directly post excersize)

    Hope those make sense.



    1. Kevin says:

      Just bumping this question as I’ve got my ring now! Just arrived, and now I can see an Apple health kit integration.

      Is a training peaks integration on the way? Is it already doable?

  40. Allie says:

    What is the difference between the Heritage and the Balance? They look similar in size and style. Is there a difference in technology or weight or size?

  41. Art Brucks says:

    Any discounts or buy backs for exiting ring owners – I just bought mine a few months ago – would really like the new updated ring but feel like an idiot buying the new ring after just buying the old ring –

    Art B

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