How Something Called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Can Make You Sleep Like A Baby (And Do Much More Than That).

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My wife makes fun of me.

She calls me a “sleep princess”.

This is probably because I've been really geeking out on how to sleep better. After all, it's during sleep that we experience a significant amount of  repair, recovery, immune system enhancement, cognition, learning and memory capability, gene regulation, appetite regulation, hormone production and cellular turnover.

And that means lack of sleep can leave you sore, unsexy and stupid. So I've been prioritizing sleep (and especially deep sleep) quite a bit.

For example, before bed, I typically consume about 400-500mg Natural Calm magnesium – and if it's been a tough workout day, I also throw in a serving or two of MillenniumSports Somnidren GH.

At this point in the night, I've also been ensuring I don't shut down melatonin release from artificial light exposure by wearing blue light blocking Gunnar glasses for any afternoon or early evening computer use, and when I actually do get into bed, I slip into my Dream Essentials contoured face mask and fitted ear plugs.

Next, I turn on the White Noise app on my iPhone to block out the sound of the train that goes by our house and the dogs barking in the morning (although I use the PZizz iPhone app for quick afternoon naps).

Finally, underneath the mattress is a new toy I've been using – a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) device for enhancing deep sleep cycles – the EarthPulse Sleep Machine.

How exactly does PEMF work to get me to sleep better?

If you read my recent article about brain waves, and how you can use sound and music to change your brain waves, you learned about a specific brain wave frequency called “Delta”. Here's the graphic from that post, in case you need a reminder:

Brain Waves

The human brain, and the brain waves described above, are very sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic fields, which is one of the reasons that trends toward a decrease in sleep duration and suppression of the deepest stages of sleep have been observed in space shuttle missions.

Electroencephalograph  measurements (EEG) have shown that small, low strength magnetic fields can cause brain wave frequencies to resonate with the frequencies of the magnetic field, and can cause other responses in the brain including:

-vascular dilation of brain blood vessels

-enhanced melatonin release

-electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus for sleep facilitation

-reestablishment of circadian rhythms (useful for jet lag, which is why this video includes me packing the EarthPulse for international travel)

-enhanced dream recall (and incidentally, what I have personally found, much more lucid dreams)

In today's audio interview with Paul Becker, who is the inventor of the EarthPulse, you not only learn more about how a magnetic field device enhances Delta brain wave production, but also learn how this thing can actually help with cellular respiration, and recovery from workouts.

Paul doesn't mention this during the interview, but from the studying that I've been doing, I've learned that a very important part of using PEMF to sleep better is regular use, since this is literally a form of brain entrainment.

Here are some of the resources that Paul references during our discussion – and I'll also include a comment below this post that throws more references in for you geeks out there.

-Chronic stimulation of rat skeletal muscle induces coordinate increases in mitochondrial and nuclear mRNAs of cytochrome-c-oxidase subunits:


Fast-twitch tibialis anterior muscle of the rat was subjected to chronic low-frequency (10 Hz, 10 h daily) nerve stimulation in order to investigate the time course of changes in cytochrome-c-oxidase activity, as well as in tissue levels of specific mitochondrially and nuclear-encoded, cytochrome-c-oxidase-subunit mRNAs. Chronic stimulation induced a progressive increase in cytochrome-c-oxidase activity which was threefold elevated after 35 days. A similar increase was recorded for citrate-synthase activity. Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, which was studied as a glycolytic reference enzyme, moderately decreased, as did the tissue level of its corresponding mRNA. There was a parallel increase in the tissue levels of the two cytochrome-c-oxidase-subunit mRNAs over the entire stimulation time course. The extent of increase (stimulated/control) was 2.4 +/- 0.3 and 1.8 +/- 0.2 (means +/- SEM) for the mitochondrial and nuclear subunit mRNAs, respectively. This parallel increase suggested a coordinate regulation of the two subunits. The increase in cytochrome-c-oxidase activity initially corresponded to the changes at the mRNA level. However, with longer stimulation times (beyond 14 days), the increase in cytochrome-c-oxidase activity clearly exceeded that of the two mRNAs. This divergence was progressive and was interpreted to indicate that the increase in cytochrome-c-oxidase content was brought about not only by changes in the levels of the specific mRNAs, but also by alterations at the level of translation. 

-Physiological and molecular genetics of time-varying electromagnetic fields on human neuronal cells –


10 Hz  pulsed electromagnetic field caused neural tissue regeneration @ 4x baseline w/ improved 3-D orientation (pg 17); while causing DNA to revert from maturation to developmental! we didn't even touch on anti-aging or loss of performance as one ages (more than 175 maturation genes switched OFF and 150 developmental genes switched ON pgs. 15-18)   The implications on longevity are staggering! Developmental gene signature delays appoptosis / mitosis perhaps indefinitely. See Goodwin's subsequent patents here. (shows the chart of mitochondrial density and ATP levels at synapse under 1/2 hz and then at 10 hz) – and this is the link to the entire study: 

-Mitochondrial delivery is essential for synaptic potentiation, Tong JJ.


Mitochondria, as portable generators that power synaptic function, regulate the ATP supply and calcium homeostasis in the neuron. As molecular interactions within the synapses before and after the potentiation are beginning to be elucidated, the deciding moment during the tetanic stimulation that gives rise to the strengthening of the synapse remains a mystery. Here, I recorded electrically from an intact Drosophila nervous system, while simultaneously using time-lapse confocal microscopy to visualize mitochondria labeled with green fluorescent protein. I show that tetanic stimulation triggers a fast delivery of mitochondria to the synapse, which facilitates synaptic potentiation. Rotenone, an inhibitor of mitochondrial electron transport chain complex I, suppresses mitochondrial transport and abolishes the potentiation of the synapse. Expression of neurofibromin, which improves mitochondrial ATP synthesis in the neuron, enhances the movements of mitochondria to the synapse and promotes post-tetanic potentiation. These findings provide unprecedented evidence that the mitochondrial delivery to the synapse is critical for cellular learning.

If you want to geek out on more supplements, tools and gear that I recommend for getting better sleep, go to my recommendations page and check out the sleep section.


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93 thoughts on “How Something Called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Can Make You Sleep Like A Baby (And Do Much More Than That).

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  2. Candy says:

    Hi Ben and Everyone, I’m new here. Found your site when I googled EP. My question is, which model is best? They have 5 listed on the website.

    1. For sleep, I'm a big fan of the DeltaSleeper found here:… and you can find out why here:…

      1. kenneth says:

        Hi Ben ,

        I have been following you for a few years now and I saw that u use(d) the earthpulse and I am a bad sleeper so I recently bought the earthpulse sleep on command PEMF device. The new V8pro edidtion. It has 3 programs. The 9.6hz , Alert mode and Tesla mode. I am wondering what HZ the tesla mode is tho .. On the website you can’t find any information about the new model and I contacted a lot of other youtube channels about this device but no one ever responds .. I am affraid I have been ripped of. This device also works on 100% strenght only and I see a lot of people who are talking about the earthpulse to play with the strenght but with the new device you cannot do it.. Please help me , is the earthpulse worth it ? I have been using it for a week now on the 9.6hz and I don’t feel anything yet.. I use it under my matress as supposed to..

  3. Nick Earl says:

    Hi Ben,

    Just did a big review of the EarthPulse on my health site, I’ve found it very helpful in overcoming my insomnia. Do you know of any devices that actually work for EMF protecting in terms of the whole home? I’ve looked at the “total shield” for example, just curious if you had any knowledge of such things?

    Looking forward to the podcast as well, when’s it due up?



    1. You can't, because then you would turn your whole home into a Faraday cage. So what I do is use a bunch of mineral harmonizers from (use code BEN15 for 15% discount)

      1. Health Vibed says:

        Thanks Ben, do you have any more info you could link me to on how to use the harmonizers for this purpose? it seems they are to do with water purification no?

        1. Contact: (use code BEN15 for 15% discount)

  4. Henry says:

    Hi Ben, I am really interested in some of the recent discussions about using PEMF. You have recommended two devices the Earthpulse and the Somniresonance. As I start to do my research I hope you don’t mind me asking if you have any commercial links to these companies? Do you get any commission or do you get any form of payment from them? I am new to your site and just wanted to check how you work. Thanks for the great info and I will listen to the new podcast by Paul Becker to continue my education.

  5. David says:

    Hi Ben!… So regarding the PEMF you’ve stated that Somapulse can be damaging to the gray matter in your brain when used on the skull, however, Earthpulse seems fine? Somapulse works at 10 Hz as well. and the folks at the company claims that PEMF is great for neuron growth, obviously, they have something to sell. Would like to know your view on this and where you get your information from. Love, David.

    1. EarthPulse isn't actually touching the body. Here's the deal: I have two upcoming podcasts on PEMF at going to cover all this – stay tuned to the newsletter

  6. العاب فلاش says:

    love it thanks

  7. diycecajid says:

    qugndcfohsffogjfmegjuoftt, javthsvbxf

  8. alan says:


    I am really interested in this Earthpulse because of everything you have said. But, like many others I am just a bit sketched out by this Dr. Becker. Can you share a bio on him? From the pod, it seems like he just randomly created this thing with no background while he was studying for to be an attorney. What am I missing?

    I was listening to your discussion of the permanent and dire effects of hair loss medications (propecia?) and got freaked out that this random guy just decided to start playing with electromagnetic fields and figured this all out. You have talked about how certain EMF fields screw with your body. Surely, the only effect of these pulses is not to heal your cells and make you sleep better. It sounds too good to be true. Do you have any concerns that this could have negative long term effects that we are not aware of?

    This stuff really sounds interesting and from what you have said the effects are amazing. Any chance you get another guest on talking about magnetic field therapy who is more forward with his credentials and doesn't have something to sell?

  9. Dan says:

    I am very interested in this device. But I have amber (but not yet red) flag because of the effects of electromagnetic radiation and its effect on the blood brain barrier. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Dan: Both good and bad effects depend mostly on frequency. high is bad, the lower the better to a point. that ~10 hz of the Earthpulse is magic. the lower use for sleep when 10 hz won't work. Still better on the mitochondria than nothing. By the time you get up to power frequency you cripple the mitochondria.

  10. Ryan says:

    I tried the Earthpulse and it had NO effect on me. Plus, the company basically claimed that it must be something wrong with me (because they INSIST that it works for almost everybody). Worst….customer service….ever. It could work for you, but it's an expensive thing to buy and it definitely didn't work for me.

    1. how did you use it, Ryan?

    2. Dr. Kali Kan says:

      different people are on different brainwave situations in their life. the full effects of the machine and its actually impact on your physical and mental system can only be realised after 30+ days of use. there is slight discomfort and even agitation for some people after a few times of use, as it slowly corrects your physical bodies and cells , but very soon u start feeling and performance much better than ever before. i'd suggest you give this device the kind of trial it actually demands before jumping on to conclusions.

    3. Rollerhippie says:

      At least you got a response. I have sent multiple emails requesting advice and never received a reply. I would have to agree that the customer service is lacking and my final request to return the product within the 3 month money back guarantee has gone unanswered.

      1. Rollerhippie says:

        Update! I eventually heard back from Paul Becker. He said was out of the country and is using multiple computers so my first two emails were not received. He was able to answer some questions and give advice on how to make this device more effective. I think it’s starting to work better for sleep, but it appears I’m pretty sensitive so have to ease my way in. I’m also now try to use locally on a broken rib to help heal faster.

        1. kenneth says:

          Hi there ,

          I recently bought the earthpulse sleep on command PEMF device. The new V8pro edidtion. It has 3 programs. The 9.6hz , Alert mode and Tesla mode. I am wondering what HZ the tesla mode is tho .. On the website you can’t find any information about the new model and I contacted a lot of other youtube channels about this device but no one ever responds .. I am affraid I have been ripped of. This device also works on 100% strenght only and I see a lot of people who are talking about the earthpulse to play with the strenght but with the new device you cannot do it.. Please help me , is the earthpulse worth it ? I have been using it for a week now on the 9.6hz and I don’t feel anything yet.. I use it under my matress as supposed to..

          so I want to contact mr Paul becker also , but can’t find his e mail , can you help me out please ?

  11. Rollerhippie says:

    Just ordered the EarthPulse! Can't wait to see if this puppy works. Thanks for all the great advise Ben.

    1. Bill says:

      So, I was wondering if the EarthPulse has helped you. I want to order one but wanted to see if it has help with your workout? If you have noticed an increase in strength?

      1. I haven't noticed it affects strength.But there is a HUGE improvement in sleep, recovery, and also blood oxygenation (i test this via hypoxic swims in the pool).One of the best investments I've made :

      2. Rollerhippie says:

        I have not seen any improvement in my sleep, performance, nor my resting hold breath rate so far. I have emailed the inventor Paul Becker to seek consultation as the documentation provided after purchased advised to do so since there could be multiple things that could affect performance of device (e.g. placement under bed, too much iron in blood, etc.). Sadly, I have not received a reply to two emails that I have sent. I am frustrated that I have not received a response and my final email requested to return the product as per the 3 month guarantee. Again no response. I have double checked the two email addresses I used when sending the last email just to ensure that I was sending to correct address and it matched from the documentation supplied and the product website. I had high hopes for this product based off of Ben's experience and other from this thread, but I cannot help but question the reliability of this $700 product given there has been no assistance from the inventor. I am a pretty easy going type of person and understand that something items might work better for some people than other, but to not respond to emails and fail to comply with the money back guarantee speaks volumes to me. Buyer beware.

  12. Kali Kan says:

    Thanks Ben this is awesome!! I've been on it for a few weeks now and have seen my stamina go up by almost 40% .. I could finally run a hell lot more without feeling tired! Now i just focus on being dedicated to build my body naturally as i am against using anything chemical to enhance my performance. I'm into vegetarian diet with high protein foods like Lentils, cashews, etc

  13. Bree says:

    So, I bit the bullet and bought an earth pulse, but it came with ZERO instructions. Can anyone help me out with this one?

    1. Yes, I uploaded full .pdf to Inner Circle for you Bree.

  14. Cathy says:

    Ben, are you familiar with the Rife Machine? This sounds like a similar concept- I wonder if this is based on similar technology.

    1. Yes, I'm familiar with Rife technology. It's not based on pulsed magnetics though. Original Rife technology was based on radio frequencies that matched pathogens. Like shattering glass, the radio frequencies would match the life energy frequency of the pathogen and blast them apart. New Rife technology has gone beyond that, but I haven't looked into it too much…

  15. Chris says:

    Ben, have you monitored your sleep using the earth pulse with your ZEO to see if deep sleep is actually increased?

    1. no, but i put it on for a nap and I'm lights out. And I also just sleep BETTER. I don't need self quantification to know I'm waking better rested…

  16. anil shahi says:

    i am a student of biomedical engineering from nepal and i am doing final year project in sleep inducer with pemf in rabbit and the problem is we cant do eeg , melatonin test( melatonin elisa, expensive) and we have left only one option that is observation of sleep behavior in rabbit by pemf which is not so appicable for result.can u suggest what can be right solution please reply as soon as possible

  17. psh says:

    Yesterday, I tried to call. No answer or return call. Today I tried the email. The delivery system failed. Too bad. It was hope for an answer to sleep.

    1. Sid says:

      hi u can reach earthpulse by emailing paulfbecker [at] gmail [dot[ com

  18. René says:

    So i wonder, if i look through the internet and search for reviews, medical studies i have a very hard time. Even sifting through all the references Ben has posted above i have a very hard time getting solid details.

    Now thats one thing, the other thing, i find soooo far spread price ranged for the same product which makes me wonder. (e.g. Sid, who is posting here, overs the Sleepcomander for $249 rather than $399 over at earthpulse hp)

    1. René says:

      ok i just found that the price must have changed since Sid has created his homepage, so forget that.

      1. Sid says:

        hehe yea the price has changed… been too busy to update the site, will do so soon.. i actually noticed this right now after reading ur message

  19. Bill says:

    I recently discovered an amazing and easy way to get great deep sleep. I wear BreatheRight strips every night before bed and wish I could wear them 24 hours a day without being shunned even further from society. I never thought of myself as having breathing problems, and have always figured I had "normal" breathing capacity. I only tried them to keep my roommates from complaining about my snoring. Fixed the snoring 1st use and ever since. I wake up so much more refreshed than I ever did before, and on nights I don't wear the strip, I wake up slowly and feel tired all morning. I wear a fitbit to monitor my sleep, and guess what? Wearing the strip brought my average sleep efficiency from 88% to 99% and I feel the difference every morning.

    I had no idea that I could pump so much more air through my nostrils; I wear these all the time while at home now since the better breathing comes awake or asleep. Maybe one day I'll be confident enough to wear them in public…

    1. Great tip, Bill…thanks!

  20. lucia says:

    I was leery also because of the website and some of the cynical comments by Mr Becker. I have owned a QRS a expensive pulsed magnetic mat thing that I threw away bc it didn't last and was way harder to comply with than the earth pulse. It did work for injuries and energy. I have had the earth pulse a week and it rocks way better than the QRS. If you go to Dr Pawlek site, who is a pulsed magnetic expert, he reviews all the devices out there and spends 15 minute video with the EP. The other devices he spends way less time and basically said he sleeps with the EP on sleep 4 every night.

    1. Bree says:

      Thanks lucia!

  21. Dom says:

    @Bree Im sure Ben wouldnt recommend it if he didnt see the benefits. Ben's just the messenger, its up to you to decide. Its worked for me in improving my sleep, recovery & workout performances. As the site states it comes with a 90 day back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose in trying it.

  22. Bree says:

    I am really interested in EMP technology and am intrigued by the proclamations. However, I am a bit leery of Paul Becker. He came across as a bit of a snake oil salesman and some forum posts online don't speak very highly of him. I'd really love to hear more from people using this device and more about Mr. Becker's reputation.

    1. cookie says:

      I agree Bree, I ended up trying it out regardless out of desperation. Turns out I'm too sensitive for this, and I have way too many other health issues. I know it's doing something, but it's not a good option for me. Want to buy a slightly used model for a deep discount!?

  23. dom says:

    @Brent this is earthing on steroids no comparison! difference is night & day…

  24. Brent Canada says:

    Does anyone know if this is similar to the benefits of earthing, or sleeping grounded?

    1. Kali Kan says:

      found this on their website
      "If you've heard of Earth-Grounding or Earth-Tether systems, pulsed electromagnetic fields in this tight frequency range are like grounding on STEROIDS."

      so basically its really more effective than grounded sleep systems as it actually gives a more powerful magnetic field around you rather than try to absolve any charge around you (you might still be exposed to tons of EMF even while using this system and derive no benefit from the Earth's Magnetic Field naturally)

  25. Jeff says:


    Do you have an email contact for EarthPulse?

    The email on their website keeps getting kicked back to me.

  26. Dan Lombardi says:

    How do you sleep without the Earthpulse once you get used to it? Say you forgot it on a trip for a few days, do you have a hard time sleeping?

    And where's the Ben Greenfield discount code? :o)

    1. Unfortunately, I can't get discounts on this one, Dan – BUT there's no "tolerance buildup" or issues with starting/stopping it in terms of it affecting your ability to sleep without…

    2. Sid says:

      Hi Dan,

      I have stopped using the Earthpulse from 3 weeks now, cause i lended it to my boss. I didnt notice any bad effects as such. Ijust fell into my older sleep cycle again, which was to sleep at 4 am and wake up 12 noon late for work as usual. With the EP i could sleep at 4 am and still wake up at 8 or 9 am accfording to the set timer. The beauty of the timer is that u feel "Awakened" when its about to end, so u never feel like hitting a snooze button, u just wake up!

      1. Dan Lombardi says:

        Thanks for the info! If I were to put it under our King size bed, say in the center, would it allow both my wife and I to reap the benefits? Or does it only work if its under my head?

        My Nutritionist got me up to speed on the importance of strengthening our mitochondria a few months ago, he had me taking a supplement that has CoQ10, Delta Tocotrienol, mixed Tocopherol, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. I also have watched videos on Youtube by Terry Wahls recently about fixing your mitochondria with nutrition, she also has a book out called "Mind your Mitochondria". And now, once again, mitochondria comes up in this podcast and I'm totally interested.

        1. I think it's best when it's positioned a bit closer to being underneath your torso, directly under your body. I'm sure you'd still see some benefit positioned between you and wife, but possibly not as much…

        2. Sid says:

          I will soon be married and i have been told the device is good for 2 , actually 8 if i remember correct what Paul Becker had advised me

  27. doug says:

    hang on. aren't we on earth and therefore the earth is making these electromagnetic pulses and helping us sleep? deeply? Is something blocking it now? and if so, why didn't people who lived long ago, live much longer? Would love to try it to see how well it works.

    1. Well, we don't exactly sleep on the ground…although interestingly I DO sleep very, very well when I'm camping!

    2. Sid says:

      hi doug!

      Yes we are on Earth, but unfortunately surrounded by EMF pollution. If you read the earth pulse site in depth you will find some material about EMF pollution as well.

      And it is known, that in the ancient world and civilizations like India and Mayans people's life span was really long. Indian Yogis still exist who are more than 120 years old, and their rule is simple, eat vegetarian food and live off the forest. Diseases became a bigger problem and caused short lifespan, only after humans had successfully messed mother earth with their garbage….

  28. Dom says:

    @tricia its worth it, even if u get the basic unit without the recovery mode. Its the best sleeping device out there. The benefits dont stop with better sleep.

  29. tricia says:

    is this really worth the $ for sleep benefits? Does it really work? Almost hard to believe

    1. Definitely works for me!

    2. Sid says:

      Hi Tricia,

      yes the system does really deliver what it promises. Me and a few of my friends have experienced extreme benefits after getting on the device. I can now sleep anytime i want and wake up an hour usuallyy before the timer is set to end on the machine. I also experienced many health benefits, i think my heart became stronger and i breathe much better.

      being a yoga practitioner, i noticed my yoga sessions are also fruitful than ever before.

      All the best to your journey towards tuning into the earthpulse.

      Ps – it got back my brain function to much better and clearer thinking as well

  30. Matt says:

    Pay close attention to your recover times and RBH as they we'll be the most noticeable benefits for workouts but also pay attention to how awesome you feel and sleep and how fast this all happens and how fast your body adapts to whatever the universe throws at it!

  31. Matt says:

    Hey there

    i see you caught onto the earthpulse wave, first few weeks are an awesome ride. Best of all it continues getting better with time :D

  32. josh says:

    You might want to do more training and less sleeping if you want to turn pro.

  33. Dom says:

    Hi rene ive used the basic unit of the earthpulse since june 2011. Im 34 i sleep like & recovery like a 20 year old again. My running pace/PR's have improved by 5% since using it. My strength levels up, faster reaction times, recover faster from workouts…Of course results may vary.

  34. Kamil says:

    Hi Ben,
    the link under the bottom image…the one with text “i slep well last night, did you?” has missing H letter in the http://

  35. René Weselowski says:

    The earthpulse homepage is pretty broken… many links don't work and overall… it made me not daring to get it until i have some prove it works by a independent person.

    1. Sid says:

      Hi Rene,

      I'm a personal user of the EP and it has really changed my life for good. My 1st 20 min experience on the machine I had posted on this site linked here.
      And now i have been using from 6 months, i'm always at work on time and energetic throughout the day.

      I agree their website needs more work, but they have the same site from almost 8 years now..

  36. Erin Serrault says:

    Warning to wearing ear plugs and eye mask…!!!! I now most people haven't thought of this because your main concern is getting a great nice sleep which I enjoyed too for the last year and a half. BUT, just last week when my husband and I went to bed early 8:30 for a following early morning sprint triathlon race and someone tried breaking into our house. VERY SCARY and of course we live in what would be called a very, very nice neighborhood. It was only 10:30 and they were cutting the screen to our bedroom window and luckily my husband heard them. He doesn't wear ear plugs or mask and has always said it seemed unsafe for this very reason.

    It's now been 5 nights without them and of course it's been very hard to sleep because I now have to listen to my husband snoring and all the other sounds the house makes. I'm hoping my body will readapt and I'll be able to sleep sound again since I'm currently training for my first Ironman.

    1. Holy cow! I'm sorry to hear about that Erin. That is why I have a very, very loud alarm system in my house…

  37. tricia says:

    I am very interested in the earthpulse for sleep when I travel. I sleep fine at home but am on the road about 10 days a month and don't sleep as well. Would this be something I could use just when I am traveling? Thanks for all the great info

  38. Brent Canada says:

    Hey Ben, interesting stuff. I read your post on brainwave entertainment and have been using it from time to time. After doing a little research, I found that the 7hz range has been associated with “the zone” and I actually used it during during a 5k race recently and it really helped me get into my running groove earlier on in the race, which is important for those shorter races. I ended up with a PR and a 2nd place finish in my age category. Granted, I’ve been doing a lot of other training for my first sprint tri that mostly contributed to that, but it did help with the mental part, that’s for sure.

    Question about the earthpulse, my wife is pregnant and I’ve seen that most recommendations say for pregnant women not to use brainwave entertainment because there hasn’t been sufficient research done to know if its harmful to the baby. I know is not your area of expertise, but I’m curious if you have seen anything on that subject during your research on the subject?

    1. I have not seen any research to show that it would be safe for pregnant women, Brent. I'd be careful with that, since you never know…

  39. Ed Harding says:

    So Ben do you have the Earthpulse machine and have you noticed a differnce. The music does work for me, so I’m thinking this may help. Let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you,


    1. I have one and I use it every night, Ed – and also swear by it for PowerNaps.

  40. Nate says:

    Hey Ben, I'm interested in those glasses. I see I can pick some up at Best Buy.

    Are they different than my cycling glasses with an amber tint lens? I spend 8+ hours a day looking at screens and often do it late at night while everyone is sleeping. I get eye stress and find it hard to fall asleep afterwards.

    1. I don't know if they have them at Best Buy, Nate! But I just got mine offline. Another good source with many styles is at:

  41. You can totally take it every day. I do it about 5x/week, around 400-500mg. I highly recommend – here's more info:

    1. Elizabeth says:

      THANK YOU! I appreciate the info and the quick response. I'm ordering it now. If they let me leave a note- I'm telling them you sent me.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    Do you take the Natural Calm every night or just when you're under stress/heavy workout load? Is it meant for everyday use – I can't find info on the products site? Did you have any side effects when you first start taking it? I have my first 70.3 in July and don't want to start something new that could cause issues? THANKS!

  43. Mueller CH, Krueger H, Schierz C. Project NEMESIS: double-blind study on effects of 50 hz emf on sleep quality and physiological parameters in people suffering from electrical hypersensitivity. Bioelectromagnetics Society, 22nd Annual Meeting, 11-16 June, Munich, Germany, Abstract No. 15-4, p. 89-90, 2000.
    Orlov LL, Mikhailova SD, Shatova NO, Alekseeva NP, Arzhanenko OM, Galuza GI, Berlin IV, Slutskii II. Effect of a pulsed magnetic field on hypertension. Sov Med (2):3-5, 1987.
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    2. Cathy says:

      How is this different than grounding? Sounds similar yet different. Can you use an ep and a grounding mat at the same time?

      1. Grounding doesn't actually produce an active pulse like the Earthpulse. So this Earthpulse is like magnifying the effects of grounding. You wouldn't need a grounding mat with it…

  45. René says:

    All the apps you have linked only lead to 'OS X Lion' rather than the app.

    1. Thanks for the heads up.

  46. René says:

    Hi Ben,

    For your PC/Mac/Linux you can also use which alters the color temperature according to the current daytime. :-)

    Thanks for all the good stuff,

    1. Yes, that's a great app, Rene. I use it!

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