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You may remember the highly popular and slightly controversial interview with a Palouse farmer a few months back, in which we revealed “Mystery Product X” to be Mediterranean Oil of Oregano. You can access that post by clicking here.

What lies below is a continuation of that discussion, from oregano oil expert and guest writer Alan Ramilia. He obviously has a bone to pick with the pharmaceutical industry (warning: don't be offended), but he knows that I personally use and approve of oregano as a natural antiseptic and anti-fungal, and I found his information worth sharing.

“Uncovering The Secrets of Oregano.”

The oregano I am going to address in this article isn't that tasty traditional spice found in spaghetti sauce and pizza.

One of the most potent and powerful of the essential oils, oregano oil has a long and ancient history of medicinal uses, yet unfortunately fell out of favor with us moderns as a consequence of the 20th century proliferation of pharmaceutical companies which were the brainchild of Rockefeller, an oil baron of the early 1900s.

Rockefeller of the Standard Oil Company along with other monopoly barons such as the DuPonts, were visionaries who understood the concept of patents and were powerful enough to influence the governments of their day to legislate strict controls on natural products while protecting the interests of their patented synthetic products.

As a consequence of their efforts over the past century, these corporate giants have enjoyed mind boggling success and continue to wield their mighty influence over virtually the entire planet to the extent that even our history, science and medical books reveal their bias and are written to support their corporate agenda while offering nothing but disparagingly veiled comments or silence in regard to the benefits of nature's medicinals.

With that in mind, we can hopefully now begin to understand why oil of oregano, one of nature's wonders has remained to this day, a virtual secret to most people.

What Makes Oregano Oil So Special?

The primary ingredients of oregano oil are the phenols, Carvacrol (60-80%) and Thymol (5%) which provide the antiseptic and antioxidant components. They are also the terpenes, pinene and terinene which contribute to the antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties.

Two long chain alcohols, linalool and bonreol also beef up the antiseptic and antiviral qualities. Lastly, the esters, linalyl acetate and granyl acetate act as powerful antifungal agents.  It is the synergy of these components working together that allows for the healing powers of oregano oil to have their powerful effects on our bodies.

Pharmaceutical companies in ignoring the power of this natural synergy do what they do with all the natural medicinals, which is to extract the main ingredient and create a new product. Unfortunately their newly created and thus patentable products bear similarities to the naturally occurring medicinals but not enough to make them recognizable to our body systems, which often  will treat them as pathogens or unrecognizable foreign invaders, thus creating the typical multitude of detrimental side effects so common with pharmaceuticals.

Why Is Oregano Oil Considered Medicinal?

Oregano oil is considered medicinal because it has healing properties that are both aggressive and supportive in that this oil attacks pathogens within the body while at the same time feeding the body a multitude of necessary life promoting energized minerals and nutrients.  PubMed lists almost two hundred studies that have been done on the beneficial properties of oregano oil. Although all these studies have taken place in the laboratory and not on human subjects they reveal the efficacious nature of this oil in dealing with pathogens as well as containing numerous essential minerals.

Additionally, we have thousands of reports logged since antiquity extolling the virtuous healing powers of oregano oil.

Minerals And Vitamins Present In Oregano Oil And Their Benefits


Richer in calcium than cheese, dark green vegetables, salmon, sardines and milk.

Feeds bones, gums, teeth, heart, cells skin, nervous system.


Richer in magnesium than cashews, peanuts, molasses, whole grains, beet greens and spinach.

Feeds enzymes, arteries, soft tissues.


Richer in zinc than sardines, salmon, cheese, peanut butter and whole grains.

Feeds the prostrate, reproductive organs, immune system, skin, smell and taste


Listed as one top eight sources of iron.

Feeds hemoglobin, myoglobin, blood, immune system, growth and energy


Feeds bone, hemoglobin, blood, energy, healing, hair and skin color, taste, nerves, joints.


Richer in potassium than orange juice, bananas, apricots, dates and dark, leafy vegetables.

Feeds the nervous system, heart, cells


Equal to niacin content in beef, commercial rice and whole wheat.

Feeds circulatory system, skin, nervous system, metabolism, digestive system


Boron, manganese, vitamin C, Vitamin A (beta-carotene), Vitamin K, riboflavin, thiamine.

Positive Inotrope

Strengthens the pumping action of the heart.

All Plants And Herbs Have Medicinal Properties

Since antiquity man has noted the potent medicinal benefits of all plants and herbs that grow on the earth.  Hippocrates, the famous ancient greek physician stated, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”.

Sadly, modern man has been brainwashed to believe that without man made pharmaceuticals, our civilization cannot survive.  This absurd assumption is a bodacious fallacy when we consider that for thousands of years man has flourished on the earth without the intervention of synthetic or refined products.

We are surrounded by a world full of naturally occurring remedies, foods, herbs and medicines which are packed with the energy to heal us and oregano oil is just one of thousands that we have been blessed with.


So how do I personally take oil of oregano? I literally just put 3-4 drops under my tongue before I got to bed each night. In addition to all the functions listed above, it also works well as an appetite suppressant! To learn more, just visit: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/oregano



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53 thoughts on “A Guest Post by Oregano Oil Expert Alan Ramilia

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Ben
    I’m curious if you know why the instructions from different brands for oil of oregano always say to put the drops under the tongue instead of swallowing ?
    My guess is that it’s because it’s unpleasantly strong and “burns”, because you can also take it in capsule form.

  2. Kevin Jones says:

    Hey Ben, I hear you mention often on your podcasts that you take oil of oregano daily. Now everything i read says that it should be taken for a maximum of 2 weeks, mostly because they say it doesnt differentiate between good and bad bacteria. So is it possible that by taking oil of oregano for extended periods of time, one might be wiping out their healthy gut bacteria and destroying their microbiome?? Really hope to hear your thoughts!

  3. Jessica says:

    Essential oils do not contain minerals or vitamins – did you mean the actual plant does?

  4. Geoff says:

    You say that you take oregano oil every night. I’ve read that you should not take it more than 10 days because it is powerful. What do you think?

  5. Tiffany says:

    Ben, Can you take this oil under the tongue hold for a few minutes and spit out (not ingest the oil)? Will it still enter the blood stream using the sublingual method? I would like to know if it will still reach the benefits the university states it will? I found the article here https://universityhealthnews.com/daily/nutrition/…


    Oregano Oil Taken Sublingually

    Dilute the oregano oil with 100 percent pure olive oil at a rate of 1 drop of olive oil per 1 drop of oregano oil. Use a sterilized dropper bottle. Drop 1 to 2 drops of the diluted oil under the tongue and hold it there for a few minutes, then flush with water. You also can gargle the water with a few drops for a few minutes and then swallow.

    You need a dosage of 500 mg, four times per day, to achieve the antimicrobial benefits. Therefore, if you are taking oregano sublingually or gargling it, do it several times per day to be sure you are receiving an adequate dosage.

    1. Basically as you stated, you would simply need to use more to achieve the desired dosage, as opposed to actually consuming the full amount in one shot.

  6. Ben, I understand that you are not a physician and do not give out medical advice. I will not and do not construe any of your words as medical advice. I am in charge of my own healthcare decisions. Now, my question:

    I have MRSA (contracted seven months ago) and trying my best to possibly eradicate it from by body internally and externally. My outbreaks present as folliculitis that pops up on it’s own and doesn’t need a break in the skin for staph bacteria to enter.

    I read a comment on one of your post concerning MRSA that 10 drops of oregano oil once or twice a day may be beneficial. Five days ago I started taking 10 drops of Zane Hellas oregano oil mixed with cold pressed virgin coconut oil twice daily. I hold it under my tongue for 30 seconds, then swish it around in my mouth and teeth, then swallow it. I also take 4 ounces of homemade Master Tonic twice daily.

    I am concerned that the dosage of oregano oil I am taking may cause intestinal issues if I continue. I intend stopping after 10 days in total and then lower to 2 drops mixed with coconut oil daily. Just curious what your thoughts on this may be?

  7. Beryl Benson says:

    I love love love oil of oregano!!! I use capsules. I used it instead of prescribed antibiotics when I had my tooth pulled. I used it when I was diagnosed with asthma and had congestion in my chest. I use it for feminine issues such as yeast and bv. But I will never forget when my (12 year old at the time)son had food poisoning and threw up everywhere in the middle of the night. Before I even bothered to clean up the mess I gave him 3 capsules and a glass of water and sent him back to bed. That was the last we saw of his food poisoning and an hour later his stomach pain subsided. I’ve been swearing by it ever since. I use a different brand that I get from a health food store in my neighborhood that’s been around for many years. I try to tell everyone about this wonderful thing called oil of oregano, but I also realize some just aren’t ready to embrace holistic healing. I am so thankful for this miracle wonder that mother nature has blessed us with!

  8. Conrad says:

    Ben, does oregano oil affect the absorption of other vitamins & minerals? Can it be taken with a greens powder or do you suggest spacing out the doses of each? If so, how long would be optimal?

    1. No, it does not affect absorption, and it can be taken with greens.

  9. Daniela says:

    Great Information Ben. Oregano oil is a wonderful product. It is a great natural remedy as I have used it for many occasions. Never go a day in my home without oregano oil. I always have the best experience with oregano. Make my own hand sanitizer with it. Only takes one drop for a purse sized container and works better than store bought. Works well, but be cautioned, it is very strong.

  10. Alex says:

    Ben can you comment on how many drops per day for a child with dysbiosis? Also, is it better on empty stomach or with food? Thanks :)

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever, but my recommendation is 1 to 2 drops and a glass of water. Some kind of an organic Stevia could be added to improve flavor necessary.

  11. Kenneth Connor says:

    Ben, I suffered a severe laceration to my middle finger and was prescribed antibiotics to avoid infection. Just wondering if I can replace that with oil of oregano?

    1. Yes.

      I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

  12. Nik says:

    I know that oil of oregano helped me battle what would have been a pretty nasty sinus infection & all that comes with it. I was taking Oreganol P73 aggressively -10 drops in a little orange juice two or three times a day. I should have been more cautious because the stuff is powerful. I also didn’t do enough research about the hazards.
    Menstruating women need to take extra precaution when taking this supplement. I was not anemic prior to taking the oil; however, a few days before menstruating I began to feel weak. My legs & arms felt unusually heavy, I had a severe headache and neck pain on one day in particular. Eventually, walking a few feet caused dizzy spells, light headedness, a heavy chest as if there were hundred lb. weights on me, and chest pain. I had severe fatigue & couldn’t think clearly. I thought I was having a heart attack, so I went to urgent care the day my cycle started. They did an EKG which showed no signs of a heart attack. I was prescribed an inhaler to “help” with breathing – which it didn’t. The symptoms got worse over the next couple of days and my husband took me to the Stanford Emergency Room. After running tests, turns out I had become severely anemic & required a blood transfusion. The only change in my health, habits, routine, etc was adding oil of oregano to my diet. I don’t take any medication on a regular basis, am healthy, no diseases, etc. I will still use oregano oil, but NEVER close to my cycle, only at a much lower dose & only while taking iron & B vitamin supplements. I urge people to learn the signs of anemia. My organs could have been damaged while taking the supplement, or worse.

  13. Tammy says:

    Hi Ben,

    My son just started taking Accutane for his severe acne problem. Can he still be taking oregano meanwhile, since his dermatologist wanted him to be off from all herbs and supplement ? I noticed that you mentioned oregano contains vitamin A benefit. Thanks

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever. However, I see zero ISSUES with using oregano, although you really, really need to check this out as Accutane is bad, bad news bears: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2016/01/344/

  14. Brian says:

    Ben, could this be beneficial for constant sinus issues. My daughter Has had lingering sinus issues for several months now. It is not like a sinus infection, she feels fine and is not affected by this just really annoying to constantly blow her nose every evening and morning. She is 10 years old and at her last dental visit they noticed on her X-ray that around her sinuses it showed up as white on the X-ray and the dentist asked us if she has been having sinus issues. We took her to an ENT doctor and they wanted to put her on antibiotics and see if that helped and if not do a CAT scan both of which we are against. Any insight on this as a remedy or your thoughts on what it might be, would be greatly appreciated. Also any dosing recommendations.

    1. It could definitely help, yes. I would need to go into more detail with you to figure out what it could be. If you book a consult at <a href="https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/ben” target=”_blank”>www.greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/ben and choose 20 or 60 minutes we'll get you scheduled.

  15. John hodges says:

    I heard oregano oil can kill the herpes virus? Have you ever heard of that?

  16. Kristi says:

    What do you think of Oreganol P73?

    1. I can't vouch for anything other than my oil of oregano product – https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product/wild…

  17. Joni says:

    How safe is it for a 6 month old? Ive read some put it on their babies feet, spine, and chest diluted with a carrier oil for congestion. I’m home with a sick baby now and have been applying it. I even put a very small dab in her mouth yesterday for sore throat and chased it with water. It seemed to help. Any thoughts on it?

    1. As long as it is diluted with the carrier oil, it is safe. The stuff that we use is dissolved in almond oil. That's what I recommend.

  18. Pui Lin says:

    Ben…I have a very weak immune system. This winter alone(only 2 months so far), I’ve had a never ending cold sometimes mixed with the flu and an Oi throat infection caused by a gut bacteria that would not go away with antibiotics(resistant). Will oil of oregano(my mom has 150mg capsules diluted with olive oil). Is that a proper strength? Her herbalist recommended to her, and she has not ever needed antibiotic in her 86 year old life! Also, I was told to take colloidal silver and manuka honey. Is that too many immune supplements? I would love it if oil of oregano works. It is the least expensive of the three. Please advice.

    1. I really can't vouch for anything except the wild Mediterranean oil of oregano that I have on my website… That's the only one I have actually seen a certificate of analysis for: https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product/wild…

  19. cat says:

    I have had thinning and loss of hair. I am 64. I try to keep my nutrition up, but I have had IBS for years, and I believe that has robbed me of holding the nutrients in my body. I am back to using Wild Med. oil of oregano. I started again bc I came down with the flu and I’m caring for my 95 year old mother. I am happy to say in two days, I am nearly over the flu. But, my question is can I restore my hair growth, strength and fullness? I’ve heard that it does. I appreciate if you can detail how to approach this.

    Thank you. C

    1. Yes, you just massage it into your scalp or add it to your favorite hair care product!

    2. Rebecca Jade Mawson says:

      I would like to recommend Jamaica black castor oil for hair growth I guarantee it will make your hair grow just pour it into your hand it’s very thick u can mix it with other oils such as coconut oil olive oil and leave it in for at least 2-3 hours massage it into scalp leave it over night with h a towel or call if you can handle the sticky Ness. The next day wash hair twice with shampoo that does not contain laureth sulphate I use Jamaica black castor oil shampoo by Shea moisture and I guarantee your hair will grow within one month u will notice bug difference xx

  20. cindy says:

    I’ve used oil of oregno for over ten years, but now lately, it doesn’t seem to be working. I have had a sore throat for three days and now turning into a cold. Sigh. Would it be I’m becoming immune to it? Thank you.

  21. Kaiaga says:

    I think this is the greatest thing since I have dicovered natural remedies. The three drop under the tongue has proven to be a bit difficult for me. As for it burning effect ia rather painful. Please help me to understand how it is done without pain. Thanks.

    1. You can mix it into a glass of water or dilute the mixture a bit with olive or almond oil. The Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano I use is mixed in a very unique and highly effective and absorbable 7:1 almond:oregano oil ratio. https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product/wild-…

  22. Rick says:

    I have been taking oregano oil for two months and have noticed mental (concentration) and physical (stamina) improvements in health. This seems to be an all-round health improver.

  23. Sandra says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with others the true insight on what pharmaceutical companies will never recommend because it will leave them useless and penniless nonetheless. I appreciate this article

  24. mary says:

    My body is rejecting codine, morphine and some antibotics. I took 6 drops of organic oil of oregano every 4 hours after a surgery for pain but I've heard it hasn't been proven to help with pain yet. My problem is I'm going to be needing another surgery. I would like to know if oil of oregano can be taken intervenisely? Does anyone know for sure if it will kill the pain. I know it did one time but with surgery I need to be sure.

  25. Diana says:

    how do i use oregano oil for an appetite supressant? how many drops and when? any details of what to do or expect please send them.THANK YOU!

    1. Just put 4-5 drops of this into a glass of water about 30-60 minutes prior to when you'd normally eat, or when you have an appetite craving:http://pacificfit.net/items/wild-mediterannean-oil-of-oregano/

  26. I have read a couple of articles : here is one: http://www.livestrong.com/article/148218-side-eff… that said that Oregano oil interfered with the absorption of Iron. Your article says it supplies the body with Iron. Can you comment on that? I have a client who is dealing with Crohn's and is on Vancomycin. I'd like to try Oil of Oregano to get her off the Vancomycin.

    1. Only if you take it at the same time as an iron supplement. Space it by 2 hours…

  27. Migi says:

    Undeniably believe that which you stated.
    Your favorite justification appeared to be on the web
    the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked
    while people consider worries that they just do not know about.
    You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side-effects ,
    people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more.

  28. prostat says:

    I have read so many posts on the topic of the blogger lovers however this post is in fact a good piece of writing, keep it up.

  29. Alex says:

    Ben I live in the UK do you ship here?

  30. carmen says:

    ben have a discussion going on whether or not oregano oil kills good bugs in the gut. I say it doesn't…the other person warns that it does. whats your opinion?

    1. Alan tested this in yogurt. It doesn't. It is selective to bad bacteria only.

  31. Jade says:

    That's a very detailed post on oregano oil. Using oreganol or oregano oil can give you many benefits. Herbalists use Oreganol to treat a variety of ailments, including athlete's foot, sunburn, respiratory problems and digestive disorders. Oreganol can be a great alternative to antibiotic.

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