How To Use BPC-157: A Complete Dummies Guide To Healing The Body Like Wolverine.

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For the past four weeks, I've woken up, stumbled out of bed into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, fetched a tiny bottle of something called “BPC-157” and proceeded to stab myself with an insulin syringe to inject it into various parts of my body. Using this strategy, in just one month, I have…

…shut down gut inflammation from a bout of travel, racing, and stress…

…completely healed golfer's elbow, medial epicondylitis, and inner elbow pain…

…and healed a torn upper hamstring with lightning speed.

This stuff should be illegal.

It probably will be soon.

But I simply couldn't keep this potent healing tactic to myself. Enjoy, and proceed at your own risk.

What Is BPC-157?

BPC-157 is, in a word, a peptide. A peptide is simply a sequence of amino acids. OK, OK, lest you be donning a white lab coat and cringing from that simple description, then I'll be more specific: a peptide is a compound consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain, the carboxyl group of each acid being joined to the amino group of the next by a bond like this: OC-NH.

In the case of BPC-157, the peptide is a sequence of amino acids with a molecular formula of 62 carbons, 98 hydrogens, 16 nitrogens, and 22 oxygen atoms (C62-H98-N16-O22).

Should you care to know the nitty-gritty specifics, that comes out to a fifteen amino acid sequence of the following:

L-Valine, glycyl-L-alpha-glutamyl-L-prolyl-L-prolyl-L-prolylglycyl-L-lysyl-L-prolyl-L-alanyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alanylglycyl-L-leucyl-; glycyl-L-alpha-glutamyl-L-prolyl-L-prolyl-L-prolylglycyllysyl-L-prolyl-L-alanyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alanylglycyl-L-leucyl-L-valine.

Yep, that's the long, fancy name for BPC-157.

BPC, for reasons you're about to discover, stands for “Body Protecting Compound.” Your body already makes it in your own gastric juices in very small amounts, where it serves to protect and heal your gut. But if you can get the super-concentrated version and get it into your system, it has an extremely high level of biological healing activity just about anywhere you put it

And if many of the amino acids above look familiar to you, there's good reason. I've talked about them before. I've used them orally for quite some time to heal injuries more quickly, to keep the body in anabolic state during or post-exercise, and to stave off central nervous system fatigue during long bouts of exercise. I have a quite comprehensive article about the oral use of amino acid tablets here.

What Does It Do?

BPC-157 is surprisingly free of side effects, and has been shown in research that's been happening since 1991 to repair tendon, muscle, intestines, teeth, bone and more, both in in-vitro laboratory “test-tube” studies, in in-vivo human and rodent studies, and when used orally or inject subcutaneously (under your skin) or intramuscularly (into your muscle).

Just take a look at the following, all of which was hunted down and identified by the good folks at Suppversity in their article on BPC-157. BPC-157 has been shown to:

BPC-157 is also known as a “stable gastric pentadecapeptide” primarily because it is stable in human gastric juice, can cause an anabolic healing effect in both the upper and lower GI tract, has an antiulcer effect, and produces a therapeutic effect on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)—all again surprisingly free of side effects.

As demonstrated in the research studies cited above, BPC-157 also accelerates wound healing, and—via interaction with the Nitric Oxide (NO) system—causes protection of endothelial tissue and an “angiogenic” (blood vessel building) wound-healing effect. This occurs even in severely impaired conditions, such as in advanced and poorly controlled irritable bowel disease, in which it stimulates expression of genes responsible for cytokine and growth factor generation and also extracellular matrix (collagen) formation, along with intestinal anastomosis healing, reversal of short bowel syndrome and fistula healing—all of which can extremely frustrating issues in people who have gut pain, constipation, diarrhea, and bowel inflammation.

So if you have frustrating joint pain that won't go away, some kind of muscle tear, sprain or strain, or gut “issues”, you should definitely keep reading.

How To Get BPC-157

So how can you get our paws on this stuff? You can find BPC-157 at a few different peptide suppliers on the internet.

I'll warn you though: kind of like online pharmacies, the websites are cheesy, and they technically aren't allowed to sell or advertise these kinds of peptides as something appropriate for human consumption or human injection, but you can pretty easily find it and buy it if you know how to use your Googling skills properly.

I can't ethically say any of these forms of BPC-157 are “superior” since none of it is technically legal to sell for human use (you'll notice each site specifies that it is for laboratory chemical research only).

For reasons you're about to discover, I also ordered, from MedLabGear:

  • One box of insulin syringes, preferably 1ml/1cc, with 28 gauge 1/2 inch attached needles (the slang term for these syringes), among self-injectors of peptides and hormones, is a “slin pin.”

bpc 157

bpc 157


Compared to spending several thousand dollars to fly over to Europe for a stem cell injection, that is, cost-wise, a tiny drop in the bucket, especially when you consider the fact that this stuff can permanently heal and strengthen weak joints, connective tissues, muscles and gut. 

How To Mix BPC-157

When you get your bottle of BPC-157, it is going to look like this:


See how it's a powder? You have to “reconstitute” that powder.

This is where the bacteriostatic water (also known as “BAC water”) comes in. Here's what to do with the BPC-157 powder and BAC water:

  1. Pop the caps off both the BPC-157 and BAC.
  2. Gently alcohol swab the rubber stopper on the BPC-157, then let it dry. Same goes with the BAC vial.
  3. Dose out the correct amount of BAC. In the case of a 30ml bottle of BAC, if you fill three insulin syringes full of water, then very slowly and carefully (peptides are extremely fragile) inject each of those syringes into a 5mg bottle of BPC-157, you are going to nearly completely fill the 5mg bottle of BPC-157.
  4. Once the 5mg bottle of BPC-157 is full, then based on this very handy Peptide Mixing & Dosing Calculator, each time you inject a 1ml/1cc syringe into it and pull that syringe back to the eight tick mark (15 Unit mark), you are going to have yourself approximately 250mcg of BPC-157.

Voila. You're done. You now have a  bottle of completely reconstituted and ready-to-rumble BPC-157. It will look something like this.

bpc 157

Before and after reconstitution, keep your BPC-157 away from UV rays, sunlight, and heat. It will remain stable at room temperature for up to ten weeks, but for the best storage and results, you should store in your refrigerator, in which case it will stay stable for up to six months. It will stay stable in a freezer for up to two years.

The stuff is super fragile. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of very slow and patient reconstitution. When you spray the BAC into the BPC, aim for the sides of the BPC bottle, and don't spray directly onto the BPC powder itself. When you draw the BPC up into the syringe for injection or oral use, turn the bottle of BPC upside down very carefully and then draw the liquid up into the syringe very slowly. When you inject it or spray it into your mouth, inject it very slowly. If you keep it in the refrigerator, keep it away from things that might knock it over or jostle it around.

You get the idea. Treat your BPC like the fragile, million-dollar healing elixir that it is.

How Much Should You Take

There is an abundance of research on BPC-157 and it has been shown to be effective systematically when injected once daily at anywhere from 1-10mcg per kg of body weight. In most cases, this comes out to a dose of anywhere from 200mcg up to 800mcg. Some folks report the most success dosing twice per day with 250-350mcg for a total of 500-700mcg per day.

So as you can see, there's quite a bit of variability in dosage recommendations.

I initially began to use BPC-157 for golfer's elbow (inner elbow pain also known as “climber's elbow” or “medial epicondylitis), and I personally, based on the majority of the research studies in humans, settled upon a self-administered subcutaneous BPC-157 injection of 250mcg in my left elbow on one day, then 250mcg in my right elbow the next day, for a total of two weeks. At this point, my elbow pain had completely disappeared, so I stopped.

Although, as I've mentioned, BPC-157 is free of side effects at normal dosages, I can tell you that the first time I used it, I accidentally dosed with 2500mcg instead of the 250mcg I planned to initially trial with, and I felt for about the next four hours what I would best describe as a slight amount of irritability and grumpiness, which was likely due to the anabolic cortisol response from a very minor overdose. This feeling passed within four hours, and I've felt no ill-effects since with daily dosing of 250mcg.

How To Inject BPC-157 Or Take It Orally

BPC-157 acts systemically. This means that whether you inject it subcutaneously (an easier and more-pain free under-the-skin method that you should do as close to the area of pain as possible), intramuscularly (the more painful and teeth-gritting version of essentially “stabbing” the needle into the muscle as close to the injury as possible), or you simply spray it into your mouth orally…

…the BPC-157 going to render some amount of benefit in whichever part of your body needs healing.

Oral administration of BPC-157 is quite straightforward. Just spray it into your mouth (remember: very slowly), hold it in your mouth for 90-120 seconds, then swallow.

Subcutaneous injections are also relatively simple, as long as you're cool with needles. You can either pinch an area of skin near the injury site and thrust the needle into that pinched area of skin, or if (as was the case of my elbow) it's too tough to simultaneously pinch your skin and inject yourself, you can recruit a helper or just “angle” the needle so it slips under unpinched skin.

Remember, always clean the rubber stopper with an alcohol swab and clean the area of injection with an alcohol swab. Always.

Here's a video that shows you the basics of subcutaneous injection:

Finally, intramuscular injections are the toughest. The same rules apply as subcutaneous injections: clean, clean, clean with alcohol both the rubber stopper and the site of injection. However, unlike a simple under-the-skin injection, for an intramuscular injection you must stab the entire needle through the skin and into the muscle as close to the area of pain as possible. As I mentioned, I used this method with my hamstring, and just attempted to think happy thoughts and dwell upon rainbows and ponies as I jabbed the needle in. Considering how quickly my hamstring healed, the brief moment of discomfort was all worth it.

Here's a video that shows you the basics of intramuscular injection:

For both the subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, you'll experience better results and a more complete absorption and administration if you “massage” the general area of injection and pain for about 30-60 seconds with your fingers to really work the BPC into the tissue.

How Long To Take BPC-157

As I mentioned above, my bilateral inner elbow pain completely disappeared after I self-injected subcutaneously with 250mcg BPC-157 on alternating days to either the left elbow or right elbow for a total of two weeks.

After the elbow pain was gone, I strained my right hamstring while hill sprinting, and began daily intramuscular “lower-butt” injections of BPC-157 for a total of ten days, at which point, my hamstring was completely healed and pain-free.

Finally, for the pure joy of oral self-experimentation, I sprayed from a syringe 250mcg of BPC-157 into my mouth for a total of seven days. The BPC-157 induced a very similar feeling to the feeling I experience when drinking a cup of bone broth or eating a bowl of soaked chia seeds: a feeling of the GI tract being “coated” with some kind of protection, and a complete lack of any digestive issues, gas or bloating following any meals during that week-long time frame. I realize that's a bit of a woo-woo explanation, and didn't actually involve me gut testing for inflammatory markers like calmodulin or lactoferrin, but from an N=1 standpoint, it certainly seemed to me as a quite viable option for anyone who struggles with irritable bowel issues or gut inflammation.

Based on the current human studies to date, BPC-157 can be safely administered for four weeks, followed by a two-week rest. Speaking from my own personal experience, in which pain subsided after no more than two weeks of injections, I wouldn't imagine you'd need to repeat this cycle unless you re-injured yourself.


OK, so you may be now wondering why in the heck your physician, physical therapist, surgeon, gastroenterologist, etc. hasn't told you about this stuff.

Here's the deal: since BPC-157 is a completely natural gastric juice peptide, it's technically not patentable, period. That means big pharma can't make money off BPC-157, and that means it's not getting marketed to your local doctor or hospital or anywhere else in the health care system. It's also not available as an FDA regulated drug, or even considered to be “sellable” for human use.

You may also be wondering if it's legal for sports governed by bodies such as USADA or WADA.

Here's the deal: although some “peptide hormones, growth factors, related substances, and mimetics” are indeed illegal for use in sports governed by these organizations, BPC-157 is not currently listed as one of those illegal compounds. Yet.

I'll readily admit that when it comes to BPC-157, despite it being a peptide you can actually find in your own gastric juices, long term studies in humans are relatively sparse. It may also eventually be banned by sport governing bodies such as USADA and WADA.

But in the meantime, since no adverse reactions have been seen in any of the short-term human clinical trials to date, I'm taking full advantage of this stuff, and if you're injured, have gut inflammation, or have any other nagging issue addressed by the research I've mentioned in this article, you may want to seriously consider adding BPC-157 to your rapid recovery arsenal.

Click here to visit Bioreset Medical for getting your peptides – they have now become Ben's trusted source for the highest-quality peptides.

Do you have comments or feedback about BPC-157? Have you used it yourself? Do you have your own peptide experiences or tips to add? Leave your thoughts below and I promise to reply.

The information in this article is provided as an information resource only and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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1,365 thoughts on “How To Use BPC-157: A Complete Dummies Guide To Healing The Body Like Wolverine.

  1. Andrew Seagroves says:

    Hey Ben, have you heard of any one or
    Known anyone who has used bpc157/tb500 stack for healing a L5/S1 herniated disc and if so where would be best for injection site?

  2. Wesley Mitchum says:

    Hi Ben, got some bpc-157 to aid in ACL surgery recovery. My first time drawing out of the vial, the air pocket caused some solution to be sucked back into the vial. Now, aware of this vacuum effect, I’ll be sure to pump the air in first. Would you think this force is enough to denature the peptide?

  3. Bon says:

    Hi Ben –
    I have tried the nasal spray and the injections and am experiencing very terrible headaches, and dizziness, even when I cut those dose down to 1/4 of what’s recommended. I’m wondering if my reaction/the side effects I’m experiencing might be from a specific peptide within the blend, verses the whole blend. Any insight? I’ve tried both Gorilla Healing and X-Peptides so thinking it’s my body’s reaction. I’ve also tried BPC-157 with TB-500, as well as without the TB-500 to see if I can pinpoint it. Same terrible headaches either way.
    I definitely believe bpc-157 works as I have friends that are totally healed now. So frustrated.
    Thank you

    1. Harry says:

      Reduce the dose to a single drop on a band aid and apply it over the troubled area. Your difficulty with 157 may be just your sensitivity and a “normal” is for you an overdose.

    2. Peter says:

      The TB500 can cause an allergic reaction in some people. My girlfriend got a bad rash from the nasal spray.

    3. Peter says:

      I was totally fine with it though. Just ordered some BPC 157 premixed needles

      1. Francesca says:

        Do you mind me asking where you purchased your peptides? Ive purchased from Paradigm peptides in the past put my last two orders were defected and they didn’t even return my money or send me new product. Needless to say, Will NOT be purchasing from them anymore. Hoping to find a new source. Thanks

        1. Ben Greenfield says:

          To be honest with you, I don’t vouch for any company unless I’ve seen a laboratory certificate of analysis and unless I’m familiar with the company’s founders and formulators. That is why, for something like this, I’d only recommend BioReset Medical — (use code BEN10) and Dr. Koniver —

  4. Adam says:

    I bought some of this the other day for a shoulder injury but read a bunch of horror stories about anxiety, anhedonia etc and now I’m scared to take it. I’ve had horrible anxiety in the past and I’m on Sertraline 50mg (SSRI) so I don’t really want to risk it. Issue is the only place I’ve found these stories are Reddit so can’t vouch for their veracity.
    Does anybody have any reliable information regarding this?

    1. Hello Adam, I have suffered from anxiety and severe major depression in the past, I used oral BPC 157 for 2 months and never experienced any side effects. I’m starting the injectable BPC 157 tomorrow,if I expirence any side effects I will write it in here. I hope it helps.

      1. Vince Alderman says:

        Where did you get your bpc?

        1. Ben Greenfield says:

          These are the only two sources I currently recommend for all peptides: BioReset Medical — (use code BEN10) and Dr. Koniver —

          1. Droog says:

            What about limitless, Jay Campbell’s company?

        2. Britfit says:

          CApeptides is a reliable company, with great communication.

  5. Jason Flippin says:

    If I have a tendon tear/injury, does it make sense to do an injection into the tendon? Or what is the best method for this particular situation? We did an ultrasound and found the tendon was about 1-1/2” under the skin. I did it once so far, seems to be ok, but wanted to double check that is what we should be doing in this case. Thanks for the great write up.

    1. rick james says:

      Check prolotherapy and PRP

      1. Kilo says:

        Prp doesn’t work unless it’s for hair loss, I’ve seen so many pro athletes not have it work and done by rebound doctors, I also have seen normal everyday active people use it with no results

        1. OutsideFirst says:

          100% agree. Total waste of thousands of dollars on PRP.

    2. Adam says:

      Do not shoot it into the tendon. That’s a great way to rupture it. Shoot it sub-cut and above the injury.

    3. Adam says:

      Do not shoot it into the tendon. That’s a great way to rupture it. Shoot it sub-cut and above the injury

  6. Fidela Brar says:

    I just had to reach out and let you know how much I enjoyed reading your website. Your writing are fantastic and have given me new ideas. I’ll be bookmarking your site to my list and can’t wait to checking out your upcoming articles. Thank you for creating such great content and keep up the fantastic job!

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    Defymedical will prescribe this compounded if people are worried about peptide sites.

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      Would like to order BPC 157 injectable solution for torn Achilles’ tendon repair supplement

  8. Jason Keane says:

    Hi Ben. I’m new to the world of peptides and found your article enlightening and fascinating.
    BPC-157 seems to be an ‘incident specific remedy’ taken only until your issue has cleared.
    I’m wondering if there are other peptides you have researched that provide a more holistic benefit for maintaining bone density, increasing lean muscle mass, improving/maintaining vision, etc.?

  9. Marsha says:

    Hi Ben, This is new info for me that I’m starting to research. I’m 52 and for 11 years been trying to find a holistic answer for Rheumatoid Arthritis…any experience or testimonies to share? Thanks!

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      Hey Marsha, I discussed rheumatoid arthritis here:

      1. Marsha says:

        Thank you, I’ve done everything imaginable that is natural…except peptides. I am interested to know if there’s any research you’re aware of involving RA/Auto Immune Disease & Peptides. Thanks again Ben!

      2. Lee says:

        Hi Ben, what would say in relation to having multiple injuries at the same time.

        i have achilles Tendon issue and Golfer Tendon issue, could i split the BCP157 500mg into 2 injections of 250 each per day /per site and use the TB500 300mg subQ per day

        Just wondering if splitting the dose will dilute the effect, or if double the dose will have increased side effects, other than double the costs

        1. Ben Greenfield says:

          I’d be happy to help you via a one-on-one health consult. Just go to and choose 20, 30 or 60 minutes, whichever you’d prefer 💪

    2. Bryan says:

      Use hydroxychlorquine of HCQ

    3. Matt J says:

      I took bpc 157, for 1 month at 500mcg a day, on top of cjc 1295 3 days a week, tuesday, Wednesday, thursday. With TRT at 200mg testosterone and 100mg of nandolone (decca) one a week. I no longer have arthritis. It’s gone. The cjc I remain on, along with the trt protocol. Knee replacement cancelled, along with normal function and no pain. And for me. I don’t care about the ‘potential’ risks. You can potentially lose your home at anytime, or potentially get run over etc. Precautions, self care, and personal responsibility is what I have relied on to mitigate any ‘potential’ risks in the protocol I have taken and continue to.

      1. Lonnie Terry says:

        Where can I find cjc?

  10. John Mathew says:

    Does this for research purpose only?

  11. Robert says:

    Hi Ben I had a complete rupture of my pec last October , and it’s still not right , no mind muscle connection, in pain a lot of the time , muscle wastage , my friend sent me to your page for research , I’ve got bpc157 and the mixing water , just curious to what syringes to use and where and how would be best to inject

    1. Mathias says:

      From what I’ve read, TB-500 is often used in conjunction with BPC-157 and is more muscle specific. I would look into stacking them and maybe even adding a GH secretagogue like Ipamorelin.
      But whatever you do, please spend more time researching for yourself. Don’t stick any needle in your body till you’ve spent significant time educating yourself!!

      But in regards to your question, Ben already answered it in the above post. And an amazon search for Insulin syringe will bring it right up.

      I wish you good health Robert and believe peptides are a perfect modality for what you’re dealing with.

  12. Chad Harris says:

    How would you go about injecting into the inside of the ankle as would be difficult to grab skin ?

    1. Mike says:

      Did u find a good method? Inside of my ankle is hurt too

  13. julie thornton says:

    I have a Baker’s cyst of the right side by my calf muscle. Last April I received a hyaluronic acid shot, and It was administered in the front left side of my knee. The shot helped me significantly, but has recently wore off. I am very interested in using the BPC-157. My question is should I be injecting that in the back of my knee by the cyst, or in the front of the knee where the dr. put the other one. thanks!

    1. Rakan says:

      Hey Julie,
      a Baker’s cyst only occurs when you have some malfunction (instability, false legaxis, weak hip and food muscels) or injury in your knee. As soon as this malfunction is gone, by proper treatment, in general 6 month consequently exercise the right things, the cyst should be gone.
      I would inject the BPC-157 where the doc injected it

  14. TOm says:

    Does BPC-157 need to be refrigerated after the reconstitution?

    1. Dave says:

      Yes. It will last longer if refrigerated.

      1. Cindy Crouch says:

        Dave- any sight in particular that you have sourced with integrity and quality? I need to try this for my gut, shoulders and jaw. Extrene fibromyalgia due to EBV. Inflammation is a witch. Thanks in advance.

        1. Fee says:

          you should look into LDN for the fibro

        2. Mathias says:

          You may be amazed at what systemic and protoelytic enzymes can do for your pain. Dr William Wong has a wealth of info out there on Youtube and Podbeam.
          There is no silver bullet, but I believe enzymes are a critical piece that most are lacking – a piece that once introduced, can induce dramatic results.

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      1. Brandao says:

        Has anyone used bpc in eye drops? was this effective?

        1. Josiane says:

          Também gostaria de saber

  16. Jake Ritter says:

    I used BPC for rotator cuff inflammation several years ago with fantastic results. Having just torn my distal bicep tendon on a heavy deadlift (surgery tomorrow), I ordered enough for 4 weeks at 700mcg/day. A coworker sustained the same injury last year and returned to work 6 weeks post surgery with the help of BPC. We work a physically demanding job and he returned with no limitations.

    1. George Clause says:

      Would you mind sharing where you recently purchased your peptides?

      1. My most trusted source at the moment is BioReset Medical:… (code BEN10 saves you 10% on your consult with their team)

        1. MEG says:

          the site you suggested above is no longer avail or never existed.

          May I have your most trusted source for purchase?

          1. Chris says:

            Try I have purchased from them several times.

          2. Ben Greenfield says:

            Hey Meg, the link has been fixed. Also, another great source for peptides is Dr. Koniver:

          3. Alma Palian says:


          4. Aaron says:

            I love how Ben Greenfield’s most trusted site is

      2. Alma Palian says:

    2. Bill says:

      Wow, that’s incredible. I’ve ruptured both left and right distal biceps tendons (at different times) and each time was at least 4 months off work. Wish a knew about this stuff back then

  17. Alex says:

    Hi guys,

    Awesome article!

    I’m curious if anyone has used BPC to heal nerve damage and what was the result?

    1. Danin Squires says:

      I had severe nerve damage to my sciatic nerve. I ended up having stem cell placed around the never and then accelerated the healing process with peptide. I went from not being able to stand on my left leg to walking within months! : )

      1. Dannie says:

        Thanks for info I have same problem after a bad accident had back surgery 3 times I was a lifter in weights this accident caused me nerve damage in my back had surgery doctor messed up on surgery nicked nerves now pain in back legs

  18. Vic says:

    Hi Ben,
    Thank you for this amazing article. I’ve been battling with a carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist for a while. I am quiet desperate to fix it since I use my right hand everyday at work. Do you think this peptide is worth a try for a carpal tunnel syndrome?

    Thank yo!

    1. Matt says:

      Did you try BPX for this?

  19. Emma says:

    Extremely intriguing Ben. Will BPC-157 be utilized to treat ligament harm or joint pain? I have been looking for an option in contrast to a medical procedure for my hallux rigidus.

    1. Dr Todd Zang says:

      If your limited range of motion is due to a biomechanical imbalance of the foot and not acute trauma, then there is most likely a bony growth now impeding your range of motion.

      No medicine is going to fix that – I would look into getting orthotics and rockered shoes in order to alleviate the functional strain on the Metatarsal phalangeal joint.

  20. Dax says:

    How long does a 5mg bottle last? Twenty days (5000/250)?

    1. Chris says:

      Exactly. The amount of bac water you use to reconstitute will determine the actual volume of the dose. If you mix 2ml of water with the 5mg in the vial, each does would be 0.1 ml. If you dose using insulin syringes, this would mean that you need to pull the syringe to the 10 mark (since insulin syringes are graduated in units, not ml and most insulin in the US is at U100 concentration or 100 units/ml)..

  21. Stock Bull says:

    Alright. So what makes me apprehensive is that occasionally things that recuperate tissue additionally develop tissue and we can’t generally pick which things. Like how l-glutamine is useful for stomach mending however is can likewise develop disease cells right?

    I purchased 2 containers. I may freeze them until I hear more, yet I’d prefer to quick track my stomach recuperating and perhaps help other people since long periods of the immune system convention diet is an exorbitant cost to pay for a few.

    Thank to such an extent

  22. Andrey says:

    Update on legality –
    It’s on WADA’s out of competition naughty list as of 2022. They couldn’t find a convenient peptide category for it (unlike cjc1295, tb500, etc) so it’s listed as a miscellaneous unapproved substance by name.

    Not an issue if you’re not a tested athlete.

  23. Scott says:

    Looking for answers please.

    On my third BAC water syringe in to the BPC I had an issue.

    When I pushed the syringe into the vial, pressure from the vial pushed the plunger out of the syringe and water went everywhere. I removed the syringe, presuming no water went in and just added one more to it. How are you meant to stop pressure building up in the vial? And do you think I will have damaged the peptide?

    1. Shawn says:

      After each water injection, while the needle is still in the vial, withdraw a full syringe worth of air. That will prevent pressure buildup. Do the opposite with the water vial to prevent vacuume building up in the vial making it hard to draw from.

      I doubt it damaged the peptide. But make sure you are getting a new syringe and making sure everything is sterile again before continuing.

    2. Darryl says:

      You pull out one cc of air after you push in one cc of water keeping the pressure equal.

  24. Jess says:

    When I click on the link for Dr. Seeds at the top of the page, under your photo, it takes me to an error message that says “This account has been suspended.” Do you have a working link for the oral form?

    1. Nicki says:

      Hi, I just clicked the link and got the same message. Keen to try this as been recommended by a friend who had a great result. I have an ankle fracture that isn’t getting better.

    2. Moosky says:

      Jess, while you can find oral BPC 157 on Amazon, I get mine from DNA Health, out of NJ. It was recommended by a very sharp MD (WA State). I mention this in case you are (as am I) concerned about being sure you’re getting the real thing. Seemed to make a big difference in my autonomic dysregulation, whose symptoms I’ve been going around with since a 2020 mold exposure triggered me. Good luck-

  25. Jack Black says:

    What’s the oral dosage and how long for?

    1. Jeffrey Dean Beaudion says:

      Anywhere from 250mcg ~ 7 days or until pain or discomfort subsides.

      “Finally, for the pure joy of oral self-experimentation, I sprayed from a syringe 250mcg of BPC-157 into my mouth for a total of seven days. The BPC-157 induced a very similar feeling to the feeling I experience when drinking a cup of bone broth or eating a bowl of soaked chia seeds: a feeling of the GI tract being “coated”… “

      You gotta read the whole article brotha.

  26. Jack Quayle says:

    Hey Ben,

    I’ve had 4 knee surgeries over the past 5 years which consisted of ACLs and Meniscuses.

    I’ve been battling chronic knee pain this whole time and physio and more surgeries haven’t seemed to help.

    Do you think BPC157 and/or TB500 will help me?

    How about orally?

    If so, what doses do you recommend?


    1. Hi Jack! I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to and choose 20, 30 or 60 minutes, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you do that.

      1. Kelly says:

        Hello Ben,

        I am interested in trying the oral BPC-157 the site you have linked to redirects to is this the company you recommend for the oral method?

        Thank you

        1. Christopher Springer says:

          I am having the same issue. Does anyone know if is legit? I’m looking for the oral bpc as well.

          Seems odd to change names/rebrand after having a good reputation & endorsed by Ben.

  27. Hasan Arshad says:

    So does it regrow hair…and cure gum desease

  28. Ben says:

    Been looking into BPC-157 recently and while I do plan to take it myself, for the sake of being ethically honest the article should begin with what you buried in the conclusion:

    “I’ll readily admit that when it comes to BPC-157, despite it being a peptide you can actually find in your own gastric juices, long term studies in humans are relatively sparse(*Correction: Non-existent. Previously attempted long-term studies have all been cancelled with no explanation*)”. And it should read “…you may want to seriously consider (*if it’s safe*) adding BPC-157 to your rapid recovery arsenal.” Good article otherwise, and at least you did include some info on the lack of long-term clinical studies.

    To anyone considering taking this remember: this is an experimental treatment with no long-term studies being able to successfully show that it’s safe for human use. Whether there’s a potential that you’re causing long-term organ damage is simply unknown. Many naturally occurring chemicals taken in small amounts can lead to long-term damage, just like any other chemical that effects your brain, the biological response to adding more is to naturally produce less of it.

    1. John says:

      That is ok. We are injecting people with a Covid genetic manipulation drug with zero long-term studies and where the animal studies were halted because 80% of the rats died. Are you posting your reasonable comments on the FDA site as well?

      1. Brandi says:

        Totally agree!! This c-19 injection is basically large scale genocide.

        1. Jason Pratt says:

          Dude i took that stupid johnson and johnson vaccine back in june !!

          Iam i fucked ??

          Can peptides like BPC-157 and Epitalon rebuild my immunity to that shit

          Any input would be really appreciated 😬


          1. For my latest thoughts on the vaccine, please go to:…

        2. Jeremey says:

          Instead of small-scale genocide? This statement is sheer fatuity

      2. HeEatsLiver says:

        Well said.

      3. Jeremey says:

        This comment is thoroughly uninformed, almost as if seeking to break the world record in ignorance. I work for a Covid-19 manufacturer and can assure these statements are patently false.

        1. Brian says:

          Lol. YOU are 100% lying. Those jabs are a death sentence.

      4. Judie says:

        Boy isn’t THAT the truth!

    2. Cliff says:

      Can you inject BPC-157 into the penis to help with ED?

      1. Hi Cliff! I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice, but this might be worth looking into:…

      2. Jay says:

        Try it let us know

    3. Angela says:

      By comparison, it will be interesting to see the long term effects of the Covid vaccines as they too have not been through the usual clinical trials.

    4. Owen D says:

      Like the covid vaccine which has no long term studies.

    5. Owen D says:

      I got the covid vaccine and 5 days later had sudden onset joint stiffness, tendon pain and fatigue going on 5 weeks.

      Now my doctor is saying it is aches and pains because I tested negative for RA.

      So screw your long term studies and science, they made me sick and the doctors will not help me. I will happily take this stuff.

    6. Jacqueline says:

      I used it a few years ago for trigger thumb and it saved me from having to have surgery.

      My MD recommended it last week.
      I have IBSD and refractory celiac disease.
      I didn’t know it could help my gut. I am optimistic.

    7. Mark says:

      I got mine from

  29. Scott C says:

    I took my 1st injection today. As far as measuring it all out goes, I used this handy website:

    I got my BPC 157 from Evolution Peptides. Had a decent price with their “SAVE30” discount code. Not sure how good or bad their stuff is though. Anyone have any experience with ?

    1. Rob Fordham says:

      Thanks for this Scott, really helpful.
      It looks like the markings are off.
      10 on the syringe should be 20?

      1. Chris says:

        It depends on how much fluid you mix in with the BPC when reconstituting. And it can get even more confusing when you realize that insulin syringes are marked in Units (not in milliliters). If you are going to be taking 250mcg of BPC, start by mixing 2ml of water into a 5mg BPC vial (which contains 5000mcg of peptides). That means you are now at a concentration of 2500mcg/ml. You need to take 0.1ml to get 250mcg, and on an insulin syringe, 0.1ml is the same as 10 units.

    2. Jlax says:

      Brilliant, thank you.

  30. OLIVER QUEEN says:


    Is there a différence between the BPC-157teh stable salt sel arginine and the BPC-157 pure ?

    Than’ks U

    1. Scott C says:

      I took my 1st injection today. As far as measuring it all out goes, I used this handy website:

      I got my BPC 157 from Evolution Peptides. Had a decent price with their “SAVE30” discount code. Not sure how good or bad their stuff is though. Anyone have any experience with ?

      1. Tiffany P says:

        This website was great. Thank you :)

  31. BioTE sells an oral BPC-157 that I have researched and feel totally confident in.

    1. Richard Gomez says:

      any reviews? I just bought a bottle to try.

      1. Jason says:

        I’ve been taking it daily for 3 weeks for elbow tendonitis. Have not felt any changes. Pain is still there.

        1. I assume you've been injecting it in or near elbow. If not, I'd be doing that, along with deep tissue work on all elbow tendonitis "trigger points", which you can Google.

  32. Leila says:

    Ben, after reconstituting can I store my vial upside down so I don’t have to super slowly tip it every time I want to use it? Will the peptide gets damaged when in constant contact with the rubber part in the vial?

    1. Chris says:

      You don’t have to tip it super slowly. You never want to shake it or drop the vial. The peptides are fragile and you are more likely to do damage drawing it into a syringe quickly (since the velocity through the very fine gauge needle is so high) than you would tipping the vial upside down. Slow and steady for all of it. Tipping the vial in 1 or 2 seconds is fine. Take 5 or more seconds to draw the dose and similarly 5 or more seconds when injecting.

  33. M G says:

    Hi all…

    I’ve been reading about BPC nasal spray…
    Any thoughts on it’s effectiveness?

  34. Minesh AMin says:

    For those who want a doctor prescribed version that comes from a pharmacy monitored by the powers that be (tested to confirm dose accuracy etc) and also includes a consult with myself ( an internal medicine/anti aging doctor) come check us out at We can do a consult from the comfort of your home using HIPAA compliant face-2-face software ( no DL, just click a link) and then we can ship the medications and all needed supplies directly to you.

    1. Damien Karras says:

      Just stop

  35. M G says:


    I’ve been trying to find a company that ells the BPC that you mix yourself…

    My Dr recently switched to a premixed kind that doesn’t seem the same to me…

    Does ANYONE know what company that Ben gets his BPC from?

    I’m having to order mine myself now and I have no idea what company is reputable…

    Many thanks!


    1. Mike says:

      Hello MGS.

      I just got mine from

      Things are always packaged well, and ship timely.

      FYI – I got the BPC 157 / TB-500 Blend (2mg each = 4mg)

      I have wicked tennis & golfers elbow in my left elbow, have had cortisone injections, and now starting to get it in my right elbow (heavy weight lifting) – so I’m giving it a run!! *fingers crossed.

      Anyways, I’ve got nothing but positive experiences w Peptide Pros.

      Best of Luck!


      1. Suze says:

        Was this a reliable source? Came find anyone that’s not sketchy

        1. Scott g. says:

          Biopure supplements is the best bpc tested and worked wonders for me.

          1. Mona says:

            They are “out of stock” :-(

        2. Enan says:

 is legit for everything

          1. Matt says:

            peptide pros is Chinese bunk.

      2. Danielle says:

        Is peptide pros safe? I’m just nervous bc, as this article says, it’s labeled only for research. My lyme Dr sells it but it’s 400! I can’t afford that.
        Anything to be concerned about with these online stores?

        1. Super says:

          Yes. I have ordered from them on multiple occasions. Some people mark up to take advantage.

      3. J Steel says:

        Bruh, I went to their site and literally their phony ass bacteriostatic water had the spelling of the word ‘consumption’ spelled WRONG on the fake Hospira label as ‘consumtion’ indicating that ALL their stuff is Chinese bunk that they put their own labels on!!! WAY sketchy!!! I hope the product actually works for you???

      4. Javier says:

        How much water do you put in for a 20mg blend of bcp & tc..?? I’m new to these peptides.. how much dosage did you take in?

      5. Hi Mike, I also have the same blend BPC 157 / TB-500 Blend. Do you have any guidance on how to calculate the dosage? What was your results with this?

      6. Kourtney Smith says:

        Invigor Medical carries it

        1. Andrew P. says:

          A medical business scam!!! Buy for 50$ and resel for 300$. i can say good profit. Good luck on your sales 😂

      7. Marie says:

        Thank you!

      8. Park L Firebaugh says:

        So how did the BPC work for your elbow?

      9. Jesse R Montague says:

        What form did you get the.blend in?

      10. Anthony says:

        I have the same issue, both sides on L & R. How did you progress?

      11. Tess says:

        Hi Mike, I got the same blend. How much of the water did you use in the vile?

      12. Denny says:

        Hey how were your results after using this?

    2. Nige says:

      Hi Mike, I am in the same boat as you.
      I have no idea which comprises are selling actual Bpc-157 and have no way to check what I am receiving, I have tried the link in this website for Dr Seed’s but the have been taken over by a different company who will not ship out to the UK! Does anyone know a reputable UK company or a company that ship’s to the UK?
      Many thanks guys and lovin the chat.

      1. edward says:

        have you tried they are based in middlesbourgh in uk.

      2. George Sabongui says:
        also from the US, the best in the world is

        still in the whole world if you really care about using something GENUINE , you need to order from

    3. Brad Proctor says:

      Blue sky peptides. Love them

    4. Zack says:

      Did you ever figure it out? I’m trying to do the same!

    5. emma says:

      how to contact you ?

    6. Damien Karras says:

      Had tremendous success with this, and use Paradigm Peptides

  36. Dan says:

    What do you mean by? “pull that syringe back to the eight tick mark (15 Unit mark)”, is it 8 or 15?

    I have the 100 unit 1ml syringe, I have no clue if I’m over dosing or under-dosing it…, I’m looking forward to have 250mcg, per dose.

    I’ve been puling the syringe to the 15 mark, maybe the “8 tick mark” is for a syringe with only 50 units.., who knows….

    1. Don says:

      You need to know what you mixed it with, if the vial is 5mg and you add 2ml of bac to it to reconstitute it, you now have 2000 unifs of it containing 5mg. If you want to inject 250mcg, you need to divide your 5000mcg diluted 2ml to see how much you want. 5000mcg is 20 doses of 250mcg, so divide the 2ml by 20 to get how much ml you need to take 250mcg of bpc; in this case that would be 100. Therefore you draw up to level 100 on your 1ml syringe to get required dosage. I know this is confusing but hope it makes more sense now, you need to know thee content of the vial and how much water you added

      1. Dave Barry says:

        5000mcg/200 units water = 25mcg/1 unit, so 10 units =250mcg.

      2. Cole says:

        Hi guys

        I bought the following
        5mg bottle bcp 157
        1ml syringes
        30ml bac water.

        I drew 3 full syringes of bac water and added to the 5mg bottle.

        I’m confused with the 8/15 comments.
        Ticks being an individual black line on the syringe? The syringe had numbers 1-9.
        9 being full so 8 is almost a full syringe and therefore to much.

        I am trying to get the 250mcg dose.

        So do I draw back to 8 black lines or 15?🙈

        Thanks in advance.


        1. Cole says:

          Got it 5mg=5000mcg
          1ml syringe = 100 units
          I used 3 x 1ml = 300 units
          Therefore 5000/300 = 16.6mcg
          And so 16.6 x 15 units (1.5 or 15 black lines on syringe) equals 250mcg.
          5000/250=20 doses of 250mcg

          1. Michael says:

            It’s all the “unit” talk and “black lines” and “pulling back to x tick mark” that’s confusing everyone.

            Keep it simple, and just do basic math.

            The vial has 5mg or 5000mcg.
            If you want 250mcg dosage, it’s 1/20th of the total.
            If you added 3ml of BAC to the vial to reconstitute, then each dose is 3ml / 20 = 0.15ml

            You should be able to figure that out from the markings on the syringe.

      3. jerry says:

        ben’s math is often off. it’s a little disconcerting from a so called expert on these topics.

    2. Gonzalo says:

      Each tick on the syringe is two units. 8 tick would be 16 units. By my calculations 20 mark is equal to 333 mcg. That means 16.65 mcg per tick.

  37. Mike K says:

    I’ve been taking BioPure Stable BPC liquid for a few weeks now. It’s helped with my stomach issues, as well as with an old shoulder injury that nothing else has done much for.

    Definitely going to stay on it as it’s great value compared to another vendor’s arginine form.

    1. Joe Carr says:

      Are you claiming that youre taking this orally & its helped ur shoulder?? Bahahaha….not buying it….

      1. Mike K says:

        Read comments below, there are several where oral BPC has helped with people’s shoulders.

      2. Katrina Costedio says:

        Listen to Joe Rogan’s recent podcast with Andrew Huberman.

    2. Margo says:

      Thank you for this. For your stomach issues, did you inject it or take it orally?

      1. Andrea says:

        For stomach oral is best. I have been using Biopure liquid and have experienced relief from my IBS after two weeks.

  38. Nick says:

    Hi Ben

    I have crohn’s disease, do you think an injection into a skin fold in them stomach would be more beneficial than taken orally?

    1. Zubair Ogier says:

      Hi Nick
      My wife is also looking at using this for crohns disease – she has no symptoms and has been in remission for many years because of medication – she is now leaving that medication and we are looking into how to heal the crohns our selves. What have you been trying or seen to work? We are looking at peptides – and we started P3om bio optemizers probiotic it seems to be working well. Wfe had a colonoscopy recently and turns out no inflammation but still some ulcers and this peptide seems to be anti ulcer which is amazing – getting mine next week as well as TB500 – Hope Ben Greenfield has some thoughts on this – however ofcourse he isn’t allowed to give any medical advice on a serious and unstable condition as crohns. Anyway much love

      1. derek says:

        look at dr gundrys diet for crohns, its totally curable

    2. Scott g. says:

      Biopure supplements is the best bpc.

      1. Jacob DeKornfeld says:

        I don’t see BPC listed on the Biopure website. Are you please able to advise?

  39. Scott g. says:

    My health coach gave me biopure supplements BPC. I was sceptical. After almost a decade of knee pain it is now totally gone. I can’t wait to ski again!

    1. Marina Nash says:

      I have so
      Much knee pain! How
      Much bio pure BPC did you take? Injected or oral? Thank you!!
      [email protected]

    2. Pam says:

      Scott, did you use the injectible or oral form?

  40. J says:

    So someone with possible mitochondrial dysfunction (Cipro-induced) might get cancer from using this stuff? Or am I misunderstanding? I’m probably going to risk it anyway because I’m in suicide-level pain and disability at the current moment thanks to Cipro destroying damn near every f’ing part of my body.

    1. Eden says:

      I don’t know much about mitochondrial dysfunction but it sounds like I should since I have a dysfunctional immune system, dysautonomia, and ADHD. I recently became acquainted with PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone). It is supposed to activate the genes that govern mitochondrial reproduction, protection, and repair. It will definitely give you energy and has been a life saver for a friend of mine. I don’t know what all symptoms you are having, but CoQ10, l-carnitine, b-vitamins and antioxidants are needed by our mitochondria to function so maybe adding those to your regiment will help. I just saw an article that said boosting energy levels may/can heal nerves. “Boosting energy levels within damaged nerves may help them heal NIH-funded project in mice provides insights into why nerves fail to regrow following injury.”
      I am currently taking BPC-157 and Thymosin Beta 4 because new research shows that they can reset malfunctioning immune systems. I am 1 month in on a 3 month protocol. I currently suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, severe food and chemical allergies, and high susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections. I mention this only because most people trying BPC-157 are athletes or body builders which isn’t helpful to those of us seeking knowledge about autoimmune disorders.
      Good luck I hope this is useful to you.

      1. Eliza says:

        Hello Eden! I am researching peptides for autoimmune as well. What I have read is thtat T500 heals the tissues and Talpha1 really modulates the immune system, but I am rather scared of trying it since I fear some bad outcome. Have you heard about it?

      2. Sonia says:

        Hi Eden! I have RA and looking at BPC-157 oral and TB4-frag oral to help with horrible flare– hoping to get feedback on how you are doing since your last post! any side effects? helping you at all? my naturopath has me on it for leaky gut and RA. Thanks so much!

        1. Michelle Hunt says:

          If I use it for back neck pain and inflammation and gut lining repair can use it injected under skin in trap neck area will it address gut as well. Should I rotate? My brother just ordered me Tb500 + BPC-157 in a vial that combines the two.

          1. Geoff says:

            From where did your brother order the Tb500 + BPC-157 in a vial that combines the two?

          2. Marcus says:

            Michelle, I am dealing with the same issue. Did BPC-157 help with your problem. I am going to take this oral.

      3. Tom Fox says:

        Been taking a supplement with PQQ in it as well some other amazing supplements and I love it. Energy levels higher and I feel it helps with fighting off fatigue, and anything that our immune system needs to fight. Its called MITOMALE. It seems like they target males with this, but the ingredients are amazing for anyone. Would have to research that part further if you are female.

    2. Josh says:

      I have a had a lot of issues since I took cipro. From neuropathy, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, muscle twitching and a really strange feeling when I try to drift asleep sometimes that jerks me back up. I have had a lot of GI problems and feeling sick and nauseous a lot which is what ended up prompting me to have to take cipro. After that things just got worse and issues I never had are now a daily thing. I went and saw a doctor that deals with this stuff. Dr. Mark Ghalili in Los Angeles where he helps people that have been effed over by these antibiotics. Regenerative Medicine LA. Lot of IVs, peptide injections, NAD drip, light bed therapy. I have found other doctors that do similar treatments and would probably be a lot less money.

      He had a lot of supplements he told me to get and this was one of them in a pill form which I’m taking. Some of the nerve feelings have subsided but I still have these weird headaches but I know a lot of people have had a lot of improvement. I hope it will go away in time. You need to take a lot of magnesium because the cipro removed it all from you and you were probably low to begin with but I’ve noticed a lot of stomach pain when I go over 400mg a day.

      You need magnesium, oxidants, l-carnatine, l-caprylic acid, vitamins but NOT b6.

      It’s a brutal, bullshit drug that should never be prescribed to most people. I wish I never took it.

      1. Eden says:

        I’m so sorry, that sounds awful. I hope you continue to get better. As far as headaches, I don’t have anything in my tool box for that but if you want a great way to get magnesium without digesting it, try an Epsom salt bath. Be careful not to get dehydrated(that will add to the headache). Do it before bed because it can make you drowsy if you try it. I do one cup in a hot bath for 40 minutes. You have muscle twitching, maybe you have more severe muscle stiffness than you recognize. That might cause headaches.
        I have looked at some of the research behind Dr. Seeds peptides and it looks legitimate. It seems a cheaper way to get the peptides directly to the gut but I haven’t tried it. I just started my Mom on it and she seems to feel a little better but it has made her very tired. I got really tired when I first started the injectables so hopefully its working. She has all of the gut issues it is supposed to help.
        Since you had a bad infection and then a bad reaction to the antibiotics I will throw this idea out just in case. Your symptoms don’t seem to follow dysautonomia exactly but there are so many ways it can manifest itself. You should look into this just in case. Trauma to the body can cause all kind of weird autonomic reactions. Gut problems, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, dehydration. dizziness, and fatigue. The nerve pain might be a separate issue solely caused by the Cipro. Any doctor can do a fast and dirty tilt table test in the office. They just need to monitor your heart beat and blood pressure before and after you stand up after sitting for awhile. It can’t hurt to ask, just beware, doctors think this condition is extremely rare and they tend to poo poo people who ask about it. I know from experience.
        Good luck on figuring this out.

      2. Jonn says:

        Hey, Josh do you mind telling which specific dosages and supplements he recommends? I’m floxed too

      3. Joel says:


        I totally, 100% understand what you are going through. My urologist put me on Keflex for 3 straight years at 1,500 mg per day (max dose) which completely ruined the lining of my stomach. Ever since, I’ve experienced excessive bloating, diarrhea, acid reflux, and inflammation beyond any possible description. I was slowly dying of inflammation which was spreading throughout my body. Luckily, I found a product call Purova Immune (made from eggs and totally natural) and still taking 2 caps in the morning and 2 at night. Felt the results in less than 6 hours and didn’t have to spend the rest of the day on the couch for the first time in 1 year in a half. My days were honestly horrible and what kept me from doing anything stupid with my life, because honestly, I didn’t have a life was the fact that I have two small children and a wife. They kept me fighting despite wanting to give up everyday. However, symptoms still persist and I’ve come across this site and people like you and realize, I’m not alone. I have purchased a vial of BCP-157 10 mgs and added 1 cc of bact. water to it. e
        Every 5 small line is 500 mcg and I took 1 subcutaneous shot every day below my belly button. it took 2 weeks to start to notice the difference and it started with having different stools. Hope i’m not getting too graphic here but want others who are experiencing GI problems due to antibiotics or other reasons to know how to properly use this amazing product.
        The best way to use BCP-157 is to use it twice per day – morning and night over the affected area. Also, you need to detox and drink minimum 100 ounces of distilled water per day and if your issue is in the gut, take carbs out every other day for a week, perhaps longer as the bad bacteria in your gut LOVES to feed on carbs. You want to starve the bad bacteria.
        In addition, if you want to add another excellent product to mix, add TB 500. Please research this product. If you desire to get more information, please email me at [email protected] and I will try to help you. Josh has excellent recommendations at the end of his message as far as supplements. Those are great, and I would only add Purova Immune to the mix – an absolute life saver (by the way, i’m in no way, shape or form associated with Purova). I wanted to mention before I go a product – nasal spray that contains both TB 500 and BCP-157 and it reaches the body instantly…it’s called Wolverine Nasal Spray and it has 50 mcg of BCP-157 and 20 mcg of TB-500…3 sprays per serving size. Also another excellent product that will affect the entire body, healing along the way. Has to be use long term but it takes 2-4 weeks to feel the results. I find that 2 servings per day divided in a morning and evening spray is best.
        Thank you kindly for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with you and hopefully help someone in need. My name is Joel ( I forgot to mention that at the beginning and in case you contact me.) Thanks again and great site to share our experiences. Stay strong and please exercise. I couldn’t exercise for 2 in half years do to my GI issues…started recently…and feel better. Start smart and don’t over do it in the beginning….build up your strength and endurance first. Hope you all have a blessed day!!! :)

  41. ash says:

    Hello, do you have any recommendations for liquid stable bpc for oral use for an ulcer? I’m looking for canadian options as it’s $30+ to ship from the USA.

    1. Kevin Murphy says:

      Try you’ll still have to reconstitute it, but it’s supposedly the type that is stable in the stomach

      1. Robert says:

        Go to Narrows labs and purchase BPC-157 pills they are 500mcg 60 pills (the stable patented version is not needed) this will put BPC exactly where it needs to be in the GI tract. I don’t believe i can go into complete detail here but here are examples of dosing.
        178 lbs 30 days/4 weeks 1 pill per day on empty stomach. Maintenance next 30 days/4 weeks 1 pill every other day empty stomach
        130 lbs 30 days/4 weeks 1 pill every other day empty stomach. Maintenance next 30 days/4 weeks 1 pill every third day or twice a week empty stomach

        NOTE: If Anxiety is diagnosed do not use BPC-157!

        1. Jenn says:

          Why the comment about anxiety?

        2. Steen says:

          How come you can’t use it if you have anxiety?

    2. Dana says:

      ive been using bpc157 from for heartburn. very beneficial!!!
      its in powder form, so you mix it with bacteriostatic water (you can buy it there as well).

      my husband mentioned bpc157 helped him w arthritis in his knee, so i researched it more decided to give it a shot orally.
      im completely off nexium. i believe bpc157 healed my esophagus.

      1. Aaron says:

        Did you buy 5mg of BCP-157? How did you mix it or use it orally, was in a pill? How much did you take at a time and how often?

      2. thom says:

        Hi Dana,

        Do you recall the mix ratio? Is it 1 to 1? Thank you!

    3. Margo says:

      Hi. Did you ever get an answer to this?

  42. Greg says:

    the best BPC I have tried so far is bio pure supplements.

  43. Jeremy says:

    Here’s a calculator that makes mixing/dosing a little easier.


    1. waterford5301 says:

      Thanks. I mix and dose HCG and Peptides and have a variety of different needles from different suppliers (whatever is on sale usually) so this app comes in pretty hand for just a few bucks I really like it!

  44. Matt says:

    Does anyone have any reputable/empirical backed dosage guidelines for injecting FOX04-DRI?

  45. S Wyclef says:

    Hi where you said no side effects maybe say “no short term side effects” because of its action of upregulating GH receptors (potentially carcinogenic in the long term).

  46. Mairo says:

    Link “Peptide Mixing & Dosing Calculator” doesn’t work.

  47. Peter says:

    Any companies that are 3rd party tested based out of Canada that anyone recommends?

    1. Noah says:

      Is nord sci still a trusted site? I just received my bpc 157 just trying to make sure its safe

    2. Michael A Perlman says:

    3. Joe says:

      Seems to be the most reliable.

    4. Dmitri serebrov says:


      1. John Jenkins says:

        Thats the one.

    5. Kevin says:

      i get mine at they run great discounts

  48. Neil markey says:

    Can someone recommend a good site for peptides

    1. Wes says: is the best one I’ve found. They 3rd party test everything to make sure it’s legit before they sell it.

    2. Travis Clark says:

      Blues sky peptides is great

      1. Mairo says:

        Blueskypepdides is a known scamming site!!!

        Bea aware everione

        1. Todd says:

          What are you saying about BlueSky is this based on your purchase ? What is scamming about BlueSky? I received my order in just a few short days.

        2. Maureen says:

          I beg to disagree…BlueSky is fast and products seem great! I’ve bought from them several times with no issues.

      2. Todd S says:

        I’ve purchased from BlueSky and they seam very Good. Product arrived fast.

    3. Joe C says:

      The **BEST** place to find peptides. It’s Jean-Francois Tremblay lab. You can find info about him from several podcasts including muscle intelligence.

    4. I use a compounding pharmacy out of Key Largo

      1. Pam says:

        Which one please?

    5. rod says:

  49. Kevin says:

    Can all peptides be held at room temperature for 10ish weeks (provided it’s away from sunlight and handled carefully) or is it just BPC-157?

    Thanks for the write up.

  50. bowler hat says:

    by an unfortunate series of events i have found myself with chronic bronchitis. does anybody think BPC 157 might be of use to fix my broken lungs?

    1. Aaron says:

      Try acupuncture.

    2. MURGEL DANIELLE says:

      I Got rid of it with high N.A.C amino acid better than any pill

    3. Eden says:

      There is some scientific data that shows that nebulizing with “reduced” glutathione, pH adjusted with baking soda, can resolve chronic lung infections and aid in healing. This is something they do with elderly patients to improve lung function. I’ve done it and it took my spirometer reading from 1700mL to 3000mL(I suffered from chronically inflamed lungs from allergies and infections). I measure out 0.2mg of “reduced glutathione” and 0.055mg baking soda and add 3 to 5 mL of filtered water to the nebulizer. Google it, there is plenty of literature but I got the recipe from a supplement they sell online for the purpose of nebulizing. They were always sold out so I made my own with a small balance I ordered off of amazon. Get a spirometer if you don’t have one so you will know your baseline. There are websites that will tell you based on height and age what your range in milliliters should be. You can nebulize multiple times day at first and then ween yourself down to maintenance treatments every few weeks or so.

      1. bowler hat says:

        thanks for that i’m sorry i only just saw your replies..

        eden, i’m not sure bronchitis counts as an infection, per se but i’m looking into nebulizing with ghk cu peptide, which has been shown to reverse gene expression in lung tissue, effectively making the lungs express as healthy again rather than chronically sick.
        i have been taking 2 grams of NAC per day for about a month now also

  51. Rafael Venegas says:

    I got the same brand as you show on the picture of BPC157(5mg) and TB500(5mg). How much TB500 do i need to draw into insulin syringe. I read your article and still can’t figure it out. I know that for BPC157 you said 3mL of sterile water and draw up to the 15 tick(line) for 250mcg. But how much for the recommended 2mg of TB500, would that be two full insulin syringes?

    1. donny says:

      Where did you get it from, thanks

    2. Andrew Johnson says:

      Where did you get it from?

    3. Cassiel says:

      What brand or company did you use???

  52. Jessie Hammers says:

    Nasal sprays from have worked great.

    1. Ahmad Sukfei says:

      My knee feels great after using their stuff.

      1. Paul says:

        Hi there,
        You used the nasal spray and it healed your knee? I have a nagging knee injury.

        1. Yes Paul, we have many satisfied customers :)

          1. Derek Reinolt says:

            I have placed an order and hsve yet to hear anything from you guys

          2. Bob says:

            Chinese peptide scam. Stay away from Gorilla Healing!

      2. Kevin says:

        Awesome! I did stem cells but it didn’t appear to help. Did you inject soft area on the inner side of the knee and how much did you use? I would love to hear your method of application. Thank you.

      3. lulu cohen says:

        what stuff and which site?

    2. bob says:

      these are shills from Gorilla Healing. it is Chinese crap. stay away!

      1. Bob #2 says:

        Almost every single peptide sold in the us is chinese made.. what’s your point? It works.

        1. Char Slater says:

          No it’s not ! There’s a lab in Ontario Canada that makes them

          1. Jayson says:

            tailor made bpc 157 is made in ky. FDA approved lab

          2. lulu cohen says:

            which lab in ontario please?

        2. George Sabongui says:

          the best is in USA , very well known.

    3. Bernard Thomas says:

      I purchased a nasal of PT 141 from GorillaHealing and its garbage. Doesn’t do anything at all. I’ve taken double and up to quadruple the amount and I don’t get any effects at all. I’m pretty convinced at this point uts just water in the bottle. They haven’t responded to any of my emails about it. I’ve asked for a refund and they just don’t reply. Sad thing is I ordered 2 other products from them and I’m sure they are also garbage. Stay away from them.

    4. Patrick says:

      I just orders a 3 month supply. Looking forward to the nasal method

  53. Kate says:

    Hi, does anyone know how I can get oral BPC-157 in the UK, the Dr.seeds above is US only.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Corinne says:

      I also in Uk and neither Dr seed or Gorillahealing ship here….is there other website who delivers in Uk/Europe. Thank you for your help

      1. Justin says:

        Purerawz ships to Canada I think they will ship to UK. I just ordered there bpc-157 it took a month to get here I’m in Vancouver. But its because of covid19 and the USPS and Canada post being so slow. I’ve used there sarms for fitness goals and there great.

    2. Lisa says:

      Kate there are several uk based sites. Oral is the same as injectable but u just squirt it in your mouth rather than inject. Hiwever nit 100% sure ifit is sublingual

      1. Roger says:

        Do you still have to mix it water if used orally?

    3. Shan Raffel says:

      It is not BPC-157. See the FAQ
      The Dr. Seeds BPC combination contains the protein from which the BPC peptide is extracted. While this is not directly the same thing as BPC-157, the results that come from the Dr. Seeds BPC combination are extremely similar to BPC-157, at a fraction of the price.

    4. Hannah says:

      Hi Kate, just wondering if you found any UK based companies to get oral BPC-157? Im also in the UK and want to try BPC. Thanks

      1. Shawn Tsoka says:

        Hey Hannah,
        Did you come right with the BPC-157? If you did please share where you got it from?
        I got from they ship down to South Africa I’m sure they can ship to the UK.

        Has anyone else tried the BPC-157 for IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) and other gut issues? Would you be so kind as to share what has worked well for you?

        Thank you in advance.

  54. Tony Geraghty says:

    Would using a 5/16” syringe instead of the 1/2” be ok? The are the same size as the syringes you suggested other than that. I have a lot of them left is why I ask. Thanks!

  55. Danny says:

    Hi I notice that a lot of people seem to be injecting this based on this post. With regards to taking it oraly, what dosage would you recommend. My issue is that in the last 5 years I’ve undergone a number of surgeries to repair a lot of historic damage from a competitive judo career (4 knee arthroscopies for miniscus issues, 1 hip arthroscopy for a bone spur, 1 shoulder arthroscopy to fix a slap lesion as well as a bicep tenodesis). I understand you’re not a medical professional but any dosage details I”ve found only seem to refer to injection measurements rather than an oral measurement. I’d appreciate any advise you could share on this (or anything else you can recommend) please.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Shawn Tsoka says:

      Danny check out

      They sell an oral version solution and they state the dosages.

  56. Jessica Rabbit says:

    I apologize if this question was covered already in the OVER a thousand (literally) comments/questions above. I just can’t read through them all. I hate when people ask something that’s covered in the article, it’s disrespectful to be lazy and other the writer to reiterate what they took the time to spell out.

    Anyway, the reconstitution/dose calculated is down… idk if you know or if it’s on purpose. But it sucks now I’m not sure where to go to find reliable opinion/experience type of information, and I already received both the peptides. I knew I should have taken screen shots! Grrrrrr!

    Anyway, in case someone is bored and smart… I am 5’1” and 114”. I have both peptides. I did read Ben’s full article on reconstitution of bpc but as far as the tb’s article, it just says refer to calculator and bpc article (which isn’t specific for the tb). So I can reconstitute the bpc confidently but have no clue what to use (but I do know when… 2xs a week… right?) If I can guess to do half of what Ben did (15 tick marks he says) but what is a tick mark? It’s each individual black mark, right??? So it will be a tiny amount?

    For the tb it’s 10mg and lost on mixing and dose. Sorry to bother anyone here, feel bad so many people want free help. So it’s ok if I don’t get an answer. I’ll keep trying to find out on my own. Sooo interesting! Can’t wait to try 😊

    1. Jessica Rabbit says:

      Sorry this website won’t let me edit my post. I made some typos. I am 114 lbs I meant to say. I also meant to say the link that this article includes to lead one to the calculator for dose and/or reconstitution and/or conversions is broken. (Not that I would understand the math) I can’t get to it through any browser. Says there’s an issue with the SSL certification.

      I have searched EVERYWHERE… everywhere… for someone to reference a guide for someone like me and my fellow blondes. It’s driving me crazy!!! Why can’t someone just say “if you weigh 100-150 lbs try *** tick marks on the sharp pointy thing for two days a week” or “if you weigh 150-200 lbs you might want to start off with *** little black lines on the pin thingy”. I’m sooooo so bad at math. Anything else on the planet I understand and remember. Not math. Maybe it’s just that nobody actually knows how many teeny black marks certain weighted people can try without overdosing? Or how much bac to add to however many mg (and to make it even MORE confusing the other one is in a different measurement-mcg) Ugh. I give up….

      Well if anyone wants mine I’ve officially decided to live uncomfortably, forever and until I die.

      But before I wave goodbye to the hope I once had… Ben, how much do you ask for a consult? I only require a ten minute one…

      1. Jack says:

        You’re gunna have better luck visiting nursing sites to do the math. Before I became a therapist I was a nurse and I had to do many of these reconstitutions in hospital because often meds come in vials of powder only. Super easy math.

        You want to know how much in total powder you have. If it’s 5mg or something, know that 1000mcg = 1mg. So then you fill it with your BAC you have to note how much you fill the vial with because that will affect how much you have to fill your syringes with when you inject.

        Say you fill it with 20mL BAC. You’d have 5mg BCP157/20mL BAC (= 5000mcg/20ml = 250 mcg BCP157 / 1 mL BAC) So, if you injected 1mL from this each dose, you’d have 250mcg per dose, which is what he used.

        1. Bob says:

          I have been taking this for 1 month. I am on hgh/testosterone therapy. I just had neck surgery and the dr asked if I would be interested in trying the bpc157 peptide I said sure. According to him his instructions were take 150units that’s 1 and a half insulin syringes and squirt the bact static water into your 5mg bottle of bpc 157 he had me taking 20ius every 4 th day with my testosterone. As you can see I was not doing it daily and I have noticed lots of older injuries feeling better as for the neck I had c567 fused so after 2 weeks off I will continue

          1. Steve says:

            Just had C4-7 fused with numbness and weakness in 1 arm. Did the bpc 157 help?

      2. Derek says:

        As for the reconstitution portion, I can help you with that. Most vials depending if their TB 500 or BPC 157, All must be mixed with bacteriostatic water which I’m sure you’re tracking. That usually comes in a larger container I believe approximately 10 mL. Regardless of whether it’s 10 mg or 5 mg, the containers look very small bacon hold at the very max 4ml of the bacteriostatic water. You now want to get that water from the container with a sterile syringe and put it into the peptide vile that you are looking to reconstitute and turn to an angle to where the needle is essentially touching the side of the wall if you have a longer needle if not turn the need all the best you can and also angle the container and slowly I repeat slowly begin to put the water into the vile. If it’s at a drip that is fine and as it hits the peptide in this case it will start to dissolve and turn clear All the while still slowly putting the fluid into the container until you have gotten 4 mL or as darn close to it as possible. Do not shake the file or anything of that nature just set it down once you were done at that point the peptide is now Ready. As for dosing, I have found various articles all over the Internet and forums that I have read in those for the magic number appears to be 250 -350mg. Some people say they use more however just starting off I would recommend using that as a starting point and trying to does your self twice a day with you really just don’t like needles that much then do your amount once a day. Hope this helps

        Used talk to text, sorry for any spelling errors LOL

      3. Heather says:

        5mg makes 5,000mcg he said to add 3 insulin syringes of BAC water which is 3mL as each syringe is 1mL. So you will have 5,000mcg/3mL giving you ~1,667mcg/1mL. On the insulin syringe each big black line is 0.1mL each tiny line is 0.01mL. If you’re injecting into the muscle those syringes usually hold up to 3mL. So each little line is 0.1mL and the big lines are 0.5mL and/or 1mL depending on how they are marked.

        If you weigh 150lbs that is equivalent to ~68kg (1lb=2.2kg). The recommended dose he mentions is 1-10mcg per kg so your dose would be 68mcg/day up to 680mcg/day. Or other recommendation was 500-700mcg/day.

        On a 1mL insulin syringe:

        I hope this helps break it down a bit more for you.

    2. Melanie says:

      Based on your weight you can do as much as 500mcg(1-10mcg per kg of weight) so 114lbs divided by 2.2 will gives you your weight in kilograms so your 51 kg.You can do anywhere from 51 mcg to 510 mcg based on given recommendation. So if 15 clicks gives you 250 mcg then you can do up to 30 clicks (500mcg). Hope this helps, good luck

  57. Dru Ruebush says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’ve been injecting BPC subcutaneously for three weeks to help with getting off ppi‘s and it’s working! I’m going to be traveling next week and don’t want to take the solution with me so I ordered tablets from Dr. Seeds. What are your thoughts on simply swallowing the pills and their effectiveness? Appreciate your work sir!! Thank you!

    1. Apollo Grace says:

      How do we know that the “Body Protective Complex” from Dr. Seeds is actually BPC-157? (I mean, there’s one level of uncertainty in buying this sort of thing from any online vendor, although the recommendation here is very helpful; but there’s a second level of uncertainty in that Dr. Seeds doesn’t actually _say_ that it’s BPC-157.)

      1. Rex says:

        The Seeds website specifically says that it is NOT BPC-157. Quote: “The Dr. Seeds BPC combination contains the protein from which the BPC peptide is extracted. While this is not directly the same thing as BPC-157, the results that come from the Dr. Seeds BPC combination are extremely similar to BPC-157, at a fraction of the price.”

      2. Shan Raffel says:

        It is NOT BPC-157. Even the FAQ admits that.

        The Dr. Seeds BPC combination contains the protein from which the BPC peptide is extracted. While this is not directly the same thing as BPC-157, the results that come from the Dr. Seeds BPC combination are extremely similar to BPC-157, at a fraction of the price.

        “contains the protein from which BPC peptide is extracted”. What does that mean? Whey protein probably has the same proteins.

    2. I've found them to be a very effective alternative to injecting BPC-157.

      1. Bob says:

        BS. Dr Seeds is not BPC and there is no evidence it converts to anything, not a single study, nothing. Stop shilling for you % cut.

        1. Marla says:

          I bought that and it didn’t do anything for me, not in the same respects and the injectable.

        2. Larry Lewyn says:

          I use xpeptides from reddit. They provide certificate of authenticity which is important to prove you are getting the real stuff.

      2. Thomas says:

        Is it true Bpc and TB are systematic ? I’ve heard they can injected anywhere. Spot injections aren’t necessary. The medicine will know where to go and what to heal. Does that mean sub q in the fatty stomach tissue would suffice?

    3. Garth Vaagen says:

      Did you ever try the Dr Seeds BPC? If so how did they work? I just ordered a bottle of the BPC+ hoping that it helps my jumpers knee.

      1. Kevin says:

        How did it work for your knee? I had stem cell to mine and it seems to be a faliure.

  58. Ozzie says:

    Good morning,

    I am using BPC-157 on a torn rotator cuff as well as knee pain. Will using an electo-magnetic heating pad (does not just heat dermal layers, but deep to the bone) as well as alternating with TEMS unit …enhance or hinder use right after injecting ? I inject IM on shoulder, and Sub q on knee….

    I am also curious, after just a few days of injecting twice a day on both sites, pain literally disappeared, then reappeared two days after that. Is this normal ? How long should I continue this regiment ?

    Will your reply be sent to my email, or should I look at this site everyday for my answers ?

    ANY and all information/answers will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much and have a wonderful day,


    1. Ozzie, I'm not a doctor, and unfortunately can't give advice on this sort of thing. I recommend posting to the Kion Facebook Community to see if anywhere there can help:

  59. Ron says:

    Question on how to maximize this protocol. I’ve been dealing with shoulder injuries for years (had ac joint resection, etc) I want, and for my sanity I need, to see some improvement with this. I’m thinking collagen and creatine supplementation might be something to pair with this…as well as anything that boots testosterone (sauna, IF, etc). Any other ideas how I can support this protocol? If I’m going to be sticking needles in my shoulder for weeks I really want to get the most out of this. Thanks in advance to any ideas anyone has.

  60. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Reading the instructions for the vial of BPC 157 reconstitution, how many ml is the vial the powder came in?


    Gaius G

  61. Howie says:

    How does the body produce BPC-157?

    Is there a way to naturally improve its concentration in gastric juices?

    Is there any known factor that is detrimental to its production?

    What nutritional factors are prerequisites for natural BPC-157 production in the gut?

  62. gina says:

    Hi, I have OCD lesion in my tibia (only 2.5 mm right now, but 6 mm chondral defect as well) and am not super comfortable injecting myself. Would the oral form from Dr. Seeds be enough for me? How many caps would my serving be?

  63. Hasan says:

    I don’t know if this has already been mentioned, but in the article, under the section on how to mix the BPC it states:

    “pull that syringe back to the fifteenth tick mark, you are going to have yourself approximately 250mcg of BPC-157.”

    This, I think, should read: “fifteenth unit mark” (or alternatively: 7th/8th tick mark)

  64. Matt says:

    Hey Ben. Not sure if you’ll still comment back on this older post. I have a 10 year old son who just has a baseball injury where he had his UCL separate from the bone. He doesn’t need surgery but just braces for 6 weeks before beginning a throwing rehab. Can kids take BPC157 sublingually? Or maybe just lots on bone broth, collagen and Joovv?

    1. I hesitate to give advice for a 10 year old, especially without knowing more about them/their injury. This is from the FAQ section of the oral form of BPC I take: A: We do not recommend that this product be taken by children. However, if you would like to consult with your doctor about this issue, you can show him/her our full supplement panel, located at the bottom of this page. If you need to find a doctor who has experience with peptides, this is a great resource:

  65. Chris says:

    So how sensitive IS this stuff. While injecting three syringes of the water, I noticed that it built up a bit of pressure in there, and air hissed out after the third one. Is it still good?

    1. Tom says:

      As you inject fluid into the vial pressure builds because its a closed system. To remove the air you can use an empty syringe to draw out the air. However as you remove fluid eventually a vacuum will occur. But to overcome, before you draw out fluid inject the same amount of air as you will be drawing out.

    2. Jamie. says:

      When I add the 3 syringes to mix. I remove the plunger from the syringe and put the needle back in above the liquid and it bleeds all the air pressure off.

    3. Fiona says:

      TB500 Price is 11$/vial,5mg/vial.

  66. Jason Steele says:

    Hi Ben. I’ve had irritable bowel recently and as a result am covered in Guttate Psoriasis (horrible!). My friend recommended you and doing oral BPC-157 morning and night for two weeks. Have you had any experience of it healing psoriasis?

    1. I have not. I would ask the Kion Community for advice here: Alternatively, you can find a doctor in your area here:

      1. Alen says:

        So 1 BPC 157 and 1 bacteriostatic water will last me two weeks if I’m dosing 250 cc on alternating days?

        1. John says:

          A 30ml BAC will outlast several 5mg bottles of BPC157.

          It’s easy math. 5mg of BPC 157 will last you ten days if you are dosing 250mcg twice a day. It will last you 20 days if you dose 250mcg once a day.

          From my completely unscientific opinion, dose 500mcg a day.

          1. Alen says:

            Thank you. And I’m confused with the 15th tick mark. Is that 30 units of the 1ML syringe? I’m counting the lines as the tick.

          2. Joey says:

            After reconstitution, is it OK to freeze BPC 157? I accidentally froze it and want to make sure it is still viable?

    2. Phil Clueit says:

      Hi Ben,
      I’ve tore my MCL but am not a fan of needles, would my knee heal if I took it orally.

      Thank you


  67. JOSE says:

    100 mcg is the require dose, but how to apply that with the syringe that comes in units?

    1. TOM says:

      1 mg = 1000mcg
      If you inject 5mL of water into a vial containing 5mg of BPC-157, your concentration will be 1000mcg per mL.
      A 100 Unit insulin syringe equals 1 mL. So each Unit is 10mcg.
      If you want a dosage of 250mcg you would draw up 25 Units or 1/4 of the syringe.
      If you wanted 500mcg you draw up 50 Units or 1/2 the syringe

      1. Lili says:

        The mixing instructions are very confusing, why not give numbers instead of “tick marks” and 3 full insulin syringes – so since each syringe is 1 ml, you’re saying to inject 3 ml total of BAC water into the 5 mg BCP -157? and since the syringes are in ml and not mcg, then please give recommended dosage in mls not mcg? so the usual dosage is varies from .25, 0.5 or .8 ml per day?

      2. Jessica Rabbit says:

        Now THAT is what I’m talking about. Thank you for the layman’s terms! 🙏

    2. Phil says:

      Hi Ben,

      I tore my MCL but I’m not a fan of needles. Would taking it orally heal my knee.

      Thank you


  68. Nat Purcell says:

    Hi Ben; I have inner elbow pain on both arms (It’s either from weighted chin ups or standing barbell OHP) as well as periodontal disease that I’ve recently had treated with root planing. Does it work hollistically enough that if I do sub q injections on each elbow that it will help my gums heal, or am I better off including oral administration into the rotation?

    Thanks, Nat

    1. I unfortunately can't give personalized advice on this sort of thing. I recommend posting this to the Kion Community, a completely free online community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice.

  69. Ben Ellington says:

    I started taking this less than two weeks ago because a torn MCL was being stubborn and healing really slow. Today I broke parallel pain-free on my squats, something I have not been able to do since February when I had the accident. But that’s not the half of it.

    I have had a Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot for a few years, and I use a small appliance (toe spacer) to control it so it doesn’t bother me. And it really doesn’t, to the point that I never think about it. But a week ago the Neuroma started crackling like hell, and while it didn’t hurt it freaked me out until I realized that those deal with tendons too, and scar tissue. I misplaced my appliance this morning and decided to go without one just because, and proceeded to do my yardwork, then shopping (which involved a lot of walking), and then went to lunch, where I realized that there’s been no crackling down there even though I’m appliance-free. I think this stuff is healing my Neuroma, which I was assured by a podiatrist was not possible.

    This is amazing and I’m grateful to you for writing it up.

  70. Dom Pfau says:

    Just tore my ACL and meniscus for the second time,I am looking for the best SARM to help expedite my posy surgery recovery time and get back to 100 percent capacity. I have already looked into BCP-157 to aid in the healing of the ligament. What would you suggest for this instance?

    1. Hi Dom, I do personalized coaching for this sort of thing as I'd need to know way more about your general health before making such recommendations. Just go to You can also ask the Kion Community for advice.

    2. Ryan Benjamin says:


  71. Eliz says:

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the transdermal, as the vials sound finicky….I’d ordered some and it was too complex for me to figure out, so far at least, dosage, adhere to details, and keep it from getting bumped, etc 😕. So am using tablets you recommend, but now need healing for a fracture with muscle involvement. Science says the molecules are too large to work transdermally, but company says they have a way around that. To be trusted? Haven’t found user anecdotes. Looking forward to your reply as wish to speed the healing. Thank you!

    1. Tradd says:

      I won’t go crazy with this but I would venture to say no. If a molecule is too large to be passively administered transdermally then either there has to be a disruption in the stratum corneum or and outside acting force. Iontophoresis can be used in certain compounds but the have to A) be a polarized molecule and B) still be small enough to pass through the epidermis. There are ways to disrupt the stratum corneum like micro needles, abrasives, or pre-treatment compounds to increase absorption and possibly accommodate larger molecules but these methods don’t always work with every compound. More importantly though, is what rate and percentile of absorption are they claiming? and is an effective dose being administered via this method? I would try and find out from the company what exactly their way around it is because I am skeptical. I hope this helps and good luck.

  72. Meg says:

    I’m having a tummy tuck and lipo surgery my natural path doctor suggested I use bpc 157 and tb 500 for 4 months….one month prior to surgery and three months post surgery. I asked my plastic surgeon and he of course is not familiar with peptide supplement oceans but he gave me the go-ahead to take them if I wanted to. Do you think it would be okay to use before the surgery I’m concerned if it increases blood flow or blood vein growth I might bruise worse or damage the new blood vessel growth. Does anyone have surgery experience? Thanks

    1. Michelle says:

      Hi Meg,
      Have you had your surgery yet? I was just seeking the same question. My friend had plastic surgery and took BPC-157 from a company called Integrative peptides one month before her surgery and one month after. She got great results and healed very fast with minimal scars. I decided to use the same surgeon for my breast augmentation and eyes and now he also recommended I take the BPC. He told me to take 2 capsules of the immediate release twice per day. I asked him what exactly this BPC was and he said its a wound healing peptide. I’m so lost after doing my research on this website. This stuff seems to heal everything. He doesn’t sell it in his office I looked on the website to purchase and the bottles cost $195 Ill need 4 bottles. I truly hope this works!

  73. Dan says:

    Where can one purchase a reliable brand of BPC 157?

    1. Doug Brown says:

      The best BPC I have found is from a company out of San Diego Efficacy Labs.(619.722.3400) They sell a modified version of BPC. Stacked with TB500 & MGF (mechanical growth factor) it is hands down the most effective , best bang for the buck , product I’ve ever used . I’ve used to heal a torn meniscus and hip flexor issue .i injected into the epicenter of the pain. The hip flexor was fixed overnight and the meniscus within a month . My girlfriend suffered from extreme esophagitis and west took it daily via sub lingual. After day 2 she didn’t need the purple pill and after a 6 day treatment (3 bottles) she has been free of any of her GI ailments. Amazing !!!

      1. Peter T says:

        ALERT to anyone considering EFFICACY LABS and Doug’s “recommendation”

        I pulled up Efficacy labs, didn’t show up at first on Google. The site seems to be broken, some of the wording isn’t in English, many elements are missing from it and no sign of BPC whatsoever. Moreover, they were registered in May of 2019 making it 2 months old yet claiming to be a global leader in the distribution and research of peptides (with 2 months under their belt and a broken WordPress website).

      2. steve says:

        Hey Doug, can this be bought online?

    2. Fiona says:

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      We are Peptides Supplier from China ,
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      Good quality .
      No custom problem.
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    3. Cain says:

      Umbrella Labs

  74. Wayne says:

    I do not see how BPC 157 could be as fragile as you say. What is your evidence? The stress on it’s structure due to handling would be reduced when it is dissolved in water and the stress at a molecular level would be almost entirely thermal. The structure can be seen at…. Nothing unusual as far as I can see.

  75. Rich says:


    If I can spray a dosage of BPC-157 in my mouth, can I also spray other Peptides that I would normally inject?

    1. Doug says:

      Most peptides aren’t stable enough to make it through the GI track. BPC is the exception because it’s naturally produced in the stomach for the purpose to keep the GI tract healthy . Any other peptide taken orally will be killed by the acids the body produces

    2. According to Jean Francois, BPC is one of the few peptides that are effective when taken orally:

      1. Kira says:

        If you opt for oral, is it best to get the powder form, or can you do capsule form (seems easier)? I read something about Dr. Seeds not being the best, though I agree from my research with what you say above. Just want the most bioavailable and least risk (injection seems to risk fluid retention, rash/reaction, or infection). Also wondering your thoughts on the transdermal bps-157 patches from Age Force in terms of efficacy and absorption?

        A rep at Paradigm Peptides rec’d TD-500 for chronic injury throughout the body (which I have, as well as specific sites), but I read your article about this with regulation on races/events, etc, as well as some potential side effects that do not seem present with bpc-157. Thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!

  76. Simen Jukleroed-Tollefsrud says:

    Hi ben! I am considering taking bpc 157 and tb 500 together. i have elbowpain in both elbows even tho the pain are not to severe. I have had plantar fasciitis now for 18 months and im hoping this will help. How would you suggest i administrate injections when there is more than one area i would like to heal? Also where would you recommend to stick the needle under the skinn for my plantar fasciitis

    1. SubQ injection near the site of injury.

      1. Simen says:

        If i plan on taking 250 cc a day, should i take 125 on each leg a day since i have injured both? or would you do 250 on one leg and then 250 on the other leg the next day. Thank you for answering

        1. Probably better to alternate days so you don't have to inject yourself as much.

      2. Tom Duerden says:

        Hi Ben, just on that comment. I just got my BCP157 and looking for where to inject, I had a double knee dislocation and ruptured both tendons, so I am in a double leg cast from ankle to upper thigh. I want to get as close to the knee for a subQ inject, but where is the next best place, I was thinking glute but is that too far away, would it be best to just do orally until the casts come off?

        1. I would recommend finding a doctor here to help you out with this:

    2. Dennis Burdett says:

      So i clicked the link above to medgearlabs, and i cant find bpc 157 or any other peptides. Months ago i used the link and they had it but now all i see are syringes for sale. Are they out? Or do they no longer sell it? And if not are there any other reliable sites anyone would recommend buying from?

      1. I recommend posting this to the Kion Community. It’s a completely free online community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice.

      2. Jim says:

        DRX Peptides

  77. Pamela Lee says:

    I’ve recently been seen ads for a Dr Seeds BPC in pill form. Have you heard of this formula or do you have any thoughts on BPC in this form. Including the link for reference. I’m not too keen on doing the injections so I’m wondering if this would be an effective alternative…

    1. Yes I like it. I use it more for daily usage and get good results.

      1. Dominick Haider says:

        can you provide a reliable source of bp-157 in the form for injectable please? Dr. Seeds only seems to have pill form

        1. I recommend searching this in the Kion Community. It’s a completely free online community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice, and peptide sourcing has come up several times.

      2. Howie says:

        Dr. Seeds doesn’t seem to sell BPC-157 on their website anymore. It is available via Amazon. However, it’s not actually BPC-157 but instead a longer chain. Thoughts?

        Does anyone know about Integrative Peptides and their oral version?

  78. Mathew says:

    Hi Ben,

    Been training 20 years. Im 40 now and I think your podcasts and due diligence on these matters are second to none.

    Recently I was taken out of the game. Two herniated discs, L4, L5 and S1. Had two epidurals and currently doing nothing except resting and walking.

    In your opinion will the right dose and course of BPC 157 and TB500 help with the healing of my discs?

    Hope to hear from you.

    1. Could be worth a shot for sure. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever. This could be a helpful resource:

    2. justin says:

      check out umbilical cord stem cells

  79. Tom says:

    Have you experimented with combining peptides with a fasting protocol? To double up on the healing benefits. Do you think there would be any benefit to this?

  80. Liam says:

    If I mix 3ml of bac water to the 5mg of bpc and have the same dosage as you’ve said to the 15th mark on the insulin syringe twice a day how long does it usually last for

  81. scott says:

    its says youll give multiple options where to buy this stuff but the only one i see is medlab gear and they dont have it there when i search it anymore so where else do you get it from?

  82. Alejandro Arenas, MD says:

    Ben, does the oral form work as well for peripheral injuries as the injections near the site? Dr. Seeds website mentions that the oral form is not exactly the same as BPC-157…I’m wondering if the alteration was to enhance oral bioavailability.

    1. Eric says:

      I tried asking them this very question but they never responded. I also noticed the physical address on the Dr Seeds website is the same as Tailor Made Compounding, but they wont confirm they make it either. My inquiries went into a black hole.

      1. jennifer says:

        My Doctor orders BPC 500 mcg. capsule for me from Tailor made. I am paying $310.00 for 30 pills!!! It works great. Wondering if the Seeds will do the same? Has anyone tried the compounded version from Tailor as opposed to the seeds brand?

        1. evan says:

          Hey, what kind of doctor would I need to see to have them order B0C from a compounding pharmacy? any MD?

          1. ev says:


  83. Esther Powell says:

    Wow, this post has generated a lot of comments. Apologies if someone has covered this but there was just too many to go through! I have just had an MRI result of partial, maybe full tear of ACL. Not sure why they can’t be clear on full or partial. I actually got the injury 2 years ago, didn’t get a scan and managed to rehab it fairly well. Aggravated it again when drunk as had heels on and wobbled over (stupid I know) and then did it again last December going down some stairs in small heels but defo made it worse that time. Now had MRI and really want to try and avoid surgery.

    Back to full squatting, Bulgarian split squats etc with no pain after starting with light box squats etc. Have been really careful. It does aggravate easily by stupid things like walking or coming down stairs too quickly without thinking. Otherwise it’s pretty good. My goals are to be able to wear smallish heels again and be able to be carefully active. I am already doing a hell of a lot I didn’t think I would be able to do.

    Would this help do you reckon? I want to give it one last proper attempt at rehab without surgery. Physio appointments have been rubbish via NHS so paying to see one now.

    1. Jack says:

      unfortunately, the ACL is pretty tricky to heal without surgery. you are able to strengthen the muscles around it to compensate which is what you have been doing but the stability will likely always be questionable without surgery. I know several people and clients who live perfectly normal and active lives with a torn ACL. I don’t think BPC will help you a ton in this case.

      1. Dominic says:

        How about miniscus tears ?

        Could BPC 157 work on that ?

      2. Josh says:

        I could see why BPC wouldnt help on a TORN ACL. But if its a partial tear I would think it could heal perfectly right? I’m asking as I have a partial tear myself and pray this will work for me.

    2. Taylor says:

      What ended up happening for you here? I am dealing with a lax ACL and MCL that just started to be symptomatic in the last few months. Original MCL injury was 5 years ago, and the ACL was likely at the same time though possibly a little bit more recent. Hard to say as neither got diagnosed properly until recently.

      Also have some recent patellar tracking issues and likely cartilage bruising in the other knee that has sent me back to being extremely symptomatic.

      Am currently on a PT regiment to increase stability but have been considering adding peptides / MK-677 to the mix to improve healing in the area. Have also considered prolotherapy to attempt to tighten the ligament, while maintaining PT regiment. Might throw in peptides after the prolotherapy to improve healing speed.

  84. Martin says:

    Great article, Ben! Thanks for sharing.

    Just so I’m 100% straight, 15 “tick” mark on a 1.0ml syringe = the 0.15 line, which also equals a 250 mcg dose?

  85. Adrian says:

    To heal my adrenals could i inject BPC 157 near them would this help?

    Also, is BPC 157 best taken orally on an empty stomach?

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this.

  86. Rafal says:

    Hi, Ben you’re awesome… any chance you are familiar with some European alternatives for dr.seeds capsules… unfortunately, they don’t deliver outside the US

    1. I recommend posting this to the Kion Community. It’s a completely free online community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice.

  87. RB says:

    Wow just when I was starting to think that Ben was going commercial! This information has changed my life. I’m 63 years old ad I’ve had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders. I push it and they’ve been hurting so I started SQ injections of 250-500mcg. I do each shoulder on alternating nights. HUGE IMPROVEMENT! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Scott Jagodzinski says:

      Where did you buy the BPC 157?

  88. Larsen says:

    One of the most recent responses referenced Dr Seeds BPC 157 product. I wonder if anyone else has had luck with their product? I am interested in it for a shoulder injury and would prefer not to go the injectable route. Anyone?? Ben would it work for shoulder problems if not injectable ??

    1. I've gotten good results and find it to be a little better on my gut… Injection near site of injury would seemingly still be most efficacious, but oral product is effective and convenient.

  89. B says:

    I know there are people on here who express doubts about the efficacy of BPC 157 and Dr. Seeds BPC+. I am a 53 year old male who is in good health and have been an athlete my whole life. I found out about both on this site while trying to figure out how to heal a shoulder injury. I took 2 tablets of Dr. Seeds BPC+ everyday for a month. When I started I couldn’t move my shoulder at all and was in constant pain. Took the first dose on a Saturday afternoon, on Sunday morning I could move my shoulder about 20 degrees and was in less pain. By the end of the week I could get my arm overhead and the pain was virtually gone. By the end of the month I was putting up new PR’s in several lifts. My shoulder joints haven’t felt this good in years…knees and hips too!! But that isn’t even the best part…I have had rock hard, long-lasting erections with a shorter refractory period and semen volume is at least double if not more. I have not found this reported in any forum or on any website so far. Taking the BPC+ was the only change to my nutritional regimen during that time. Just to make sure I took a month off and things went back to normal ranges, started a new round of BPC+ and same results. Has anybody else experienced this side effect or is it just me?

    1. Larsen says:

      How much did you take like how many pills a day

    2. Scott says:

      Same results Sir… semen amount has been dramatically increased while only into day 4 of dr.seeds oral “performance” bpc. So much so that my girlfriend commented about five times last night after copulation. I harkened back to your post and since my results were the same, figured I would contribute to science.

    3. Clair says:

      Which product is that on add Seeds?


    This is where I get mine and BAC.



    1. Julian Resor says:

      My account is under review for this website… are they going to ask why I am buying these products/how did you get around this?

      1. Jack says:

        I told them “im using it for testing” and made up a company name

        1. Suzanne says:

          Did that work? Are you able to purchase from them now? Also, I am in CA, USA and hoping that they will ship.

    2. Suzanne says:


      It looks like canadapeptide only sells to professionals. Were you able to sign up as an individual? Also, I live in CA, USA.
      Although, it does look like they will ship. Guess I’ll just try to sign up anyway.

    3. Gary says:

      Hi Julie. I live in Canada also. I am wanting to source BPC-157 and TB-500. Did you find satisfaction with quality of products from Canada Peptide, thankyou

  91. Tom Markow says:

    Just got my first order of 5mg injectable BPC. The only thing is the supplier does not use any filler or binder, so I am reconstituting only the 5mg of BPC-157 which is literally the size of a few grains of salt. Never saw this before, but the supplier comes highly recommeded. How much water do I add? Do I still use the same amount of BAC water or less?

    1. KMK says:

      Personally I would add 2ml of BAC water. Then your dosage in an insulin syringe will be 10 units equals 250mg of BPC-157 the normal starting dosage for it.

  92. amy lin says:

    Does anyone know if the BPC-157 patches work? Ageforce sells patches and I was thinking of purchasing some before trying the injection route. Also, where did y’all get your bacteriostatic water from? I’m not going to buy it on amazon or eBay, as I don’t know how long it’s been sitting there. TIA

    1. J says:

      No they do not. I saw somewhere that ageforce products were lab tested and no or different compounds were found instead of the correct products. Don’t risk it with them. Also bpc cannot work in patch form since the molecular weight is too large for delivery through the skin.

      1. Allen says:

        Where did you hear the following?
        “molecular weight is too large for delivery through the skin”
        In the rat studies there was no difference between injection, oral, or topical (a cream.)
        Search BPC-157 on pubmed .gov (the U.S. NIH site)

      2. Allen says:

        I appreciate this:
        “I saw somewhere that ageforce products were lab tested and no or different compounds were found instead of the correct products.”
        But you’re accusing people of lying and I think that’s not right without a link to where you saw the lab testing. I checked the Age Force website and they post results from an independent lab.

        I’m not saying you did not see that or that their product as shipped contains BPC-157 as stated. Just want to be careful about dissing a company.

      3. Allen says:

        I think I found the source of the “molecule too big claim.” The author of the post says it, however the link he gives to support his claim says nothing like that. I see that a lot. Someone makes a claim, provides a post so it seems backed up but you go to what they cite and it does not say that. Again, search pubmed .gov for BPC-157 and note there is no difference between shots, oral, or a topical cream application.

        Molecule too big claim:

        Reference he cites (good to read but it has no such claim.)

      4. Allen says:

        The other claim is legit. At least for another of their ‘patch’ products. At least in 2018, shown in an FDA warning letter. The FDA goes on to slam them for poor manufacturing and quality assurance procedures. I searched and that was the only FDA warning letter issued to Phase 4 Pharmaceutical, LLC.

        FDA testing of your drug products – Power Patch, Female Libido Formula Patch, DHEA Skin Patch for Men, and Skin Patch for Women – found multiple samples to be subpotent with no active ingredient content. In addition, FDA testing found nondeclared ingredients (DHEA and pregnenolone), in samples of your Power Patch.

  93. Chad says:

    Thanks for the article and I just finished your peptide podcast w/Jean-François from CanLab. I have a question about the syringes you used for injection: do they have 50 or 100 tic marks? The 1cc syringes I’ve seen have 50. If my math is right, that would make the 15 tics you recommend 500mcg. I assume yours have 100 marks, or I seriously miscalculated.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Mine have 100 marks

      1. Rob says:

        Hi Ben, when you say take orally with a syringe do you mean literally the need you would normally inject with and the just drop it into your mouth?

        1. Reconstitute as you would for injection then squirt it into mouth.

          1. Rob says:

            Thanks mate

    2. RB says:

      I get the “.50” or “,30” ml syringes. You should be diluting the BPC so that each injection gives you at least 250 mcg (dose recommended by Ben) Each 5mg vial then yields 20 applications. I dilute each vial so that each shot is .20 ml of liquid.
      this means .20ml per shot X 20 shots will be a total of 4ml of bacteriostatic water. You can play with these numbers to suit your taste. If you want 500mcg that means each vial will yield 10 applications. Use only 2ml of water with shots of .20ml each. I find the approxiamtely .20 ml per shot to be very comfortable

  94. Dom says:

    I’m having gyno surgery next week and got some of both TB500 and BP157 to help heal quicker so I can get back to work and training. Would you recommend injecting sub Q or intra-muscular around the surgery area?

    Cheers in advance

    1. SubQ near injury site

      1. Dom says:

        Thanks for the reply! Doing it now :D

  95. Paul Giles says:

    Hi Ben

    For the injection site with your golfers elbow.

    Did you inject close to the point of the elbow at the tendon or further up the forearm in the area of the muscle?

    1. Close to the site of injury.

  96. Brandon says:

    What’s happens to the bpc157 if you drop it after mixing, and should you still use it?

    1. Shaking/disrupting it can render the peptides useless… Probably shouldn't use it.

    2. Paul says:

      Bpc isnt very effective this is just marketing.
      Tb500 is far superior.
      Also this company thats being promoted is chinese. All the stuff they sell is from china.
      I worked there for 3 months and left after they were kicked from pro muscle.
      Best place to buy anything worldwide in my opinion is
      They also use fb messenger and are sponsors on the only legit bodybuilding site pro muscle.

      They do nasal spray tb500

      Please stop listening to clever marketing.

  97. Misha says:

    Is it best to do one injury area, once or twice a day at a time, to keep the dosage in your system lower? I have 3 injuries I want to treat….

    1. Hi Misha, this is a great question for the Kion community, as I am not able to give medical advice here.

  98. Natasha says:

    Hi would 250mcg twice a day of the BPC-157 for 4-6week help heal a posterior labral tear.

    Thanks in advance

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever… Yes, this could be effective.

      1. Natasha says:

        Thankyou Ben


      2. Pamela says:

        Hi Ben, for shoulder tears, I am considering taking the Body Protective Complex+. Curious how long someone would take the pill version. I don’t see where there is a maximum amount of time to take, or not take, the pills on the Dr. Seeds website. Maybe they can be taken every day as an ongoing supplement? Not sure as I don’t see it addressed. So just curious about your thoughts. Thank you.

        1. Jody says:

          I am curious about this also.

    2. Fiona says:

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      Will you still need supplier of peptides?
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  99. Daniel says:

    I did 16 days of .30ml injections to repair torn muscle. Muscle is much better and I noticed other positive benefits. neurologically – sleep and focus is better, skin and hair appear to have improved (this was observed by someone who asked what I was doing). Still trying to determine how long I should take or cycle. This is not inexpensive, that said, as a clinician and patient, bpc157 is by far the best thing I’ve come across for healing and anti-inflammatory support

    1. Jessica Hammers says:

      The nasal sprays from are great.

  100. LInda says:

    When taking bpc-157 in pill form do you have suggestions as to amount?

    1. George says:

      Where can you get BPC-157 in pill form?

      1. Beth E Stone says:

        You may want to contact Dr Seeds company before purchasing the BPC bottles sold on the site. The ingredient label is not clear in stating that BPC 157 is actually included in this product.

        1. Gordon says:

          Says right on the label!!!

          1. Howie says:

            No, it only says BPC. The reason is that it’s not BPC-157 but instead a longer chain BPC.

    2. Fiona says:

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  101. Jon says:


    Regarding the oral use of Dr. Seeds BPC, what is YOUR approach to timing of consumption vs. food intake, exercise, etc.? (Note: This inquiry relates to “gut issues”.)

    *Any response shall not be construed as guidance by a medical practitioner.


    1. I usually take 2 caps with my first meal of the day.

      1. christopher longo says:

        Where did you order this from?

        1. Fiona says:

          Hello Big Company

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          Best Regards

      2. Joseph says:

        Ben, look man, lifting is a huge outlet for me and I tore my quad (Or severely strained it), last week, we all really need a good source for this brother. Is there any way you could let us know a LEGIT site to get it from? I mean it looks amazing, but theres so many bs peptide sites that sell garbage and everyone is asking for a legit one that you obviously had. Please let me know man or email me at [email protected]

        1. With the regulatory issues, it's hard for me to stay up and consistently recommend a source (other than the oral form from… People in the Kion Community seem to be having recent success with both Peptide Sciences and NordSci.

          1. Peter T says:

            Hey @Ben,

            Just a quick heads up to you and everyone else on DrSeeds. I personally placed an order about 6 days ago. Zero response from them, no update, no shipment, no tracking information – nothing other than the paypal receipt.

            The paypal receipt shows michael @ and I tried writing that account – still zero response. Though I can’t imagine no one seeing the emails given there’s a paypal account tied to it and they’re collecting the funds.

            6 days and counting, no responses, no e-mails, no tracking info – nothing as of yet. I wanted to put this up here given that you recommended Dr. Seeds and I appreciate that you’re willing to make recommendations so the least a reader like myself can do is inform you of when they let you down with how they handle customers. As of now, it seems like a complete flat line where I’ll need to dispute the charge with PayPal.

            Cheers Ben and thanks again for all that you do here

          2. Sorry about that, Peter! I'll reach out.

  102. Drew Wittler says:

    Ben Greenfield says:

    February 15, 2019 at 11:06 am

    Injection is going to be the most effective means of delivery, as with most things… However, I’ve had great success with the oral supplement and quite honestly have found it to be easier on my gut/digestion opposed to injection

    Hey Ben, Thank you so much for your response (above for reference). I just have a follow up question: Is squirting the injection sublingually just as effective as the subcutaneous injection for gut issues?

    On a related note: I have been taking it this way for less than 1 1/2 weeks and already ran out, which makes me worry I may have been doing something incorrectly. I was prescribed the pill version of this ($400) and can’t tell if I’d be better off just purchasing that than 4 BPC bottles in one month, if that is what it takes.

    I hope my questions make sense! Thank you so much in advance.

  103. Casey says:

    Hi Ben – Started the BPC-157 injections about a week and a half ago for tennis and golfer’s elbow in my right arm. A couple of quick questions:

    1) Not a lot of fat in those areas, so if I’m injecting into skin folds, essentially, nearest the injuries, is that still effective (or should I find more optimum area to inject – more fat, other?)?

    2) How would I know if I wasn’t slow/sensitive enough in reconstituting the BPC-157 powder with my bacto water? Would it affect potency/efficacy?

    Really appreciate the post here. Great information.

  104. First, Ben thank you so much for the website and info. You are awesome. Is there any way to get an updated link for the mixing and dosage calculator? seems to be broken.

    I was a collegiate and then a short term professional soccer career. Have been out of contract sometime after suffering a second, more chronic bout of PFPS (patellar-femoral pain syndrome) and patellar tendinopathy. Had this pretty bad in college but after a scope and plica removal and some really intense and good rehab i was able to fully rid of the patellar pain. A lot of glute med/max and hip rehab leading into working for several months from the bottom up re-learning movement patterns.

    I am now almost 2 years post the second scope and no longer have access to the facilities and modalities I use to have. I have been reduced to swimming in the last year and can not get rid of the patellar pain and overall knee inflammation and fatty pad irritation. My quality of life is inherently tied to my ability to exercise and move freely and pain-free. I literally took a job in LA to get health benefits that would allow me to see an orthos that has now stopped taking insurance altogether…bummer! Even light cycling brings pain and inflammation. I continue to do rehab but it is admittedly hard without being able to afford or have access to the level of athletic training and physical therapy attention necessary.

    I have done every typical modality, PRP’s, Cortizone shot’s, 2 scopes (second unsuccessful), looking for some new things. I have no problem injecting myself or unregulated products. I guess my only questions would be what is the most reliable place to acquire the isolated BPC-157 Satori mentions above. I realize the lack of data and science but should the anecdotal experiences of successful BPC use be completely ignored? Is code BEN working again? Are there any other peptides I should think about trying? Currently, I try and focus on a low carb diet with anti-inflammatory choices constantly in mind. 2x daily fish oils, 2x daily turmeric oral capsule, MFR aggressive (softball) daily, ice, NSAID’s throughout the day, etc. I really want to start trying some new things and proactively take this matter into my own hands. Tired of fighting nail and tooth to see highly rated doctors, orthos, pt’s etc to feel like a number in line. Copays on copays with Santa Monica’s rent is a nightmare and not worth the 10 minutes you get until a grad student getting their hours takes over.

    1. Updated the peptide calculator… Also listen to my recent podcast with Jay Campbell where we dive into peptides:

      1. John says:

        Hello Ben, I’m from the UK and wanting to use this for my current tendon injury’s. I want to take 200mcg per day in the site of injury but I am confused on what measurements to use with the bac water and then on the insulin syringe. As it is a 1ML syringe.

        If you can help, what measurement will I be drawing back to on a 1 ML syringe for 200Mcg per day?

        Thank you.

        1. I would try to find someone with experience (nurse, doctor, friend in healthcare) to help you out with this. Me giving you specific instructions would be teetering on giving medical advice, and I can't do that as I'm not a doctor.

      2. Ox says:

        Hi Ben,

        The peptide calculator link goes to a non-existent site. Any alternatives?

        1. Not Ben says:

      3. Ben says:

        The calculator link doesn’t work for me. I received a bottle of BPC-157 from a company I’m not sure is reputable. The bottle did not look like the one shown in your pictures having noticeable quantity of powder. Is some of that just filler? Mine has only crystalline bits that were all stuck to the underside of the rubber cap. I’ve reconstituted but am just wondering if I should be concerned about the small quantity. It claims to be 10mg but to the untrained eye someone might think the bottle were empty! Thoughts? I was previously getting it from a prescription but it has slaughtered my savings so I gotta go for lab use only to afford it.

        1. This is a great question for the Kion community! Because I get so many questions like this and it's impossible for me to respond to everyone individually, I built this community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice!

  105. Zack says:

    I have been suffering from what I believe is chronic quad tendonitis for several months now and am very intrigued by BPC-157. I am not comfortable or confident taking it via a needle; therefore do you think it would still be effective in helping my knees if I consumed it orally.

    1. Zack says:

      Hi, I have followed the links to dr seeds but cannot find it. I live in the uk

      1. I'm not positive they ship to UK, but this link should be active (code: BEN)

  106. Thomas Mcgrory says:

    For the 1cc pin size you’re using in the article the correct dose would be 8 ticks not 15 for 250 mcg

  107. Yacoub says:

    Nice to see questioning behind the science of stabilization and actual peptide vs its parent in this oral pill form.

    Thanks to Ben for this amazing Website, first and formost :-)

    I actually emailed them but got an infomercial response.

    I have been using pure bpc-157 vials, vial oral route at 200mcg twice daily on and off for 9 months.

    and I am blown away by its numerous benefits, the least of which are the compete disappearance of any back/lower back pain I had been experiencing upon waking up. like ZERO!

    I am interested in the product , especially since the dosages state a much higher amount(3x) per bottle than a 5mg vial. -> but even that might not be true if its not isolated bpc-157 instead of its parent. (which to be honest would solve the problem of bpc-157 easily degrading in pill form anyways)

    here were my emailed questions:

    “1) Is it the same peptide (amino acid sequence Gly-Glu-Pro-Pro-Pro-Gly-Lys-Pro-Ala-Asp-Asp-Ala-Gly-Leu-Val) ?

    2) How is its shelf life? Considering it’s a fragile peptide

    3) * if its NOT the same peptide (and its structure is modified) then how do these modifications affect its efficacy and range of actions

    Lastly, for the trans dermal i have in fact trialed ageforce one, when they had a 3 month supply for 78$ offer back then :-)

    and i have to say, even though i was skeptical seeing as the molecular weight of bpc-157 supposedly does not cross the skin.

    i was very happy to learn that it does work.

    * it worked just as well for any back aches or pains. perhaps 75-85% as efficacious

    while i did notice its effects on the gut were less pronounced


    would love a follow up / update from Ben on this recommendation

    1. Allen says:

      Thank you. I know crap all about molecules but… I’ve looked over most of the 140 lab rat studies (pubmed. gov search BPC-157) and there was no difference between injection, oral, or a topical cream containing BPC-157.

      I saw where someone said that about the molecules. The gave a link but that article said absolutely nothing like that.

  108. Nadine says:

    Ben, hi

    Would really love to order BPC+ from Dr. Seeds. But no option to ship to Canada. Are you going to be stocking this product so that I can order directly from you. Thanks so much, Nadine

    1. I'd recommend speaking with DrSeeds directly… They MIGHT be able to hook you up

    2. Jason Taylor says:

      Does your code work? I’m trying to order it this weekend and the code BEN doesnt work.

      1. Code BEN for Dr Seeds BPC(referenced in red at the top of article)? Appears to be working on my end.

        1. Loren says:

          Hi Ben,

          Can you tell me which peptide supplement is better Dr. Seeds or Integrative peptide? I used IP and it works well almost done with the bottle. just wondering if I should get Dr. Seeds even though it says it doesn’t have BPC-157 but only BPC protein extract Is there a difference?

          1. Dr Seeds is an oral form… It's still efficacious, quite a bit more convenient than injections, and also better for gut health in my opinion, but injection is still the most effective delivery means.

        2. Loren says:

          Do you happen to have a discount code for the Integrative Peptides website? It looks like their product is 99% pure? It says that if you purchase from a healthcare provider you can get it at a lower price. I was hoping to buy the immediate release.

          1. Anthony says:

            Hi Loren,
            Ive been taking the supplement for two months now. My muscle and joint pain has improved by 90%. I was told Integrative Peptides is the only BPC supplement out there. I haven’t seen it cheeper anywhere and the truth is if you want the best you’ve got to spend the money. Try it it works like magic.

      2. Jason Taylor says:

        BEN does work as a discount code, you just can’t combine it with the subscribe feature. Just ordered two bottles.

    3. Mark says:

      Hi Nadine. I’m from the UK but got my hands on Dr Seeds BPC and it’s been amazing. I’d recommend using Shipito to give you your own USA address and freight forward it.

      1. James says:

        I recommend Planet Express to get US address. They have way better shipping rates than the others.

  109. Satori Heart says:

    I feel obligated to point out that taking BPC orally could not possibly have the same effects as the isolated 157 series peptide. I understand Dr. Seeds has to make a living, but this is simply bad science. The body has no enzymatic mechanisms to cleave 157 from its parent protein for nothing more than the simple fact that it is not found anywhere in nature. The effects for BPC-157 have been well documented, but not so for the sibling peptides or their parent.

    There is a reason it is isolated: its particular pentadecapeptide sequence must be intact to achieve the purported effects. Furthermore, because of its length, it is easily subject to breaks and is also temperature sensitive. Simply putting the parent protein in a capsule couldn’t possibly have the same (or remotely similar effects), and there are no studies I am aware of to make a case for it. If people are getting effects from capsule, it must be purely placebo.

    To re-iterate, the sequence for this peptide must be intact and lyophilized in order for it to produce the well documented bio-effects. This will not happen simply from taking a capsule. The BPC will not be properly lyophilized or cleaved to the proper length magically in the stomach or anywhere else in the digestive tract, and the uncleaved parent protein has not been documented to have the same effects. If this is not the case, someone should post a reference here indicating otherwise.

    There is no scientific literature listed on Dr. Seed’s website to explain either how they might stabilize this protein or how they have demonstrated how, via formally documented experiments, it might produce the same effects. Simply stating it has effects or relying on user anecdotes is not adequate. We need to be more discerning, especially when people are spending their hard-earned money looking for results. I know several orthopedic surgeons, and none of them have the background in molecular biology to make such an idea fly. Sorry in advance for stepping on any toes here. It seems like low hanging fruit, but there are no short-cuts in the world of peptides. Know the science before you jump headfirst into an idea.

    1. Ste says:

      Thanks Satori Heart for your detailed response, to my uneducated brain I can see the rationale and reasoning behind your stance for sure. Do you have a view on the transdermal applications that have recently started to spring up too (ie. ageforce)? My issue is with a long standing patellar tendonopathy issue. I am at breaking point now (3 years in with periodic respite but overall little improvement) and now just desperate to get something that will make a difference. Have concerns with unregulated products, and the idea of injecting myself….but not many options left to try…any information grateful received, and in no way accepted as medical advice.


      1. trevor morley says:

        First, Ben thank you so much for the website and info. You are awesome.

        I was a collegiate and then a short term professional soccer career. Have been out of contract sometime after suffering a second, more chronic bout of PFPS (patellar-femoral pain syndrome) and patellar tendonopathy. Had this pretty bad in college but after a scope and plica removal and some really intense and good rehab i was able to fully rid of the patellar pain. A lot of glute med/max and hip rehab leading into working for several months from the bottom up re-learning movement patterns.

        I am now almost 2 years post second scope and no longer have access to the facilities and modalities I use to have. I have been reduced to swimming in the last year and can not get rid of the patellar pain and overall knee inflammation and fatty pad irratation. My quality of life is inherently tied to my ability to exercise and move freely and pain free. I literally took a job in LA to get health benefits that would allow me to see an osteo that has now stopped taking insurance altogether…bummer! Even light cycling brings pain and inflammation. I continue to do rehab but it is admittedly hard without being able to afford or have access to the level of athletic training and physical therapy attention necessary.

        I have done every typical modality, PRP’s, Cortizone shot’s, 2 scopes (second unsuccessful), looking for some new things. I have no probelm injecting myself or unregulated products. I guess my only questions would be what is the most reliable place to acquire the isolated BPC-157 Satori mentions above. I realize the lack of data and science but should the anecdotal experiences of successful BPC use be completely igored? Is code BEN working again? Are there any other peptides i should think about trying? Currently i try and focus on a low carb diet with anti-inflammatory choices constantly in mind. 2x daily fish oils, 2x daily turmeric oral capsule, MFR aggressive (softball) daily, ice, NSAID’s throughout the day, etc. I really want to start trying some new things and proactively take this matter into my own hands. Tired of fighting nail and tooth to see hihgly rated doctors, orthos, pt’s etc to feel like a number in line. Copays on copays with Santa Monica’s rent is a nightmare and not worth the 10 minutes you get until a grad student getting there hours takes over.

      2. SammyJo Willkinson says:

        Ste, did you try BPC-157 for patellar tendonopathy?

    2. josh says:

      You just confirmed my own suspicions. Thank you.
      Would you recommend a place to get good BPC at an affordable price?

    3. Allen says:

      I think the term BPC is misleading. What you want is BPC-157. Look on the product label. Does Dr. Seeds say it contains BPC-157 or does it just say BPC.

      All these arguments about injection/patch/oral/topical are ridiculous because if you look over the 140 rat studies, they found no difference between injection, oral, and topical (a cream they mixed up) no difference. Search pubmed .gov for BPC-157 and see for yourself. Not every study highlights that FACT but many do.

      Maybe someone needs to inform the BPC-157 molecule that it’s defying the laws of physics. :-)

  110. Jon says:

    So I’m wondering if I have a couple areas I would like to treat with BPC-157 should I split the total daily dosage of 500-700 mcg per day up equally amongst the areas I wish to treat or use those daily dosages per area?

    1. Nate says:

      I’d really like to hear an answer on this as well! I’m having the same issue between knee and both shoulders. I’m wondering if I can rotate a full dose, one area per day on a 3 day cycle or if I should inject one third the dose into each area daily. Any feedback is appreciated!

    2. Mark says:

      if you use the subcutaneous injection method (preferred), you don’t have to worry about the site. Glutes, or belly are typically areas where you’ll find fat.

  111. Michael says:

    Hey Ben I’m wondering if internasal BPC is safe and effective for PCS or concussion. That’s the only reason I’d be using it. I’ve read a little about how it could be effective but I haven’t found much info on it. Maybe you could shed some light on it or recommend something that would be effective. I’m already using a vielight and lions mane.

    1. Harry Mendoze says:

      Yes, you should check out the studies for it. It does wonders. carries them

  112. George says:

    Ben your code for Dr. Seed is not working. I’ve tried ‘ben’, ‘BEN’, and ‘Ben’.

    1. Bryan says:

      What is in BPC? The Dr. Seeds BPC combination contains the protein from which the BPC peptide is extracted. While this is not directly the same thing as BPC-157, the results that come from the Dr. Seeds BPC combination are extremely similar to BPC-157, at a fraction of the price.

      1. carolina says:

        Out of curiosity have you used the BPC 157 inject-able solution topically before? Maybe using a carrier lotion or oil for better absorption? I was considering making my own but would be great to hear if anyone has had positive results this way.

        1. I haven't used it in this manner. I recommend posting this to the Kion Community. It’s a completely free online community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice.

  113. tommy says:

    HI Ben,

    Great article & very thorough. I’ve read the article and comments several times and still cannot find where you mention where to get this peptide? I see links for the other supplies needed, but am trying to find a reputable supplier for injectable BPC 157. In doing research on this, I’ve been seeing that some companies are less legit and may not be sourcing the product as desired. I have degenerative joint disease and am the end of my rope to find any relief. My diet is on point, eating lots of greens, healthy fats and quality protein. I’ve lost considerable weight and have even switched from weight training to swimming and some stabilization exercises for my joints and muscles. Reading your article gives me great hope and I just want to find a good product that I am not wasting money on and taking a risk injecting into my body.

    Well wishes,


    1. Margaret says:

      I’ve used

      1. max NORTON says:

        but they say not for human consumption. is that to get around fda or what?

        1. J Birthday says:


      2. Pamela says:

        how do you know how to mix it and how much to take?

  114. Ronald says:

    How deep does the subcutaneous injections need to be? I’m using a 31 gauge needle that’s only 5/8 long and too be honest I don’t really feel the needle going almost, very painless, but I find I don’t even need to push in the needle all the way and I inject I know the liquid is going inside the body and underneath the skin is that sufficient enough or do I need to make sure the needle is all the way in and deep as possible? I’m scared I might hit a vein or nerve since i’m injecting near my ankles and wrist bone areas.

    1. You don't need to penetrate the skin very deeply… Subcutaneous injections are between the tissue layer of the skin and the muscle

    2. Kim says:

      Has anyone used the patches and where did you get them?

      1. Paul DiSanza says:

        Yes and they have helped me tremendously. Give it 2 weeks to see results. Love this stuff.

  115. Justin Lee says:

    Hello, is it possible to reconsitute BPC157 and then dose it into suppositories and be effective? Im trying to heal anal fistula from crohn’s disease. Thank you!

    1. Brian MacEachern says:

      Yes! I’d love to know the same. I have fistulating Crohn’s as well.

  116. Julien says:

    Hi, Ben. According to Kent Holtorf, BPC-157 is now available in capsule form as a nutritional supplement. Have you tried taking it this way, and do you happen to know of a legitimate source?


    1. s says:


      this is a peptide, aka a protein, and just like the protein in food, it is digested. So if it is taken orally, and not injected, it will just be digested in the stomach, and you will not actually get the benifit of it. It will simply be the same as taking in a bit of protein, in other words, nothing.

      1. Joe says:

        Due to the stability of the peptide in the harsh pH environment of the gastric juices, oral administration would be “theoretically” a viable route.

    2. marty meshek says:

      I would love to know this as well.

      1. I use … Use Code: BEN for 15% off

        1. Nate says:

          Is this code still valid? Isn’t working for me on the site.

          1. code should work in all lower case … updating it now to work for all uppercase, too.

          2. Linda says:

            The code is not working for me…

          3. Sorry there was a slight mix up… Working on getting an active code. Appreciate the heads up!

        2. Drew says:

          Would you say that Dr. Seeds’ BPC oral supplement is just as, or similarly effective to BPC-157? Is there a big difference in potency? Would you recommend taking his supplements for GI / gut issues?

          1. Jason Taylor says:

            I would like to know this as well ordering to treat IBD

          2. Injection is going to be the most effective means of delivery, as with most things… However, I've had great success with the oral supplement and quite honestly have found it to be easier on my gut/digestion opposed to injection

        3. Andy says:

          Hi Ben. Thanks for all your great work. Is the bpc+ on drseeds bpc157 or a different peptide? Do you know if they ship to norway?

          1. Hi Andy,
            Was just looking at this site and stumbled across your post late. I asked that question of Dr Seeds at a conference. He observed that many of his patients could not afford BPC 57 and wanted to give them an alternative that was cheaper sand contracted with qa lab to make this which if I understood him correctly turns in to BPC 157 and he gets good results. He is felt by many to be the top peptide doc in the world

        4. JENNIFER ROGERS says:

          thank you trying find product name though and I the sq is better for ibs?

      2. Anthony says:

        Yes, Dr. Holtorf created a BPC-157 supplement. I have Lyme and my muscle and joint pain is so much better. Ive been taking it now for 2 months. I take 2 capsules twice per day. I learned about him on the Better Health Guy episode 90. I had no idea how prominent he is in the hormone and Lyme world. Best doctors appointment Ive been to in
        Thank you, Greenfield for bringing BPC-157 awarenesses, Great website!

  117. mtnwoman says:

    Practitioner here. Want to use a consent form for patients using this BPC-157.
    Anyone have one they signed or created?
    thanks in advance

  118. Jack brin says:

    Can this be safely administered into cartilage/ligament, has it shown to promote healing in avascular cartilage?Specifically the TFCC, area in wrist between ulna and hand? Im afraid to stick myself there, and predict my hand surgeon will laugh at this. Olease help.

    1. Amanda C says:

      or maybe in the shoulder? or the rhomboid?

  119. Jake Basler says:

    Hi Ben, Do you no longer stand behind the BPC 157 offered by NordSci? If not, do you recommend any other source to obtain BPC 157? Thanks

    1. Greg says:

      I suggest Cre8 pharmacy. Please feel free to tell them you were referred by Greg at GM Health and Wellness

  120. Rick says:

    How does this work with migraines and head pressure? Where would the injection go or would this best be taken orally for something like that?

  121. Darrel says:

    I have injured my back a few times in the past and now have chronic muscle pain in the QL. Will BPC 157 work to heal a very tight and knotted up Quadratus Lumborum?

  122. Kate says:

    Hi Ben

    Thank you for putting out such a detailed post. I’ve had crohns for 14 years and am 2.5 years infull remission. I do a lot naturally and started BPC after reading about it

    I followed your protocol for 1 bottle (almost 3 weeks) and feel amazing. Really strong and resilient. Wondering how long you’ve seen it used for st once without side effects. Part of my wants to use it indefinitely!

    Thanks again!

    1. mtnwoman says:

      Hey Kate, any key components to your Crohn’s remission? Congrats!

    2. matt williams says:

      Kate, how much did you take? and did you take orally?

    3. Brian says:

      That’s awesome Kate!
      Id also love to know more detail of how you used it. I’ve had fistulating Crohn’s for about 15 years as well.

    4. Susan says:

      I would love to hear more. I have taken BPC 157 orally for 10 weeks and a transdermal patch for 4 weeks to treat IBS/Crohns. My symptoms have been improving very slowly, which could be for many reasons, since I am always trying new natural remedies. Have you continued to get improvement? Do you know if there is a reason not to use it long term? It is so new and experimental there doesn’t seem to be a way to discern answers to these questions. I do notice that I am my body is stiff and I am tired a lot. Thoughts?

      1. Kim says:

        Where did you get the patch?

  123. Dan says:

    Hi, can you email the link of the website you bought from. I have concerns about purity from other places and need purity for my “research” as there cannot be any variables.

  124. Trevor says:

    Hi, the link to purchase the bpc 157 doesn’t show anything, just a blank picture and writing “easytouch super saver combo pack”. What is actually the link to purchase the bpc 157? Thank you.

  125. Dean says:

    In regards to injecting into the hamstring, where exactly do you inject?? Also, do you have to worry about hitting any nerves in your hamstring ?? Thanks

    1. Kay says:

      Thanks , I’d like to know as well. I just ordered andafter reading this article would like to inject into the hamstring. I’ve done INtramuscukar before but only in thighs so wouldlove to know if this can be safely injected into the hamstring. Thanks

      1. Yes, subcutaneous near the site of injury.

  126. Moe says:

    Re bacteriostatic water: i’ve been using 0.22um syringe filters to sterilize lab-grade deionized water ($30 per GALLON) to make sodium citrate anticoagulant for intra-articular PRP joint injections. Anyone here thinks it necessary to use bacteriostatic water for subcutaneous? If so, why?

    1. This could be a good question for the Kion Community. It’s a completely free online community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice.

  127. Stephanie says:

    I am more interested in the medical uses, i.e. the healing of fistulas, however I have been unable to find any human studies. You mention that there have been human studies. Can you send me a link, or the title of the peer-reviewed journal article where it has been published? The studies on rats are very intriguing and I don’t know why there aren’t more human studies being done.

  128. Robert Day says:

    I fell off my road bike just over one year ago. Small interstitial tear in left supraspinatus rotator cuff. Have not been able to do a pull up or even do band physical therapy for the past year without the pain persisting and intensifying. Could not even work a hacksaw or really do anything without worsening and intensifying pain. Also have had persistent right shoulder rotator cuff pain due to “overuse”. I’m 38 years old.

    Just found out about BPC 157 thanks to Ben. Currently on day 11, 2×250 mcg daily. One 250 mcg shot in each deltoid. Unbelievable, positive results. No pain. Doing max 20 pull ups now. I no longer want to commit suicide because I can now live my life, workout, and do anything I want physically. Shame on our healthcare system for not allowing this amazing elixer. Thank you!!!

    1. Dave says:

      Where did you purchase your bpc-157? Having a hard time finding good source. Thanks

      1. Robert says:

        Peptidepros. Fast shipping and good quality.

    2. Emiliano says:

      Hi Robert,

      I know exactly how you feel, 2 months ago I injured my rotator cuff while at work and now doing my job and working out it is a torture. I really would like to give a try to the BP 157 but I am afraid to buy a poor quality product. Can I asked you where you purchased it?

      Thank you very much

      1. I unfortunately can't make specific recommendations for this particular product. One thing you could also do is ask the Kion Community.

    3. Kay says:

      Did you inject intramuscular

      Or subcutanious near the deltoid. Thanks

      1. Subcutaneous near site of injury

  129. nicola says:

    i don’t know where to buy, by googling it seemes that all the sites are scammer. Can you tell us some good sites? i can’t found nothing in the article exept medlabgear but they don’t sell it

  130. nicola says:

    hello really interesting reading! I’m thinking of treating my back pain (sacroiliac area) with the bpc..just not sure where to inject. I thought of an intramuscular injection but in the sacroiliac area there are no large muscular masses and so I do not know how to do it. So I should give an injection on the butt or subcutaneus in the specific area?

    thank you, i hope you can help me!

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. Just as a recommendation I would say to inject subcutaneously around the injury site.

    2. Paula Baulch says:

      I suffer from arthritis in the SI joints and 2 bulging discs in my neck. I also have leaky gut syndrome. I was prescribed BPC-157 orally for leaky gut syndrome. However, it’s taken away the pain in my SI joints and my neck. I still take meloxicsm and tizanidine for both of these issues, but I feel I no longer need trigger point injections nor ablations. I’ve only been on it for 3 weeks, but I’m pleased with the amount of pain this stuff has taken from my body. A doctor from Body Logic MD prescribed this for me. The prescription is $350/month, which I feel is absurd. However, foregoing the procedures I was having does bring the total out-of-pocket cost down.

      1. Ann ours says:

        Hello how have results held up from Bpc157?

    3. Flo says:

      Hey did this work?

  131. Ramon Castellanos says:

    Hey Matt, thanks for your response. To me, it’s not clear whether the time frame he gives is for: before or after its reconstituted. There is one-time frame given “it will remain stable at room temperature for up to ten weeks, but for best storage and results, you should store in your refrigerator, in which case it will stay stable for up to six months. It will stay stable in a freezer for up to two years” – So my question to you Matt….is where in that quote do you see the distinction on time frame on a BEFORE and AFTER? The before and after are lumped together in one statement. Clearly, once its reconstituted, the time frame is different.

  132. Ramon Castellanos says:

    Hey Ben, thanks for the response. Maybe I am an idiot here but this:

    “Before and after reconstitution, keep your BPC-157 away from UV rays, sunlight and heat. It will remain stable at room temperature for up to ten weeks, but for best storage and results, you should store in your refrigerator, in which case it will stay stable for up to six months. It will stay stable in a freezer for up to two years.”

    Does not answer the question of how long it will last BEFORE you reconstitute it. I could not find an answer in your article or anywhere else for that matter.

    1. Matt says:

      Bro the answer to your question is literally in the quote you shared.

  133. Ramon Castellanos says:

    How long will unconstituted BPC last in its original foam package from Nord Sci? Its been in the cabinet for two months now.

    1. I go over this in detail and give suggestions for storage in the article.

  134. Brody says:

    Hi Ben would you think this protocol may would work on repairing a Sports hernina/core muscle injury?

    1. I'm not a doctor and can't make specific recommendations for particular injuries, but I know it's helped many people!

    2. Andrea says:

      Hi Brody, If you haven’t already seen a doctor who specializes in core muscle injuries/surgery you should. The injury could involve more than one muscle, sometimes several and the muscles could be detached which needs to be surgically repaired.

  135. Tj says:

    Hey Ben, I found your protocol on a BPC157 cycle for injury recovery and I had a few questions.

    So I just had ACL reconstructive surgery yesterday and I’m planning on doing a BPC157 and TB500 cycle to help in my recovery coupled along with my rehab work everyday. I read your article on dosages however I didnt see how often you should inject, as in every day or every other day etc.

    Here’s my plan on how to run my cycle: TB500 – 5mg twice a week for the first 3 weeks to front load and then taper down to 2.5mg twice a week for weeks 4-6, then 2.5mg once a week during weeks 7-12. For the BPC157 – 250mcg dosed twice a day totalling 500mcg every day for as long as needed.

    Do you think this is a solid plan for my recovery? I appreciate your time and knowledge you provide on your channels.

    1. Hannah Ryan says:

      Hi, Ben I am from Canada and I am wondering if there is a place you suggest to get BCP-157 from. I have looked up a few online but I am unsure which would be a trust worthy source.

      1. Hi Hannah, do your best to research, read reviews, etc. I unfortunately can't make specific recommendations for this particular product. One thing you could also do is ask the Kion Community.

      2. T says:

      3. Robert Brown says:

        Peptides Canada

  136. mark daniels says:

    Where should I inject for the ankle…I have been doing the top of the foot

  137. Amir says:

    Hey Ben

    How do you use BCP-157 for periodontal disease?

  138. heidi kole says:

    Hi Ben

    Do you know of an alternate PEPTIDE MIXING CALCULATOR to – as ReaPeptide seems to no longer exist :(

    I’ve combed the web through multiple search engines & have found nothing that compares, only melanotan & small MG volume calculators

    Thanks Ben!

    1. Wondering says:

      With a vial of 5mg of cjc1295 / impamoralin blend 5mg how much bacteriostatic water should be used?

  139. Arjun says:

    Hey Ben,

    How about taking BPC-157 Intranasal? Wouldn’t it be as effective as IM or SubQ? I am looking at taking BPC-157 primarily for my Tennis Elbow and my mother’s undiagnosed pain Issues on the Ankle. Guess taking a single whiff of Intranasal BPC would be around 10 IU per dose. I say this on the basis of how Intranasal Insulin is used for various Nootropic purposes.

    1. In my opinion, intranasal doesn't seem to be as effective as local administration.

      1. Michael says:

        Is internasal safe though? I suffer from PCS and have some vision issues because of it. Not like 20/20 but other problems. I have no injury’s other than that that I’m worried about. I ordered some internasal online from a solid vendor but I haven’t been able to find much info on internasal and it’s nootropic effects. Thanks Ben

  140. Nick says:

    Would this help cure herniated discs in the lower back?

    1. I would talk to your doctor about this or ask the Kion Community

      1. Nick says:

        1/100 doctors will maybe know about this.

  141. Ox says:

    So the peptide calculator at RealPeptides has gone dark. Any other calculators out there that were easy to understand and use as that one?

  142. kam says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’m out here in CO and have come across a place that does peptide therapy. I have gotten extensive blood work done to make sure that I am good to go with the peptides and have been recommended a protocol of BPC-157 and CJC-1295+ipamorelin. The protocol calls for (I believe) 1x/day for the BPC and 2x/day for the other. Total cost is $780/month (I’m about 55-56kg). Am I getting ripped off or is this about right?

    1. It can be pricey, you could check the sources I list for purchasing peptides and compare the prices. I'm sure you'll be paying more, but that's the cost for convenience and having them professionally administered.

    2. Jimmy says:

      Where in CO did you go? I have bad plantar fasciitis ans would rather see a doc than order from China and self inject…

      1. jack says:

        try pep sci for research purposes. i had plantar fasciitis and bpc-157 worked for me. also get a new pair of shoes. the ones you’ve been wearing are helping to exasperate the problem.

  143. julie says:

    Hi Jason,

    Can you tell me the purity of your peptides?

  144. James Fisher says:

    I have heard nothing from Nord Sci after a week’s wait. No answer to my emails. Help

    1. Seth says:

      nord sci is awful

  145. Tommy says:


    Does BPC 157 show up on a military urinalysis?

    1. A guy says:

      No, but that’s assuming it’s actually BPC-157 that you’re using. I’ve heard sometimes you might get some HG in it. Although best chance from what I’ve heard is that if it’s bunch it’s mess of random amino acids. They do test for anabolics only if they “have a reason to suspect use” and I don’t see how it would economically make sense to sell test and BPC157. Also I don’t see how would make test look like BPC157 So unless someone decides to put some white opioid powder in there for some reason, I’d you’re safe.

    2. If they're testing for it, yes. I'm not familiar with what they test for though.

      1. Cameron says:

        Hey Ben,

        Can I inject into my belly fat rather than my knees to help with my knee pain, other areas I have pain?

  146. Domien Ballegeer says:

    what is a good peptide source for buying the peptides. i am using BPC 157 and TB 500 right now for peptides I think they are not pure because i am stil suffering from my tennis elbow. I have not done any upperbody exercise in like 6 weeks.



    1. All recommendations are in this article.

  147. Laura says:

    Hey Ben I realize this article is old now but I’d like to give the BPC-157 a go on my ankle and shoulder and back, would rather do this than spend more money on PRP if I can. I checked the Nordsci link and the purity now is only 98.4%. I found another that is 99% and will go with that one to be on the safe side, but just thought I would post here. I’m not sure how much it matters, if at all. Thanks so much for posting about this, I hope this helps!

    1. DK says:

      I ordered a bottle on August 2 and received an order summary pending payment approval. I have hear nothing since. I followed up with an email and have not heard back. Could you send me info on where you bought the 99% at [email protected]? Appreciate it.

    2. MK says:

      Hi Laura can you send the 99% source to [email protected] please

      1. BECCA says:


        1. Larry says:

          peptide sciences in CA is 99% pure and made in USA.

    3. Beverly Gula says:

      Hi Laura, can you send me the link as well to the 99% pure peptides to [email protected]? Thank you much!!

  148. Wes says:

    Been injecting this stuff since March (it’s now mid-July). I’ve had very mixed results, this stuff works for sure, but it will NOT heal you like wolverine.

    I have strained patellofemoral ligaments on the medial side of both knees as well as bad patellar tendonitis. The pain was very debilitating in both knees. I also have a partial tear of my supraspinatus tendon in my left shoulder and I had tendonitis in my right wrist and a forearm splint in my right forearm. I have costochondritis in two places in my chest.

    Injecting BPC definitely helps healing in all these areas, I would go on injection sprees until these areas wouldn’t bother me anymore. The BPC has drastically improved my wrist, and significantly helped my forearm splint. HOWEVER it’s a very different story with my knees and shoulder. I would inject until these injuries almost feel like they are all healed up, then I would go back to the gym, lift heavy again, and I’d be back to where I was prior to the injections, if not worse.

    I also have two degenerated discs in my back, a torn hip labrum, SI joint pain, and chronic minor pain in my left ankle. I have not tried BPC on these yet.

    It seems clear to me that this stuff doesn’t exactly heal you like wolverine, it needs to be used as part of a recovery process that might be shortened by injecting it, however this recovery process still needs to be given plenty of time, if not months.

    1. Aleksandr says:

      It’s not the fault of the BPC that you immediately jump back into strenuous exercise after noticing that your pain is able to be appropriately dealt with. Even if you were NOT using the BPC, you still cannot exercise at an extraordinarily high intensity as if your body has been used to it – like in previous times in your life.

      What you must do is slowly reintroduce those stressors’ intensities over a longer period of time FOLLOWING rehabilitation/injury.

      For example, let us assume your working weights for a squat lift is 315lb/143kg, yes?
      You injure some aspect of your knee that does not even allow a bodyweight squat for a week or two.
      After healing your injury, you immediately go back and squat 315lb/143kg.

      Well, consider that the previous couple of weeks you had ZERO squat stimulus! Your body is simply not going to be used to that level of stress/weight bearing down on your bones/ligaments/tendons: you MUST ease back into that weight range over a reasonable period, such as perhaps 2~ weeks.

      To make matters worse, you yourself are not even sure of whether or not your healing has even been fully completed!
      You state, “I would inject until these injuries almost feel like they are all healed up…”
      Keyword: almost!

      You are unsure if you are 100% healed, and you assume that without appropriate stimulus being done to your body, that it will be used to bearing the same weight as before your break of weeks to months.

      BPC or NOT, this is a faulty way to get reacquainted with training stimulus again. It is no wonder your injuries are still returning to their previous states as if no healing had been done at all!

    2. Mike says:

      It can’t heal weak genes

    3. Robert Brown says:

      Stop lifting heavy.Lighter wieghts and more reps Once the ligament/tendons have been thrashed inguries will persist.Age is a big factor.If over 35-40 heavy lifting will take you out of the gym due to joint hurt.BPC-157 helps heal but does not turn the clock back.

  149. ken says:

    I have had 2 shoulder and elbow surgeries, with another coming, I have BPC most I read says 2x a day? but I read different doses..what do u suggest? and the very best way to get some help from this. thank u

  150. Joshua J Rodgers says:

    Hey Ben I was trying to checkout on the nordsci link for the b157 but it won’t let me because Illinois isn’t listed in the state selection. I tried contacting that company and still haven’t heard anything.

    1. It's probably due to legal restrictions of certain states.

      1. Joshua J Rodgers says:

        I couldn’t find anything on the legality. I checked other peptide sites and I can purchase the same exact one just not from nord sci

    2. Jason says:

      Contact me we are an HRT company in IL that prescribe BP157 and other peptides. [email protected]

  151. Tim says:


    I had knee surgery two years ago to repair a torn patella tendon. My DR said arthritis is to follow and he was correct. Will BPC have a positive effect on arthritis healing?

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. Subcutaneous around joint there is some evidence yes, but I'd do about 4-6 capsules morning and evening of this first: These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

  152. Ken says:

    Ben, do know is BPC-157 will aid in neuronal repair?

    1. Haven't seen it used for that. I would ask the Kion Community

  153. Jarrod says:

    Hey. I ordered from Nordsci. They were quick at answering my emails. 7+ days since I sent the money (moneygram) and it was collected on their side my order says still “on hold” and they haven’t answered my emails requesting an update about my order. Any advice what to do next?

    1. I reached out to them. Your message went to spam. Sorry for that. They've gotten back to you. Hopefully you got the message.

      1. Jarrod says:

        Thanks Ben, much appreciated. I’m trying to put off surgery for labrum tear/cuff tear/frozen shoulder issue, I’ll post my feedback once I’m done.

      2. William Doss says:

        Ben, I have both TB 500 & BPC. I have a lower back issue which is all my disk are bulging but one. My pain is in the low lower back and left glute. I am also having pain in my right front delt / chest area, I believe to be muscle damage / tightness.

        – Should I use both on one area?

        – Split them for separate areas?

        How do you think I should go about it? Also if you have anything else that might help a guy with bulging disks and gluten pain, be appreciated.

        1. Hi William, I am not a doctor so I can't really give you specific advice about this. I would carefully read all of the recommendations in the article, and this one:… If you need further advice, I would ask a doctor… also, the Kion Community is a great place to find other like-minded individuals who may have experience with what you're inquiring about.

          1. FZuck says:

            I would really like to see these fitness communities moved off of facebook and onto some other platform (forum for example). I have since deleted my facebook due to the egregious privacy violations they commit time and time again.


            Please take this into consideration so those of us that value our privacy can take part in the conversation once again.

  154. Randall says:

    First, I love your podcast and value you opinion/advice. This is great stuff!!!

    My dad beat throat cancer years ago with radiation and chemotherapy. Although his cancer is gone, his epiglottis has major scar tissue from the radiation therapy and is non-functioning. He can’t eat/swallow. Any attempts to swallow results in aspiration. As a result, he is currently obtaining nutrients through a feeding tube in his stomach. He had recent surgery to remove the tissue and WAS working towards additional epiglottis surgery. I am convinced that there is something outside of traditional medicine that can be done.

    What are your thoughts on BPC and/or TB-500? TB sounds promising, but may not be viable based on his history with cancer. This is based on the previous article (How To Build New Blood Vessels, Regenerate Muscle Tissue Fibers, Increase New Cell Growth & More…) suggesting mixed studies showing that TB may contribute to or inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

    Are there additional peptides that you would recommend? I don’t think cutting is a solution. You’ve mentioned peptides, stem cells, cord blood, and the like on previous episodes. Any info/insight regarding the matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for all you do!!!

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. I would say your thinking is correct re: BPC rather than TB. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

  155. Ramon Castellanos says:

    Hey Ben, thanks a ton for this man. I bought one of the bottles and will give that a try first and if it works, I will get more. I want to use it for receding gums. Do you suggest injecting into the gum tissue, or swishing it in the mouth? If swishing, how long? thank you!

    1. Haven't seen it used for this yet. Let me know how it works.

  156. Dave says:

    Is there a good and legit european vendor for BPC-157 ?

  157. Neil Paterson says:

    Hi Ben
    Have you changed the dosage recommendation on this article as it now says fill to the 15th tick mark for 250mcg.
    Surely it should be the 8th tick mark or 15IU?

  158. Jerry says:

    I purchased from Nord Sci and the 2 bottles of BPC 157 have the powder stuck to the bottom of the bottle. Is that ok? The vials are not damaged and the packaging was normal.

    1. The powder you see is actually from the process of lyophilisation or cryodessication being as 5mg would be barely visible like grains of salt. It is done to protect the peptide and completely normal.

  159. Corrie says:

    I have been using these peptides in my shoulder for 4 days and I’ve been experiencing nausea and a mild headache after injecting sub-q. I ordered using the link provided in this article. Could this be a healing reaction?

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. It could be your body detoxing or a Herxheimer Reaction. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

      1. Mark says:

        Thanks Ben!

        I’m experiencing the nausea and headache also. It’s quite intense. Would it be your personal expectation that it’s likely OK to start really low and then work up the dose if we would consider the Herxheimer Reaction or general detox?

        Or does anyone have the experience of the headache disappearing after continued use?

        Best regards,


  160. Jake Basler says:


    When ingesting the BPC orally do you do so while fasted? Simply an empty stomach? With a little food in your stomach? Does it matter?


    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. It shouldn't matter though. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

  161. Dan C says:


    Great article! the link to the peptide calculator does not work. can you post a new link?

    1. Jake Basler says:

      Google “peptide calculator” There are plenty of others out there that yield the same results.

  162. Mike G. says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’m having bad wrist inflammation, probably inflamed synovial sheath. Decided to try BPC-157 to get rid of this inflammation. I’m injecting right in the tendon closer to joint 2 times a day about 250-350 mcg, now finishing 3rd bottle and don’t see any improvement, just more stiffness when moving my thumb.

    Do you familiar with any positive results for curing the wrist inflammation with BPC-157?


    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. I would say anything sub-q injection-wise is going to majorly lower inflammation etc. Have you considered stacking Thymosin Beta alongside this? It definitely is a several month healing process but i’ve heard and witnessed recovery or bettering of any injury in question. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

      1. Albert says:

        I also have a wrist injury from playing piano. I think my Ulnar nerve is being pinched in my neck, and my radial is being pinched near my collar bone.

        I don’t know the exact place of damage, although I feel it in my hands / amrs / wrists, moreso on the left.

        Would taking this orally help in this case? I prefer not to inject.

        1. It could possibly, I would reread the part about it acting systemically.

        2. Patrick Choi says:

          how did it go bro? I have a pinched nerve thinking of trying it as well

  163. TR says:

    Hi Ben

    Do you think this would help my peyronies if I inject my willy with it? Not kidding…

    1. Not sure man, I haven't seen any studies on that, and I'm not a doctor so can't really give medical advice. I would consider posting to something like the Kion Community to see if anyone has tried this. It's a free online community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice. Also, check out my article on GAINSWave, which is something that's actually been shown to help with peyronies: Hope this helps!

  164. Jake Basler says:

    How long does a bottle of an opened bottle of Bacteriostatic water keep? Once i’ve opened it do I need to use it to reconstitute my peptides immediately, or can it remain “good” as long as its refrigerated. Thanks.

    1. Steve says:

      He mentions this:

      Before and after reconstitution, keep your BPC-157 away from UV rays, sunlight and heat. It will remain stable at room temperature for up to ten weeks, but for best storage and results, you should store in your refrigerator, in which case it will stay stable for up to six months. It will stay stable in a freezer for up to two years.

      1. Jake Basler says:

        I said Bacteriostatic water. Not BPC.

        1. Eric says:

          I have this same question. I’ve read BAC only keeps for 28 days from Mountainside healthcare supply website. i’ve been keeping my bottles much longer.

          Is there a good low cost source for BAC water? Mountainside is on backorder.

  165. Brian Rosenthal says:

    Hey Ben,

    Any chance you can recommend a different source? I’ve tried to order off of NordSci and my order won’t go through. I’ve emailed them a few times and no reply.



    1. A Thrasher says:

      Hi, same result here. I placed an order on 4/20 and received an email confirmation but then nothing. They didn’t charge my card or anything. I emailed them a couple of times with no response. I then tried to place another order and I’m now getting a message that says they’re unable to place the order but with no explanation. I’m a little disappointed bc I also placed an order from Medlab and received it without any issues. If anyone has any suggestions that would be wonderful. Thanks.

    2. Graham Loft says:

      I just placed an order last night on nordsci, Ben20 code didn’t work but they gave me 25% off for paying via cash app. They have been very communicative and are shipping today . Try again!

      1. A Thrasher says:

        Thanks Graham, I replaced my order without any issues. Just received shipment today.

    3. Mike says:

      King Peptides

  166. Chris says:

    Do you have to inject it into a specific joint, or can you just inject it into the glute muscles (as I take B12 shots) to get it absorbed into the system? I have muscle pain all over due to Lyme disease.

    1. BPC-157 acts systemically. This means that whether you inject it subcutaneously – an easier and more-pain free under-the-skin method that you should do as close to the area of pain as possible… ….or you inject it intramuscularly – the more painful and teeth-gritting version of essentially “stabbing” the needle into the muscle as close to the injury as possible… …or you simply spray it into your mouth orally… …the BPC-157 going to render some amount of benefit in whichever part of your body needs healing.

      1. Pierre says:

        So no matter how you inject it, the results will remain the same?

      2. Pierre says:

        So no matter how you inject it, the results will remain the same? I have chips in my elbow and I am trying to avoid surgery. My coach recommended BPC-157 and I am trying to figure out if oral injection will heal the elbow.

        1.  I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. It will still be effective, maybe just not as effective. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

    2. Jordan says:

      Check out Dr Sponaugle in Tampa Florida. He is the leading Lyme doctor anywhere. I’ve been to his clinic and personally witnessed huge changes for others with Lyme. It is expensive, but worth it.

    3. Marc Paschover says:

      Tim Ferriss mentioned that he was struggling with Lyme’s disease for a long time, and the only thing that really helped him was going on a strict ketogenic diet.

      1. Anthony says:

        I also have Lyme disease and my pain has diminished radically with Dr. Holtorf’s BPC-157 supplement. I went to see him after listening to him on Better Health Guy episode 90 on BPC and Lyme. Im so grateful to him I do also agree that a Keto diet is important to keeping healthy.
        Please watch.

  167. Bruce says:

    Hey Ben,

    I sprained my ankle about 10 weeks ago, rolling it in a basketball game. MRI/X-ray confirmed that I have partially torn ligaments on the outside of the foot, and a bad bone bruise/smashed blood vessels on the inside of the foot. It’s still pretty fat and inflamed 10 weeks later which is not allowing me to progress in my rehab. The inside of the foot with the bone bruise is causing the problems with range of motion. I’m wondering if BPC-157 or TB-500 (or both, but preferably 157) would have any ability to help any of the symptoms I described?



    1. Hi Bruce. Either one may effective in speeding your recovery. The main functionality of TB500 hinges on the ability to up-regulate cell building proteins such as actin, which is a protein that forms (together with myosin) the contractile filaments of muscle cells, and is also involved in motion and metabolism in many other types of cells. Upregulation of actin allows TB500 to promote healing, cell growth, cell migration and cell proliferation. This not only helps build new blood vessel pathways but also upregulates the type of “good” inflammation that is directly correlated with faster wound healing. TB-500 is most often used for acute injuries or wounds that would heal slow (when you need them to heal fast), or for more chronic injuries where the healing doesn’t seem to be happening.

      BPC-157 has an extremely high level of biological healing activity just about anywhere you put it. It is useful for promoting tendon and ligament healing by tendon outgrowth, cell survival, and cell migration and it may counter the damaging effects of NSAIDs like ibuprofen or advil on the gut lining which you may be using as part of your pain management protocol.

      Both are indicated for sprains and tears. TB is more likely to address the inflammation while BPC can stimulate biological healing activity. As always, I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever. Proceed at your own risk. Hope this helps!

    2. Jeremy says:


      I have nearly the exact same ankle injury as you. I’ve been dealing with mine for about 12 weeks now, and it’s very slow to progress. I’m just getting started with BPC in an attempt to help heal it. I know you posted about 3 months ago, how’s your ankle doing now?

  168. Eric says:

    I have been injecting into my forearm, both intramuscular and subcutaneous on other days, but I have noticed no improvement in the last 6 days since I started, and it in fact makes my muscles more right after injecting.

    Is this normal?

    I have been having issues with tight forearm muscles (tennis elbow muscles) and it isn’t getting any better.

    I don’t know if it is just because of the peptide, my muscles are get tight immediately after applying voltaren anti inflammatory gel. Even stretching and heat doesn’t help my tight muscles.

    1. Eric says:

      I meant to type that injecting into my arm makes my muscles more “tight”. Is that normal? My main lifting muscle got extremely tight and only ultrasounding it helped relieve the tension.

    2. Shaun says:

      I ordered from on the 25th of April.

      I paid for express shipping and used my bank account information to get an additional discount as advertised on their website.

      I have emailed several times with no response. I have yet to receive a response or a tracking number. I’m really dissapointed as I am a big follower of this site and went with the recommendations I saw here. I hope the company sees this and makes it right.


  169. Ash Tabashta says:

    Hi Ben,

    Second day injecting BPC -157 subcutaneously in my posterior shoulder (for cuff issues). 250mcg, once in the morning, once in the evening. Shortly after my first dose this morning I experienced severe dizziness that has not subsided (it has been 6 hours). Is this something that you have experienced or heard of? Thanks

    1. Andrew says:

      Are you still alive?

      1. Ash Tabashta says:

        Ha. Yes. Dizziness went away by the next morning. Was likely related to something else.

  170. Ash Tabashta says:

    You mentioned that you performed subcutaneous injections “in” your elbows, without specifying precisely where you injected them. Did you ever consider intracapsular injections for greater specificity? Has any of the medical literature shown greater effectiveness when bpc 157 was injected directly into the joint as opposed to intramuscularly or subcutaneously? Would you ever consider injecting bpc 157 directly into one of your joints?

  171. Kenny Hyatt says:

    Thanks for this post Ben. I have been treating a case of mild platters fasciitis (on myself) with BPC 157, and in a better of 2 weeks, it has resolved, and I am back to running pain free. I did subcutaneous injections of 250 mcg 2x a day, just in front of the heel pad on my effected foot. Worked like a charm.

    1. Eric says:

      Hey, I also have foot arch pain, is that what you had? I have had shockwave therapy, but it only lasts so long.
      Did you inject on the bottom of your foot? I might give it a shot too to relieve my chronic condition.

      1. Kenny Hyatt says:

        No, I had planters fasciitis. Injected just in front of my heel pad, on the Botton of the affected foot.

  172. Jared says:

    Hey Ben, followed all the directions in the article, but while putting 1 bottle of reconstituted bpc-157 in my fridge something moved and accidentally knocked the bottle over and knocked a bottle of the powder form off the shelf to a lower shelf about a foot down, do you think any damage was done? Don’t want to waste my time if I’ve ruined it, thanks

    1. Eric says:

      I would also like to know about the powder fragility. I ordered some from British Columbia and I am worried about it bumping around during the transport.

  173. Eric says:

    If it is ingested orally, would it have any effect on limb ligaments at all?

    I have two dogs with leg ligament injuries, and not having to inject them would definitely be the only option. I am just curious if the ingestion would have enough of an effect to help limbs at all.

    1. I am not a doctor (or veterinarian) and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. It acts systemically so whether you inject it subcutaneously, inject it intramuscularly or you simply spray it into your mouth orally the BPC-157 going to render some amount of benefit in whichever part of the body needs healing. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

    2. Jo says:

      Our holistic vet prescribed it to our nearly 15 year old large breed dog as a last ditch effort to heal her hip injury. We just finished two cycles of four weeks on two weeks off and she is back to at least 100%. She went from walking on three legs to sprinting at the beach. It was an absolute miracle for us; we would have had to put her to sleep without it.

      1. Mariana says:

        Jo, do you mind sharing which vet do you go to? My dog is very sick with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and I’m desperately trying to find a vet who knows about using BPC-157, even if they are in a different state. I would love to know who your vet is so that I can at least reach out for some information. Hoping you’ll see this, your help is appreciated!

    3. Jo says:

      I forgot to say that we administered it orally. I don’t know whether oral vs. injection reduces the efficacy, but we certainly got great results with oral administration.

      1. Chris says:

        Jo, old Post, but in case you see this: what dosage did you use for your dog? We have a Great Dane with a ligament tear (knee) and will do surgery, but not for a few weeks (vet is out).

      2. Ana says:

        Hi Jo, I know your comment is from several years ago now…in the off chance you may see this, could I ask you what dosage of oral BPC157 you gave to your girl for her hip injury? My little guy is currently walking on 3 legs too after a knee injury and your comment gave me much-needed hope. Any advice you can post is much appreciated.

  174. Alex says:

    I’m not trying to be a troll or anything, but I want to say: BE CAREFUL.

    I purchased 1 vial of BPC and 3 vials of TB500 for my patient from Nord Sci. After using for some time, the side effects seemed to be what sounds like brain inflammation. Shortness of breath, confusion, slight change in personality, head pressure, etc..

    Does his knee and wrist feel better after using it for a week and a half? YES. So perhaps it did work on the joint/ligament issues. He did also say he’s had similar reactions to prescribed meds that weren’t supposed to have side effects.

    However, be very careful with what you put in your body. I’m not saying Nord Sci did anything wrong, it very well could have been my patient’s immune response to a foreign substance. But watch closely and pay attention to YOUR reaction.

    There’s no guarantee these peptide companies are legit at the end of the day.

    1. Alan B'Stard says:

      Any protein or peptide can induce immune response.

      But Nord-Sci uses what looks like a fake analysis report to back their BPC-157, so they look quite dubious.…
      compare to:…,1500/b……

    2. John says:

      So far nord-sci not looking legit. I placed an order and received confirmation a month ago, still no product, no update, and no response to my four email inquiries. Anyone have a better source for bpc157?

      1. Ash Tabashta says:

        Ordered from them a few days ago and just received my BPC. Try the suggested method of payment via direct bank account withdrawal or Zelle.

      2. Ash Tabashta says:

        Have you received your order yet? Curious if I should place another order. Another fellow seems to have had the same experience as you.

      3. Brittany Snell says:

        I had the same issue. I cannot get through to anyone and have not got my product.

        1. Your order was paid for and completed? I'll look into it.

  175. Siveshen says:

    Hi Ben just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to bpc. Its completely healed my shoulder injury and is healing my golfers elbow and torn knee ligaments.

    1. Andrew says:

      Did you inject into your shoulder muscle? I’m having issues as well.

      1. Siveshen says:

        Hi yes used a half inch 27 gauge needle. For the shoulder you’ll want to put the entire needle into the shoulder muscle. And make sure not to flex or tense the muscle.

    2. Kevin says:

      Awesome! I did stem cells but it didn’t appear to help. Did you inject soft area on the inner side of the knee and how much did you use? I would love to hear your method of application. Thank you.

  176. Andrew says:

    Hi Ben, I need to try this for nagging tendinitis in my rotator cuff/ tennis elbow. Do you still recommend nord-sci as your go to place to purchase the peptide? Seems to be a ton of drama when trying to find a reputable place to purchase from.

    Also, it doesn’t look like has the other items in stock (syringes, bacteriostatic water or alcohol swabs) anymore. Do you have another site you recommend purchasing these items?

    Really hoping to get some relief as cortisone shots don’t seem to be a permanent solution.

    Thank you!


    1. Alan B'Stard says:

      The “BPC-157 analysis report” that Nord-sci has posted for their BPC-157 on their webpage:…

      is a popular fake report used by many:……

      Only one of them can be real.

      And even the real one would not be a trustworthy 3rd-party test.

      1. Mark says:

        Alan – I have been fighting an Achilles tendon (insertion point) issue for years (two rounds of PT and a surgeon consult). The only thing that gave any relief was dry needling and using guasha tools to break up the scar tissue, adhesions and VooDoo flossing my calves to loosen my calves.

        I bought a vile of BPC-157 from NordSci and after 4 days of 250 mg injections (2x day) in my calf I have seen vast improvement.

        Placebo effect or real?

        If NordSci is not legit where would you recommend buying from?

  177. Alan B'Stard says:

    The BPC-157 analysis report that Nord-sci has posted on their webpage,…

    is a popular BPC-157 analysis report that others also use – all but one must be fake:……

    And even the real one would not be a 3rd-party test

  178. Mike Haynes says:

    Hi Ben.

    Very much enjoyed the article, helped answer many questions relating to BPC 157. My only question is can BPC 157 be effectively delivered transdermally in a patch?

    Best and thank you.

    1. Seth Spaner says:

      Just seconding this question, as I just purchased 90 1mg transdermal patches from AgeForce. 4 of them are being sent out for testing.

      1. Not effectively based on the research that I have seen, but I have not tried the patches myself.

      2. Vic says:

        Any results from the Patch tests?

  179. retrograde says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’m all snapped up.

    -Left wrist sprain that’s SLOWLY getting better
    -Weak shoulders that are prone to tearing
    -Bad knees (definitely tore something in my right knee)
    -Bad right ankle

    I’m in my early 30s. If you’re me, how would you schedule doses to help with these multiple issues?

  180. Andrew says:

    Ben, have there been any studies on using this compound to treat neuropathy, in the legs precisely?

  181. Peter says:

    Hi Ben, I think I want to wait on the bpc157 until there’s more “reliability” , but could you recommend where I could go to get basic

    beginner stem-cell treatment for some nagging inflammation(shoulders mainly) and anti-aging ? (healthy 50 y.o. male, heart disease in family) Thanks Ben !!

    1. Clint says:

      That systemic and shoulder stem cell therapy is only legal in Panama.

      1. ron says:

        i did 2cc of ambiotic (no sure of spelling) stem cell, i did the stem cell instead of total knee was done by the CORE inst in SUPRISE AZ. it was $1500.00 per cc, and ins. doesn’t cover it What i can say is it worked, unbelievable, after 1 week, there was absolutely ZERO pain. i also had a torn rotator cuff, the DR. SAID IT MAY NOT WORK,because of area of damage, i had them again do the 2cc in the shoulder, first 1 day after the shot, it felt like someone ripped my arm off my body, and the DR for warned of the potential pain, results were ZERO,i also earlier had a total right knee replacement, which caused my right hip to go into pain, the DR. recomended PRP (protein rich plasma), a lower priced alternative, it comes from your own blood, they injected the PRP in my hip and in 2 days no pain, another note the core inst dr. used ultra sound to locate were to put the stem cell injections

    2. Contact the US Stem Cell Clinic for a consult, yes. Here's the link:

      1. Sean says:

        Hi Ben, I really appreciate all your advice in advance, just as I do this website as well.

        One question for you. I know you are not a Dr but would you recommend I try using this for herniated disc pain? I’ve tried dozens & dozens of different therapies throughout the years with little to no beneficial results which is leads me to wondering if I should try BCP.

        Also if you do recommend using this for my condition how would you say I apply it, orally or injection?

        Thanks again,


        1. Sorry not a doctor so can't give medical advice. I will say that I know it has helped many people whether injected or taken orally. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

  182. PrimalPreacher says:

    Hi Ben. I’m just wondering why you’ve changed your source from peptides warehouse to NorSci? I had ordered through peptides warehouse in the past and like their product but noticed as of recently there’s been a dramatic drop in their prices and their products are always on sale for “50% “off which makes me wonder about the legitimacy of their product.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Alex says:

      Yeah, I think the most difficult part of all these BPC 157/TB 500/etc/etc peptides is quality sourcing. There’s apparently a lot of snake oil out there. I did see that Peptide Warehouse has gone down in quality (read this across various forums). I can’t find much info on NordSci, which scares me a little.

      I’d also like to know, how did you decide on NordSci out of the hundreds of other peptide sites?


      1. Transparent Tom says:

        I realized he even changed the article to ” I got my BPC157 from norsci. I read this article many time when it first came out and even used the link to peptides warehouse from this page. So either Mr. Greenfield isn’t being transparent or he’s a sellout like every other person in the fitness industry. We appreciate that you make money from this kind of stuff Ben but your long time fans deserve an explanation.

    2. My recommendations are based on my most up to date experiences. I've moved away from the previous recommendation when there was an ownership change and I did not have experience with their new management. As such, I could not continue to recommend them to our community. I have had nothing but positive experiences with the folks at NordSci and continue to feel comfortable recommending them.

      1. primal preacher says:

        No discount code Ben?

      2. Beatrice says:

        I was wondering the same thing regarding other manufacturers. There are a few other companies that also seem to be at the top of the credibility list – I.e. Tailor Made, RegeneRx. I work at a precision medicine clinic that has been heavily exploring and researching the use of peptides as a means of optimizing health outcomes. Based on scientific findings and clinical trials, we have recently found the most success with Tailor Made products (BPC, CJC, Ipamorelin, PT141, TB4, etc.). Id love to know your experience.

        Have you tried any of these peptides from any of the other credible companies?

        If so, what in particular makes you choose one over the other?

    3. MGR says:

      I’d like to know as well. I have used peptide warehouse for other things and believe it to be a good resource, but would like to know if others have had good experiences too.

  183. Mike says:

    Hello Ben,

    I do two different fight systems, one mma based and the other is an Israeli fight system. They are both demanding physically, at times my ankles get a bit messed up and knees can get messed up. I am assuming for the knees I can go into the glut or quad, what about the ankle? I don’t have a lot to pinch in my calve to go under the skin. If your ankles were bothering you due to something physical you were doing, where would you do it? Any help would be appreciated.


    1. Check out the section "How To Inject BPC-157 Or Take BPC-157 Orally". There it mentions how BPC-157 acts systemically.

  184. Siveshen says:

    Hi Ben I have just finished one bottle of Bpc 157 but im not sure where to inject for golfers elbow please help i know the article says come in at an angle but is that at the Brachioradialis or above the elbow?

    1. Hey man, I'm not a doctor and can't really give out advice to someone for something like this. I'd re-read the section "How To Inject BPC-157 Or Take BPC-157 Orally". There it mentions how BPC-157 acts systemically.

  185. Siveshen says:

    If I inject 2ml water into the bpc 157 vial would that be correct or too little?

  186. Siveshen says:

    Hi Ben if 15th tick mark is 250mcg which tick would be 500mcg?

    1. All of the instructions are listed above. If you're confused I would have someone more experienced help you with this.

  187. Justin says:

    Is injecting in the butt the easiest and safest area? I have lower back issues so I was thinking that’s where I’d do it.

  188. Greg says:

    Hi Ben! How important is the bac water in all of this? I’m gonna take BPC-157 orally to try and treat 15 years of bad IBS/IBD.


    1. It's definitely important for injection. I would order from MedLabGear. BAC water isn't necessary for taking orally.

      1. Greg says:

        I see. I’m only going to use it orally since I’m targeting the gut. Could I just use regular water then or should it at least be distilled or something?

        1. Distilled would be fine.

    2. Stefanie says:

      I want to take this orally, too. How would I do it without a syringe to dose it into my mouth?

      1. Instructions for oral use are in the article.

        1. Stefanie says:

          Right. It says to spray it into the mouth, but how do I do this? There is not a sprayer to use.

          1. You're going to have to get a syringe if you don't have one.

          2. Stefanie says:

            Would regular tap water be ok?

  189. Nelly says:

    Hi Ben, thanks for the info, I have been injured and out of the gym for 6 months due to tennis elbow and ligament inflammation in the back of my right knee, Ive been going to a medical/ sports therapists once a week for about 3 weeks, its been helping but I feel like its been too long of a recovery. I want to try BPC on my elbow/ upper forearm area and behind my knee,im just unaware and have little to no knowledge on how and where exactly is the pinpoint on where to insert bpc in. Any information or advice will surely be helpful. Thanks to who ever responds.

    1. Nelly, I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. The article outlines the aforementioned. You can either go direct to the site or do a simple sub-q injection elsewhere around the navel.

  190. Ken says:

    Ben if you injured your neck soft tissue stuff would you give this a whirl?

    1. I'm not a doctor, so this is not to be construed as medical advice, but if it were me I would give it a shot. I always recommend talking to your doctor about any medical conditions you may have though.

  191. lindy drope says:

    After you stop taking this is there any withdrawals or pain ?

    What are the side effects ?

    Am about to take for my wrist and ankle ?

    1.  I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. But no, I am not aware of any.

  192. Wade says:

    Hi Ben,

    I have shoulder tendon issues that PT has been totally worthless in healing. I just started CJC 1295 and would like to add BPC 157 for the shoulders. My question is I don’t mind the subcutaneous in the stomach but putting the BPC in the shoulder worries me because I don’t know what I might hit (and perhaps a little sissy issue :). Is it that big of a difference where you inject? What would you recomend? I really need to get these shoulders healed, they are holding me back on a lot of things.

    1. Glenn says:

      Use a peg to pinch the skin up so there’s no danger of mainlining. Swab the area and inject as you would into your belly fat.

      1. ron says:

        i have the same problem, there is no skin to pinch by the top of my shoulder….what is a peg? where would i find that

        1. Aimee R says:

          I think a peg is “Brit-speak” for a clothespin.

  193. Adam says:

    Hi Ben

    I live in Australia and was recently ran into by a shark in shallow waters leaving me with deep puncture marks to my foot and lower leg and extreme bruseing to my ankle. My good friend is freestyle mx legend Robbie Maddison and he is part owner of of corvinmier and gave me a weeks worth of bpc157 and all I can say is this stuff is truly amazing. It healed my foot and leg in 5 days the doctors told me I would be off my feet for at least 2weeks. The fact this is not being sold in chemists, prescribed by doctors and used in hospitals world wide is absolutely because big pharmaceutical cant make money of it. These companies do not care about the health of people they care about profits to share holders. I would recommend this to anyone with basically any injuries. Absolutely amazing product!!!



    1. Anirban says:

      Hello, as far as I know bpc 157 and similar peptides are legal in Australia. So, could you please provide some info regarding the doctor recommended dose of bpc 157 for partial supraspinatus tear and strains?

      1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever. But if you scroll down in the article you will eventually find "How Much BPC-157 To Take". That is the recommended dose.

  194. Soyona says:

    Hi Ben,

    This is truly fascinating. I appreciate your research and presentation of the science behind this. This information should be more widely available to the public and medical professionals. As a medical doctor, I’m wondering if you know any legal implications for recommending this to patients? There are a few pharmacies that make certain peptides available, like Tailor Made in KY ( I’ve inquired if they carry BPC 157.

    Thanks so much for your help and inspiration!

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. I am not aware of any limitations for doctors to recommend, although they can't prescribe. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

      1. Steve says:


        Heard you on JRE and have been devouring your site since. Love it.

        I have faulty joints on the right side (knee, ebow, shoulder) and some gut issues from years of NSAIDs. The knee is part of a Marine injury that led to knee and back surgery (L4/L5). The elbow is from a RWI incident years ago ( racquetballing while intoxcated) and the shoulder seems labrum related and is chronic.

        Understanding you are not a doctor and these are for research purposes only (you are fully disclaimed), I am considering a thing called Prohealix. Are you familiar with this lab and this ratio? And does this sound like a proper hupothetical protocal for researching on animals?

        Here is the manufacturer’s website. They claim 99% but everybody does.

  195. Siveshen says:

    Hi Ben so if I’m reading correctly I should get 20 uses from one 5ml of bcp 157.

    1. At 250mcg, that is 4 usages per 1 mg. So, yes.

      1. Siveshen says:

        Thanks a lot I also wanted to know why you only fill the vial up 3 quarter and not fully?

        Thanks again

        1. Beause that's the recommended amount, and any more would make it too diluted.

      2. Adam says:

        Hi Ben, I think your math is off regarding the syringe calculation. In your recommendation in the article, you suggest a .2ml dose to equal 250mcg. According to the calculation site you linked, this would only yield a 30mcg dose. A 250 mcg dose would be 1.66ml, or 1 full syringe plus a 2/3 full syringe. Can you confirm the dosage you suggest? Thanks!

      3. Adam says:

        Oops! I was off. I thought the entire 30ml was being mixed to reconstitute but it is only 3ml being used. My bad! Thanks and disregard!

  196. John says:

    Hi Ben,

    While I appreciate you are not a doctor/medical professional, what would you opinion be on using BPC-157 post surgery?

    I’m due surgery on my shoulder for a labral tear and damaged cartilage on the 19th. Thinking it may help aid recover :) Thanks.

    1. Jamie says:

      Hi Ben-

      Thank you for this information. I have severe tendonopathy and neuropathy in hands, feet, ankles and wrists from Levaquin given for lung infection 4 years ago. Have been forced to stop playing musical instruments, have had 4 foot surgeries in two years for toes that pulled up so high from tendons, they all crossed and broke each other. I would be using the BPC-157 as a cellular help as opposed to focusing on one part of the body. Understanding you are not here to diagnose or give medical advice, do you feel taking it orally can be effective?

      Thanks so much for your informative, generous spirit!

      All the best, Jamie

      1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever. No, it is not orally effective prepared in this manner. They are prepared in lyophilized form therefore injection is the preferred method. However, It would still act on a cellular manner and potentially be effective in bettering your situation as it doesnt only act on a site specific basis. There is in fact reduced inflammation at the local administration site, however, it still works on a cellular level just as effectively. Meaning, say you’re trying to heal a nagging shoulder injury – it is just as effective utilizing the protocol with naval located injections (in your love handle regions) where most people go for. Hope this helps you!

        1. Raymond Testa says:

          Ben, when you treated your elbow, did you only use 250mcg of BPC-157 once daily? Or did you dose 2x a day? It seems like once but you’ve mentioned people having success with 250 mcg 2x a day so I was curious what you did exactly. Thanks

          1. Once daily for two weeks.

      2. Kimberly Harper says:

        Hi Jamie

        I’m in the same boat as you with flouroquinolone poisoning.. I’ve been using both the tb500 and bpc157, rotating the shot location. i feel this is something that i will have to use for abt 6 mos off and on to feel 100%. I have found that when I take a break the joints start to hurt again. This is mostly due to the mitochondrial damage. we have less mitochondria in our tendons ligaments and joints so when the damaged mitochondria replicate its replicating damaged mitochondria. someone else in the flouroquinolone toxicity group also suggested epitalon peptide info addition to these.

        1. bennie wijsman says:

          hello kimberly

          why don’t you share this with the f.t. group on facebook?
          you can also give your source, witch is most important.

  197. Xanimander says:

    There’s some holes in this post. Aside form the mysteriously changing sources, how do you “accidentally” inject 2500 instead of 250? You’d have had to shoot more than a full needle-full?

    1. Sam says:

      Probably reconstituted with like 2ml then did the math for 20ml and injected 1ml of fluid or something similar. It happens.

  198. Neil Clements says:

    Thanks for the article Ben. I have multiple injuries that I would like to treat. Would you suggest one at a time or treat all 4 at the same time?

    1. Eric says:

      In the same boat. Would like to hear Ben’s thoughts about this too.

    2. Yuss says:

      He said that not only the location site benefits, but also everywhere else that needs healing. I’d just focus on one at a time, and then focus on another area only if still needed once I’m done with the 1st one and so on.

  199. jordan says:

    wouldn’t it be the 8th tick mark, not the 15th? thats what the peptide calculator said. it said 15iu’s, but it listed that as the 8th tick mark?

    1. Ben Michaels says:

      Is Jordan correct?

    2. Definitely use the peptide calculator that I referred to in the blog post to check your map.

    3. Todd Jones says:

      Syringe has 100 units in it

      You are shooting 3 syringes Worth of BAC into it

      So the 5gram bottle has 300 units in it

      5 ÷ 300= 0.016

      0.016 * 15(tic marks)= .25 or 250mcg

      1. Todd Jones says:

        Sorry 0.016666

        1. Gari says:

          Todd, would you spell it out for me, please?

          Ben keeps referring people to the article and…

          Every time I think I’ve got it, it just slips away!

          I have a 5mg unconstituted bottle of BPC & the same for TB500.

          I have 3ml of BCW

          I have .3mL diabetic needle

          And a 3ml syringe & needle

          Is “stick” mark the numbers on the syringes?

          I want to dose for 165pounds. How many doses do i get of each?

          I just need help working it out. My torn ankle ligaments thank you!


      2. Pedman says:

        Your confusion here is that you are equating a unit to equal a tic mark when actually there are approximately 2 units PER tick mark. So this would be 15 UNITS, or 8 tic marks.

        So while your math is correct, it would be:

        5 (mg) / 300 (units) = 0.0166667

        0.0166667 * 15 (units) = .25mg or 250mcg

        15 units = 8th tic mark

        Or you can look at it this way.

        1 reconstituted vial is 5,000 mcg

        1 ml/cc of that is 1,666 mcg

        250mcg / 1,666 mcg = 0.15 (units)

        1. Mm says:

          Nope the 3ml becomes 5 once the powder is mixed. Duh. So 0.25 is equal to 250 mcg. Any dumby can look and see a 5ml vial full and know its 5 ml of liquid at that point due to the powder being mixed in. The powder mixed in is taking up for 2ml of space in the liquid. Durrr

  200. Shane says:

    Hi ben, I’ve recently injured my MCL. I’ve done this a few years back also and never required surgery just a long process of no weight on the leg for 6 weeks then rehab.

    Would BCP speed this process up? By potentially injecting straight into the ligament/area and would I follow the doses you’ve mentioned above. I’m from the uk too so any local sources would be helpful.

    Much appreciated

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever. For subcutaneous injection there is some evidence that it may help.

    2. Gabriel Jackson says:

      Did it work on you ?

      1. Yes, but as I've stated before it depends on the extent of your injuries.

  201. HL says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’d like to know if the healing from bpc 157 is permanent? For example you said your gut felt better on bpc but after that did it go back to how it used to be? How are your old injuries? Are they still healed? Thanks!

    1. This is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. Yes it CAN permanently heal and strengthen weak joints, connective tissues, muscles and gut, but it depends on the extent of your injuries. It completely healed mine. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever as I am not a doctor.

  202. Mela Love says:

    Ben answered this above: Yes….but I suspect you would need to have mechanisms in place to cause cancer, such as inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, rampant blood sugar, etc.

  203. Jeff says:

    Hey Ben,

    I am about to have tricep tendon reattachment surgery. Would you suggest taking hgh and also injecting bpc 157 into the injured area? Do they work well together?

  204. Todd says:

    Is the still open for business? Wasn’t sure when this article was posted.

    1. Yes… Use coupon code BEN20 for 20% off Epithalon,GHK-CU, Thymalin, BPC-157 and Thymosin Beta-4 (TB-500)

      1. Matt says:

        That discount code you provided does not seem to work anymore (as of 12/16/17). Do you have any further suggestions?

          1. John says:

            NordSci has BPC-157 out of stock. Can you recommend another source?

            You reference medlabgear

            Did their peptides work too?

  205. Tanya Zivin says:

    If I wanted to take BPC-157 orally or via nasal spray, do I still reconstitute with bacteriostatic water?

    1. Orally, yes. I haven't seen any clinical evidence re: taking it via nasal spray though.

  206. Ian says:

    Hi, I have Metatarsalgia in the joint of second toe on foot, that won’t go away.

    I ordered TB500. Should I inject into that joint?

    Any other recommendations?

    1.  I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever. I would do as close to the area of pain as possible. Check out these two podcasts re: metatarsalgia:……

  207. Gef says:

    I’m a climber and have recurrent tendon injuries. My main current one is the tendon in my ring finger. After finding this site, I’ve ordered all the stuff I need and have started injecting today. Fingers crossed I see a speedy recovery. I’ll report back with progress.

    1. Ivan says:

      Hi Gef, any updates? Thanks

  208. Jeff says:

    On Oct 9th I had a tendon reattached to my right arm. I was researching methods or supplements to aid in the healing and I found this site. I followed the instructions to a t. I have been administrating 8 units twice a day for the most part. Sometimes I only get 1 injection in. This procedure takes 3-6 mths to fully heal. In less that 3 weeks post op I have regained full movement of my right arm. I am able to curl 5lbs with no pain (big accomplishment I know right lol). This peptide has been a miracle. Only thing now I’m worried about is the doc releasing back to work prior to 3 mths lol. I have been enjoying my time off but I would also like to get back into the gym. Thanks for having this page and educating the public. Truly is an amazing supplement.

    1. Michael says:

      Where did you get your BPC-157 been looking for a company but they all are located over seas.

      1. Links are in the article above!

  209. Kevin says:

    Is the handling problem after it is mixed with the water, or even when it is in original form. You can control it’s handling after you get it to your door, but not before that. And having it shipped reminds me of baggage handlers at the airport.

    1. Shog says:

      I do not see how fragile handling of this product is going to make much of a difference since when shot through a fine gauge insulin needle would cause such a ripping Vortex effect on the liquid even if you do it slowly.

  210. Lie says:

    Your bottles are not from Nord-Sci. They are from PeptidesWarehouse. Why did you edit where you say you got them from??

    1. thetruth says:

      You need to remember this guy is selling stuff to make money and promotes stuff to make money. His info on the few things I read is good but alot of the stuff he recommends is stuff he sells or a company he is affiliated with. No disrespect to Ben for doing it cause that is how he makes a living I guess but always research the products yourself.

  211. Alex says:

    Hi Ben, why have you edited the article to change your source for bpc THREE times? First it was blue sky peptides, then peptide warehouse, and now Nord Sci? Seems very fishy.

    1. Because they are a fringe supplement and many companies get repeatedly "shut down" and then reopen under a new URL!

    2. Len Moskovits says:

      Nord-Sci doesn’t return emails, and acts like they are out of business…Regardless, super unprofessional. I’m concerned that I gave them my financial information for the purchase I made that was never shipped.

      1. Harry says:

        Nordsci ripped me off too. Nice company to promote, Ben. I can’t even believe you associate with this company. All your listeners are being scammed and you don’t care.

        1. Kimberly says:

          they messed up my order, but they gave me 1 extra bottle to make it right. so I have no complaints about them

        2. Tim O'Connor says:

          They just ignored me

      2. thetruth says:

        they (nord Sci) are way overpriced for their peptides you can get real bpc 157 for 15 a vial from some good sources just have to look.

        1. Harry says:

          They’re definitely overpriced when you pay for something and they don’t ship it and ignore your emails. I’ve sent at least five over the last 8 days with absolutely no response. They took my money and are just ignoring me. I really got scammed. So beware, people. It may not be worth it to buy anything Ben says and to just do you’re own research. There’s at least 5 other companies I know with good reputations. I wanted to try them because I believed Ben had a great company to do business with. Man, was I wrong.

        2. Michael says:

          What is a good source? Can you share yours?

        3. Tim O'Connor says:

          I’d love to find out where!

      3. joshua says:

        I have had the same thing happen!!!!

  212. Swim says:

    sorry to be annoying.. I also have severe osteoporosis, for which i am refusing the drugs. Steroids are contraindicated.. would this be contraindicated?

    1. thetruth says:

      if you are a woman have your estrogen levels checked low levels in women causes Osteoporosis.

  213. Swim says:

    2nd question: I have a doctor who would help me with this, but it would require being out of town for a few days. Can i carry reconstituted BPC-157 in my suitcase for a few days or is it even too fragile for that? – Swim

  214. Swim says:

    Hey Ben: If PRP did not help shoulder tendinosis, might this? I also have CRPS ( Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), severe small fiber neuropathy, erythromelalgia, Fluoroquinolone toxicity ( which is considered mito damage) has fried all my tendons, autoimmune issues, I am a train wreck and home bound in severe pain. PRIOR to FQ toxicity, CRPS and SFN, I had used a ( manual) wheelchair for 30 years due to crushed sciatic nerves. I was also an avid open water swimmer (1800-3600 yards) and SCUBA diver( last exercise of the disabled).. the first tendons to go were my supraspinatus and teres minor ( Rotator Cuff Tendinosis). PRP did not help. I am losing my mind without exercise. After FQ toxicity i am afraid of everything. I am basically a train wreck, and actually have lost eh will to live. This summer i tried 50 yards with fins and a sorkel and now have knee tendonitis, so i am basically done. The shoulder tendinosis forced me to a power chair which totally sucks. thanks!!!!!! -swim2lakes

    1. kawn55 says:

      Thanks for this info. It seems to be an A+ peptide BPC-157. I just take it oral because I’m not will to do needles.. Period. So I dislocated my right shoulder 32 years ago and until 3 years ago it didn’t hurt but it has & does now. Iv’e been swimming for the last 10 years and had to stop for awhile because of the knot in my arm. My son told me about his BPC-157. Took very little on tongue at a time every other day for a few times. My arm shoulder stopped hurting. My back & knees seemed better too.

    2. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever. But yes, this can work even when PRP doesn't. If it rolled around in your suitcase too much it could be damaged, however…

    3. thetruth says:

      What about stem cell if you got real PRP? there are different types of PRP but Stay positive and dont give up.

  215. Jacob B says:

    Hi Ben, I understand that you are not a doctor but can you recommend BPC-157 for a ruptured extensor carpi ulnaris subsheath (wrist) injury? Thanks!

    1. Jacob B says:

      Also I noticed that you said “I got my BPC-157 from Nordsci which has a 99%+ purity, lyophilized BPC-157 at $99.99 per 5mg bottle.” but Nordsci is now advertising their product ( as “HPLC 98.4% Purity.” Did something change with their quality or supplier? Is this still safe for use?

      1. That's why I like these guys- when their processes change- they report it. Still good- Likely a small change on their part for good reason.

    2. Indeed, not a doctor, have written about BPC-157 here:

  216. Joe says:

    I’m very interested in this post. I was recently diagnosed with a torn Sartorious muscle as well as a hematoma in the same region of my leg. I understand you’re not a doctor but would you recommend the BPC-157 with the presence of a hematoma? Also would an intramuscular injection be ideal in this case?

    Thanks dude!

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

      There is some evidence that this might actually work well in your situation. You may be able to use subcutaneously.

      1. Tommy Serigne says:

        Hey Ben, my roommate knocked my vials of bpc and igf 1 over in the fridge. How fucked are they?

        1. Not bad if they didn't get shook up too much. Getting knocked over won't degrade many peptides. Just keep them in bubble wrap in future.

          1. Anthony Giachetti says:

            Hi Ben, I would like to follow up. I am not exactly gentle and carry filled syringes to work with me in my briefcase and they will of course be juggled around, are they TAHT sensitive that will make them useless ?

  217. Ryan says:

    Two questions:

    1. I have bpc 157 which came made up already from supplier… has been in fridge unused for last yr. is there shelf life??

    2. Patellar tendinitis… inject where exactly?

    1. Yes, 2-3 weeks in fridge, and a couple months in freezer. Inject subcutaneously is what I would personally do.

      1. kawn55 says:

        Good to know…..

      2. Jay says:

        I get the subcutaneous part but if the problem is the knee or Patella in general would you be grabbing the skin around the patella like .5 of an inch from the patella or more up about mid thigh where there is more fat or area to inject in terms of getting as close to the area effected as possible if it was the knee. I mean is there even fat on the skin around your knee to inject there directly? If it’s getting into the knee joint space and mixing with the fluid is that not ideal, or is it totally fine? Because I am thinking you would want that to happen if you had a damaged ACL and its hard to get to? I mean how else is the 157 going to get to an ACL with the crappy blood supply they have even with great knees? Or is this something that it just wouldn’t work for in the joint space? I am sorry for the war and peace novel but I don’t have $500 lying around for the more direct question one on one for 20 mins ha ha. #Medstudentlife

  218. Erik says:

    Any thoughts on this

    Specifically “Blood vessels are also strongly involved in tumor biology. In this aspect, we have neoangiogenesis resulting in pathological vascularization, vascular invasion resulting in release of metastatic cells and the phenomenon of homing resulting in formation of secondary tumors–metastases.”

    1. Yes, I agree, but I suspect you would need to have mechanisms in place to cause cancer, such as inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, rampant blood sugar, etc.

    2. Jan says:

      Hi Ben, just wondering what you think of as a source for BPC157? They claim 99% purity.

      1. I have not vetted them, so I am not sure.

        1. Impie says:

          Hi Ben

          So I have what is called fluoroquinolone induced tendon damage which basically means damage at mitochondria level. I was thinking of tryng BPC157 and TB500 to get the healing kick started. Would you recommend this or is there risk involved?



      2. thetruth says:

        they seem to be one of the top carries of all peptides. They are expensive but not sure on quality from what i heard they are good but I personally havent used them. i have used peptides from evolutionpeptides and they have been good though havent tried bpc 157 but the 2 others were good and prices are always good 50% off right now i think.

      3. Mike says:

        I’ve purchased Semorelin, Melanotan II, and BPC from PS, all have been very good. The instant flushing from the Melanotan and hunger from the Semorelin/HGRP-6 were really good indicators. They also ship very quickly. I am not affiliated with them in any way.

  219. Steve says:

    Hi Ben,

    I just checked the math on the mix and 5mg/3ml=~1.7mg/ml or ~1700mcg/ml

    If you are using a 1cc Insulin syringe it is divided into 100 tick marks (not 50 as the calculator states). So dividing 1700mcg/ml by 100=17mcg per tick mark on a 1cc Insulin syringe.

    17mcgx15 tick marks=255mcg.

    This will yield approximately 20 doses per 5mg bottle @ 255mcg per dose.

    I did not read the entire comments before posting this, so if it has already been addressed then please disregard.

  220. Scotty Welch says:

    Can BPC make cancer grow faster? Since it creates new blood vessels in the area, do those blood vessels stay there long permanently or temporarily?

    1. Jeff says:

      Good question. I’m also wondering this.

  221. Roberto says:

    Hello. I purchased this from Peptides Warehouse. However, the bacteriostatic water was acually a sterile water solution that came in a blue bottle that wasn’t even sealed. It might as well have been just regular water, who knows. I am using this anyway, in spite of the increased risks. I just wanted to let others know that you won’t get the BAC from the picture posted. I am not sure if the sealed vial of BAC can be purchased separately from somewhere else. If anyone knows, please post.

    Also, I used 2 ml to dilute into 20 doses of 250mcg each. Per vial. Make sure you get a syringe that has a larger enough needle to reach the bottom of the vial.

    1. nick says:

      You can buy bacteriostatic water at your local pharmacy.

      I’m not sure what you mean about a long needle to reach bottom of vial? you simply turn the vial upside down when drawing out a dose so needle length is never an issue. When the liquid is near being done all you do is make sure the needle is just barely sticking through the rubber top to make sure you get it all.

    2. bacopa says:

      Dude, just turn the bottle upside down and pull it up. ??

  222. Willie says:

    Hello Ben, I believe the original post you said you obtained bpc-157 from blue sky peptide, as this is what’s depicted in the pics above of the vials, but now it says peptide warehouse. Is there a reason for this? Do you not recommend blue sky? Thank you!

  223. Sal says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for all the info! I had a question about taking it orally for gut inflammation. Do you put the powder as is directly into capsules, or is some additional preparation required?

    As for using as an oral spray, forgive me if I’m being dense, but do you mind clarifying what you mix with for reconstitution (the info above shows bacteriostatic water but I’d think that is only for injection).


    1. Sal – Did you ever try? I started yesterday for severe Ulcerative Colitis(major gut inflammation). Injection so far, not yet oral. Tomorrow will add sublingual though I hear some GI’s rec. capsules. Joel Sprechman if you want to google and contact me directly. Hope you’re seeing success! I feel I’m just N=1 here

  224. Samuel Hunt says:

    Battling a small partial UCL tear that won’t seem to go away. Few questions. When you injected into your inner elbow, did you inject into the exact same spot every time? Or did you move around a few inches or so? Also to clarify on the syringes.. You used the same size syringe to mix the water/BPC as you did for injections. And throw out every syringe after each injection? Thanks.

    1. As long as it is a sub-q injection I think being anywhere relatively close will be HIGHLY effective. Per your question regarding syringe size: Yes, you can use the same size to reconstitute and inject although as you said above, they are only 1-time sterile usage and you should never re-use a syringe.

  225. Evan says:

    Hey Ben,

    Thank you for the very thoughtful, detailed, and exciting post! I did want to inquire why you opted to go for injections vs oral administration? From my understanding, given BPC-157 is also effective orally (which you also mention), might it make sense to administer orally before jumping to injections?


    1. Perhaps it is a different form or preparation? Being a peptide sequence I’m fairly certain it would be destroyed. I haven't found a detailed enough study to really confirm what possible oral form there could be.

  226. James says:

    I recently picked up BPC157 from PremierPeptide (not cheap) and after taking noticed a huge appetite increase a little later – this happened each day for 3 days. I went to lookup if this was a side effect (as I’ve taken BPC last year without this effect) and read that some suppliers are substituting some form of ghrp instead of BPC as it’s much cheaper. I don’t know for certain if this happened in my case, but seems suspicious and I’d like to figure it out if there is some way to test the vial…

  227. Chad Adams says:

    1.5 viles of treatment into Achilles tendonopathy treatment. If anything, feeling much more inflamed and achy. I’ve followed all instructions carefully. Anyone else experiencing a fallout before a change for the better?

    1. I’d give it a longer duration. Are you injecting sub-q around the naval region? or?