If You Could Eat A Steak in a Pill, Would You?

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Last month, I was in Clearwater, Florida for the 2009 Half-Ironman Triathlon World Championships, and happened to stop by a very special place called the “Lifeworks Wellness Center”.

Why did I choose to go there?

You may remember back to Podcast Episode #26, in which I interview a gentleman named Dr. David Minkoff about the Three Main causes for illness and a drop in human performance. In that interview, Dr. Minkoff also talked about his health center in Florida, which is described as the following on their website:

“Whether it's menopause symptoms, weight gain, chronic illness or just a sore throat, LifeWorks Wellness Center can help you regain your health.

Located in Clearwater in the Tampa Bay area, LifeWorks Wellness Center combines complementary and alternative medicine with traditional approaches to give you the best health care possible.

We offer more than a dozen different alternative therapies and modalities for wellness, and offer them all right in the same clinic, with integrative care coordinated by experienced health practitioners.

Our healthcare practitioners spend time with you, carefully listening to you and understanding your health problems.”

Wow! When I was in Florida, I decided to visit Dr. Minkoff and the Lifeworks Wellness Center, and it certainly was a very impressive facility operated by a very knowleadgable physician, who is not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to healing his patients.MAP

While we were talking in  his office, Dr. Minkoff mentioned his very popular “MAP” dietary and recovery supplement. MAP stands for Master Amino Profile (which I just can't seem to get right in the video below). I'd tell you about exactly what is in MAP and why you should care…but let me ask you this:

“If you could get all the amino acid and protein benefits of an entire steak in just one pill, would you try it after a workout?”

If the answer is yes, then just watch the video below. If you just don't know why steak or eggs after a workout might not be a good idea, then also watch the video. Enjoy Dr. Minkoffs fabulous explanation of this unique supplement, and then check out the “Master Amino Profile” by clicking here.

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6 thoughts on “If You Could Eat A Steak in a Pill, Would You?

  1. Lisa Kaulen says:

    Oh and I meant to say it was Innerprime!

  2. Lisa Kaulen says:

    It would be great to see a discount for MAP for listeners here.

    Would I almost have a complete meal with this and the InnerEssence?

    1. I suppose if you wanted to eat like an astronaut…that would be a complete meal. I like to think of it as more a post-workout convenience. I do notice there is a Fall sale going on at the MAP link…

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