Does Marijuana Really Weaken Your Heart?

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Here's your sneak peek from this week's article: Does Marijuana Really Weaken Your Heart?

“Last week, news hit the headlines that, according to a recent study, “marijuana use is associated with an almost doubled risk of developing stress cardiomyopathy”, which is a potentially fatal weakening of the heart muscle. Interestingly, prior to this most recent study, a 2016 study in rats found that one minute of exposure to marijuana smoke impairs the heart’s inner lining for 90 minutes, which is even longer than the impairment that occurs from smoking cigarettes.

To confuse matters just slightly, at the same time as these new studies have been coming out, health experts have been changing their minds on the potential “deleterious effects” of marijuana. For example, CNN's chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta reversed his opinion on medical marijuana and now believes that the drug should be fully legal for medical use. Harvard Health Review has reported that the health benefits of both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana include treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy a variety of psychiatric disorders (e.g., anxiety, substance use disorders, schizophrenia, and psychosis). A 1999 a U.S. Government sponsored study by the Institute of Medicine discovered more of these beneficial properties of marijuana in medical conditions such as nausea caused by chemotherapy, and wasting caused by AIDS, and since then, a number of studies have been done to show that smoked marijuana has pain reducing effects. Finally, a large number of small but significant studies have shown marijuana use to assist with medical conditions from alzheimers to glaucoma to arthritis, Crohn’s disease and beyond.”

So does marijuana really weaken your heart muscle?

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3 thoughts on “Does Marijuana Really Weaken Your Heart?

  1. Robert Lim says:

    With the right dosage, I think it wont weaken your heart.

  2. Jim Gibson says:

    I really believe that cannabis won’t weaken the heart, given the right dosing. It is subjective and it depends if you have a family history of heart disease that can predispose you to a weak heart. Nice info here! Thanks!

    1. Aaron says:

      Jim I am with you. It is all about taking the proper dose and knowing your famiy’s history with disease. No one eats the entire bottle of pills, so why would anyone do the same with a plant. Great read, thanks for the share.

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