How To Use Enzymes For Exercise

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It’s time to give you the sneak peek of this week's practical, quick and dirty fitness tips from Get-Fit Guy.

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Here's your sneak peek from this week's episode “How To Use Enzymes For Exercise

You're sore. Maybe it was the heavy squats. The long run. The enormous  number of pull-ups you cranked out. Or just…life. So you open the refrigerator. Now you're digging around for something, anything to knock out the soreness.

And you happen upon that bottle of digestive enzymes you perhaps rarely use or only use prior to meals. You look at the label. Protease this. Amylase that. HUT. SAPU. FIP. Whatever the heck those mean (perhaps you should check out this episode of my fellow Quick & Dirty Tips podcast “The Nutrition Diva’s” piece on enzymes and chewing to learn more.

You shrug and walk way, in search of a foam roller.

But what would've happened had you popped a few of those enzymes? You'd be surprised at what could have happened when it comes to the potential for significant increases in muscle recovery. So in this episode, you’ll learn how digestive enzymes can be used for far more than just digesting a steak or a big meal.

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One thought on “How To Use Enzymes For Exercise

  1. Karyn H says:

    I’ve been using the Masszymes product and have experienced an amazing reduction in DOMS. Since Bromelain is in this product, I got to wondering how it is different from NSAIDS with respect to the fact that we have learned NOT to take NSAIDS because they inhibit the body’s natural responses and would interfere with muscle growth. How is Bromelain different? I’ve been searching but have not found an answer to this.

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