“The Kona Diaries” Day 5, Part 2 – How To Set-Up Your Bike For An Ironman Triathlon & What To Put Into Your Transition Bags.

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Welcome to Day 5, Part 2 of the Kona Diaries, in which you’re going to get a stark, honest and open look into the life of one of America’s top fitness experts – and find out what I personally do to design my daily routine for optimum health, get my body into the best shape ever, and prepare my mind to enter the pain cave.

In this first video, I'm going to show you exactly how I prepare and set-up my triathlon bike for Ironman Hawaii.

In this next video, you'll see exactly what I put into each of my Ironman triathlon bags – the swim gear bag, bike gear bag, run gear bag, bike special needs bag and run special needs bag.

If you have questions about any of this stuff, or certain topics you'd like to see covered in videos or posts over the next week, simply leave your comments below.

Coming tomorrow: “Kona Diaries” Day 6 – How I Deal With the Pain Cave, and My Official Nutrition, Racing & Pacing Strategy for Ironman Hawaii

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13 thoughts on ““The Kona Diaries” Day 5, Part 2 – How To Set-Up Your Bike For An Ironman Triathlon & What To Put Into Your Transition Bags.

  1. Put Into Transition Bags idea is really awesome to me so far as well. Just a quick note to tell you that I have a passion for the topic "Something about bag" at hand. Thanks for this awesome clips!!

  2. Lysa says:

    Thanks for breaking down all the logistics. I'm a detail person so I can definitely appreciate it! Just curious, at what point and where do you pick up the special needs bags? Thanks in advance.


  3. Damon says:

    Ben — In the videos above, I didn't see a cooling vest in your T2 bag, which I found surprising given that you'd featured it in a previous video. In my mind, it was one of the more interesting possibilities that I'd begun to consider for future hot races, and I was curious how you'd time its use and get rid of it during the race. It looks like ultimately you just went with the BEX hand coolers. What's the story there? Congrats on what looks like a great race on Saturday.

    1. Check my upcoming article in LAVA magazine for details, but it did into a portable cooler in my T2 bag. I totally forgot to put it in film with palm cooler.

  4. @sam, I think Ben used a ViewPoint from Cycleaware. Ben, yes?

  5. Sam Zeller says:

    What is the brand of sunglasses with the mirror? Or did you add the mirror to your glasses?

    Great race Ben!

    1. Exactly, I used a Viewpoint from Cycleware.

  6. Jim says:

    I second the fresh socks, at Im Canada they were wonderful to put on,

    Well I have to give it an A- for the same reason I got an A- at IMC no water bottle in transition bag and the 2 gels for T-1

    1. Javier says:

      Are mirrors allowed? Cheers!

  7. jeff Hoening says:

    Good stuff, Ben. Your water bottle gel holder/storage unit is a business idea waiting to happen – very clever. What's your favorite Powerbar flavor? Do you eat these just during training/competition? 1/2 a cookies and cream pb with black coffee, then the other half during a run or bike is awesome. Thanks for sharing and Godspeed in Kona!

    1. I really never eat powerbars unless I'm in a race. And I don't care about flavor. More me, I just like that chewy bar texture.

  8. how about fresh socks in your run special needs bag – I know my feet get soaked with water as I keep myself cooled and a fresh set of socks at the .5 mark is joyous! ;)

    1. Ya, good idea. I forgot about that!Sent with two thumbs from my iPhone

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