This Year’s Top 100 Most Popular Tweets From Ben Greenfield: A Fitness, Nutrition & Anti-Aging Gold Mine

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I admit.

I'm a Twitter junkie.

I'm constantly skewering my favorite and most useful fitness and nutrition articles, research and resources and posting them to the Ben Greenfield Twitter account. From shattering exercise myths to releasing news flashes on new dietary aids to tweeting the latest on anti-aging, I do my best to keep you informed on everything fitness, nutrition and anti-aging related so you can cut through the clutter and confusion, avoiding having to follow a thousand different people on Twitter, and instead use my Twitter feed as a bit of an “aggregate” for keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest and greatest in all things wellness.

But today, I want to give you the past year's “Top 100 Most Popular Tweets” – the creme de la creme of what I posted. There are plenty of fun and interesting articles and takeaways you'll find as you scan the tweets below.

I make every possible attempt to give you information you're not going to find other places, and provide non-run-of-the-mill advice, so, ranked in order of popularity, here are this past year's most popular tweets (and click here if you want to follow me on Twitter).

This Year's Top 100 Most Popular Tweets

100. Alpha-lipoic acid for fat loss, caffeine + antidepressants, walking to enhance a diet & more. Brand new

99. I told the USDA that our #DietaryGuidelines need to be reformed to reflect the latest science on low-carb diets & saturated fats. Learn how to submit your public comment here.

98. Rule no. 1- what you stop eating matters more than what you start eating…and more amazing tidbits from @_Brian_Johnson + @DrGundry

97. They say “heat accelerates recovery” and cold delays recovery, but they didn’t have a hot-cold control group – that’s what I personally do (hot-cold)

96. 480 days paid maternity leave, neighborhood rec centers, ample recess, forest kindergartens, drop-in after school programs (aka fritids), outdoor classrooms, public access to private lands, and open-air napping… I like this whole “friluftsliv” thing

95. Interesting that #yoga can fix your gut issues just as easily as a diet modification

94. There have been dozens of trials conducted on soy’s effects on hormone levels, cardiovascular health, thyroid activity, and several forms of cancer. Dig into the data and uncover the truth about #soy

93. The many benefits of foam rolling

92. How do former athletes age? Great article

91. Bacterial doping and poop doping could be the next big thing. Very interesting article

90. These 9 foods contain a newly discovered amino acid that makes you feel fuller

89. Discover 7 natural alternatives to gut-destroying NSAIDs…

88. Wait – are you telling me whole grains DON’T protect you from cardiovascular disease?

87. Astronaut's gene expression no longer same as his identical twin, NASA finds

86. The surprising fixes for low testosterone and hormonal imbalances in both men and women

85. Effects of a low carb, high fat diet in runners – seems to work pretty well

84. If your circadian rhythm is timed right, you should be sleeping from about 11 p.m. to about 7 a.m. So, if you’re not there, how do you get there?

83. The latest @nytimes  article that says toxins are a “myth” ( ) is mostly bullshit, and here's why

82. Women who exercise before breakfast burn more fat throughout the day

81. How to Feed a Brain: Nutrition for Optimal Brain Function and Repair

80. News flash: the Japanese are way more saturated fat and meat than they are rice and vegetables

79. 4 cups of #coffee a day to reduce cancer risk. I’m in.

78. Don’t feel like exercising for #longevity? Try #chess

77. #Veggies first THEN proteins/fats THEN #carbs in a meal is the best way to control blood #glucose… now just need to figure out where pizza fits in

76. I am fascinated with the concept of #breatharianism. In short, breatharianism means you teach your body to thrive using energy from sources besides food & water. In today's article discover Ray Maor's personal experience of living as a breatharian

75. We need dietary guidelines that promote the scientifically sound approach to losing weight, getting healthy, and reversing the devastating health trends in our country

74. Latest study on red meat shows that (despite what epidemiologists say) if it's unprocessed and somewhat lean in Mediterranean diet context is healthier than poultry

73. Interesting. For fixing metabolic issues, the ketogenic diet beat out exercising

72. Coffee – the ultimate immortality drug

71. Yet another reason I read so damn much

70. Here in hard workin’ Merica, we don’t even vacation as much as friggin’ medieval peasants. Sheesh

69. Would you get a fashionable tattoo to monitor your blood glucose?

68. #Ketosis For Muscle-Building, The Best Way To Fast, How To Heal Your #Joints & Much More

67. Latest study on red meat shows that (despite what epidemiologists say) if it's unprocessed and somewhat lean in Mediterranean diet context is healthier than poultry

66. If I had diabetes would I reduce daily carb intake to 40g or below? You bet. Check out this study

65. For #muscle gain or maintenance, it turns out that the TOTAL #protein you take in during the day is more important than the TIMING

64. Bananas beat out sports drinks? Yet more research done by folks who have never tried a bicycle race or marathon with a bag full of bananas

63. By depriving yourself of #sleep, you are speeding up the aging process. Here's exactly why

62. Pretty cool story about one modern alternative to antibiotics

61. CBD now totally legal according to WADA

60. If the @Patriots lose the Super Bowl, I wonder how much blame will go to the fact that they banned @tombrady personal trainer @alexguerrero…

59. This is a cool intermittent fasting study. It turns out that it takes about 10 days for your body to be able to adapt to hard exercise in a fasted state

58. Must read if you are trying to gain muscle and/or decode how much protein you need

57. The use of certain probiotics “can result in a significant accumulation of bacteria in the small intestine that can result in disorienting brain fogginess as well as rapid, significant belly bloating.

56. #Ketosis combined with NOT exercising beats out a standard American diet WITH exercise!

55. Ryan Holiday CRUSHED IT on this article about how to live a fulfilling life. Very good read

54. #Creatine increases #cognition, even in #healthy people

53. Move inflammation out of your muscles and increase blood flow with this 10-minute stretching routine

52. I’ve been on a new fat burning quest – a quest that consists of exercises that get me the most bang for my calorie burning buck. Learn the 2 best methods I’ve been using to biohack fat loss – specifically with my little friend called the #kettlebell

51. Baking soda is a proven performance enhancer- here’s how to use it without getting diarrhea

50. Tomorrow I reveal what I've been working on for 2+ yrs. All the knowledge I've cultivated has lead to this moment. Time to get your ki on…

49. Wow. 60 minutes #sauna beats out the equivalent amount of time riding a bike for blood glucose control

48. Cold water immersion beats out cryotherapy – I’ve always said this and finally research is catching on

47. The skeleton in the ketogenic closet…what say you?

46. A handy-dandy minimalist strength workout

45. Older people with higher cholesterol live longer

44. Currently, I'm sitting at Ancestral Health Symposium in Bozeman listening to @DaveKetopresent mindblowing info on “lean mass hyperresponders” with relatively high cholesterol and why this is a good thing. Read his article here

43. Yet another reason to avoid NSAIDs like the plague – loss of muscle and strength

42. This new study kinda backs up the idea of fruit being “nature’s dessert”

41. 12 Practical & Proven Ways To Heal Your Body From The Inside-Out.”

40. Here's the truth about whether #soy is good bad or otherwise for you

39. Do you know any low-carb evangelists? How about low-fat evangelists? If the answer is yes, then you should probably let them know about a big new study that came out today. This study compared low-carb to low-fat for weight loss. via @Examinecom

38. How To Get Into Ketosis In 60 Minutes Or Less (& Which Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients & More To Fill In The Holes Of A Ketogenic Diet)

36. If you’re not already using #ginger regularly, you should be, especially for metabolic effect

35. There's much more to recovering from a workout than you might think. Just because you don't feel sore anymore doesn't necessarily mean your body is completely finished recovering. Learn 12 proven ways to massively cut your recovery time and get more valu…

34. CBD vs. ibuprofen…

33. The more #sun you get in the #morning the more melatonin you make at night. Just by taking a morning walk you're getting the full spectrum of UVA, UVB, near and far infrared. This can even mitigate damage from artificial light the rest of the day 

32. 24-hour fasting regenerates stem cells and doubles metabolism

31. Why You Should Lift Something Heavy Over Your Head

30. 12 Basic, Natural & Easy Habits To Enhance Longevity

29. The author @johnortberg has been blowing my mind recently. I'd recommend you read all his books in the next year of your life. I dare you – you'll change yourself forever, for good

28. Small #sleep routine adjustments – like optimizing temp or knowing how to change your brain waves with simple pieces of technology – add up quickly when it comes to changing your life, your health, and your #productivity.

27. DNA sequencing in the palm of your hand… As well as telomere length measurement and flu diagnosis… Anybody familiar with this company?

26. Why Pre-Workout Static Stretching Is Actually Dangerous

25. When it comes to losing fat fast & staying shredded year round, without two-a-day workouts and being hungry all the time, there are potent strategies that fly under the radar: strategies that go beyond fat loss

24. Keto bread? Keto WAFFLES? Yep, totally possible on a ketogenic diet. Here's how to do it

23. Salt burns fat, and scientists couldn't be more surprised

22. Here’s a good reason to chop your broccoli into small pieces about 90 minutes prior to cooking

21. I read one book every day. Here’s how I remember what I've read

20. How do YOU manage your time? Give this one a quick read…very profound, from Seneca

19. I’ll be honest: I really do a LOT fewer raw cruciferous veggies these days, and here’s why

18. Here’s what NOT to consume with your alcohol

17. 90-year-old woman deadlifts 185 lbs. Can’t wait to see what the trolls think of her form

16. Weightlifting for your penis? @Kingsbu @joerogan – been there, done that

15. If your sleep matters to you, the ONLY type of light in you or your childrens' bedroom – aside from candles – should be red incandescent, like this

14. I’m in Kona this entire week – mostly off-grid bowhunting sheep, goat, pig, scrub bull and turkey at the base of the volcanoes on Hawaii – and also doing a bit of tasty, tasty spearfishing. For long flights like this, I have plenty of airplane travel hacks…

13. Yet another #fasting study suggests it’s not about the calorie restriction, but rather just the long periods of time without shoving food into your gaping maw

12. The World's Fastest Workout: The 10 Minute Exercise Biohack Scientifically Proven To Produce 50%-300% More Strength & Muscle In Just 5% Of The Time.

11. Wow. Really good news for #coffee drinkers. You won't believe what the results of this (SIGNIFICANT) new study just published out of the UK have to say about how coffee supports your health. 

10. Is kratom safe on the organs?

9. This year I used a special protocol that is technically called “extracorporeal shock wave therapy,” also known as “Audio Frequency Shockwave Therapy.” This technique uses mild acoustical waves to “shock” a male or female’s genitals back to life in the ca…

8. This is a really sweet shortcut to make your phone emit beneficial RED light

7. I have 2 extremely effective and simple tips or you to burn fat fast. Tap the link in my bio to unlock these fat loss secrets. This is one of the most common questions I get.

6. Holy shit. I guess the stem cell injections are working. In less than a year I went from biological age of 36 to biological age of 20.

5. I just ordered a double dose of stem cells from the US stem cell clinic and injected myself with mannitol and stem cells this morning. I feel like Superman.

4. From the @joerogan podcast “Why The Heart Is Not A Pump” – here is the fluid dynamics and physics behind why the heart is more of a pressure/flow system:… (the muscles *are* a pump and can assist with this btw)

3. “Sleeping Low” (not reloading glycogen stores after evening workouts) can lead to game-changing performance gains within only 3 weeks of training

2. Scientists reveal what cannabis does to your bone

1. Forgot to mention on @joerogan episode yesterday that black ant extract has more zinc than oysters. Cool


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