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Welcome to Ben Greenfield's Weekly Roundup and Cool New Discoveries!

Ben Greenfield's discoveries, from the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with giveaways, discounts, and more!

New Discoveries Of The Week: Cool New Things I'm Trying, Books I'm Reading, And More!

– New “Travel Hacking” Kit

A few weeks ago I mentioned that some people have trouble “absorbing” some of the supplements or vitamins that you take orally. There’s actually a good reason why. Due to the poor absorption with many nutrients due to stomach acids and intestinal enzymes, followed by a first pass through the liver, many nutrients are lucky to have a 15%, or lower absorption rate. This can be especially the case with traditional oral methods of substances such as CBD, melatonin and even glutathione.

But through work on hundreds of his patients, one of my recent acquaintances, Dr. John Lieurance, has discovered the next most powerful way to get nutrients into the bloodstream can actually be via suppositories (yep, up the butt), and he has now formulated a “Travel Hacking Kit” I've been using with myself and my clients. Holy hell, these things are quite powerful, but awesome for rebooting the circadian rhythm and giving you deep sleep when you've crossed multiple time zones.

The suppositories in each kit, in addition to including 100mg (yes, that's a lot!) of melatonin and 300-600mg (also a lot!) of CBD, contain:

APO-808™ and APO-19™: probiotic blends that are designed to assist in gut health placing probiotics in the lower intestine where they are needed. This bypasses the stomach acids that normally destroy most probiotic supplements. 

Plant Terpenes: these are the fragrant, active ingredients in essential oils that give them their medicinal healing properties. Much research in the pharmaceutical industry is currently looking at various plant terpenes for treatment of cancer, degenerative neurologic disorders, chronic inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disorders, as powerful antivirals, antifungals, anti-parasitic, and anti-bacterial effects. They have been shown to greatly improve the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids.

Each kit also includes glutathione nasal spray, which is amazing for crushing airborne pathogens. These kits are super nifty for hardcore travelers or jetlagged folks. You can pick up Dr. John Lieurance's Travel Hacking Kit here and use code: BEN to save 5%.

– An Awesome Thing To Do With Your Family Or Friends (Better Than A Movie!)

Our family has been crushing Escape Rooms lately. We've now done 5 rooms in Spokane, 1  in Estonia, and 1 in Milan. These are specially designed rooms in which a team of players discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks (e.g. “diffuse the bomb!” or “save the hostage!”) to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time, usually 60 minutes. We've been defeated a couple times but are getting better and better at it as we learn our roles (e.g. Jessa is good at identifying graphics/patterns/visual puzzles, I'm good at scouring literature, books, and notes for clues, the boys are good at finding random objects throughout the room such as keys, etc.). Anyways, these things are WAY more fun than going to a movie…and even deliver a bit of “family therapy” too because you all have to get along while solving something hard. I can't recommend highly enough trying an Escape Room out. Anybody else do Escape Rooms?

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

The Fungus Among Us: Why Fungal Overgrowth & SIFO Are A Hidden Health Epidemic (& What You Can Do About It).

This episode was brought to you by Boundless, Kion Aminos (BGF10 at checkout), X3 Bar (code BEN), Comrad Socks (code KION), and ButcherBox.




32 Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone (+ Testosterone Cream Vs. Injections) – Fully Updated Re-Release

This episode was brought to you by Boundless, Kion Clean Energy Bars (code BGF10), Beekeeper's Naturals (code BEN), and Four Sigmatic (code BENGREENFIELD).


Articles I Published This Week:

Dangers Of “The Pill” (Plus 7 Tips For Leveraging Your Hormones For Athletic Performance).

– My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles.

Special Announcements:

::: Free Shipping On The World’s First Low-Carb, High-Protein Cereal :::

Have you tried Magic Spoon cereal yet? It's a healthy cereal that has the flavor and texture of the old school comfort food cereal I loved as a kid. Better yet, my boys absolutely love this stuff…they can actually read the newspaper comics and watch cartoons while eating cereal—a childhood dream, right?

You can get this stuff here, and code: BEN will get you free shipping on as many boxes as you want (you have to try the chocolate flavor, which is like Cocoa Puffs on steroids, but with NO SUGAR!). They’ve also got cinnamon (like Cinnamon Toast Crunch), fruit (like Fruity Pebbles) and frosted (just like Frosted Flakes). ⁣I’m drooling, baby. Mornings just got awesome.

::: Last Call to Pre-order Boundless & Enter the Sweepstakes :::

Boundless will hit bookstore shelves NEXT WEEK, and I’ll be opening up a special new giveaway where I’ll be asking you to take selfies with the book. If you pre-order from a local bookstore or Barnes & Noble (whether for delivery or pick up), you get extra entries. You’ll love the prizes, I promise. If you already pre-ordered, thank you! If you haven’t yet ordered this beautiful hardcover book, there are still a few days left. The process is simple:

  1. Buy the book. Barnes & Noble lets you order online and choose delivery or in-store pick-up. You can also call or order from your local independent bookstore online (delivery or pick-up).
  2. Claim your bonuses by entering your receipt info here. This includes entry into a sweepstake that still has awesome prizes left, including 6 bottles of Neurohacker Qualia Mind premium nootropic for mental performance ($834 Value) that one lucky person will win. Only 3 days left for you to pre-order and get entered!

Reserve your copy now. My publisher said the book may run out due to the demand, so lock in your copy today.

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Upcoming Events:

– January 29: Boundless Launch Party – Century City, CA. Join me for an immersive wellness experience, learn how to upgrade your brain by fixing your neurotransmitters, how to effectively exercise your nervous system & optimize your sleep, defy aging, and so much more! Doors open at 5:30 PM. Get general admission tickets here, or get VIP tickets here (includes a signed copy of Boundless).

January 30: Boundless Book Signing at Metabolic Health Summit – Los Angeles, CA. Discover the latest science on the ketogenic diet and metabolic therapies from the world's most progressive physicians, researchers, and thought leaders. Learn the latest research, hear inspirational real-world stories of success, enjoy incredible networking opportunities, and discover the most innovative food and technology brands on the market. Get your tickets here, and use code: BENMHS15 to save 15%.

– January 31: Boundless Launch Party at The Bungalow – Santa Monica, CA. 6-8 PM. No RSVP needed, just save the date, and stay tuned for more details!

April 24 – 26: Paleo f(x) – Austin, TX. Join me and dozens of health and fitness experts to discover the latest breakthroughs in epigenetics, biohacking, Keto, AIP, nootropics, blood testing, strength conditioning, sleep, stress and much more. Try out delicious new foods, discover new workouts, and even try new gadgets in the biohacking lab. Register here.

View Ben's Calendar Here

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