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Welcome to Ben Greenfield's Weekly Roundup and Cool New Discoveries!

Ben Greenfield's discoveries, from the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking, and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with giveaways, discounts, and more!

New Discoveries Of The Week: Cool New Things I'm Trying, Books I'm Reading, And More!

Cool New Way To Easily Stay On Top Of The Latest Exercise & Nutrition Research

If you’re like most people, you have a number of health concerns and goals…

  • You may want to build muscle while also dealing with diabetes…
  • You may suffer from back pain while wanting to improve your memory…
  • You could even be fighting multiple health issues—like cancer and heart disease—while trying to bring up your testosterone levels…

…and if you’re a health professional, you not only have your own goals to pursue but also your patients’ and clients’. Even if you’re not a health professional, you likely have friends and family who rely on you for health advice.

The good news: This is a golden age of research, with thousands of studies published each month on a wide variety of nutritional topics.

The bad news: No individual can possibly filter and review all those studies to determine which are the most important for your goals.

Understanding the latest nutrition research gives you an extra boost toward your health goals—and, if you have clients, puts you ahead of the competition. But how do you distinguish the signal from the noise?

Enter Examine Personalized. I've always been a fan of the good folks over at Examine, but they've really knocked it out of the ballpark with this latest service, which I've been beta-testing for the past couple months and have been very impressed with. Why do I like these folks so much? is 100% independent—they sell no supplements, offer no consulting, and have no ads; all they do is analyze and make sense of scientific research. Founded in 2011, Examine is an education company with over 45,000 customers who rely on their unbiased examination of nutrition and supplement research. I've personally been a subscriber to their journal for the past seven years, and it has saved me tons of research time and expanded by leaps and bounds my ability to be able to research nutrition and exercise content quickly.

With their new Examine Personalized, you’ll get monthly updates on the nutrition research that matters to you. Here's how it works:

  • You select the health topics you want to stay current on…
  • They comb through hundreds of new studies in each of those areas…
  • They then review and summarize the most important research…
  • You get a detailed monthly report so you’re always on the cutting edge…

Check out the video below to see how it works:

Click here to sign up for Examine Personalized at what I would consider to be a steal: $9 a month. Or, you can prepay for the entire year and save even more ($6.25/mo). For the best deal yet, a one-time payment of $299 (normally $399) gets you lifetime access. Enjoy! I can pretty much guarantee this is going to save you tons of time and make you a very, very smart cookie. OK, maybe one of those gluten-free, low-carb, keto superfood cookies.

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

Joel Greene Podcast Part 1: How To Reboot The Gut, Eat Cheesecake Without Gaining Weight, Amplify Any Fasting Protocol & Maximize Fat Loss.

This episode was brought to you by Kion (code BEN10), JOOVV (Order using my link and receive my brand new book, Boundless absolutely free!), Thrive Market (Receive a gift card up to $20 when you begin a new membership using my link) and Organifi Red Juice (code BENG20).


Joel Greene Podcast Part 2: How To Reshape Fat Cells, Enhance Repair During Sleep, Target Your “Circaseptan Rhythms”, Build Young Muscle & Get Rid Of Old Muscle.

This episode was brought to you by Kion Serum (code BEN10), Organifi Gold (code BENG20), Public Goods (Receive $15 off your first Public Goods order with NO MINIMUM purchase), and Paleo Valley Beef Sticks (Receive a 15% discount off your order when you use my link).

Articles I Published This Week:

Your Body Fat Is Your Immune System’s Mothership: The Mysterious Relationship Between Fat Cells & Immunity.

Sabbath Ramblings: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (5 Key Principles For A Good Night’s Rest).

My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles.

Articles & Podcasts I Was Featured In This Week:

The Dr. Gundry Podcast: The keto diet—should YOU try it?

4 Secrets to Resetting Your Sleep Cycle

Special Announcements:

::: Get 25% OFF A Case Of Ultra-Hydrating HALO Hydration Drink :::

If you listened to my podcast “Quench: The Big “8 Glasses Of Day” Water Myth, Why Water Isn’t The Best Way To Fully Hydrate & Much More!” then you know that water is, surprisingly, not the best way to hydrate.

It's true. Foods that contain “gel water” are far more hydrating than plain ole H2O. But, if chomping on cucumbers all day or sinking your teeth into a fresh aloe leaf after a grueling workout in the summer sun doesn't sound appealing to you, then allow me to introduce you to something far more practical:

HALO Organic Hydration Drink.

Not only is HALO proven to hydrate more efficiently than water, but it is the only electrolyte drink that contains over 70 mg of natural magnesium, a powerful immune booster. HALO is also…

  • Fueled with organic lemon juice as a base and has only 10 calories and 2 grams of sugar in the entire bottle…
  • PACKED with electrolytes (70mg of natural magnesium, which helps boost immunity and helps the body fight stress, sea salt and other natural electrolytes to help the body stay hydrated, potassium to help muscle fatigue, plus antioxidants to help fight free radicals)…
  • Certified organic, keto-friendly, vegan, paleo, non-GMO, kosher, and gluten-free…
  • One of the tastiest and most refreshing ways to hydrate with a flavor for every palate—such as peach, black cherry, tangerine, pineapple, lemon, blood orange, lime, and pink lemonade…

To try some for yourself and get 25% off a case of HALO just click here, and use code BEN at checkout!

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I've studied the science, seen first-hand what works and what doesn't, and most importantly, know how to help you make lasting changes to become the best version of yourself – for good. I've also trained an entire army of Kion Coaches, and with our support, you'll no longer have to struggle to decipher conflicting health information, only to end up confused and unmotivated.

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Learn more about Kion Serum in the article, “You’ll Be Blown Away By How Easy It Is To Keep Your Skin Young With These 12 Natural Compounds.

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What does inflammation have to do with fat loss? There’s a common belief that fat cells never go away, and that is…

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