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Welcome to my Weekly Roundup!

In one convenient post, you're about to discover the most important things I've noticed this week, including the latest news from the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking and anti-aging research, the top photos, videos and stories from this week, upcoming events and speaking appearances, giveaways, specials and a host of other things you may have missed.

New Discoveries Of The Week: Cool New Things I'm Trying, Books I'm Reading, And More!

– Book: Healthy Gut by Dr. Michael Ruscio: I'll keep this short and sweet: this is the most heavily referenced, well-researched, easy-to-understand, helpful, practical book devoted to fixing your gut that I've ever read. Boom. Get it if you own an intestine or two and you want your plumbing to work perfectly. It's also helpful to know that Dr. Ruscio has kicked my butt at arm wrestling for three consecutive years at Paleo f(x).

– Training Plan: The Healthy Pregnancy Plan on Training Peaks (includes diet): This no-guesswork pregnancy fitness guide that I wrote for TrainingPeaks and that is available for anyone to purchase (you'll need a free TrainingPeaks account but it's simple to get here and syncs with your phone, Google calendar, etc.) lays out in a step-by-step format a guide to follow for your 1st trimester, 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester – so that once you have your baby, your body will be fit as a fiddle, and during your pregnancy your blood flow, core comfort, muscle tone and more is optimized. The program incorporates appropriately structured pregnancy workouts for strength training, aerobics, deep tissue work, back support, meditation and more. In addition, the guide includes a very helpful link to a done-for-you nutrition plan that will ensure you maintain perfect nutritional status and have a happy, healthy baby, along with a comfortable pregnancy. This plan is laid out in four-week blocks. The first four weeks are to be followed for the first trimester, the second four weeks for the second trimester and the final four weeks for the third trimester.

Biohack: TruNiagen: NAD is the anti-aging molecule of the future, it's as essential to our cells as food, water and oxygen, and I've traveled all the way to an NAD clinic in San Diego to get an 8-hour injection of the stuff mainlined into my bloodstream. That powerful. But you can also get it in capsular form, should you not like needles and bags. That's what TruNiagen is and you can get it here.

Podcasts I Recorded This Week

Every month, I release never-before-seen videos, audios and PDFs inside the BenGreenfieldFitness “Premium” channel (just $10/year to access!). You can click here to go Premium and access an entire vault of protected content!

A Potent Pre-Sauna Stack, How To Cleanse Your Blood Before Bed, 700%+ Endurance Increases, The Best Supplements For Altitude Performance & Much More With Craig Dinkel of Biotropic Labs.

– 383: How To Maximize Stem Cell Health, Why Branched Chain Amino Acids Don’t Work, How To Get A Better Score On A VO2 Max Test & Much More!

Articles I Published This Week:

– The Fringe “Intellect Tree” Nootropic You’ve Never Heard Of…And How To Easily Find It.

My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles

Articles & Podcasts I Was Featured In This Week:

What's the Deal With Athletes Using Cannabis During Training?

– How is J2 Racing Combining Biohacking with car racing in the VLN series and the ADAC 24hr Rennen Nürburgring?

– Endurance Athlete and Elite Trainer Ben Greenfield talks with Hans Eng about Biohacking with the NanoVi™

7 Biohacking Podcasts That Will Change Your Life in 2018

Special Announcements:

::: Forever Labs Mega Giveaway! Win a Stem Cell Treatment! :::

I am really excited to announce that one lucky person will WIN appointment to bank stem cells with Forever Labs! To enter to win, just click here! I had bone marrow extracted from my hip and banked for later use at the Forever Labs clinic in Berkeley, CA in November. Stem cells extracted from bone marrow and injected into the bloodstream are especially useful for anti-aging, repairing joints and tissue, and more. Your stem cells replenish your blood, bone, immune system and other vital tissues and body systems. Research suggests the decline in the number and viability of bone marrow stem cells plays a role in the physical decline associated with aging. By storing your young stem cells, you will be able to use them to fight age-related diseases and perhaps, aging itself. Ready to WIN? Just click here to enter!

Curious about how Forever Labs works? Click here to learn more about their locations, physicians, pricing, and more. If you don’t want to take chances on the giveaway and are ready to bank your youthful stem cells today, you can save $250 on your procedure with code GREENFIELD. All entries must be received by April 10 11:59 PM PST to be considered to win. Winner must travel to a Forever Labs physician for the procedure in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Raleigh-Durham, Detroit-Ann Arbor, Washington DC, Nashville, and Austin. Limit one entry per person.

::: NEW Arrivals to Kion Shop! :::

My company now offers the Christian Gratitude Journal, TianChi Adaptogenic Herb Complex, and Thorne Multi-Vitamin Elite* for purchase on GetKion.comKion is the company I created as your resource for everything for a balanced mind-body-spirit approach to living life to the fullest, built upon a unique blend of ancient wisdom, modern science and rigorous, real-life testing. We create and deliver products, information, entertainment, coaching, consulting, and a global community for anyone who wants to discover and experience the pinnacle of health, performance and longevity, and to live an adventurous, fulfilling, joyful and limitless life as a fully optimized human.

TianChi is a potent blend of a unique category of herbs called adaptogens – herbs that facilitate your body’s “adaptation” to stress. They help your body maintain, build or mend it’s own natural healthy processes, even if you’re exposed to a wide range of external and internal stressors.

The Christian Gratitude Journal I developed myself is simple and elegant. You'll answer three easy questions each day, specifically designed to enhance your spiritual life, your relationships, your physical health and your mind.

The Thorne Multi-Vitamin Elite is not your typical multivitamin. Created using superior forms of vitamins and minerals, it is actually two unique formulations, with the complete simplicity of 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening. The A.M. formula promotes energy production during the daytime, while the P.M. formula enhances rest and recovery at night.* This high-performance nutritional regimen is NSF Certified for Sport®. *Thorne Multi-Vitamin Elite only available to ship to US addresses

::: Sign up for my “VIP Text Club” to Receive Exclusive Content, Free Stuff and More :::

Every week in my VIP text club I give away free stuff, never-before-seen deals and insider tips. Just text the word “FITNESS” to 411-247 to join and opt-out anytime.

::: LAST CHANCE! 20% off VIP & Premier Paleof(x)™ Tickets Until 3/31/2018 :::

Are you planning to attend the Paleof(x)™ 2018 conference in Austin, TX this April? Now is a great time to get your ticket. To celebrate Paleo Awareness Month, Paleof(x)™ is offering 20% off all Premier and VIP tickets until 3/31/2018 at 11:59 PM CST. Just use code “paleo20” at checkout to savePaleo f(x)™ is the world’s premier holistic wellness event, covering health, nutrition, fitness, sustainability, self-development, spirituality, relationships, entrepreneurship, & everything in between. Paleo f(x)™ is the Who’s Who gathering of the ancestral health movement. Our tribe gathers to learn and grow together! We bring the latest, most cutting-edge science and strategy together to help you create your very best life.

::: Submit Your Comment By EOD March 30 to Change American Dietary Guidelines :::

Americans’ lack of physical fitness is affecting everything from our military, who are struggling to find enough recruits who are fit to serve, to rising costs in treating diabetes. As a personal trainer and wellness consultant, I believe exercise is critical for a healthy lifestyle. Yet, despite how much time and effort people invest trying to get in shape, they rarely meet their goals. Since the introduction of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA), some 35 years ago, Americans have seen sharp increases in rates of nutrition-related diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, and it appears things are only getting worse. We need dietary guidelines that promote the scientifically sound approach to losing weight, getting healthy, and reversing the devastating health trends in our country. Continue reading my op-ed for The Hill, and submit your public comment about establishing new Dietary Guidelines for Americans today before the deadline on March 30.

Upcoming Events:

– April 27-29, 2018: Paleo f(x)™ in Austin, Texas. Paleo f(x)™ is the world’s premier wellness event, covering health, nutrition, fitness, sustainability, & everything in between. Our tribe gathers to learn and grow together! Bringing the latest, most cutting-edge science and strategy together to help you create your very best life, Paleof(x)™ is like the Woodstock of the ancestral movement, and I will be there! Sign up now to get tickets to this very exciting event! Sign up here and see you in Austin!

– May 5-6, 2018: Montana Beast and Sprint Weekend, Bigfork, Montana. Join the Spartan Race and discover beautiful Kalispell, Montana as we attempt to make history by breaking the Guinness World Record for most people performing burpees at one time!

– May 26, 2018: Train to Hunt, Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Whether you’re a flatlander, hunt out west, or are past your prime, join me and make yourself a better hunter through fitness. Sign up to join me here!

– May 31 – June 3, 2018:  A-Fest, Sardinia, Italy.  A-Fest is an invite-only transformational event that gathers a global tribe of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world. Apply now to get invited.

– June 28 – July 22, 2018: Mind Valley U, Tallinn, Estonia. Mindvalley U is a month-long transformational event that is designed to create a university style education model for all ages. It’s a reimagining of college, community, curriculum, and campus. Best of all it’s available for all ages – whether you are 9 or 90. This will be one of those things you look back on and say: it changed my life. Mind Valley U will be held in Tallinn, Estonia. Did you know the incredible medieval city of Tallinn, Estonia is known for being a city with the highest number of startups per capita and one of the most cutting-edge tech nations on the face of the planet? Sign up, join me, and transform your life!

– October 5-7, 2018: SPARK BioHacking Conference, Toronto, Ontario. The 2018 SPARK Bio-Hack Conference will feature a series of talks by leaders – including yours truly – across a range of fields with an eye on optimizing human performance, recovery, and longevity. Researchers, medical specialists and other biohacking experts will share provocative, informative, and inspiring presentations meant to invigorate you. Besides boosting your performance, you’ll also get to hang out with hundreds of people from your tribe. The SPARK Bio-Hack Conference is a convergence of people who are pushing the limits of what the human mind and body can do. Discover how cross-pollination can get you to the next level. Registration is now open, secure your spot here.

December 2-8, 2018: RUNGA Retreat, Balaji Palace, Dominican Republic. It's happening again…one of the coolest, most kick-ass events of the year – especially if you dig adventure, fitness and beautiful destination travel. You are cordially invited to join me at RUNGA in December 2018. This event always fills out fast and last I heard only a couple rooms were left. The retreat will be held in the Dominican Republic, at one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. With its majestic location on a cliff’s edge overlooking its own private beach, the Balaji Palace is an oceanside paradise – and we've got the whole place to ourselves. In all RUNGA activities from yoga to snorkeling, RUNGA invites you to come home to yourself. To see everything you'll be getting into at RUNGAjust click here. Don't forget to use code BEN when you register for a surprise free gift when you arrive! And of course, I'll be there too. Register here.

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Try These 3 Hacks For A Better Fast

These 3 hacks will boost your results when fasting.

Posted by Ben Greenfield Fitness on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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This week on Snapchat I showed you exactly how I make my face beautiful with the Alitura Clay Mask. You can even use it to make your hair soft. It feels like cracked mud when it dries and brings blood to the surface of your skin for rejuvenation. This stuff is amazing. It makes your skin feel baby soft! Code ‘Greenfield' gets you 20% off! Be the first to follow all of my unique experiences by joining me on Snapchat!

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Ben Greenfield's Morning Routine: My Exact Morning Routine Unveiled Step-By-Step

Ben Greenfield Fitness saved to “Ben's Nutrition Advice”. Read the article here.

Featured Product – NEW:

The Thorne Multi-Vitamin Elite is not your typical multivitamin. Created using superior forms of vitamins and minerals, it is actually two unique formulations, with the complete simplicity of 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening. The A.M. formula promotes energy production during the daytime, while the P.M. formula enhances rest and recovery at night.* This high-performance nutritional regimen is NSF Certified for Sport®.

Some of the key unique characteristics of Thorne Multi-Vitamin Elite include:

  • Vitamins K1 and K2 – most multivitamins use only K1, but vitamin K2 is crucial for proper calcium metabolism.
  • Natural folate (5-MTHF) instead of folic acid (a large part of the population can’t even properly convert folic acid to folate)
  • Methylcobalamin instead of cyanocobalamin. Methylcobalamin has been shown to be the better-absorbed form of vitamin B12.
    Active, tissue ready forms of vitamins B2 and B6
  • Chelated minerals to ensure optimal absorption
  • Higher doses of magnesium and calcium than typically found in a multivitamin, which is especially important for athletes and exercise enthusiasts.
  • A unique form of curcumin – Curcumin Phytosome (curcumin that has been complexed with phosphatidylcholine for superior bioavailability). This supports joint health and liver detox, gut health, and cardiovascular function by helping to maintain your body’s natural inflammatory response.
  • A special form of green tea called Green Tea Phytosome (green tea complexed with phosphatidylcholine for superior bioavailability), which supplies the antioxidant, liver protective, and metabolic benefits of green tea, without all the caffeine.
  • Relora – a proprietary blend of plant extracts from Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense. This is included in the multivitamin formula to help you with relaxation, curb late-night food cravings, and balance your cortisol and DHEA levels.

Because of the state of the current food supply and the fact that most people don’t eat the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables, nutrition experts agree that a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement should be taken daily. This should be considered “dietary insurance”, ensuring you’re receiving the proper amounts of essential nutrients to support your health.

Because an athlete needs to know that his or her supplements are trustworthy and compliant, every batch of an NSF Certified for Sport® product is tested for compliance with label claims and to ensure the absence of more than 200 substances banned by many major athletic organizations, including stimulants, narcotics, steroids, diuretics, beta-2 agents, and masking agents.

For a nutritional supplement that lives up to your hard-charging lifestyle and superior quality standards, look no further than Thorne Multi-Vitamin Elite.

*Thorne Multi-Vitamin Elite only available for the shipping within the US.

Need Help Fully Optimizing Your Brain & Body? This Should Do The Trick:

Did you know you can consult one-on-one, with me? Whether you’re training for an amazing feat of physical performance, you’re trying to shed fat or gain lean muscle as fast as possible, or you want to tap into the most cutting-edge health, anti-aging and longevity protocols, coaching with me is designed to enhance your physical and mental performance at the highest level. With detailed instructions, guidance, and planning, you’ll get instant access to every training, nutrition, and lifestyle technique that exists to optimize your life, make you indestructible and get you to your goals as safely and quickly as possible.

Leave any questions or comments below – or any news of the week that you think I should have added – and I will be sure to reply.



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