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Welcome to Ben Greenfield's Weekly Roundup and Cool New Discoveries!

Ben Greenfield's discoveries from the latest news from the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with giveaways, discounts, and more!

New Discoveries Of The Week: Cool New Things I'm Trying, Books I'm Reading, And More!

-New Card Game I've Been Playing

Sneaky Cards: My twin boys and I just spent an entire week in New York City. Each evening at dinner, we dealt each other a new card from our current infatuation: a game called “Sneaky Cards”. In the game, your mission, should you choose to accept it is to become a secret agent of joy, spreading art and intrigue to an unsuspecting public. Inside the box is an interactive scavenger hunt that inspires creativity and rewards audacity, and each card is “trackable” online if you want to see where it travels around the world after you hand it off and the next person plays it. You simply complete the one, single objective on the card and then pass the card along to an unwitting accomplice, who now becomes part of the game. It's brilliant.

Our favorite cards thus far?

-Shout Marco in public until someone replies “Polo”, then give them that card.

-Take a selfie with a total stranger, then give them that card.

-Buy a stranger coffee, and tuck the card into the coffee cup sleeve.

-Play the world's largest game of tag by tagging someone, then handing them this card.

-Switch places with someone standing behind you in line, then hand them this card.

Great Christmas gift. You can buy a deck of Sneaky Cards here.

-Psilocybin Stack I've Been Using

The mushroom hunter Paul Stamets is famous for his recommendation of a stack that amplifies all the neurogenesis and mind stimulating properties of a micro-dose of psilocybin. The traditional stack is psilocybin (small dose of 0.1-0.2mg, barely perceptible), with niacin and Lion's Mane. The psilocybin component of the stack is a non hallucinogenic dose, but the niacin dose is supposed to be large enough to produce an uncomfortable flush (around 100-1000mg) and the Lion’s Mane dose is around 300mg. Supposedly, niacin’s ability to stimulate the peripheral nervous system may extend the nootropic benefits of the Lion’s Mane and psilocybin to the entire body rather than limiting them to the central nervous system. Stamets also believes that the optimal micro-dosing regimen is 5 days on 2 days off (to avoid psilocybin tolerance).

Here's my twist, which I've found to be extremely efficacious, without the annoying niacin flush: I open three capsules Biotropic Labs AFA (beet root, cordyceps, chlorella, echinacea and a bunch of other vasodilators that act like ‘Viagra for the entire body'), two packets Four Sigmatic Lion's Mane extract, add 0.2mg psilocybin, and stir it all into hot water with stevia. I have been drinking this brew once every three days for the past four weeks and noticed myself far more focused, relaxed, slightly more emotional (in a good way) and “open to new ideas”. I'm a fan.

– Chocolate I'm Addicted To

Honey Mama's: Honey Mama’s are honey-cocoa bars made from five ingredients: virgin coconut oil, cocoa powder, Himalayan pink salt, and either sprouted almonds or shredded coconut. That’s it! They source the highest quality direct–trade, non–GMO, and organic ingredients they can find to make a treat that I'm frankly addicted to, in a good way.

Unlike traditional chocolate bars, which depend on cacao powder as the only main chocolate ingredient, Honey Mama’s bars are made with a combination of five ingredients. Instead of the refined sugar and cacao solids used in traditional chocolate, their bars combine raw honey and unrefined coconut oil with cacao powder. Something about the balance of these five ingredients that make the texture and taste of a Honey Mama a whole new culinary experience. May I recommend you try my favorite flavor: Lavender Red Rose. Ingredients: Raw local honey, shredded Organic coconut, unrefined Organic coconut oil, Organic Dutch alkalized cocoa powder, Himalayan pink salt, red rose petals, lavender oil. Ok, I know they're a little spendy, but trust me, these are delicious, the clean ingredients are hard to beat and you can order Honey Mamas here for 20% off with code BEN until December 14, 2018.

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

Articles & Podcasts I Was Featured In This Week:

– The Shocking Truth About Veganism With Ben Greenfield

– Disruptive Gratitude with Rachele Brooke Smith and Ben Greenfield

Special Announcements:

::: Rare Opportunity to Save 15% on This CBD Oil Which Is Blessed with Shamanic Techniques :::

This week on Instagram I posted about a few of my favorite things this week: flippin' tires, nature therapy, and this potent CBD oil. The positive response I got from you about Element Health CBD Oil was nuts, pretty much bar-none compared to many other products I've featured! See the post for yourself to see why so many people, including me, swear by this sh*t. This full-spectrum CBD Oil is extracted from organically grown hemp on 7th generation family farms. It contains all active cannabinoids and is a very effective formula to support health. Intrigued? Click here to learn more. For a limited time you can save 15% with code GREENFIELD15 here.

::: 20% Off Shower Products…Delivered Right to Your Door :::

Using natural products doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, my favorite products intertwine the best of science and sexiness. In my opinion, New Man Revolution makes your shower experience badass and sexy while also being backed by the science of essential oil benefits.

These products were originally made for men, but women have been known to use the body wash and shave butter. So ladies don’t worry, you can use it for yourself or get it as a gift for that guy in your life. In addition to all that, the founders are US Air Force fighter pilots and combat veterans who give portions of their profits to issues like testicular cancer, first responder training, and supporting veterans returning home battling with PTSD. So nothing is more badass than that. With code: BEN, you can get 20% off anything on their site, and with code: BENclub you can get 30% off subscriptions just by clicking here.

::: GIVEAWAY! Rare Opportunity to Win A Halo Sport Headset :::

For the first time ever, you have a chance to WIN one of these bad boys from Halo Neuroscience! I've been using the “Halo Sport”, a special neuro-stimulation headset for 2 years now to acquire skills faster (for me, mostly to improve playing the harmonica) and to push myself way harder during a workout than I normally could.

This headset stimulates motor neurons via tCDS (transcranial direct current stimulation) so you can learn more quickly, and also has the effect of decreasing your perceived exertion so you can train longer before “hitting a wall.” tDCS puts your brain’s motor cortex into a temporary state of hyper-plasticity called neuro-priming. By wearing Halo Sport during your warmup, each training repetition more rapidly develops power, skill, and endurance. Read more on the (fascinating) evidence-backed science behind the Halo Sport here.

TO WIN: simply leave a comment on this post describing how YOU would use the Halo Sport!

Afraid you may not win this headset but are eager to try the Halo Sport headset now? You can still buy it and save money.
Use this link and a code will be applied at checkout so you can save a few bucks.

::: LAST Suite for the RUNGA Retreat in the Dominican Republic Available :::

Get the LAST suite to join me this December in the Dominican Republic for the RUNGA retreat. If you want to spend QT with a group of like-minded individuals in a friggin' gorgeous setting for a complete reboot before heading into 2019 totally invigorated, this retreat is for YOU. See everything we'll be getting into right here.

Plus! Code BEN when you select the right room for you will get you an additional $250 Kion gift card to use on Kion Coffee, Essential Amino Acids for athletic performance and recovery, Kion Oregano Oil for immunity, or more to choose from.

::: LIVE NOW! Learn to Forage and Grow Your Own Food No Matter Where You Live :::

…Keeping chickens and goats…growing your own vegetables…foraging locally for herbs and edibles…

If you have dreamed of having the skills to source your own food, but aren't sure where to begin, this online series is perfect for you. With the right tools, information, and advice, you and your family can source much more of your own food no matter where you live. This free online series will equip you with more tools for living closer to the way our human ancestors did. Register here.

::: Learn Exactly How to Maintain a Healthy, High-Performing Brain :::

We cannot count on a single pill to solve our health problems. But, hope is NOT lost! The Superhuman Brain Masterclass will give you access to the upgrades you've been looking for: maximized memory, exceptional focus and greatly productive brain function. When you join me for this free masterclass, you'll learn the “Superhuman Brain proprietary methodology”: simple checklists, step-by-step solutions and little-known protocols that invite healing, brain upgrades and next-level performance.

Whether you're in need of healing OR enhancing your brain, you are going to learn practical wisdom and next-level hacks to enhance your mind. The Superhuman Brain Masterclass is online and free from December 3-9, 2018. Register here today.

Upcoming Events:

– December 1, 2018: Spartan AT&T Park Stadium Sprint, San Francisco, California. Can you feel the energy, San Fran? Run around the concourse. Rope climb in the outfield. Do burpees in the dugout. Challenge yourself to three miles that will include 20+ signature obstacles. See you there!

December 2 – 8, 2018: RUNGA Retreat, Dominican Republic. You're invited to join me at RUNGA in December 2018. Join me in the Dominican Republic, one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, for this retreat. In all RUNGA activities, RUNGA invites you to come home to yourself. To see everything you'll be getting into, just click here. Use code BEN when you register so you get your gift when you arrive! I'll be there, too. Join the waitlist here.

– December 14 – 16, 2018: World Congress 2018 Hosted by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Las Vegas, Nevada. If you attend any conference this year, make it the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s 26th Annual World Congress. The fact is, in an era of andropause, low libido and deteriorating men's health, it's shocking that both practitioners and the public aren't aware of ancestral wisdom and modern scientific and medical tactics that can be used to optimize male physiology. It's time that changed, and I'll be teaching exactly how to make men, men again. Join me!

– Jan 20 – 21, 2019: Serious Business Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana. This conference is going invoke thought and insight and expose you to new ideas and thinking on self-development and business in the beauty industry. Register here.

– April 6 – 7, 2019: FitCon Summit, Salt Lake City, Utah. FitCon® encourages everyone to Find Their Fit. It does not matter whether it is powerlifting, Crossfit, bodybuilding, roller derby, or even axe throwing. Be sure to visit the Kion booth in the expo!

-View the Official Ben Greenfield Fitness Calendar Here

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Ben Greenfield Fitness saved to “Ben's Nutrition Advice.” Read the article here.

Featured Product:

Evidence for the heart and brain health benefits from omega-3 fish oil is undeniable.* But LivingFuel SuperEssentials® Omega 3EDA+ does not stop there. It is far more than just fish oil; it is a sophisticated Antioxidant Essential Fatty Acids supplement and it’s ideal for the entire family.

Conventional fish oil supplements contain significantly more EPA than DHA (typically a 3:2 EPA:DHA ratio), but SuperEssentials® Omega 3EDA+ contains additional DHA that gives it a 1:1 EPA:DHA ratio. Mounting research suggests that higher levels of DHA are optimal for human health, supporting the new 1:1 ratio.

Not all fish oils are created equal. The best quality Omega-3 fats like those in SuperEssentials® Omega 3EDA+ come from small fish like sardines and anchovies that thrive in cold waters. Unfortunately, many of the supplements lining the aisles of health food stores contain inexpensive fish oils from large fish that swim in suspect waters. Plus, they often contain fillers and synthetic materials that can rob the body of nutrition. Order it here.

*The FDA hasn't evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Need Help Fully Optimizing Your Brain & Body? 

Did you know you can consult one-on-one with me so that I can personalize a nutrition or fitness plan for you to reach your goals? Are you training for physical performance? Trying to shed fat or gain lean muscle as fast as possible? Ready to tap into the most cutting-edge health, fitness and longevity protocols? Contact me so I can get you exactly what you need to reach your goals as safely and quickly as possible.

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4 thoughts on “The Weekly Roundup: Your Go-To Guide For Everything You May Have Missed This Week & More! 11/10 – 11/16

  1. Marie Bishko says:

    With the never ending task of caring for friends and family who are ill, I would use the Halo Sport to keep me sharp when faced with tough decisions and when staying strong for those close to me. I would also use it to sharpen my fitness routine! Thank you, Ben. I adore your information.

  2. Christopher A says:

    I would re-listen to the podcast with Susan Bratton and Dr. Amy Killen and then use the Halo to learn how to make love like a champ. In all seriousness, I started learning the piano a few months ago and would most likely use it for that. However, I would be really interested to see if I could use it strengthen my therapeutic skills and assist my ability to co-regulate with clients. I work as a therapist at a psychiatric residential treatment facility for teenagers. Would love to find an application for the device at my work, whether it be implementing therapeutic interventions, teaching relaxation techniques, facilitating collaborative problem solving, or finding some other body-based intervention to help youth manage their past traumas.

  3. Jason Harrison says:

    I would use the Halo for intense reading and walking meditation via some binaural beats.
    It would be perfect for accessing a flow state whilst performing my workout routine, get in sync.
    Cheers Ben for everything.
    Perth, Western Australia.
    – Jason Harrison.

  4. Jesse C says:

    Halo Sport – hmmmmmmmmmm. An early Christmas present? I’m trying to get my French up to master class for my current work position. It’s been difficult mastering the language. We use Canadian French here in Ontario. I would also use it during chess. I would follow suit and use it like Ben for my workouts. I might actually take up the harmonica. I read a post a few months ago from Ben and totally forgot! My father found one in a dumpster when he was dumpster diving when I was like 5. My mom still has it. No I didn’t grow up in the streets, although I did dabble from time to time in college. I’m sure I could find many, many things to use this wonderful piece of technology for!! tks for the opportunity!! I love to draw and haven’t done that in a long time. Maybe the right time?

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