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Welcome to my Weekly Roundup!

In one convenient post, you're about to discover the most important things I've noticed this week, including the latest news from the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking and anti-aging research, the top photos, videos and stories from this week, upcoming events and speaking appearances, giveaways, specials and a host of other things you may have missed.

New Discoveries Of The Week (NEW Weekly Roundup Feature!): Cool New Things I'm Trying, Books I'm Reading, And More!

Two weeks ago, I posted this video on Facebook in which I asked you if you wanted more insider tips and tricks based on new things I've been trying, books I've read, or new “biohacks”, tips, tricks, toys or tactics I've recently discovered.

You seemed to like the idea, so, without further here's my top three discoveries this week!

The Dirt is a paleo-friendly personal care company that makes Soy Free, Corn Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, and Cruelty Free natural products particularly for oral care with no fillers. I’ve personally been using their mint breath spray in the morning when I need to leap out of bed with fresh breath and don’t want to take the time to brush my teeth or spike my blood sugar with a breath mint. This is also something that works great if you’re in bed with a loved one in and want to “get it on” in the morning without having to feel self-conscious about your breath (yep, you know exactly what I mean). Click here to try it out in either sexy cinnamon or refreshing mint flavor.

LEVL To measure fat burning and ketone production, I have a brand new technology called a LEVL now sitting on my desk. You just breathe into it once, and within about 30 seconds you know your ketone level, your fat burning status and how many freakin' pounds of fat you can burn per week. If you want to try LEVL for yourself, just go to  Here's a demo of me using it.

MyoBuddy I'm a huge fan of this thing called a MyoBuddy. It's a vibrating massage therapy device that's like a wake-me-up for the entire body. I use it nearly everyday for myriad things from full body massage starting with my feet all the way up to my jaw. Not kidding, I'll press it up against my jaw and just open and close my jaw repeatedly. It's also great therapy for increasing the tone of the vagus nerve (MyoBuddy doesn't necessarily recommend this, but I do, so there).

Podcasts I Recorded This Week

Every month, I release never-before-seen videos, audios and .pdf's inside the BenGreenfieldFitness “Premium” channel (just $10/year to access!). You can click here to go Premium and access an entire vault of protected content!

– What Happens If You Take Too Much Creatine, A Notorious Deficiency On High-Protein Diets, How To Become A Nutrition Ninja & More With Chris Masterjohn.

– The Ultimate Guide To Quelling Inflammation: Why Your Curcumin May Not Work, Surprising Effects Of Ginger Oil, Vegan Fish Oil Options & Much More!

Articles I Published This Week:

– The New Oura Ring: Track Naps, Advanced HRV Tracking, Personalized Sleep Typing, Client Dashboard Feature & Much More!

– How To Fix Your Gut, Boost Immunity & Improve Athletic Performance With Nature’s “First Food”

-6 Powerful Ways Gratitude Improves Your Physical & Psychological Health

My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles

Articles & Podcasts I Was Featured In This Week:

Ben Greenfield Biohacking 101, gadgets, and must do's for health and longevity

Two Potent Ways to Biohack Fat Loss This Holiday Season

Special Announcements:

::: Subscribe to the Quarterly Biohack Box – This Quarter Curated by ME :::

Here's something to be jolly about. Every 3 months, receive the best tools and superfoods (including goodies from my BRAND NEW company, Kion…) hand-selected by industry leaders. This quarter's box is curated by ME, meaning everything in that box is already tested and approved to enhance your training, performance and recovery.

The Biohack Box is the perfect complement to your lifestyle or makes a great gift. The first shipment of my Biohack Box will go out at the end of December, after the holidays, just in time for those New Year fitness resolutions.

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::: The Better Belly Project :::

It's no secret that I am a huge advocate for taking care of your gut. By abusing or neglecting a section of your body that is even more exposed to external environments than your skin, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. Your gut is very much alive and crawling with critters.

Over 500 species and 3 pounds of bacteria in your digestive tract form a giant ecosystem that helps you to digest food, regulate hormones, excrete toxins, and produce vitamins and other healing compounds that keep your gut and your body healthy. If that ecosystem is out of balance, then a bacterial imbalance called gut “dysbiosis” is the result, and you’ll soon learn how disruptive that imbalance can be to your performance.

Are you ready to take your gut health into your own hands, and enhance your mood, health, and performance? You'll definitely want to join the completely FREE Better Belly Project Summit. Registration for the Better Belly Project 2.0 Summit has begun! This completely free online conference brings together top experts (myself included…) in digestion, nutrition, and health. The Better Belly Project is your FREE resource to the leading experts in the field of…your belly.

Register now and learn from the experts how to take the best care of your gut! 

::: Vaccines Revealed ::

Finally, a series that answers about vaccines, their efficacy, safety, and how they really impact your health. If you want the latest, real information you will not want to miss this.

“Vaccines Revealed” is broadcasting their exclusive docu-series event for 9 days only now through December 7th. And you can watch the whole thing for FREE here. This is powerful – If you want the latest, real information you will not want to miss this. Watch now!

::: The Complete Guide to Activating High Performance :::

Do you want 2018 to be the best year of your life? This course begins with transformational tools to design your ideal life and map out milestones to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

You’ll learn from an international all-star lineup of high performing experts including:

  • Decorated Performance Coach and Best-Selling Author of LIVE IT!Jairek Robbins
  • Award-Winning Personal Trainer and host of the Ben Greenfield Fitness PodcastBen Greenfield
  • Famed nutritionist and host of The Model Health Show PodcastShawn Stevenson
  • Holder of 26 world records including longest ice bath and often referred to as “The Iceman,”  Wim Hof

They’ll walk you through the exact research-backed tools they’ve shared with over 2.5 million people around the world to achieve unbeatable results.

Whether you want to make more money, lose weight, increase your energy, improve your mental clarity or experience more happiness, it’s all in this course. And for the next week, it's only $15! Sign up now and save! 

::: $250 Off A Stem Cell Procedure At Forever Labs :::

Get $250 off the exact anti-aging stem cell extraction and injection I got, as seen in this video.

Learn more and receive your $250 discount here.

Use code GREENFIELD to stop your stem cells from aging now!

::: Yi Jin Jing – 14 Weeks of Body/Mind Transformation – Taught by Robert Peng :::

My friend Robert Peng, the world-renowned Qigong master you met in my recent podcast Qigong 101 & Beyond: 100 Day Water Fasts, Crazy Healing Powers, Qi Balls, Sword Fingers & More, is going to teach us the legendary Yi Jin Jing practice for 14 weeks as an online program called “Yi Jin Jing: 14 Weeks of Body/Mind Transformation
Male or female, young or old, fit or unfit, Yi Jin Jing will tonify the soft tissues of your body, your fascia, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even your bones and bone marrow. Yi Jin Jing is a powerful practice when it is performed on its own, but it is especially powerful when it is combined with Xi Breathing. The incorporation of various different breathing techniques is what makes Robert Peng's version of Yi Jin Jing so transformational and truly unique.
Get the special price of $297.00 by signing up before November 27th. Reserve your spot here!

Upcoming Events:

-December 7-8, 2017: XPT Experience, Kauai, HI. Remember Brian Mackenzie? I interviewed him for the podcast “How To Hold Your Breath For Four Minutes, Training Mask Myths, Performance Breathing & More With Brian Mackenzie”. I am going to be joining Brian, along with Kelly Starrett, Julia Starrett, Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece, for an epic, all-inclusive performance living workshop this Dec 7, 8 and 9 in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii. Come and join us for…Pool Training / Underwater workouts. Gym Training. Breathing Instruction. Outdoor Workouts. Ice-Heat Sessions. Stand Up Paddling. Recovery Biohacking. And Much, Much More… Get in now at Seats are extremely limited for this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Be sure to mention my name when you register so they know where you came from. Who's in? ;)

-December 8-21, 2017: Runga 2017, Cambutal, Panama. (you get to choose how long to stay!). RUNGA is a once a year retreat, currently hosted in December. RUNGA is designed to facilitate a dramatic shift in attendee's current outlook, lifestyle choices, self-efficacy, motivation, love, even spirituality. The retreat spans 8-days and centers around fostering heightened awareness, presence, and connection with others through a mandatory “Digital Detox” – or no cell phones, computers, and other technology. Yoga is offered twice per day, every day. There is also an off-site adventure ranging from hiking volcanoes to white water rafting or zip lining. World-class spa treatments are available and 100% of the food is suitable for vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, or ketogenic dieters. It is also delicious. Click here to sign up.Use code BEN (or let them know I sent you) to get VIP treatment and a free gift valued at $100!

-March 2-3, 2018: 2018 Academy of Regenerative Practices Conference & Scientific Seminar, Weston, FL. Top stem cell innovators, researchers, and medical practitioners will be joining to further the field of regenerative medicine. Attend the two-day seminar to discover the latest in the field and learn how regenerative therapies can help your practice grow. Featured speaker: Ben Greenfield. Get your ticket here!

-View the Official Ben Greenfield Fitness Calendar Here

This Week's Most Popular Instagram Pic:

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This Week's Most Popular Snapchat Story:

I snapchatted the most amazing 12-course Japanese meal from a restaurant called Brushstroke in NYC and explained how the meal was designed in a specific sequence to enhance everything from digestion to fat loss to relaxation. It is a perfect example of how food really should be cooked and how to “biohack” a fine dining, culinary experience. Click here to follow me on Snapchat.

This Week's Most Popular Pin from Pinterest:

About 1 in 10 individuals will have some form of thyroid dysfunction during their lifetime.

fix your thyroid
Ben Greenfield Fitness saved to “Ben's self-quantification advice”. Listen to the podcast here.

Featured Product: Colostrum

Feed your gut “nature’s first food” with Kion Colostrum—made from premium grass-fed, pasture-raised, and antibiotic/hormone-free milk.

Colostrum has been shown to improve athletic performance, reduce gut permeability, and support lean mass maintenance. In addition to growth hormone, immunoglobulins, and proline-rich polypeptides—which play important biological roles vital to proper health and immune function—Kion Colostrum also contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

Quantities are limited, and this stuff sells out fast, so pick up some today at! Use code BEN10 to save 10% on your first purchase.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Need Help Fully Optimizing Your Brain & Body? This Should Do The Trick:

Did you know you can consult one-on-one, with me? Whether you’re training for an amazing feat of physical performance, you’re trying to shed fat or gain lean muscle as fast as possible, or you want to tap into the most cutting-edge health, anti-aging and longevity protocols, coaching with me is designed to enhance your physical and mental performance at the highest level. With detailed instructions, guidance, and planning, you’ll get instant access to every training, nutrition, and lifestyle technique that exists to optimize your life, make you indestructible and get you to your goals as safely and quickly as possible.

Leave any questions, comments, or feedback below – or any news of the week that you think I should have added – and I will be sure to reply.



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