The Weekly Roundup: Your Go-To Guide For Everything You May Have Missed This Week & More! 12/23-12/29

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Welcome to my Weekly Roundup!

In one convenient post, you're about to discover the most important things I've noticed this week, including the latest news from the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking and anti-aging research, the top photos, videos and stories from this week, upcoming events and speaking appearances, giveaways, specials and a host of other things you may have missed.

New Discoveries Of The Week: Cool New Things I'm Trying, Books I'm Reading, And More!

-Pau D’ Arco Bark Tea. After a fascinating discussion with a man who I consider to be one of the brightest minds in medicine: Dr. Joseph Mercola, I discovered that a compound called “beta-lapachone” can massively increase levels of NAD, and that this pricey chemical can actually be quite inexpensively obtained via a pau d’ arco tree bark tea from the Peruvian jungles. “Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide” (NAD) has numerous anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer benefits. Purchase Pau D' Arco bark here and follow the recipe in my recent article, 12 Unique Ideas For Your Holiday Gift Cards And Cash. 

-Smudge Stick Kit. Smudging is a common, contemporary term for “The Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing”, a traditional Native American ceremony that uses the smoke from burning herbs for purification. For the best effects, a good smudge stick kit or incense bundle should contain a variety of ancient incense used in ceremonial settings, such as White Sage, Palo Santo, Mini Sage, Desert or Sweetgrass. Here’s an example of one of my favorite smudge kits, which can be used for burning in a sauna, during or before meditation or journaling, or anytime you want a very enlightening, full body calming and soothing effect that enhances any spiritual activity.

Onnit Warrior Bars are real food bars that I have relied on for sustained energy during long hikes, hunts or – God forbid – the occasional cross-Atlantic flight. The name is pretty bad ass: the “Tanka Warrior Bar” and is based on a recipe that fueled Lakota Sioux warriors for centuries. It’s packed with turkey, buffalo, and cranberries, and is now available in a new flavor — coffee hatch chile. Best part (aside from eating what a Sioux warrior ate)? Get a deep discount on Warrior Bars until 12/31 as part of Onnit's end of the year blowout.

Podcasts I Recorded This Week

Every month, I release never-before-seen videos, audios and .pdf's inside the BenGreenfieldFitness “Premium” channel (just $10/year to access!). You can click here to go Premium and access an entire vault of protected content!

– Exogenous Ketones, Deuterium-Depleted Water, Near Vs. Far Infrared, Scorpion Stings & More! A Special Episode Recorded Live In Panama

Is Chiropractic Really Bullsh*t Part 2, Throwing Out Your Cell Phone, Juicing Cannabis & More With Billy DeMoss!

– Should Christians Do Yoga? How To Combine Energy Medicine & Religion, Flat Earth Christianity, Transcendental Meditation, Anti-Aging & More With Pastor Toby Sumpter.

Articles I Published This Week:

– 12 Unique, Fringe Mind, Body & Spirit Optimizing Ideas To Grab With Your Holiday Cash & Gift Cards.

Biology Of Belief – How Invisible Forces Affect Your Physiology

My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles

Articles & Podcasts I Was Featured In This Week:

Sports Nutrition 238: What’s Up With Maurten, Relieving GI Distress With Breath And Core Work, Luteal Phase Supplements, And More

– The 2017 Spartan Pro Team

Special Announcements:

::: The Forest :::

I'm super proud that my new work of fiction is here! These books are not yet available to the general public, but you can read the beta-version for free, right here. After working on this for the past three years, I was so pumped to give my boys, River and Terran, their print copies for Christmas this year.

::: True Cellular Detox with Ben 90-day Challenge :::

Whether you can't seem to decimate a single fat cell and you're experiencing brain fog, achy joints and serious lulls in energy OR want to blast your brain and body performance through the roof, look good naked, live as long as possible and feel amazing while doing it, this true cellular detox challenge will totally reboot your body.

What is True Cellular Detoxification? Think of your body as a bucket. Now imagine the toxins that surround us in daily life are the liquid that slowly fills that bucket. With each toxic exposure, drop-by-drop, your bucket becomes more full. A drop here and there isn’t such a big deal; however, chronic exposure to an onslaught of chemical, physical and emotional stressors fills up your bucket each day, and at some point, the bucket begins to overflow. It may take a few decades before your bucket spills over, but once it does, cellular inflammation is triggered and unwanted symptoms arise. The True Cellular Detox™ process begins by determining which sources of stress may be causing body-wide damage and supporting the body’s natural ability to remove them. Removing the toxic source that has accumulated over time in the body is essential to getting results, and can be where health restoration begins. Get started here!

Upcoming Events:

-March 2-3, 2018: 2018 Academy of Regenerative Practices Conference & Scientific Seminar, Weston, FL. Top stem cell innovators, researchers, and medical practitioners will be joining to further the field of regenerative medicine. Attend the two-day seminar to discover the latest in the field and learn how regenerative therapies can help your practice grow. Featured speaker: Ben Greenfield. Get your ticket here!

-View the Official Ben Greenfield Fitness Calendar Here

This Week's Most Popular Instagram Pic:

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This Week's Most Popular Snapchat Story:

I took you through a barefoot in the snow tour of my goats and chickens in the barn along with my friend who was visiting for the day, Adam Von Rothfelder. This was after IR sauna, cold pool, hot tub and of course snow angels. Get more hot/cold contrast tips and even more by following me on Snapchat. Click here to follow along.

This Week's Most Popular Pin from Pinterest:

A Deep Brain Stimulation Device That Causes Your Body To Experience A Massive Natural Surge Of Dopamine & Serotonin…& Fall Into A State Of Deep Relaxation – No Drugs Required.

Ben Greenfield Fitness saved to “Ben's recovery tips”. Read the article here.

Featured Product: Kion Lean

Kion Lean got a facelift!

This natural blood sugar management supplement has recently been upgraded to include InnoSlim®, a plant-based blend of Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus. InnoSlim® has a wide array of clinical research supporting its ability to decrease glucose absorption and circulating blood glucose. By acting on the AMP-K pathway in the body, it may also help correct the metabolic issues that lead to weight gain and fat accumulation.*

The combination of Wild Bitter Melon Extract and Innoslim® work like gangbusters to help:

  • Reduce blood glucose levels*
  • Promote healthy weight management*
  • Support metabolic wellness*

With Kion Lean, you can literally have your cake and eat it, too. Get some now at, and use code: BGF10 to save 10%!

*The FDA hasn't evaluated these statements. Kion products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Need Help Fully Optimizing Your Brain & Body? This Should Do The Trick:

Did you know you can consult one-on-one, with me? Whether you’re training for an amazing feat of physical performance, you’re trying to shed fat or gain lean muscle as fast as possible, or you want to tap into the most cutting-edge health, anti-aging and longevity protocols, coaching with me is designed to enhance your physical and mental performance at the highest level. With detailed instructions, guidance, and planning, you’ll get instant access to every training, nutrition, and lifestyle technique that exists to optimize your life, make you indestructible and get you to your goals as safely and quickly as possible.

Leave any questions or comments below – or any news of the week that you think I should have added – and I will be sure to reply.



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