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Ben greenfield's weekly roundup for May 25th
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Welcome to Ben Greenfield's Weekly Roundup!

In this weekly post, I share with you my most interesting discoveries of the week, including the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking, and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with opportunities to learn, giveaways, discounts, and more!

My Latest Discoveries: New Things I'm Trying, The Latest Life Hacks, Books I'm Reading, And Much More!

Cookie Dough Honey? Yes, Please. 

kauai farmacy cookie dough honeyKauai Farmacy – a boutique-size, biodiverse herbal farm and “farm”acy in Hawaii – is as close to a Garden of Eden as I've ever seen on Earth.

I now order all sorts of honey, salves, teas, and tinctures from these guys and I've got to say, when you try this stuff, it feels like new, earthy lifeblood flowing through you. 

In 2021 I interviewed Doug Wolkon, owner of Kauai Farmacy, after health nut and big wave surfer Laird Hamilton convinced me to go visit Doug's farm. I was immediately blown away by the vast array of over 80 varieties of organic healing plants and food orchards.

Kauai Farmacy is run by a team of incredibly knowledgeable herbalists and gardeners; a closed-loop vermiculture feeding system (worm compost farm), honeybees, butterflies, and other pollinators; wildfowl; environmentally-compatible farming (water-catchments, permaculture guilds, and more); and medicine-making systems (solar-dehydrators, low-temperature herb-curing, herbal teas, tinctures, hydrosols, salves, honey, capsules, and more).

Recently, Doug sent me the Farmacy's new Cookie Dough Honey – and let me tell you, you have got to try it out. I must admit, I now hide an extra stash of this stuff from my wife and kids because lest it just vanishes.

Everything is made with love and by hand at Kauai, and if you've been following me on Instagram and elsewhere, you've seen me using ample amounts of Kauai Farmacy powders and tinctures in my recipes, along with products such as their salves and hydrosols for joint and skin health.

And right now, you can get 15 percent off at Kauai Farmacy by using code GREENFIELD15 at checkout.

Get Personalized Guidance & A Done-For-You Exercise & Eating Plan That Incorporates Everything I've Learned In The Past 20 Years

Due to the hands-on personal approach in my VIP coaching program, I can only work with a handful of people at a time.

Those who do embark on a personal journey with me by their side to utterly transform their lives.

Are you a hard-charging CEO striving to maximize work-life balance? Or an athlete aiming to break through the final plateau of your sport career? Or maybe you've got a great life, but struggle with the stubborn issues of chronic disease or sub-par health. Whatever the case, I want to help you become everything you have always known you can be from a physical, mental, spiritual, and communal perspective.

Intrigued? The next step is to book a free 15-minute call with my coaching team. You'll get all your questions answered and they'll make a recommendation based on your personal goals.

One quick note: if you book a call, please make sure you show up. This is a hands-on, personal approach where we put in lots of effort to find people that are the right fit. Not showing up on the call costs us the opportunity to have that time available for someone else.

If you're ready to see if our most comprehensive program is right for you, let's chat: Book Your 15-Minute Call.

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

A Step-By-Step Blueprint For Longevity: The Most Advanced Age Reversal Strategies Known To Humankind, With Bryan Johnson.

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The Latest New Health Gadgets You’ve Never Heard Of, The Intersection of AI & Biohacking, Miracle Mornings & Much More With Tim Gray.

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Product Of The Week

::: Get Free Shipping On Radically Healthy, Planet Protecting Cultured Oil :::

zero acre cultured oilIndustrial seed oils are highly inflammatory and should be avoided, but did you know that most olive oil and avocado oil on the market is unadulterated and rancid too?

Seed oils like soybean oil, canola oil, etc. are primarily made up of polyunsaturated fats that are easily oxidized and are often bleached with harmful chemicals before they make it into your food. Monounsaturated oils like olive oil and avocado oil are pitched as a healthy alternative. 

But in truth, many olive and avocado oils on the market are cut with lower quality oils, have been processed and left unadulterated, or are themselves rancid and inflammatory.

This is why when it comes to oils, I discern and select with the utmost care, and you should too. Cue my friends from Zero Acre.

Cultured oil is made from fermentation (rather than deforestation), consists of 90% healthy monounsaturated fats, less than 3% inflammatory fats, has a 485-degree smoke point, and it's miles above the competition in environmental sustainability.

This oil has made its way into my staple rotation of cooking oils, perfect for baking, sauteing, use as a garnish, and with such a high smoke point, I can even fry with it in good conscience. 

Not to mention the peace of mind that my environmental impact has dropped through the floor. Cultured Oil uses 85% less land than canola oil, emits 86% less CO2 than soybean oil, and requires 99% less water than olive oil.

And my friends over at Zero Acre have offered free shipping just for you by using code GREENFIELD at checkout.

Upcoming Events:

Health Optimisation Summit: June 17th – 18th, 2023

Don't miss the opportunity to join me at The Health Optimisation Summit in London! This is your chance to be part of a community of 2,500 like-minded people and learn from world-leading health speakers. You'll be able to fast-track your health journey, discover cutting-edge secrets and hacks, explore the latest tech and gadgets, and find the cleanest and healthiest supplements and nutrient-dense foods. Don't miss out on this incredible experience and save 20% with code BEN. Learn more about meeting me in London here.

HUM2N: June 19th, 2023

With a limited guest list of only 20 individuals, HUM2N is focused on personalized health and wellness coaching. The event will feature a panel discussion between me and Dr. E (the founder of HUM2N), followed by an audience Q&A session. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to experience at least one biohacking treatment such as NAD+ IV, Cryo, or Hyperbaric Oxygen, as well as enjoy lite bites and beverages in partnership with Loui Blake – HUM2N CMO and serial entrepreneur in the healthy food space. Non-alcoholic beverages, mocktails, and organic wine from Dry Farm Wine will also be provided. All attendees will receive a Superhuman 2 protocol worth £750 that they can book at their convenience. Learn more here.

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Kion Product Of The Week: Kion Protein Bar

You know I’m a huge fan of Kion.

They combine the cleanest natural ingredients into complementing supplements (and foods!) that help you unlock your body’s natural energy.

And their new Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar is out of this world delicious.

Not only that but it is made with only real, whole-food ingredients—giving it balanced macronutrients for clean, stable energy.

The Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar’s complex flavors and texture come from real, natural, whole-food ingredients such as…

  • Organic almonds
  • Organic cocoa nibs
  • Organic chia seeds
  • Organic coconut, and
  • Organic honey

And it contains 11 grams of satiating protein from grass-fed whey protein isolate to support your active lifestyle.

I promise you, you’re going to love this new protein bar. Click here to try it.

Asking A Quick Favor About My New Book Boundless Parenting: Tools, Tactics & Habits of Great Parents.

I just wanted to quickly thank all of you who ordered a copy of my book, Boundless Parenting: Tools, Tactics & Habits of Great Parents.

After two years of interviewing some of the top parents on the planet…

…. from crazy macho Alpha dads like the controversial “Liver King” and Spartan race founder Joe DeSena…

…to peaceful backwoods, unschooling, off-grid gardeners, and homemakers (including my children’s wilderness survival instructors and my own wife Jessa)…

…to outside-the-box thinking fitness icons like Kelly and Juliet Starrett, Paul Chek, and the Vega “Fat Fueled Family”…

…to a host of other entrepreneurs, billionaires, single moms, and dads, my own dear parents, pastors, education experts, legacy builders, wealth managers, and many others who have created impactful, happy, and resilient children…

…I’ve finally put the finishing touches on a 600+ page parenting book that is the most comprehensive parenting book that exists. It’s like the blueprint for raising a human.

If Boundless Parenting does make even the smallest impact on your life, I would love it if you could help me spread the word far and wide, by:

Thanks again for all your support!

With gratitude,

Ben Greenfield

P.S. I can also give special discounts for bulk purchases of my books. So, if you would like to use them for a Bible study or a book club, please email [email protected], and my team will get you set up.

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