Which Body Type Are You?

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Get Fit Guy bookAs you can probably imagine, especially if you've ever spent much time in a locker room or at the beach, your body type and body shape is relatively unique.

And no single fitness program, workout, exercise machine, number of sets, cardio class, diet or any other method of attaining a dream body will work ideally for every body type. That magazine workout program or generic gym routine may not be optimized for you.

To understand why, it's important to know a bit about the history of body types and body shapes (don't worry, I'll get to the good stuff later, but I know some of you like to geek out on this stuff).

Back in 460BC, the Greek philosopher Hippocrates proposed 2 basic body types, and the awkward Latin phrases he used to describe them can be basically translated to a “long thin body” or a “short thick body.”

More than a thousand years later, in the early 1800’s, French physicians began to refer to three different body types: “digestif,” “musculaire,” and “cerebral.”

But body types weren’t quantified or described more fully until 1919, when an Italian anthropometrist named Viola took 10 measurements of the bodies of a large group of people, compared the individuals to a group average, and came up with 3 different and difficult-to-pronounce body types, which he quantified and described as:

-Microsplanchnic – 24% of the population, small trunk and long limbs

-Macrosplanchnic – 28% of the population, large body and short limbs

-Normosplanchnic – 48% of the population, an intermediate group

A few years later, a German psychiatrist named Ernst Kretschmer described 3 body types (and interestingly linked each one to psychiatric problems, which I will conveniently avoid addressing in this book). His types were:

-Pyknic – broad, round, and sturdy

-Leptosome – long and thin, a linear body

-Athletic – large and muscular thorax and shoulders

Later, in the 1940’s, American psychologist William Sheldon defined his take on the 3 basic physiques – using language with which you may be slightly more familiar:

-Endomorphy – spherical body, weak arms, fatty arms and thighs

-Mesomorphy – broad shoulders and chest, muscled arms and legs

-Ectomorphy – linear, spindly limbs, narrow chest and abdomen, little muscle and little fat

But Sheldon took his definitions one step further and devised a method of body typing called “somatotyping,” which was eventually turned into a mathematical model in the late 1960’s. In this model, bone length, height-to-weight ratios, fat percentage, photographic analysis, and other measurements were used to develop what is called the Heath-Carter Anthropometric Somatotype.

This model, although very complicated and a real head scratcher if you don’t have a math degree, still serves as the basis for scientifically identifying body types.

Care to try and figure out your body typing using the Heath-Carter model? Be my guest. Here's how you start

First figure out your degree of endomorphy, using the equation:

-endomorphy = – 0.7182 + 0.1451 (X) – 0.00068 (X 2) + 0.0000014 (X 3)

-where X = (sum of triceps, subscapular and supraspinale skinfolds) multiplied by (170.18/height in cm).

Next determine your degree of mesomorphy, using the equation:

-mesomorphy = 0.858 x humerus breadth + 0.601 x femur breadth + 0.188 x corrected arm girth + 0.161 x corrected calf girth – height 0.131 + 4.5.

Next, three different equations are used to calculate your degree of ectomorphy according to the following height-weight ratios:

-If HWR is greater than or equal to 40.75 then ectomorphy = 0.732 HWR – 28.58
-If HWR is less than 40.75 but greater than 38.25 then ectomorphy = 0.463 HWR – 17.63
-If HWR is equal to or less than 38.25 then ectomorphy = 0.1

Once you know your endomorphy, mesomorphy and ectomorphy, you can then graph your body type on an X-Y chart using the following coordinates for X and Y:

-X = ectomorphy – endomorphy
-Y = 2 x mesomorphy – (endomorphy + ectomorphy)

Here's what the chart looks like:


You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Of course, if you're like me, you probably don’t have the hours of time necessary, the many tools of measurement, or even the mathematical prowess required to determine your body type using the method described above, so I'm going to tell you about a far more simple body typing method farther down this post.

But first, let’s delve into a better description of what each body type actually is, since all these “morphisms” can seem confusing.

Here is a brief description of each of the body types:

Male Body Types

Ectomorph Ecto-Mesomorphs Mesomorph Endomorph
Male ectomorphs have skinny arms and legs, thin waists, wrists and ankles, low muscle mass and “twig” shapes. When they do gain weight due to lack of fitness, they put the weight on their stomach and waist. Ectomorphs are often described in the fitness industry as “hard-gainers,” because they have a tough time building and maintaining muscle mass. However, they usually have a great deal of physical endurance. Clint Eastwood, Ethan Hawke, Billy Bob Thornton, and Chris Rock are examples of ectomorphs. Male ecto-mesomorphs can easily fluctuate between being incredibly lean or very muscular. They tend to have broad shoulders, narrow waists, ankles, and wrists, and a “V” shape of the torso. Like ectomorphs, when they do gain weight, the fat tends to be on the stomach, but can also be on the buttocks. Ecto-mesomorphs can quickly build muscle and tend to be fairly athletic, but not as powerful or explosive as mesomorphs (think of a swimmer vs. a linebacker). Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Dwayne Wade are examples of ecto-mesomorphs. Male mesomorphs are naturally muscular and have a thick, athletic build. They tend to have round, jutting chests, rectangular waists, large arms, thick thighs and calves, and a “square” shape. Male mesomorphs tend to gain weight easily, especially in the hips, buttocks, upper back, and stomach. Because of their athleticism, mesomorphs respond well to fitness routines and perform well at most physical activities, but must constantly stay active to maintain a fit physique. Russell Crowe, Mark Wahlberg, Duane “The Rock” Johnson, Sylvester Stallone, and LL Cool J are examples of mesomorphs. Male endomorphs are round, and typically short (although tall examples, such as Alec Baldwin, do occur). They tend to be curvaceous males with short necks, small shoulders, thick waists, calves, and ankles, with an “apple” shape. Although they tend to have good cardiovascular endurance, endomorphs also have the most difficulty losing weight, and require frequent variations in volume and intensity to maintain fat loss. Seth Rogen, Danny Devito, Jonah Hill, and Jon Favreau are examples of endomorphs.

Female Body Types

Ectomorph Mesomorph Meso-endomorph Endomorph
Female ectomorphs are waif-like and slim, with thin necks, shoulders, hips, wrists, calves, and ankles – a “ruler” shape.  Ectomorphs usually put on weight in their stomach and upper hips, while maintaining slender arms and legs. Taller female ectomorphs tend to be slightly more muscular and are often skilled at endurance sports, but lack the ability to develop curves without the proper exercise program. Gwyneth Paltrow, Thandie Newton, and Kylie Minogue are examples of ectomorphs. Cameron Diaz and Katherine Heigl are taller ectomorphs. Female mesomorphs tend to have a classic “hourglass” shape, with wide shoulders and hips, and a distinctively narrow waist. They tend to both gain weight and lose weight proportionally in the hips and buttocks, upper back and chest, and have curvy bodies that balance out a bikini top and bottom. A slight weight gain can appear sizeable because the mesomorph’s body fat easily hides muscle. This type tends to be very athletic and good at a variety of sports and activities. Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, Scarlett Johannson, Britney Spears, and Jessica Biel are examples of mesomorphs. Because of the biological tendency for females to carry more fat than males, female meso-endomorphs are far more common than the male equivalent cross of an ectomorph and mesomorph. They tend to have mid-thickness waists and ankles, small to medium size shoulders and chests, and wider hips – a “pear” shape. Although out-of-shape meso-endomorphs appear to have a frail upper body with a disproportionately large lower body, they can easily create balance with a proper exercise program. Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Hurley, Kim Kardashian, and Minnie Driver are examples of in-shape meso-endomorphs. Female endomorphs are generally bigger on the top half of their bodies than on the bottom. They commonly have narrow hips and a large chest and stomach, with a curvaceous “apple” shape. Endomorphs tend to gain weight above the waist or along the buttocks. They are typically good at cardiovascular endurance, but can easily put on weight without a customized exercise and nutrition program.  Queen Latifah, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Coolidge, and Alex Borstein are examples of endomorphs.


So which body type are you?

Leave a comment below this post (or a question if you can't figure it out). I'm curious to know what the “predominant” body type of BenGreenfieldFitness readers is…

A Few More Details

You’ve probably noticed that there are two different “combo” body types: the male ecto-mesomorph and the female meso-endomorph.

The reason that the combos for each sex are different is actually quite simple: females are naturally built to carry more fat on their bodies.

Don’t feel bad, ladies – fat gives you curves, hormones, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to propagate the human race!

As you can probably imagine, because the body types in the tables above are unique, no single fitness program, workout, exercise machine, number of sets, cardio class, or any other method of attaining a dream body will work ideally for every body type.

For example, if you're a male mesomorph with naturally high levels of fast twitch muscle mass, you're going to find yourself pretty dissatisfied with your fat loss progress if you engage in a heavy weightlifting routine.

On the other hand, that very same heavy weight training routine would give you a toned and curvaceous body if you're a female ectomorph.

Meanwhile, say you're a female endomorph married to a male endomorph. You'll notice that the long slow cardio sessions which allow your husband to rapidly shed weight are instead leaving your body frustratingly tired, swollen, and certainly no lighter.

How To Determine Your Body Type

As you can see, this body typing stuff can get pretty complex.

As a matter of fact, I've spent the past year trying to make it palatable, practical and easily applicate for anyone.

The result is my new book: “Get Fit Guy's Guide To Achieving Your Ideal Body”. The book contains a simple body typing questionnaire, and a customized fitness and nutrition program for each unique shape, along with a very cool appendix jam-packed with my top body sculpting tips and tricks.

Watch the video below to see what this new book is all about, then click here to pre-order with a guaranteed lowest price available (this isn't some $197 manual, the price is $13.45 – so you can get a few for your friends – and I've got a bit of an incentive below the video for you if you do want to get multiple copies).

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253 thoughts on “Which Body Type Are You?

  1. Amanda says:

    Do you have any info on female ecto-endomorphs? Short height, however long and lean limbs, and a short and stubbornly fat torso. Thanks

    1. Alisa Layton says:

      I have a similar question! I am 6ft broad shoulders slim arms, flat chest, narrow waist. I have long thick legs, wide hips, fatty butt and hips. I am definitely pear shaped. Never gain fat on my upper half. All the fat goes to my hips butt and thighs. I think I am an ecto-endomorph. What are your thoughts?

  2. Maija says:

    I’m pretty confused, because I didn’t get a result with the test in your book. I had 9 A’s, 17 B’s and 2 C’s. None of the descriptions fit. My waist to hip ratio is 0.78, but I definitely gain in my mid-section first while my legs are always narrow. In addition to my mid-section I only gain in my upper thighs and upper arms. My shoulders and hips are on the wide side, shoulders an inch broader than my hips. Can you help me figure out my type so I can use the benefits of the book?

  3. Trevor Roberson says:

    I personally feel like im an meso-endo body style. I know I could stand to lose about 10 pounds. When I weigh about 5 pounds less than I am my belly is pretty tight and have good abs if I do crunches. I’m 49 years old, 5′ 7″ and weigh around 159-162. I have thick thighs, hips and have received comments from younger and middle age women who say i have “an athletic butt”. I do 60-70 minutes of cardio and light weight training an average of 8-9 out of every 10 days. I wear a 40R slim fit suit jacket and a comfortable 32 size waist/pant size. Dont know where I reside on the body styles though; Feels like both apply to me(?)

  4. Jennie says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m a Mesomorph body type. But I’m a 40 year old female…I’m curious how changing hormones will affect my exercise program. I’ve never had any real weight issues but I have had two kids and I’m really wanting to get and then maintain strength and beauty as I age.

  5. Tom says:

    I’m always confused on this. I”m male and my arms, back, butt and legs are muscular. My stomach is very soft and fat. I easily need to lose 50 pounds. It’s so weird to me that I’m muscular except in my belly. I’m not quite sure what type that is.

    1. Just by what you describe, it sounds like you probably have more of an ecto-mesomorph or mesomorph body type.

      1. Person says:

        I’m a young teen and I have a ecto-mesomorph type body. I accumulate muscle from swimming, and have a naturally slim thicc frame.

  6. Mfon Iquaibom says:

    What body frame do I have my shoulders are on the broad side my bust is on the bigger size I hv most of my weight falling to my mid section my thighs are not skinny but they touch I hv curves but they are not so defined

    1. Victoria says:

      My body type is weird…. I think I dont belong in any of these categories. I am a tall woman (5’9) I develop leg and glute muscle very very quickly. It has always been an insecurity of mine… but I am very slim on top with broad shoulders, a small bust and long arms. I dont develop stomach fat as easily as thigh and butt fat lol

      1. Victoria says:

        I’m also 150 lbs but still appear lean and toned

  7. Adriana Zúñiga says:

    hi! I came across your page

    I’m 5’2, 29 year old overweight female. I have short torso / long legs with hips and shoulders around the same width. Big butt…high and sticks out. My breasts are C/D cup size. Tapered waist just below my ribs. Gain fat/weight easily. Tend to gain fat evenly on my body. I think I’m either a hourglass or pear shaped. My hip to waist ratio is 0.7

    I’ve started exercising in November….haven’t lost much weight but lost inches. My clothes are looser..but not much budging on the scale.

  8. Swimusgirl says:

    I can never figure out where I fall since I have traits that seem to be opposites… I am female, 5’8″, 170 lbs (did a body composition test – 26% body fat), but am somewhat lanky with curves since clothes are always too tight in the hips/thighs/chest and my hands and feet are long (size 13 women’s shoes). I generally gain weight easily (muscle and/or fat – I love food and have a good appetite), good at endurance activities, need lots of carbs vs fat (most optimized at 60-20-20 for carb-protein-fat as a vegan), have very strong lungs, and am stronger than most women without trying (my out of shape is better than my sister’s in-shape lifting). My best sport has been swimming and I was never that fast, but could keep going during extra-long swims when my teammates would start to flag – basically I can do the slow and steady very well and am terrible at sprints.

    1. Oscar says:

      Hello, Swimusgirl! I hope this helps you.

      Well, you’re most likely not a mesomorph, since it seems like fast power is the weak point for you. However, you posess great strength and aerobic qualities. Endomorphs are most often the strengest individuals, and they also posess great lung capacity, because of the large ribs. Since you have long hands and feet, and because of your lankyness, that probably means you have some kind of ectomorphism also.

      1. Oscar says:


  9. Zak says:

    I’m almost 6 half feet tall big shoulders, strong arms and legs, but I have a good bit of fat around the middle and can not seem to lose it. My arms and legs are stronger than most people around me but they do not look like and do not have mussel definition. my middle is soft.

    1. Oscar says:

      I would say endomorph, endomorphs are the strongest people, and the ones with most fat.

  10. Shannon says:

    Unfortunately, I am a out of shape female Endomorph. I am buff at the top, and I have no hips or butt.

    1. Jessica says:

      It actually sounds like you’re actually an ecto-mesomorph! This narrow yet muscular body type isn’t listed above but I’ve read of it elsewhere. I don’t believe you’re an endomorph because they’re characterized by a broadness of bone structure and an over all roundedness–having no excess fat storage and being muscular on top yet narrow at the hips means you lean toward the trimness of the ectomorph, and have the muscularity of the mesomorph on top. Sounds like an enviable physique (:

  11. Tamoor baig says:

    i am 18 ectomorph body shape guy

  12. Sarah says:

    I have never understood my body shape and don’t seem to fit any description anywhere. I have curvy hips and a large chest but not as wide as my hips, yet my arms and legs are so skinny and can never put any weight on them. My weight always goes to the lower half of my stomach, round the bottom of my back and muffin top but my bottom is always small.

    1. Tamoor baig says:

      I hope ectomorphy

    2. Jordi Carrera says:

      I’m not sure either. I am tall but I am quite broad and I used to be very skinny but I put on muscle easily and whenever I used to put on fat it would be on my glutes or on top of my abdominals and it would be very hard to gain fat. Since I started lifting when I was thirteen I’ve looked big but athletic. I’m gonna guess that I’m ecto-mesomorph.

      1. Jordi Carrera says:

        If it wasn’t so hard for me to put on weight (fat- I am great at putting on muscle (not a problem)) I would definitely say mesomorph

    3. Fitness Motives says:

      you re mesomorph

  13. Mariam Ishaque says:

    i don’t really know my body shape,but my shoulders are wide and i have a broad waist,also my hips aren’t wide.want to change my body shape,don’t really like it.i have been doing squatting which i learnt gives wide hips but don’t feels pains on my hips but rather my thighs i need help.because of my body shape can’t wear attire which fit me.

  14. Faye says:

    I found out in my 20’s that I was an hourglass shape, in my late 40’s early 50’s more of a pear shape, now My upper body is a proportionate with my lower body and a tire for where my small waist use to be. was a size 8 then went gradually to a 10, now a size 16.

  15. Stacy says:

    Hi. I have wondered for longest what my body shape could be. I’m a female, 5’1 with thick arms, thighs, stomach and waist. I’ve been very active in the past, but have become less so lately. Could you help me determine my body shape and possible help to increase endurance and loss some weight.

    1. Yes, I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/coaching and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you get that.

  16. Jo says:

    Hi! I found this thread while trying to find some answers — my eating and exercise habits are limited by medical conditions, and I already know that my body is different, but I feel like I could do better and be healthier if I know more.

    Anyway, I absolutely look like an endomorph (and I’m not just saying this because I’m overweight — even I, in my lack of self-esteem, know that I am perceived as highly attractive because of certain endomorphic features), but does my body act like an endomorph?

    My arms and legs gain muscle easily, but they do not look traditionally muscular. My core is weak and difficult to train. I gain weight very easily from food, and modifying my diet does nothing but make me sick, but exercise will produce modest weight loss and significant reduction in size. I am good at endurance and weight training, but only at low impact — I fatigue easily when pushed to exert more (I could walk forever, but I cannot jog even briefly; uphill cycling causes a similar problem). In terms of diet, I tend to crave foods high in both protein and fat, such as cheese, red meat, and nuts.

    Does this sound like the way an endomorphic body behaves?

    1. The answer is within the book, you need to read the book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1250000882/ref=…

  17. TracyAnn says:

    I am 5’2, small upper body frame, but always had strong, thick legs. Waist is tiny, hips are wide in comparison but not fat. From the front my legs look super muscular, but from the back it’s cellulite saddlebag city. :-( I do shoulders and back a lot to try and balance it out. I have a strong core..love pilates. Mesoendomorph? Mesomorph? Help! :-)

    1. You need to read my book at http://www.GetFitGuy.com – it has the answers!

      1. Jennie Meyer says:

        Hey Ben,
        I don’t think this is the write URL – it leads to a page about casinos. :) . Your book image at the top of the page leads to the same place. Just FYI – and I can’t wait to get the book!

  18. Ella says:

    This is frustrating. I am what my family (who I get these strange genes from) describes as “delicate”. I’m thin but wouldn’t be described as stringy. I’m just tiny. I am short all over. My butt is flat. My shoulders are wider than my hips but my limbs and joints are very small. I’m overall pretty thin but I’m not tall or long limbed. I have trouble gaining fat. I gain muscle really easily but I don’t have that beautiful mesomorph hourglass body. I have a straight waist and hips. Basically I’m one of those short, compact and yet, frustratingly skinny people. The only place I ever gain weight (even in my pregnancy) is my tummy. I gain like a boy. I have lots of endurance – i prefer dancing, swimming, skating, squash, badminton. I hate lifting anything though. Eff that.

    Wtf? A hybrid? I dunno..

    1. I would highly recommend reading my book at http://www.GetFitGuy.com for this one.

  19. Michael Rowlands says:

    I’m an Ecto-Meso!

  20. Lisa D says:

    I am a mesomorph female for certain. When I was thin I was still very muscular naturally and always had muscular arms and legs, never skinny or spindly. As I have aged and gained weight I have remained very proportionate with an hour glass figure, however, it is a huge hour glass… lol. I have always had my best results with cardio workouts though, rather than weight lifting. Toning for sure, but cardio is what helped me with weight loss. Does that aspect change with age?

    1. You must, must, must read the book at http://www.getfitguy.com. all the answers are there.

  21. Pip says:

    I’m a tall ectomorph. I know it probably doesn’t sound like a problem but this bothers me…I have skinny but naturally very toned looking arms. Is there a way I can make them look less so? I don’t do any excersize so maybe weights to “bulk” arms??

    1. I'm not sure whether you want more or less bulk on your arms, but here are both of the answers: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/e… http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/e…

  22. I am boy,14 ear old. With a height of 184cm, weight of 209 pounds or 95 kilo, with broad shoulders 2.5 inch broader than my hips and muscular fore arms, biceps,huge calfs. I also have high testosterone level as have a beard of 16 year old and am quite hairy. But due to a bad childhood diet which consisted mostly of sugary foods and junk foods I gained some amount of fat around my hips,thighs,buttocks,stomach. Am I a mesomorph or not ?

    Can some on pls help me to get back my mesomorphic body?

    If so pls reply your contact info and a vegetarian diet plan. Can eat egg, cheese, milk.

    1. Feel free to book a consult at bengreenfieldfitness.com/coaching and choose 20 or 60 mins and we'll go into detail there!

  23. samantha says:

    Can a woman not be any of those body types? Cause im pretty sure none of them are a match for me.

    1. You can definitely be one of the MALE body types, yes. Read the book at http://www.getfitguy.com

  24. Ash says:

    Hi Ben,

    My body is some what weird, My legs are very Fat but my Upper body (Chest and Stomach area) is really weak and thin. I have tried body building and was able to improve Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps but the chest and stomach area does not improve and my legs have grown more fat. So, most body weight in in lower part and very less in upper part. It really feels embarrassing to me. Can you HELP.

  25. Andrew says:

    I have hypothyroidism and used to be a little bit chunkier than my frame suggests. But last year, due to body image issues as a result of stress in school and also a stomach bug that shaved off a good five pounds from me, I’ve gone from 135 last year March to my lowest 115 last summer. After school started back up in September I gained about five to eight pounds from eating more (a: my mom wants me to eat more and b: eating granola cereal every morning). I will be 15 next month.

    And I have skinny-everything(a little more on my stomach area, but that’s from eating more this school year) would I be an ectomorph then?

    1. Please, please, please read book at http://www.GetFitGuy.com – it will tell you everything you need. But sounds like ectomorph, yes!

  26. Triala79 says:

    Hi I’m a 5’2 female and took the quiz I got 12 A’s and 15 B’s. I have a very small frame. I can wrap my hand around my ankle and have significant overlap on my wrists. However I’m curvy and build muscle easy and gain weight and lose it fairly easy. My waist is always super small and I don’t gain there at all. I do gain in my arms and thighs. I feel like I have meso muscles on an ecto frame. What do you think?

    1. Sounds to me like you are a female version of the male "ecto-mesomorph" body…so you can follow those recommendations!

  27. Luiz says:

    I think I’m a meso-endomorph (even though it’s listed here as a female body type lol). I’ve always been muscular, even when I didn’t workout, and since I started training, I’ve gained more lean mass than my peers who started with me, even though I’ve been in a calorie deficit.

    However, I struggle to lose fat, especially in my belly, and I gain weight really easy. If I slip-up my diet even a little, I can expect to awake the next day with a couple more cm of belly :P

    At least I don’t look fat when I’m clothed.

  28. Mary says:

    I can’t figure out what body type I am. I’m a 5’3″ female and my weight ranges from 110-125 but is usually around 115. My shoulders and hips look the same and I have a natural tendency to have more weight on my thighs and butt. My waist is 24″ and my hips are 38″. I’ve noticed that I build muscle quickly and I’ve had defined abs for years without exercising, but I can’t place myself into any category and can see my body type applicable to all three. I also have defined muscles everywhere but in some areas (my thighs) they’re not as defined. My wrists are very small and delicate while my ankles are thicker (but not ridiculously unproportional to the rest of me). I also weighed 135 lb a year ago but lost almost 30lb very quickly due to illness. I’ve been slowly regaining that and right now I’ve peaked at about 117 lb but I never noticed any difference in my body’s fat content when I gained those 10lb.

    Any help is appreciated, and if you could recommend anything that’d be great. Thanks.

    1. You sound like an ecto-mesomorph to me! I would follow that plan in the book at http://www.getfitguy.com and I think you will do very well.

    2. Sarah says:

      I think you are probably an ecto-mesomorph! Based on your described build that’s what you seem like. I am personally a 5’4″ female of 93 lbs, but I’m underweight. Keep that body fit (it already is)! Try not to eat too many fatty foods to stay in shape!!

  29. Hallie Newcomb says:

    I’m a mesomorph. I have a medium/small frame. I’m 5’9 my weight ranges from 135-145 depending if I weight train or not. My fat % naturally likes to stay between 19 and 21%. If I don’t lift I lose muscle and get thinner but I can put on muscle pretty easily. I’ve never been over 155 lbs even on my worst diet. I maintain my weight on 1700-2000 calories with minimal activity. If I eat less than 1300 I usually pass-out or get dissy.

    1. I wouldn't necessarily restrict calories, just rearrange the macronutrient ratio. Take a look at this https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/02/perfe… it is what I base my own diet off of.

  30. kiara says:

    Hi ben so im still a teen and developing I guess but I cant tell my body type sooo I have broad shoulders from muscle mass im guessing and back muscle I also have a wide rib cage and I just hate my upper body shape. I am a softball pitcher and have noticed my.upper body starting to broaden more and more as ive been pitching…ummm I have a small waist and my hips are smaller than my shoulders my thighs arent thick they are quite thin and I have a big but I just do not know my type and do you know how I can reduce upper body muscles in the thorax

    1. You should do the male "mesomorph" program in the book at http://www.getfitguy.com! I think that'd be perfect for you…

  31. John says:

    I’m not quite sure which body type I fit into. I am a male with a resting metabolic rate of about 5400 calories per day (observed), whereas standard methods of determining RMR put me at 2148 to 2612 calories per day, and I struggle to gain weight, let alone avoid a 7 to 10 pound loss in a single day. If I eat enough, I can quickly and easily gain muscle; however, eating enough is a challenge for me considering my fast metabolism and low appetite, and if I undereat, I must keep exercising just to maintain my muscle mass, and if I undereat and don’t exercise a certain muscle group for a week, I start to lose inches from that muscle group by the days. Also, if I undereat, I can lose up to 10 or more pounds in a single day, and that weight is hard to regain. If I overeat (which is extremely difficult to do in the first place), any weight I gain and then some is immediately lost. Before I started trying to gain weight, I was 5’10” and 108 pounds with 4 inch wrists, an 11 inch neck, a 27 inch chest, a 22 inch waist, 27 inch hips, and about 0.37% body fat. I do not have record of my forearm, arm, thigh, or calf measurements from that time. Now, as a result of extremely hard efforts, I am 6’0” and 211.2 pounds with 7 inch wrists, 14½ inch forearms, 17 inch arms, a 19 inch neck, a 51 inch chest, a 36¼ inch waist, 46 inch hips, 31 inch thighs, 20 inch calves, and about 13.32% body fat. I was wondering if I am an ectomorph (because of my fast metabolism, low appetite, and proneness to being underweight), mesomorph (because of my achieved musculature and ability to gain muscle quickly if I eat enough for my metabolism), or ecto-mesomorph (because of the combination). If ecto-mesomorph, am I considered more ectomorph or mesomorph?

    1. I'll keep this simple…you fit really, really, close into male ectomorph body type. That's the way I'd go, and I'd follow the plan in the book at http://www.getfitguy.com.

      1. John says:


  32. Jothepirate says:

    Confused about what I am? I am heavier. Everyone says ‘you weigh that much?’ I definitely have bigger legs than endo, and bigger upper body than endo-meso. I have never been thin, but I am leary about calling myself mesomorph. I carry weight all over but have always been stronger than the boys. But because I am overweight I don’t know?

    1. It really does sound to me like you are a mesomorph who is carrying extra weight!

  33. RozH says:

    I’m guessing it’s quite rare to see female Ecto-mesos. I’ve got a small frame but always had broad shoulders with defined delts and calves which is there even if I don’t strength train.wondering if I should mix the Ecto and Meso stuff & how.

    1. You'll get the most bang for your buck by just doing the Meso program from the book, but add in ONE cardio session on the weekend since the non-Ecto part of you may need a little extra cardio!

    2. ForecasterJason says:

      Do you have a small frame according to this website? http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/imagepage…

  34. pwates says:

    Hi,____I was trying to figure out what my body type is, but I’m have a hard time doing so. My measurements are 38,36,42? I have huge thighs and broad shoulders. My tummy is somewhat firm, but has fat on it. Any help would be great!!!

    1. I have no clue if you are male or female! But if male, you sound mesomorph! If female you would be endo-mesomorph!

      1. pwates says:

        Yes! Im Female! But Im still somewhat confused about the endo-mesomorph? Does it mean Im more fat the muscle or what?

        1. You need to read the book at http://www.GetFitGuy.com! Only way to know that would be via a body fat test.

  35. AOjii says:

    Hi Ben, you hit a sensitive nerve stating the following: dissatisfaction as a meso with heavy lifting routines in order to loose fat. I think I’m a meso but at the moment I’m fat as f***. I still have big muscles. Broad shoulders, v-taper, big quadriceps, big biceps but covered in high amount of fat. I used to be a professional athlete (soccer) and I was always the fast and athletic guy. I could get big and strong by just looking at the weights in the gym. That guy. After I quit professional sports I started gaining weight gradually. I have accumulated a lot of fat around the buttocks, belly, lower back, inner thighs and just an overall evenly fat storage. It’s been 15 years now since I was a pro. Back then I used to train 3x a day. Now it’s more like 3x a week if I feel like it. Routines are heavy compound. Little to no cardio. I used to eat like a pig back then with a lot of carbs (back then I had no knowledge of sensible dieting) but was always pretty ripped. Now I eat like a girl compared to average guys. Yes, I have been eating a lot a few months ago (love things like cookies and a lot of meat) but nowadays I eat less with zero results. It even looks like I’m gaining more weight. I’m a black man in his mid thirties. I weigh 120kg at a height of 178cm (sorry I’m from the Netherlands). I’m reading a lot lately about insulin resistance and all. I really feel that there is something wrong with my body but no doctor is willing to look at my condition with a serious eye. It’s like: “eat less and healthy. Do lots of cardio cause you’re already muscular” . Is it as simple as that? On the internet everyone (bodybuilders) says : no cardio and lift heavy and the fat will just melt of but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. I read your article and so I hope you understand my problem. I know it’s a lot of words but i haven’t really had the opportunity to talk to someone about this who I feal would understand. Not even sure that I covered everything. Furthermore I think there is a correlation between professional athletes and getting out of shape overweight after retiring. More so than ‘regular’ people. I curious to you’re response. Thanks.

    1. This question about professional athletes gaining weight is something I address in detail in my book at http://www.BeyondTrainingBook.com – and would also be a fabulous question for you to call into the podcast! Regarding what you should be doing with your body type, I've found that for "getting started" mesomorphs respond really well to body weight training, and books like Fitness Explorining, Shape21, Paleo Fitness, SealFit, etc. would be a perfect place to start form some good body weight routines. Make sense?

  36. HPeesh says:

    Ben, I think I'm a female ecto-mesomorph but there's no overlap of the two on the female chart! I have a small frame (small wrists and ankles/calves) but a distinctly more narrow waist to hip/bust ratio and curves…do you think I combine the two workout/eating plans in your book?

    1. If your FRAME is small, you're most likely genetically an ectomorph, and that is what I would go with Holly!

  37. Dabota says:

    I am female, 5’8 have medium sized shoulders and small chest (A cup), my measurements are 33; 29-30; 38-39. I have always had developed thighs (a friend used to say i look like im about to take flight like a horse). I currently work with weights out and have toned arms to go with my legs. I worry a lot about my abs which on good days i can see the outline of the stomach muscles and on bad, not so much. People usually think im an athlete of some sort whenever they see me. from your description i would think im an meso-endomorph. What do you think?

  38. ShreyasCSarasan says:

    It's just really convenient that I came across this site on my first sitting. I have been contemplating the ifs of building up my body for quite some time now. I have always been under the impression that I am an ectomorph, because I have a thin wrist, narrow waist ( 28" ) and slender ankles. I never knew the combo type for males existed so I generally assumed that I naturally fell under the ecto type. But a friend of mine told me that I couldn't be a classical ectomorph because I display fine tuned athleticism and have explosive strength. As for me, I have to say that I don't have a "ruler-like" body. Instead, I display the V shape you mentioned in your post. I have relatively broad shoulders compared to my waist, I display exceptional physical endurance, a fast gait, short accelerating time and I believe I have more strength than what one might make out to be at first sight. I play small forward for my basketball team. All to say that I believe I have an ecto-meso morphic body. I mean, I am a 90% sure, but the rest 10%, I believe, should come from you. I gathered from your comments earlier that you yourself are an ecto-meso combo and thus I would really like to hear from you. I just turned 18, and I am underweight for the height of 5'10 at about 56kg. I want to increase my muscle mass and build up a runner-esque, lean physique. I would really appreciate it if you could confirm my speculations and suggest me a general framework for the type of physical training I should undergo. Also, is there anyway to keep increasing my height? A good 2 or 3 inches more cannot hurt. :)
    Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work. :)

    1. It sounds to me like you are ecto-meso for sure! I lay out a whole program in the book for muscle building for that body type, at http://www.GetFitGuy.com – and you can *try* an inversion table for height….

  39. Daniel Hdz says:

    I’m 27 5’9″. I’ve always been thick pretty much all of my life. Always pretty strong with a little muscle especially in the chest and arms. When I was 19 through really bad dieting and stress I allowed myself to go from 200 up to 260 lbs in about a year or so. I was at this weight for about 6 months. Through a lot of jogging and dieting for about 6/7 months was able to drop down to 165 lbs the following year. But through work hours and pour dieting (really think it was this) again my weight rose back up to 200 lbs about a year later. Around this time last year I was still at 200 lbs and dropped to 161 lbs (13-15% body fat) through dieting. I’ve retained my muscle through the fat loss but am confused if I am an Endomorph or Mesomorph since I’ve been a bit heavy most of my life but can maintain my weight through diet. Also it’s always been a little easy for me to put on muscle.

      1. Daniel Hdz says:

        I have to go out tonight and buy me a tape to measure myself.

  40. The_Mendleson says:

    I am really excited to read this book! Working out has become a huge fan of it and have my personal trainer on speed dial. People who like Professional Fitness is a Ripoff are nuts to me. I think it's extremely helpful and keeps me on track.

  41. Arul says:

    I’m a 27 year old male of height 5’7.1″. Although I was overweight since birth till about the age of 18 1/2, after which I lost weight due to walking daily for half an hour for 6 months which also suppressed my appetite I was not apple shaped like other overweight males. My waist-hip ratio when I was overweight was about 0.88, now it is 0.73, so I am a pear shaped male since now I am skinny from head to waist and also have skinny arms but I am still flabby from stomach to toe. In the descriptions given about the 4 male shapes I don’t seem to fit in any but I think I am closest to the female endo-mesomorph even though I am a male because my hips are larger than my chest. Even when I was overweight my hips were larger than my chest. My chest-waist-hip ratio now is 31.9-24.2-33 and was 34.5-32-37.1 when I was overweight. My shoulder-waist ratio is 1.5935 so I have a V- taper combined with a low waist-hip ratio. Since I don’t have much muscle I am definitely not a mesomorph and since I am not skinny completely from head to toe I am not an ectomorph. Therefore I must be an endomorph since I am flabby below my waist till my toes. But a pear shaped male (I am not talking about the bust-waist-hip pear shape but about the fat distribution) is not among the 4 male shapes. So am I a male meso-endomorph since I am pear shaped in my fat distribution?

    1. Yes exactly! You could actually follow the meso-endomorph plan in the book!

  42. Gabrielle Weidman says:

    I recently purchased your book and I was so looking forward to help with finding my body type so that I may take the best approach to my fitness routines and diet. Unfortunately after going through all of the questions I was unable to get an answer. I was hoping for some help :) I would very much appreciate it. After answering 27 of the 28 questions my results came out as follows: 11 A's; 12 B's; and 4 C's. No letters gave me a score of 20, unless combining A's and B's were an option, but they were not. I'm struggling here in frustration.

    1. You would fall into the mesomorph category with that profile, Gabrielle!

  43. Bambi says:

    Mesomorph! With a terrible love of peanut butter nd a hatred of cardio

  44. Ben Kelminson says:

    I am not sure if I am a male ecto-meso or a pure meso. I am currently 19 years old and 6’0. Last year I weighed 225 due to overeating and lack of exercise. I was able within 6 moths to get down to 160 with around 10 percent body fat. I have bulked up to 172 in the past few months. I am able while doing pretty much only weight lifting to eat an average of 3200 calories a day without putting on fat. I store fat proporionately like a mesomorph, my shoulders are extremely broad and my bones are around medium sized while my legs are also generally medium sized. However what confuses me is I do not have a square shape instead I have a very sharp almost hourglass shape to my torso.

  45. tequiero says:

    I can't figure out what shape I am…. My belly is not flat but it's not hanging over my pants…my bust is 34dd my waist is 30 inches and my hips are 42-43 inches but they're not that wide (its mostly my butt )…. help lol :)

    1. I would say you sound like an endo-mesomorph.

  46. Ian says:

    Ecto-mesomorph here, I'm a newcomer to your work, Ben, and I am really enjoying it so far, keep it up!
    Also worth noting here are the Ayurvedic types or "doshas" which have to do with body type, temperament and dietary profiles…definitely worth some study!

    1. Yes, I just interviewed a guy on Ayurvedic typing and I'm putting it on the podcast. Did a bunch of research on it for the book, but it was a bit too “advanced” to put in the final book…

      1. Ian says:

        Nice, looking forward to the podcast!

  47. Scarlett says:

    Not sure what body type I am. I am short but petite. Slim but not thin and gain weight from the waist down. I can never lose any weight off my arms or shoulders which is frustrating!

  48. Rory says:

    I’m a very uncommon ecto-mesomorph I assume

    I do not see anyone with my type of body at the gym that gains the kind of defined muscle like I do yet I have a smaller build than a mesomorph and more defined athletic shape with the V shaped back and slender waist and maller ankles and writs than a mesomorph

    1. Rory says:

      I should also say I gain muscle very easily and when I quit working out all that happens is I slim down and lose the muscle slowly not gain weight or anything so I’d like to know if I’m correct in assuming that is what I am

      1. Rory says:

        To add to that I stay with the same 4-5 workouts per muscle group 2 groups a day only 4 days a week with 3 days off and just move the rep range each week slightly for 4 weeks then start over and that’s all I have to do

        1. Everything you've described so far convinces me that you're most likely an ecto-mesomorph, Rory!Ben

  49. alex b says:

    I have no idea what body type I am. I am very active even through a surgically repaired knee, bad ankles and a bad wrist all at 17. I have very toned calves, naturally strong legs, somewhat defined arms, a decent chest, but a little extra fat on lower abs and love handles. roundish face too. I can gain and loose weight at an average pace and when healthy I have a 185×3 bench 300×2 squat and a 400+ deadlif, and pretty high repetition on abs. I am just confused.

    1. alex b says:

      o and i am 5-10+ and fluctuate between 176-185. was a good athlete before injuries, still decent athlete.

      1. It sounds to me like you would be a mesomorph, Alex…

  50. @honorsprof says:

    Meso-endo female.

  51. Mar'Taja says:

    I can' t tell if I'm a mesomorph or a Meso-endomorph.

  52. Tamara says:

    FLORAL TEAS -This category of teas is in my opinion not as widely known of as say, green teas, oolongs, Ceylon, etc.
    It is served sweetened with sugar and served hot or cold
    over either milk or juice. Since the active elements don’t traverse your stomach or liver, they are absorbed straight into your system.

  53. Faye says:

    Still have no Idea, mesomorph or meso-endomorph. In my 20's and 30's I had an hourglass shape, now I am 50 I gained (thanks menopause) and look more like pear with a tire.

    1. Sounds to me like you are a mesomorph who may have estrogen dominance. Check this out http://quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/exercise/hormonal-imbalances-weight-gain-part1.aspx

  54. Claudia says:

    I have never been in shape and even when thin have always had disproportionate tummy fat (particularly lower belly fat, below belly button). When I gain it is mainly in the tummy, upper arms and back. Does this information provide any clues as to my body type?
    5 5", 190lbs

    1. sounds to me like you are an endomorph, Claudia!

  55. wyatt says:

    I can tell that I am either an ecto-mesomorph or mesomorph but I’m not sure which one i am. I’m not huge but I’m fairly muscular. When I gain muscle about 80 percent of my gains are permenant and Ican maintain weight easily. But losing fat percentage is difficult. Overall i would say I have a medium frame, with my weight carried very evenly throughout my body. Is it possible Iam an ecto-meso with a slow metabolism?

    1. You sound like a mesomorph with a slow metabolism perhaps!

  56. BasicJim says:

    I guess I am an endomorph. I have the shoulders that seem to be the identifying characteristic. Does that mean I am doomed? Every picture I see as an example of a endomorph shows a fat guy with moobs and a big gut. Are there any examples of a fit endomorph?

    1. Yes, I show how to do it in the book: http://www.getfitguy.com. Check out Russell Crowe – he's a great example!BenWill YOU Become Superhuman This Year?Join me March 8-9, 2013 in Spokane, WAAll details at :http://goo.gl/b24U7

      1. Jen says:

        I think I might be an ectomorph. I have always been underweight but lean and muscular, with small bones. The heaviest I’ve ever been is 100 lbs, and I’m almost 5’3″ but like I said, gaining muscle is very easy and I’ve been down to 4.5% body fat without trying to get there. So does the easy muscle gain make me a mesomorph or am I still an endomorph?

  57. Mica says:

    I was born with high VO2 max and metabolism. It's hard to gain fat, it takes months of lack of working out and eating crap to manage it, which I can't, because I go insane and workout and eat well. My cravings fuel my workouts and I'm not tempted by pastries. I can lose fat and gain muscle just by thinking about it. Female mesomorph 100%. :)

  58. Gamy says:

    Hi I’m Gamy and I’m probably an ectomorph. But have always been confused about my body shape.
    I have broad shoulders and hips. My waist isn’t very slim but around 27. My upper and lower body measurement are 33 and 37 respectively. Though my hips are broad at a point lower than where my hipster pants are belted I gain weight around my thighs and lower abdomen. I’m around 5’2” and I don’t have slim wrists and ankles but rather athletic legs. So sometimes I seem like a cross between pear and ruler body type. Umm….I was never skinny or thin. And my back curves in a lot. But that could be because of my posture, I usually have a curved posture when I’m standing.
    Just asking, I have always been confused. I will be very thankful.

  59. CaliKel21 says:

    Hi, I was wondering what body type am I. My measurements are 36b-32-40. Please help, thanks :-)

  60. Yuna says:

    I'm a little confused about my body shape.
    I'm a female and I have been called 'skinny' by many people but I usually wear baggy clothes that don't happen to reveal my fat which, I noticed, appears to concentrate around my sort-of-middle-area for a lack of a better word.
    I have noticed that I have noticeably fatter upper limbs in proportion to my lower limbs (upper arm vs lower arm and thighs vs calves) and when I do gain weight, I seem to gain it either in my upper limbs, or (especially) my buttocks and sometimes my stomach. I don't seem to easily gain fat around my chest area and I have thin wrists/ankles.

    My hips are wider than my chest but if you draw a line straight down from my shoulders, my shoulders appear to be approximately the same width as my hips (if not a little wider). I have broad shoulders and quite a lot of upper back muscles. I have slender mid-long arms and legs. Although I have higher fat concentrates in my upper limbs, my thighs barely touch and my calves are pretty much completely muscle. I enjoy playing sports and I am a sprinter- not a long-distance runner although I cannot jump high no matter how hard I try.

    Loved this website and I hope you could help me out (: Thank you!

    1. You definitely sound like an ectomorph, Yuna!

  61. adam says:

    m a boy of 20 nd i hv small chest and big hips,big shoulders……i hv 40 chest ,34 waist and 44 hip section …itz lyk girly…plz advice me…

  62. Guthrum says:

    I can't tell can i email you photo's of me so you can please explain to me what body type I have I have been searching around every where and its important to me my email [email protected]


    1. Sure! my email is [email protected]. Please leave your clothes on. ;)Ben

  63. Louisa says:

    I agree with @Chaire. I think I'm also a meso-ecto. I'm barely 5'4 and my measurements are 39-28-38. I have very tiny wrists and ankles. I put on weight in the chest first, and lose weight in the hips first. I lose and gain weight very fast. At one point I was 105lbs and I looked like a lollipop (big chest, nothing else), but now I'm 130lbs and I have an hourglass figure.

    Any examples of exercises I can do to tone my figure without increasing muscle mass? Thanks

  64. Chaire says:

    I think I may very well be a female meso-ecto, but not sure how altogether common that is?

  65. Chaire says:

    I took the quiz and couldn’t be placed either… I’m 5’8″, 34-25-34, and 128lbs. The first place I gain is my stomach, the first place I lose is my chest. I would say I’m small framed but when I do exercise I see muscle definition quite quickly… I have a 5.7″ wrist with no overlap. What am I? :)

  66. Li_Fang says:

    Thanks Ben.. love too hear that i’m a mesomorph.
    I’ve been working out for the first month!, cant wait to drop down more weight and wear a waist slimmer with a underarmour shirt! :P just so i can look even more stronger with my upper strength :P

  67. Li_Fang says:

    im 195 pounds but my shoulders are so much wider then my waists. big chest, tiny pot belly(i guess you call it that)
    Very thick legs(i run really fast… i ran 11.5mph on a treadmill for 20.5sec)thick calves… slightly wider then my waist.
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO……. am i mesomorph or meso-endomorph?

    1. You sound like a mesomorph to me!

  68. rumbi mukaro says:

    by the way must have the endomorph body type,

  69. rumbi mukaro says:

    i am top heavy,with most fat accumulating on my waist and back. my back is wide and lumpy, my hips and buttocks are slimmer , thighs do get chunky. i have been jogging and walking to lose weight. is there a workout that can help my back lose the fatk?

  70. rumbi mukaro says:

    Hie, I am top heavy with most fat accumulating on waist and back. My back is very wide and lumpy. My hips and buttocks are slim. Is there a workout that reduces fat accumulating on the back to kind of even out my structure. I have been jogging and walking to lose weight. Thankyou.

  71. Shawn says:

    All this while, I thought I was an out of shape mesomorph. I have always had a flat tummy and my shoulders and hips were the same width. Now that I have hit my 40s, I have developed an underbelly and am piling on weight in my shoulder area. Can we change types as we age?

    1. Biscuitbum says:

      I`ve fooled you all! None of the types really fits me. Shorter linbs and longer body? – endomorph surely. But no, not with thin arms and legs , and narrow shoulders, plus I don`t put on weight round the waist and my medium-sized gut is higher up. I`ve always assumed I was mesomorphic, but I`ve never had muscles, even when I was in the gym several times a week.

  72. Meg says:

    I am a female, 5'3" who most closely fits the mesomorph category?? – I have a almost what you would call "stocky" build with big shoulders and am naturally strong- and respond well to strength training/muscle building – however because of a short waist combined with wide ribs I do not have the meso's defined waist – and my hips tend to appear narrow (though with increased muscle mass from exercise, by measurement my hips now equal my chest) but my thighs are definitely beefy. I have always felt torn between meso and endo – but not in the way this defines it….

  73. vyshaak says:

    i have a great upper body but i don hav a good lower body !how much eva i workout !.suggest me somethin to build my thighs ! but my thighs r strong !

  74. Sharon says:

    I'm female and am endomorph according to your description – but have lost a lot of weight over the last 9 months mostly in fat and muscle and want to know how to put this back without getting much bigger. HELP11

    1. You mean you want to put the muscle back on? The book at http://www.getfitguy.com shows you exactly how!

  75. lotusdell says:

    I'm a fat butt…fat everything…but I was not always…and so I am looking for information on ways to change what I've become, back to more what I was…

  76. Vijay Santosh says:


  77. andrewfilis says:

    what are your views on my stats and possible body type?

    1. Probably endomorph, but you should take quiz at http://www.getfitguy.com

  78. andrewfilis says:

    I think I'm an endomorph based on what you say. I'm about 170cm, 71kg, 100cm chest, 90cm waist, and 95cm hips. I put on weight first on my thighs, buttocks, and hips. I shift it reasonably quickly by upping my cardio to 5k runs 5 times a week. Have a huge appetite too. Never skip meals. My body feels bottom-heavy and my hamstrings are about 58cm. I'm 33 btw. Grateful for your views.

    As a 'pedantic' aside, Hippocrates would not have used Latin words for his two body types (NB., the Greek words used are 'apoplectic' and 'phthisic' by which he probably wanted to suggest that one was either 'brawnly' or 'scrawny'). I can see where the 'Latin' confusion might have arisen given that both these terms seem to appear in subsequent literature accompanied by the Latin 'habitus' – see for example here: http://faculty.psy.ohio-state.edu/montemayor/docu…

  79. Penyn says:

    Im mesoendomorph. I have a big rear end and mid section!!

  80. chuck says:

    I'm a endomorph. kinda sucks but there’s something weird about it. i dont have " small shoulders" my legs are huge but not really fat like there solid-ish and my arms arent weak either lol so im not sure everyone tells me im built like an ox……..but im fat on top of it so help me plz like i way 230 lbs and 5'9"…………like i said i need help….i am confused…thankx in advance :).

  81. summer says:

    I am not sure what type I am and just starting looking into this. I am overweight and has been hard to find something that helps me and that I can maintain. I have broad shoulders, med to large chest, thick arms, carry most weight up top and a tire like of fat around stomach. I have I think smaller hips and smaller thighs and muscled calves. It’s hard for me to find flattering jeans because if fits in legs then to tight in waist or if low rise fits in hips and legs but I have a awful bulge of fat in waist. So I have to get larger pants that are huge in my legs and bag off them that makes me look larger. I have extremely low metabolism and have higher testosterone. Do you have any advice for me? I would love to find something that may help me get healthier in a why that is fit for me. Thank you.

    1. Jo says:

      Summer, I know this is four years after the fact, but you sound a lot like me, actually. Based on photos of celebrity examples, I believe that I’m an endomorph), and I suspect that I also have higher testosterone than most women. Hormonal birth control really helped me balance a lot of this. I’m an identical twin. I take HBC, and she does not. I have almost perfectly clear skin with no facial cleansing regimen, and she has the same acne I did before starting HBC, despite cleansing properly and diligently. My voice is warmer and rounder, and hers is loud and driven. My drive is stronger, and hers is nonexistent, like both of ours used to be. Most dramatically, we used to wear the same cup size in bras, but even though we gained the same amount of weight, I gained only cup sizes, while she gained only band sizes. Overall, it makes me a lot more feminine.

  82. Patrick says:

    Finally some answers.
    I am a 23 year old male 6’1 and I weigh 112 kg (about 245 lbs) with body fat 19% ( but I have 4 packs I don’t know how it is possible) so I think I am a mesomorph but I really want to be lean what should I do?? Any advice will help
    P.S: I think mesomorph are minority

  83. Morph says:

    I'm morph. Ta.

  84. Matt says:

    Very nice, I'm glad I can reaffirm my own research to classify myself as and Ecto-meso. I always thought I was a true hardgainer, being so small all through school. Now in my mid 20s, I'm 5'8" and currently 145lbs @ 13.5% bf. I've been as high as 170lbs with more muscle and bf, and as little as 142lbs with a bf under 11%. Broad shoulders, lean muscle, I like where I'm at.

  85. Keirrah says:

    I am an endomorph. I am 22 years old and I weigh 135 lbs. I have a bigger upper body than my lower body. I have skinny legs, narrow hips, and a small butt. I tend to ONLY gain weight in my stomache and waist and breast. I hate it :/ if I work out and eat healthy foods, I tend to loose weight from my lower body, which is already skinny!!!! Right now I dont look that bad but if I were to gain alot of weight, man would I look apple-shaped. What can I do???

  86. Susan says:

    I am a female that seems to fit more in the male ecto-mesomorph category!

    Had a six pack from the age of 5, broad muscular shoulders and narrow waist and hips, long torso and short legs, average ankles/wrists.

  87. ian says:

    hey i have a few questions some of the body types fit me but not one 100% im 19, 5’9, 130 pounds, have had toned arms and legs with a 6 pack as far as i can remember i was riding bmx when i got in kindergarden im still a little toned i went through a ruff patch these past 2 years and lost some muscle mass and wondering what i could do to get my mass and tone back without riding everyday. i have a problem gaining weight my metabalism is so fast i just cant do it

  88. edwatyuiiop says:

    i am 27 years old male.my problem is, my pelvic region is wider than my chest and loin.my thigh is so wide.there is so much fat in buttock and thigh.my upper limb is fatless except my belly.my body configuration like a female.but my secondary sexual characteristics like man.everything right except my body structure..i am in severe depression.pls give me solution..is this body configuretion possible in male???pls.help me, whan can i get normal male body structure????

    1. Yes, that sounds like an endomorph body shape! There is a chapter in my book about that!

  89. Olioliolo says:

    Female Mesomorph! :)

  90. ryrey says:

    im ecto mesomorph

  91. Thomas says:

    Male Mesomorph and proud of it. I was wondering why I put on muscle so easily.

  92. sophie says:

    oh I'm 36, fat doesn't shift as quickly as it once did, ShouldI eat low carb?

    1. Low carb, but I'd also get your hormones checked via DirectLabs.com

  93. sophie says:

    I'm a female Mesomorph,(slim hourglass frame) 5" 6 tall on a smaller frame. I have classic meso features, square defined shoulders, tubular fingers, cubic head and when standing next to other women, a general boxy appearance. When I am in shape I can look quite athletic and have a flatter appearance when standing side on, more of a ballerina shape. My bust is proportionate but never large and the last place I put weight on is my ribcage, I tend to carry it on upper arms, thighs and upper hips whilst maintaining a proportionate body, my bottom never changes that much. The sport I seem to enjoy most is cycling, my arms are slightly shorter in proprortion than my legs. I am always trying to get slimmer arms and legs, I should probably do more cardio, I find resistance/power/explosive workouts more enjoyable but they just bulk me up and the fat doesn't shift! (so i look bigger and my jeans get tighter!) when i am lean i am uk size 8, am currently carry about 10 1bs too much which is frustrating and makes me a 10.

  94. funke says:

    'mstill confused.i have very thin waist,and slender(mesmorphic) upper body
    ,then i have hips,big thighs and legs
    i have big bones

  95. Doretta Doyle says:

    Thanks Ben! This has been exactly what we have been working on in our home. What kind of diet do we each need , what works for one does not seem to work for all four of us!! Your timing is amazing!

  96. stephanie says:

    not sure if it's even possible, but i have looked everywhere and cannot find a diet plan for a female ecto-mesomorph body type. does your book mention it, or can you help me? (: love the article and i bet i'll love the book

    1. You want to do the same one as for the ecto-mesomorph men for that, Stephanie!

  97. MEB says:

    Thanks for your article. I am a meso-endomorph. I've despised my body my whole life, and neglected it terribly. But knowing that if I were to care for myself and lead a healthy life, I may look more like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, this gives me a glimmer of hope. Thanks again.

  98. marie says:

    Hey Ben, I think this is a really interesting topic since I've found that my body work so differentand respond differently to friends with different body types to myself. I can't quite figure out which type I am though and I did the questionare and it didn't help. Basically, I have equally wide hips and shoulders, but don't have a waist either (so def no hour glass figure going on here). I'm slim with fat equally distributed, with a bit more on my stomach, but would never be able to get skinny. I build muscle incredibly easily which makes me look "chunkey" if I do too much weights. Is this book still for me? I find I get better at endurance sports very slowly, but that is what I enjoy the most. So I'd love to find out what way I should train for the best results.

    1. You definitely sound like endomorph. This book would definitely help, Marie!

  99. Fernando R Dominguez says:

    I think I am a mesomorph, a bit overweight but mos of my fat goes to my stomach, not my back arms or legs, I got a big rib cage does that fit the bill? You can see my pic on my profile and maybe see if I am correct

    1. Yes, that sounds like Meso and looks like it too, Fernando.

  100. Aaron says:

    Great book!
    I am on my third week of the Male Mesomorph workouts you provided in your latest book, and I am loving them! In your book you recommended changing up the workouts every four weeks…and suggested going to getfitguy.com to see some options. I have looked on getfitguy.com and this site, but have not found any suggestions on how to modify the workouts. Please point me in the right direction…
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Aaron, we're eventually going to add MORE workouts to that site, but at this point, we haven't yet, as we're still in the throes of sorting the book launch! In the meantime, for mesomorph style workouts, I'd change up the actual EXERCISES, but keep the set/rep structure the same. I like the website exrx.net for grabbing a new exercise movement to replace the one you were doing before…

  101. Billy says:

    I can't seem to determine my body type. The questionnaire can't either. :(

    1. what were the majority of your responses, Billy?

      1. Billy says:

        I had to skip a few because I didn't know the answer (no tape measure, etc.). "C" was the most by 2, with "A" a close second. Based on the descriptions, I guessed on ectomorph. I have thin arms and legs and most of my body fat is in my stomach/waist/pelvic areas. I have never had success gaining muscle. I guess I was just hoping the questionairre would provide confirmation. I'd had hoped to use the information to find a program with the most potential for success as previous attempts have been largely discouraging. By the way, thanks for having such a robust and informative site. I only regret not knowing where to start. :)

        1. Well if you answered C on most questions you would be closer to an endomorph. If you send me a picture to [email protected] I can help…

  102. Laura Kelley Stapleton says:

    Add one to the female mesomorphs! I'm a pure meso gal married to an ecto-endo guy. I'm absolutely getting your book because I need help in figuring out which one he truly is. He's a tall apple when inactive, but has great endurance and can drop fat weight like no other. I think he's a hard gainer, though, because when we weight lift, the leg presses and calf raises bulk my legs but not his. When we run, though, I'm wanting one of those oxygen tanks while he's going along, chatting as if on a stroll, so it all evens out. :)

  103. Mudathir says:

    I have been reading Berardi for years and have a copy of Precision Nutrition. I have nonihtg but positive things to say about his work. His target audience will be people that are active, enjoy the taste of highly nutritious food and can take responsibility for food preparation.

  104. Celine Nourry says:

    I did the female questionnaire but results are "Looks like we can’t place your body type into one of our categories"

    1. Which body image do you look most like, Celine?

      1. Celine Nourry says:

        I'd tend to say mesomorph? Balanced & toned body. Would put on weight overall but tend to put more weight on mid section rather than butt or thighs. No cellulite. Hips just 1 inch larger than chest. 34-28-35. Waist to hip 0.8. Wrist: 6'' fingers overlap.

  105. Ashley says:

    Hi Ben,

    Awesome book!! Go the female meso! Quick question, I’m a track sprinter 100/200m. With the strength training, is it still okay to circuit train even when the goal is power?? Using the same protocol will it give me the same benefits?



    1. If your goal is power, strength training with circuit style training can create heavy, unfunctional muscle that is tough to cool and carry. I'd stick with power and heavy lifting…

  106. L. Albert Cruz says:

    When I was a young child I was an Mesomorphs, but as I got older I became more of an Ecto-Mesomorphs.

  107. LL826 says:

    Meso-endomorph, for sure! In the past, my body responded really well to diet and exercise, but within the past couple of years I've become more resistant to fat loss (and more prone to weight gain). I pre-ordered your book from the QDT site several weeks ago, and I've been itching to get my hands on it. I'm hoping it will give me some insight as to what I could be doing to get better results. Thanks, Ben!

  108. ElizaD says:

    Ectomorph, I think. Although I have broader shoulders, and I am certainly capable of putting on weight in the middle. I ordered my copy a few days ago, I am very excited to crack it open!

  109. Celine Nourry says:

    Also, do female endomorphs ever get thin or develop athletic bodies? Any examples? I think all the examples you gave are pretty overweight.

    1. Yes, absolutely. A female ectomorph can be very athletic. Venus Williams is a good example!

  110. Celine Nourry says:

    Interesting. I'm not quite sure actually. I would think I'd be a Mesomorph with a balanced body shape, athletic build and good at a multitude of sports. But I don't think I have wide hips/wide shoulders compared to the waist. I don't have a pronounced waist. If I gain weight it will be around the waist (love handles) and chest/ upper arms not buttocks or hips..
    Also interesting that Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are in a different category. I would have thought they both have similar shapes with larger hips but athletic bodies…. Anyways, can't wait to read the book.

  111. VVRouselle says:

    I'm a tall ectomorph! Finding improving strength a chore! Find I need to eat a lot more carbs than my friends!

  112. Mike Yeager says:

    I have done the Somatotyping and look to be a ENTJ, 3-4-4. Based on your descriptions I would be an Endomorph. These don't compare favorably. What do you think about that?

    1. Which somatotyping did you do Mike?

  113. Anderson says:

    Just ordered the book… Let's see how long it takes to arrive here (São Paulo – Brazil)
    And the most important, I hope the book has nice tips to help me with this skinny/ectomorph genetics… No muscles and a little belly fat…

    1. Fantastic! The book comes out May 8…and I'm sure it will get shipped straight to you…

      1. Anderson says:

        Finally I got the book… Was sent on May 8 but only last Saturday was in my hands… Ben, I toke the questionnaire and had exactly 19 a aswers, so I'm really an ectomorph. Want to ask you what about cardio exercises. You say it's a good idea for ectos to avoid them, but I work at Air Force and due to my job I really need some physical endurance. It's ok if I do HIIT twice a week? Would they be that bad for my goals (put on some muscle)?

        1. Yes, just don't add in much long slow cardio and aerobics on top of that!

  114. Michelle says:

    I can't tell, honestly. I'm female and have a large frame, but my hips and shoulders are proportional (chest and hips are within two inches of each other). But my waist is not starkly smaller (9 inches smaller than hip measurement). Like a slightly-filled-out hourglass. My legs are naturally very toned and muscular (without being overly large), but my upper body is not (my abs are strong and firm, but there's a layer of fat that covers). When I gain weight, it's usually all over, but a bit more specific to my midsection (between hips and smallest part of waist), but not my actual hips or butt. The closest descriptor I may use a meso-endomorph, but I'm too "balanced" to be pear-shaped in my mind, and I don't carry excess weight in my hips/butt. I'm also at a healthy weight and body fat percentage, but I used to not be, so that may be coloring my perspective significantly.

    1. Sounds to me like you're likely a mesomorph, Michelle…

  115. Shelley says:

    Mesomorph-always been athletic and have a strong upper body, but also have the cursed hips and thighs.

  116. Brad says:

    Definitely an endomorph;and I do have a hell of a time losing weight. I am Following your dominator plan working out lots but have not lost any weight. I have gotten faster and developed better endurance but the weight is not coming off. But I will be honest; I am not following your nutrition plan :(. Looking forward to reading this book! Thanks Ben for all you do.

    1. When it comes to weight, diet is about 80% or more of the equation, Brad…

  117. Scott Summers says:

    BG! I'm an ectomorph, always have been! Which meant I had to go twice as hard during Fitness Tests in the Air Force, but I would kill the 1.5 mile run. Looking forward to the book so I can rid myself of this "spoon chest!"

    1. We can reverse the spoon. ;)

  118. justspinning says:

    6'1" ectomorph with skinny bones trying to become a better triathlete. Putting on muscle seems impossible. Keeping that last bit of mid-section fat is definitely possible and never seems to go away no matter what I do. Ordered your book hoping you can prove me wrong. BTW love all of your content, keep it up.

    1. Definitely not impossible…you just have to know what to do. You'll love the book.

  119. Corinna says:

    I'm an Endomorph. *sigh*

    1. You and Jennifer Lopez, the most beautiful woman in the world. ;)

  120. Nathan says:

    I’m definitely a 30 year old male endomorph (though I am 6 feet and 1 inch tall). I have lost over 90 pounds in the last year by doing cardio and eating healthier (no diets just well rounded eating habits); I have about 30 pounds of weight loss to go and added in resistance training with a trainer 2 months ago but the weight loss came to a crawl about 4 months ago (only about 8 lbs of weight loss). I can’t wait to get your book and see what my endomorphic body needs to get kick started!

  121. Eddie B says:

    Ecto-Mesomorphs. On your Tri-Ripped plan now and loving it.
    I drive a lot for work, an audio version of this book would be nice.

    1. An audio version of Tri-Ripped, or of the Body Typing book, Eddie?

  122. Kris says:


  123. Adi says:

    Is it possible to "change" your body type? I was naturally round when I was younger but after training for marathons have become thinner; I have to work to maintain this shape and would easily become a mesomorph again without training.

    1. Adi, while it's not possible to "change" your body type, each body type has a spectrum of ideal vs. not quite so ideal. Like Jennifer Lopez and Roseanne have the same body type, but obviously care for their bodies much differently…

  124. Michelle says:

    Mesomorph for sure. girly curves and muscle and currently a little more fat than I would like – In my later 40"s fighting the bulge. I call myself the curvy triathlete.

    1. You should start a website: curvytriathlete.com

  125. Rebecca says:

    Based on the descriptions I would say I am a mesomorph. Will definitely be getting this book; always looking for ways to get the most out of my workouts.

  126. craig says:

    am an ectomorph. love long distance running but wish I could strengthen my bird leg quads to add speed on trail runs – no matter how much gain i get in my stomach during the holidays i have never had an ounce of fat below the waist.

  127. virote says:

    100% Mesomorph – since child i remember having big muscles…i bread and my muscles get bigger…pure mesomorph!!!

  128. Eric says:

    Its pretty difficult for me to fit into one of these categories. Male, somewhere between Mesomorph and Endomorph. Based on what type of training my body responds to, probably more meso.

    1. I've got pictures in the book that will help…

      1. Eric says:

        Thanks Ben. I've been meaning to pick low carb triathlete up so I'll add this one to the list as well.. Though my triathlon days are over, both will translate into the rest of training.

  129. Shari says:

    Endomorph it is for me! I always called it a frog:). Now I know the official official word. So, for us, it’s build muscle and tone?

    1. You'll have to find out in the book, Shari. ;) Mostly, the key is that aerobic cardio does NOT help female endomorphs very much…

    2. Jennifer says:

      Hi. I am wondering… Can a female be an ecto-meso? I did not see it there, or my screen was being odd. I am pretty linear… Yet medium/large bone structure. I can put on weight easy, but by just cutting out the odd ice cap and walking twice a weak I have lost 35 lbs in 4 months. The only reason I gained a lot of weight growing up was binge eating problems accompanied with b12 anemia and low endurance and energy. However, I have been told by friends that I look weaker than I am, and just doing a couple reps at a couple machines a week, they said I showed muscle improvement… Yet still had the overweight issue so it looked like I was weak.

      So, can I be a female ecto meso? Thanks!

      1. Yes a female can indeed be ecto meso, even though it is LESS common. You can simply follow the ecto-meso plan in the book in this case!

  130. billie says:

    not sure which type i am. i'm a female with an athletic build like a mesomorph, but don't have curvy proportions. have more of a boyish, rectangular shape- wide shoulders, thick trunk, narrow hips. any fat gain is first deposited in my thighs and upper arms. can one be a mesomorph without being curvy?

    1. Billie, you sound like an athletic ectomorph for sure.

      1. Laura says:

        this sounds like me, too, although the fat deposits also on my lower stomach…seemingly proportionate everywhere, but I am also not curvy and so didn't feel like I fit any of the types mentioned. my hips and waist are not too much different and i'm kinda straight all the way up (wide rib cage and shoulders). Thanks for the help!

  131. Carla says:

    Mesomorph-will the book be available on kindle?

    1. Yes, here is the Kindle edition link: http://goo.gl/WUUIE

    2. Himanshu says:

      did HIT from 92-96 with some gains but was probably held back by ovtierainrng. by nature, i am an explosive person. i would be at an elite level in the 40 yard dash but got more and more average to bad as the distance increased. to not use this skill even at my age would be uncomfortable for me. it would be not enjoyable.i am just trying to be smarter about how i train. leave a bit in the tank. more substantial rest. lower weights. i did tweak my shoulder going over board. i was not being smart. i learned that lesson the hard way. i now caution on the conservative side of things. rather than going forward if i think i may be able to, i just shut it down. i have been surprised at how things have progressed since adopting the philosophy of leaving a bit in the tank. i always thought grinding out reps was what it would take to get stronger and bigger. that may work for others but not for me.

  132. Daniela says:

    I'm a mesomorph :) I already knew that but it's great to read more

  133. buzylizzy says:

    Meso-endomorph – darn child baring hips :P
    Can't get the book till August! :( Why does it take 3months to reach the UK?

    1. I'll look into this for you BuzyLizzy – you should be able to get it quicker than that…

  134. Yannick says:

    i m a male ectomorph. since 4 i ve been into athletics( lots of cross country) i was pretty good at it since i was very very lean ( my father has always been a runner and i we have absolute the same body mesurements when we compare photos. since i ve been doing competitive swimming (2 years ago) i gained 6 kg of muscle(of all the strenght training we do)yet i have a really hard time keeping the muscle -.-. When i cut back a bit on calories or start doing more running(i still do running races) i lose muscle super easily.
    I guess my body is not supposed to function that way.

    1. Yes, ectomorphs actually *do* have a hard time putting on muscle, Yannick! So that makes sense.

  135. Mark says:

    Ectomorph. Works well for my general sport of cycling but would live to build a little more muscle strength for rock climbing.

    1. Rock climbing ectomorphs can get really solid with some heavy farmer's walks or deadlifts, weighted pull-ups and single leg squats…that's an awesome 1-2-3 combo for skinny climbers…

  136. Olga says:

    A proud owner of a female mesomorph body;
    Going to check shipping charges on Amazon

  137. Colin says:

    I'm definitely an ectomorph (people called me Ethiopian Man in high school, and I'm English/Norwegian, so it had nothing to do with skin color!) I've been able to add some muscle over the years…but I have to work really hard to do so. I have trouble retaining it, though, especially if I do a lot of running or cycling. Sounds like an interesting book! I hope it sells well. Love your podcast(s)!

    1. Colin you are forever known as Ethiopian Man here on the site now. ;)

  138. Tricia says:

    I’m a mesomorph, though due to body image issues I have long thought myself an endomorph. Thank you for the clarification and examples.


    1. Body image issues can often be fixed with a bit of neurofeedback Tricia. Try something like the MindAlive software.

  139. Lollie says:

    Ectomorph!!! Like a giraffe!

    1. Knobby knees and all, huh?

  140. nikki divers says:

    is there an audio version?

    1. Hi Nicki! Not currently an audio version. It's quite a large book, so that's a daunting task, but perhaps in the future. Any volunteers out there with a nice reading voice to record it, shoot me an e-mail!

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