Here are Ben's “before” and “after blood work test results that were taken earlier this week for his human guinea pig experiment at the Wildflower Squared Triathlon this weekend.

These labs were taken as part of a WellnessFX Performance Panel.

Before: Click here for full test results.
After: Click here for full test results.

Friday, May 24 is the private “Bloodwork Q&A” for the BenGreenfieldFitness Inner Circle (replays will be available to members), and this coming Friday, May 17, is a blog post at that explains the results and gives full race report, what Ben did for “damage control”, etc.

Leave your questions and comments about this on Ben's Facebook page. Also, remember that Ben will be teaching a private workshop on May 24 for Inner Circle members on how to interpret these results, and WHY his hormones, TSH, liver, blood urea nitrogen, cholesterol, etc. are “red flagged” as a warning sign, and what he'll do about it.


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