Click here to order your Gymstick today! I use mine three times per week for 30-45 minutes: once for a core workout, once for a toning workout, and once for a sports performance workout! Remember to tell me in the comments section of the order form which resistance you would prefer (resistance details included below).

Here's why I recommend the Gymstick:

-It's highly portable, making it great for home and travel based workouts…

-It is perfect for muscle toning, but also can build strength and enhance sports performance…

-By simply twisting the stick, you can instantly increase or decrease resistance…

-It can be included in a high-calorie burning, metabolism-boosting workout OR a slower, toning and strength-building routine…

-It's just plain sexy, cool, inexpensive and easy-to-use!

Click here to listen to the podcast in which I introduce the Gymstick!


Here's more specs….

• Fiberglass stick, length 130 cm / 51.18′
• Soft foam hand grip
• Pair of latex rubber resistance tubes with durable fabric loops at both ends
• Rubber stopper at both ends of the stick for attaching the exercise bands

• Stylish fabric cover / carry bag
• Gymstick Instruction and workout poster (incl. 18 basic movements)
• 60 min Gymstick Workout DVD (incl. 3 workout programmes)

Choices (when you order, just tell us in the order comments section which resistance you would prefer):
GYMSTICK light has been designed for rehabilitation workouts and exercise for the elderly. The resistance of green exercise bands ranges from 1 to 10 kg.

GYMSTICK medium has been designed for junior athletes and women who want to start exercising. The resistance of blue exercise bands ranges from 1 to 15 kg.

GYMSTICK strong has been designed for fit women, men who want to start exercising, and athletes. The resistance of black exercise bands ranges from 1 to 20 kg.

Extra strong/Silver
GYMSTICK extra strong has been designed for extremely fit men and athletes. The resistance of grey exercise bands ranges from 1 to 25 kg.

Super strong/Gold
GYMSTICK super strong has been designed for athletes. The resistance of gold exercise bands ranges from 1 to 30 kg.


Click here to order your Gymstick today! (US orders only).

The Gymstick retails here for $79.95 and is well worth every penny – you simply will be amazed at how many exercises you can perform with this single portable device.

After receiving your Gymstick, feel free to visit for exercise instructions and even more information. Or just send me e-mail at [email protected].

OrderNowGreenEnjoy Your Gymstick!

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