Automatically subscribing to the latest fitness, nutrition and wellness content from is a quick and easy way to keep up to date on all the latest stuff. The best part is it’s free!

Rather than remembering to come back and visit the website to see if we've released a new podcast or blog post, you can just get automatic e-mails that shows our “feed”.

How It Works:

A feed is way of taking syndicated content, like a weekly blog, and having that content downloaded to your computer so that you can access it whenever you'd like, whether online or offline. OK, so that might be a little hard to understand. Here's a fun video that explains the whole process.

There are two feeds available at

1. The Blog Feed – Sends you each of the weekly fitness, nutrition and wellness articles from Ben Greenfield.

2. The Podcast Feed – Sends all the weekly audio podcast episodes so that you can sync audio to your iPod or MP3 to take on the go (or just listen on your computer if you'd like!)

Automatically subscribing to these feeds saves you the hassle of having to check back to to get the latest updates. Instead, the updates come automatically to you whenever new content is added to! We’ve provided step-by-step instructions on how to subscribe to each feed below.

Subscribing to the Blog Feed:

To subscribe to our blog you need a blog reader. We suggest Google Reader which only requires a free Google account. You don’t need to download or install any software. If you already have a GMail account then you have Google account. Here’s how to do it.

1. Go to

2. If you see a Welcome to Google Reader message then you are already logged in, skip to step 4. If not, then enter your Google/GMail login. If you don’t have one yet then click on the Create an account button.

3. Click hereto add our blog feed to your Google Reader subscriptions

4. On the next page click the Add to Google Reader button

You’re now subscribed! Now you can return to Google Reader at anytime to find all the latest content ready to read.


Another even easier way to subscribe to a feed and have it automatically delivered to your e-mail inbox is to go to the website

Simply enter the URL: into the space that provides, enter your e-mail and press “Submit”. All the rest of the work is done for you, and you'll automatically get e-mail updates for free (this is different than signing up for our free newsletter on the upper right hand side of this page, which is also highly recommended)!

Subscribing to the Podcast Feed:

The easiest way to subscribe to our podcast is to use iTunes. This is a free download and will work on PCs or Macs. You don’t need an iPod to use iTunes or listen to our podcast. Here’s how to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

1. Download and install the free iTunes (just go to

2. Click here to open the Ben Greenfield Fitness page in your new free iTunes.

3. Click on the subscribe button on this page, as shown below:

4. The latest episode of Ben Greenfield Fitness will start downloading immediately. On the left side of your iTunes window, click on Podcasts beneath the Library heading. You will see our podcast in your subscriptions. This is where you can listen to and download episodes of the podcast in our feed. Each time a new episode is released, it will automatically be downloaded and appear in this list.

NOTE: You don’t need an iPod to listen to our podcast. You can listen to it like you do any other MP3 or music file.

Good luck! And just e-mail [email protected] if you run into any trouble…

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