A Fun Free, Fitness App for Busy People!

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A Fun Free, Fitness App for Busy People!

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Do you ever find your workouts to be stale, non-rewarding, boring, ho-hum, or anything else that is less than exciting?

I may have a solution for you…

…ever hear of “gamification”?

Basically, gamification involves giving game-like incentives to yourself (or someone else) to accomplish something – like using your phone to “check-in” to locations and get points when you shop there, getting a discount from a tax software company when you successfully complete your taxes, or maxing out the progress bar when you complete your profile on a social media platform (like LinkedIn).

Here’s 15 more examples of gamification for those of you who want to read up more on this technique.

And now, gamification has made it’s way into fitness. In this short audio interview, I talk to Benjamin Young, inventor of Nexercise – a fun, free fitness app for busy people – about how he’s made gamification a reality for exercise.

Benjamin originally conceived the idea of Nexercise from his personal frustrations of trying to maintain his weight and squeeze in workouts while simultaneously working, going to school, and raising two children.

In the interview, you’ll learn exactly how Nexercise works, but the basic idea is:

1) You download it.

2) You exercise (and make sure the app is on and you have your phone while you’re exercising).

3) You get medals, bonus points, and rewards for exercising.

The app is free. I’ve tried it a few times, and as long as you’re used to having your phone on you (or nearby) when you’re working out, it’s a great way to:

1) make your workouts more exciting and…

2) get free stuff.

I don't make money from Nexercise or get paid by Nexercise. It's free. I just thought this would be a great tool for you if you need some extra motivation.

If you’ve tried Nexercise, then share your thoughts in the comments section below…and if you like the idea of fitness (or nutrition) apps, then be sure to check out this post: “Top Rated iPod and iPhone Fitness & Nutrition Apps – What Do YOU Think?”


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3 thoughts on “A Fun Free, Fitness App for Busy People!

  1. JordanHouston says:

    Since I'm an android user and don't really pay for my apps, I use several free apps that are, lumped together, is great. I'd like to try out Nexercise and Fitocracy sometime, since gamification is really big nowadays, and I'd like to see how I "rank." I'm trying out glucosmart along with my fitness program, and I believe quantitatively gauging my performance via points could help me better my progress.

  2. Mike says:

    I’ll have to check out Nexercise. I’ve recently become a Fitocracy.com addict. It’s not a downloadable app, rather a social/gamer/fitness site. Log your workouts by exercise and get points. Lots of “achievement” medals, group challenges, and bonus points for completing “quests” keep things interesting and motivating.

  3. Nikki says:

    I have Nike Training Club (for women) on my iPhone and it is the same concept of gamification that Ben Young talks about. The rewards are given after a certain amount of time and are either a health food recipe or a new work out. Check out http://www.arthurchan.net/best-example-of-gamific… for more details about this style app and NTC. I honestly lived off this app during the holidays. With the gym being closed because of holidays or crazy party schedules I was able to make time (exercises range from 15minutes – 45 minutes) for a workout. All I use is a medicine ball, resistance band, a yoga mat and jump rope and if there is a work out that I need dumbbells for I modify for a band work out. Easy, simple, fun and challenging.

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