The Intersection Of Energy Medicine, Spirituality & Shocking Medical, Performance, & Recovery Results, With Dr. Jeremy Stich.

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I've had plenty of pretty crazy biohacking experiences…

…but what I did recently with my friend and very unique physician, Dr. Jeremy Stich, is now near the absolute top of the crazy list.

A former ER physician, Dr. Stich began his healthcare journey in emergency medicine before several personal and familial health-related circumstances led him to seek alternative ways to pursue health. An outside-the-box thinker, Jeremy gained experience in precision genetics, several entrepreneurial endeavors, consulting, wellness technology, Eastern medicine training, and more. Creator of the BioEnergetic Institute and currently serving as the Chief Medical Officer for Ammortal, Inc., Jeremy's treatments are unlike any I've experimented with in the past.

Before I visited the BioEnergetic Institute in Lexington, Kentucky, Jeremy sent me cryptic texts about what he was building there. While I was fascinated, I honestly did not fully understand his modality. When I arrived at the Institute, I walked into the main room to be greeted by Jeremy and a giant device that looked like it was off the deck of Star Trek that blasted the entire space with pulsed electromagnetic energy (I've felt those types of frequencies before with my BioCharger, but this was something totally new). Rather than hooking me up to this machine, which is what I thought would happen, Jeremy took me into an adjacent room with a crystal ball-like-looking device attached to magnetic foot pads. He hooked me up to the foot pads, handed me the “crystal ball,” had me don headphones and a light-blocking eye mask, put on deep meditative music, and switched the device on.

Now, even if you haven't tried something like holotropic breathwork or LSD or psilocybin or something like that, you've probably heard me talk about what it feels like to have some sort of full-body-reboot psychedelic experience. As soon as the switch was flipped on this device, my whole body went to a different planet. I wept and laughed in a trance-like state as the waves circulated through my entire body. After about 40 minutes (which felt like hours), I felt like somebody had pressed the reset button on every cell in my body and my entire nervous system.

Ammortal - Jeremy Stich and Ben GreenfieldThen Jeremy said: Are you ready for the treatment? And yes, I thought I had already had the treatment, but it turns out he was in the other room, also charging himself up, and Jeremy then proceeded to go up and down my body transferring his energy in what I can only describe as an electrical massage. After the session, I felt like I had been hit by a truck, even telling my wife I didn't know if I could go to dinner. However, after a 25-minute meditation session, my eyes popped open, and I felt like I was on top of the world. That charged-up, full-of-energy feeling continued well into the next day, and I haven't felt the same ever since…in a very, very good way.

My visit to the BioEnergetic Institute led up to the following episode, in which I talk to two of Dr. Stich's patients, and then Dr. Stich himself (we went on a walk, so please excuse the wind in the background), about the science behind bioenergetic medicine and its incredible healing potential. Prepare to have your mind blown. And yes, I bought a unit for myself after this experience.

Special Offer from Dr. Stich:  – Listeners who pre-purchase the Ammortal Catalyst unit to ship in Q1 2023 receive a $4400 discount off retail ($10,000 instead of $14,400). The discount is auto-applied using this link

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Gwen’s bioenergetic medicine treatment for cancer, and how she now helps others heal… 11:32

  • In 2013 was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and thyroid
  • Traditionally educated with a Master's in Nursing
  • Noticed missing pieces in medicine
  • Fellowship in genomic medicine
  • Connected with Jeremy and experienced healing with Bioenergetic medicine
    • After 2 sessions with the PEMF started feeling different
    • Calcium levels and white blood cell count normalized after only two treatments
  • Gwen Carnegie is now the clinical director of Ammortal
  • Ben used the BioCharger

-How weekly treatments have resulted in positive outcomes for cancer patient, Chuck…21:45

  • Chuck was diagnosed in 2020 with stage 4 colorectal cancer
  • Tumor markers decreased by more than half
  • Lesions in the liver decreased in size
  • Chuck uses the device 30 minutes to an hour once a week
  • Assisted in chemo recovery

-What drew Jeremy from allopathy and precision genomics medicine into bioenergetic medicine…26:35

  • Jeremy healed his eosinophilic esophagitis and hypertension
  • Studied microcurrent acupuncture
    • Started seeing 40% improvements in difficult-to-treat conditions

-Jeremy’s daughter’s lytic lesion recovery…35:47

  • At 7 years old, Jeremy's daughter developed a lytic lesion on her collarbone
  • The best specialists weren’t able to help her
  • An example of faith and intention healing

-Jeremy’s second daughter’s health journey with spina bifida…37:23

-How Jeremy first discovered bioenergetic medicine…41:24

  • Began studying microcurrent acupuncture and founding physicists like Tesla
  • Went to Seattle for PEMF treatments on his neck, and noticed that his blood pressure also improved
  • Realized that PEMF results could be achieved without needles or any invasive procedures

Ben Greenfield at Ammortal-What was scientifically going on during Ben's treatment at the BioEnergetic Institute…44:55

  • Electricity occurs naturally in our environment, and electromagnetic fields carry data or frequency
  • Humans have a sinusoidal or analog wave, which is different than a digital wave
  • Jeremy’s methodology is to replicate nature by creating a range of frequencies delivered as micro-currents
    • Ben received a wide range of frequencies, and his body “knew” which ones were required to heal
    • The space-age-y crystal globe Ben was required to hold during treatment helps deliver frequencies

-How intention affects healing…49:12

  • Studies say that an intervention works best if both the patient and clinician believe it will work

-What takes place on a cellular level during treatment?…50:35

  • Every cell has a voltage called a “resting membrane potential”
    • By restoring the resting membrane potential, the cells communicate with each other better
    • The membrane is where all the action/”talk” happens
    • For two cells to talk together, they have to speak the same language
    • Restoring the cellular voltage places all the cells on an equal playing field
  • Overexposure to non-native EMFs, like cell phone radiation and wifi, can cause a calcium influx
  • Both the data and the micro-current are delivered to the cells
  • Diseased cells have lower voltage than healthy cells
  • Restored signals between cells can improve the overall health of all cells

-How prayer, spirituality, and faith can aid in healing…57:25

-Why do treatments not cause cancer cells to grow?…57:45

  • Cancer is basically cells acting in isolation to preserve function
  • If cancer cells are too far gone, treatment induces apoptosis
  • If not too far gone, treatment will restore voltage and function
  • Cells of healthy tissues will start to speak to their neighbors and work together to restore health

-How Jeremy uses his hands to detect electrical current in the body…1:00:30

  • A small amount of vibration felt in his hands means the tissue is normal and healthy
  • Diseased or distressed tissue results in higher amounts of vibration
  • Restore function to tissue by delivering that small current for a longer period
  • He doesn’t require a medical history to detect illness or disease

-Jeremy’s mission to make bioenergetic treatment available to everyone…1:02:52

Ammortal Podcast-Jeremy Stich with Ben Greenfield-What is the giant pillar in the center of the BioEnergetic Institute?…1:04:33

  • Works similarly to the BioCharger
  • The pillar is a modified Tesla coil
    • Pulses out analog fields and a wide range of frequencies
    • Treatment range is up to 80 feet

-The “Ferrari” of Ammortal’s bioenergetic devices…1:05:50

  • Simultaneously delivers PEMF, vibroacoustic therapy, bioluminescent therapy (red light and near-infrared), and guided meditation
  • Various gases are also pumped in, like molecular hydrogen
  • Suitable for spas
  • The device goes for around $14,000
  • The coil, more for a community, goes for $30,000
  • The chamber retails for $145,000, like for a spa experience

-The resistance between religion and church to marry spirituality and technology…1:08:55

  • Ben’s prayer sessions with BrainTap
  • Ben's meditation sessions in front of the BioCharger

-How the amount of time the average American spends indoors has increased to 92-93% of their day…1:11:15

  • Ammortal’s mission is to quickly deliver natural biofields back to the body to restore health
  • The spiritual retreat that changed Jeremy’s life
    • He saw the connection between nature, humans, and the environment

-And much more…

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9 thoughts on “The Intersection Of Energy Medicine, Spirituality & Shocking Medical, Performance, & Recovery Results, With Dr. Jeremy Stich.

  1. Jerry B says:

    Hi Ben. Follow up thoughts? Feelings? How long of a bounce or any other observations?


  2. Kelly says:

    How long will your discount code last?

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      there will only be a limited number of units available to ship in Q1 2023 so I’d recommend you place your order sooner rather than later. The discount is auto-applied using this link:

      1. kate says:

        Do you think this is overkill to have if I already have a Biocharger at home?

        1. it’s way different. I’m going to do both.

  3. Kimberly menke says:

    Currently daydreaming about a place in this world where you can bring your pre-Nuvo mri results and receive this therapy set to the frequency of your results, and just straight up nip cancer and disease in the bud. Looking to the future and smiling!!!

  4. Kimberly Menke says:

    Hello! Firstly Thank you Ben for sooo many amazing podcasts, I’ve learned so much from you and you’re guests and can’t be more happy I found you.
    Secondly; I Love this soooo much. It gives me the real life chills to think of the healing this can bring, independent from this “healthcare” nightmare we’re navigating through.
    My question(s):

    I’m a massage therapist, wanting to experience this, and utilize this in my practice…
    it would potentially take me, meh, years?? to afford this as I just checked out the cost of a device.
    Do you think there might be some kind of down payment, pay-off-over-time scenario down the line?? I absolutely love it and want to share this with the world!

    Also, I know in my hearts heart I need my mom to experience this as she is a cocktail of various random and super specific, and rare health issues, which makes any travel impossible. (As well as any kind of proper care because of how little most of the doctors she interacts with truly care…:( )
    So, the question! Is there Anywhere near the Bay Area, California, that I could find one of these devices to get her to it???
    Thanks for reading, sharing, and changing lives!

    1. I would contact Jeremy Stich via Ammortal website….he will know! They can ship anywhere….

  5. plasma says:

    here is the cutting edge, experience “All-Purpose Plasma Flight Simulation” in Linz, Austria. This is where science meetts the soul.

    3 of those units are currently being sent to the USA, probably going to Arizona.

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