Simple Tricks To Banish Anxiety & Panic, Rib Adjustments For Better Sleep, Nootropic & Smart Drug Stacks, The Science Of Getting Better In Bed, LSD For Performance & Much More With Go SuperBrain’s Andy Triana.

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Simple tricks to banish anxiety and panic
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Known for his exceptional work in sports and mental performance, Andy Triana stands out as a leading figure in enhancing neurological and cognitive abilities.
He's a proven problem solver, offering solutions to performance issues where others have failed and stepping in to provide relief in high-pressure, emergency situations.
Andy has consulted, managed, and worked with athletes from all corners of the globe. He's not just known for his profession; he's recognized for the dedication he pours into his craft, consistently delivering results when they matter most.

Andy is the mastermind behind The Performance Vibe (TPV) and Go Super Brain (GSB), two groundbreaking initiatives revolutionizing sports performance-related services. TPV, a unique performance management company, pioneers a brain-first approach to addressing performance, health, and neurobiological problems. The organization is committed to assisting professionals in making performance-related decisions.

GSB, meanwhile, focuses on improving cognitive performance for everyone. It's dedicated to combating neurology-related issues through content that is as informative as it is practical. Both of these innovative companies, steered by Andy's leadership, are aligned towards a common mission – helping passionate individuals become the absolute best versions of themselves.

In this episode, Andy and I delve into his pioneering methodologies that marry the worlds of sports and mental performance. We unpack his unique approach, grounded in neurobiology and cognitive ability, and talk about how it's setting new benchmarks in the industry.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Andrew Triana?…05:14

-Neuroplasticity and sleep deprivation…09:31

  • Everything is predicated in the sleep circle
  • Glia cells do most of the magic while we sleep
    • They need enough time to do their work, you get a maladaptive response
  • If it’s an emergency situation, the training effort is going toward gaining sleep
  • Maximizing the opportunity for glia
  • The amount of serotonin you can catalyze is correlated to the amount of melatonin you can deal with
  • Make sure that from the start of the day, you structure everything to go to sleep
  • Mark Bell and rib reset

  • Dr. Pat Robertson
  • Research from the Czech Republic that incorporated a “rib-tack”
    • Anatomy influences your brain
    • Rib-tack influences the vagus nerve
  • Meditative and yoga tactics attempt to poke at this
    • A position where you get slack at the back of your neck
    • A position where the skull is getting away from the sternum
  • Foam rolling and breathing exercise
  • Andy uses Omni PEMF
  • Deep tissue therapy – Ben doing deep rib rolls on his Rumble Roller
  • Golgi tendon organs
  • The rib-tack is an anatomical manual technique that's inducing a little bit of local hypoxia and anatomical changes manually the same Golgi tendon release
  • Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR)

-Vagal nerve stimulation and anxiety 21:00

  • What is rib tack?
    • Research from the Czech Republic in the 1990s
    • Manual restoration of the diaphragm
  • Nail bed for foot vagal nerve stimulation
    • Modern-day grounding indoors
  • Increase in afferent and efferent signaling through our hands and feet
  • Anxiety is like spilling over electrical input into brain areas that don't need to be active 
  • Wearable devices that vibrate or produce mild electrical sensation over the vagal nerve
    • Vagal nerve stimulators similar to a TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) unit
    • PowerDot
  • Anxiety and future processing
    • We don’t have a center in our brain for future
    • Anxiety is a result of putting too much blood flow into future processing
  • Podcast with Dr. Peter Martone:
  • Managing anxiety
    • Anxiety is a normal thing, everybody experiences it
    • Coping with “buoys of objectivity”
  • In anxious moments, you should
    • Re-engage with the world around you from your 5 senses
    • Being aware and mindful is the key
    • Give yourself a light sensation to bring you back to the present

-Visualization and motor imagery…29:11

  • Research proves that visualization is useful
  • Visualization skills
    • Seeing in the present what you believe is going to happen
  • How to use visualization?
    • Spatial skill training regime
    • Manipulating 3D scenes in your head
  • Visualization to deal with negative performance-related things
    • Speeding up and slowing down time
  • Visualization for the average person
    • Chalk outline drill
  • Flow state
    • Dopamine and norepinephrine-driven flow states for individuals
  • Ben is norepinephrine driven
    • Got to be in a lot of pain, under a lot of pressure to get into an alpha state
  • Norepinephrine people tend to have less control over their flow state because they're typically responding to something that needs to happen
  • Dopamine people oftentimes have work capacity and behavior efficiency issues


-How much is the brain in control?…44:10

  • There are no behavioral enzymes in your muscles so the brain is running the show
  • The experiment with people on meth waiting in a doctor’s office
  • Phineas Gage case and the frontal cortex injury
  • Ben’s example with his eating routine
  • Obesity and hypothalamic signaling issues

-Do we really use only 10% of our brain?…49:21

-Andrew’s favorite nootropics or smart drugs…52:25

  • Ameliorate inhibition first, hit the gas pedal second
  • Two variables of nootropics
    • An antioxidant function
    • Turning on some cortical area and shutting something else off
  • It’s important to target the right brain areas
  • Emoxypine Succinate
    • The first nootropic that can be used for mechanical lumbar non-specific low back pain
    • Drives blood flow to the vagus nerve and the capillaries in the eyes
    • Alters GABA receptors
  • Noopept has an antioxidant portion but does it in a different manner – It relieves glutamate toxicity, which is excess calcium (use code BEN to save 15%)

-Can you stack Emoxypine and Noopept?…56:03

  • Nootropics can be in the same category but be different enough that you could easily use them at the same time and they end up being synergistic
  • Choline levels when taking nootropics
  • Lifting weights release glycogen from cells; we pay with glucose when lifting weights 
  • We pay brain-to-brain, neuron-to-neuron, and even neuron-to-muscle communication with choline
  • Acetylcholine donors like ACAR or raw choline Alpha-GPC (use code BEN to save 15%)

-What is the efficacy of injectable forms of carnitine?…57:45

  • Difference between oral and injectable forms of carnitine
    • Injectable carnitine is fully myotropically and biologically active
    • Oral carnitine typically does not work well in the muscles
  • Taking Alpha-GPC (use code BEN to save 15%) and Acetyl-L-carnitine would help to replenish the brain's fuel levels
  • It's like how Creatine monohydrate increases the time to fatigue
  • Injectable carnitine
    • Transporting fatty acids to allow more fatty acids to be liberated from cells
    • You can participate in glycolysis for longer at higher heart rates

-The benefits of LSD and ketone esters for athletes…1:00:03

  • Everyone in the ultra-marathon world has used it at some point
    • The effects of LSD on the body
    • Very low doses
  • Ketone esters, injectable carnitine, and LSD are insanely potent for running
  • Ben’s experience with LSA
  • Important to be very careful, easy to overdose

-The application of popular psychedelics for neuroplasticity…1:05:12

  • Is it a true nootropic or it just has nootropic-like effects?
    • Psilocybin is not a nootropic, just has a nootropic effect
  • The effect of Noopept and psilocybin on fear and anxiety (use code BEN to save 15%)
    • They're different avenues to get to the same end outcome

-Could DMT or psilocybin be paired with tasks of creativity, learning, or memory to enhance your ability to engage in these tasks?…1:07:23

  • That's the only use for them
  • If you just take it and do nothing, it might be a fun way to chill out, but if you wanted to chill out, you could do something else
  • The effects of kratom
  • It seems to have some enhancement of sexual performance or the ability of a guy to get hard
  • Inositol triphosphate
  • Does kratom enhance sexual performance?
    • How does kratom work
  • Behavior of GABA receptor
  • Vasoconstriction effects of nicotine
  • Sexual supplementation is very individual
  • Supplements for the decreasing of the refractory period
  • Ben’s experience
  • Inositol Triphosphate (IP3) Phosphates for sexual performance
  • On a low-carb diet, creatine phosphate supports methyl donors

-Modulating microbiomes…1:14:11

-Andrew’s book and plans…1:18:53

-And much more…

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6 thoughts on “Simple Tricks To Banish Anxiety & Panic, Rib Adjustments For Better Sleep, Nootropic & Smart Drug Stacks, The Science Of Getting Better In Bed, LSD For Performance & Much More With Go SuperBrain’s Andy Triana.

  1. Ken says:

    Can’t find the rib tack journal article anywhere? How do we learn this technique?

  2. fullrack-babyback says:

    I would appreciate literature or any resource on “rib-tac” (rib-tack, rabetac, etc.). Nothing appears on googuII scholar, etc.

  3. Vicente says:

    Thank you so much for this podcast Ben!!! Thiss answered so many questions I had regarding LSD dosing benefits. I would use it to be more productive & creative at work but found myself having energy to push my self longer in my workouts as well. Interested to see how it would pair with the esters.

  4. Martin Schoen says:

    Hello Ben,

    First of all, given this is my first comment, I want to thank you for all that you do! I’ve been listening to your podcast and buying Kion Aminos for a few years now.

    When Noopept was mentioned as reducing excess calcium, my ears perked up! Despite no symptoms and being in great shape (stress test tolerance was “great” for 15 minutes), I was diagnosed with atherosclerosis (800 Agaston score). Although I wasn’t/am not an addict, I did do cocaine when available in my early 20s (after all, back then in the late 70s/early 80s, it was good for you! Ha!), so I’m thinking the calcium build up was a reaction to that stress on my vascular system etc.

    But when I went to that web site for Noopept ( ), it states: “This product is sold as a pure compound for research purposes only and is not meant for use as a dietary supplement. Please refer to out terms and conditions prior to purchase.”

    Therefore, is it safe for the average person concerned about excessive calcium in the bloodstream etc.?

    Also, if you’ll indulge me, I have an unrelated question: Dave Asprey just had the founder of the Analemma structured water products on his podcast, Mario Brainovic. I have their wand but also recently purchased your family’s Vortexer. Can you comment on the two approaches, pros & cons of each?

    Thank you!

  5. Scott Pressler says:

    Strange. I used to able to “click download” for the mp3. Now no longer an option.

    1. Scott Pressler says:

      found it!

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