#224: What Kind Of Water Filters Should You Use To Minimize Health Risks Of Chlorine?

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Jan 2, 2013 free podcast: What Kind Of Water Filters Should You Use To Minimize Health Risks Of Chlorine? Also: how to fuel a multiple day training camp, the Resolve Advanced Pre-workout Anabolic Primer supplement, Dr. Ho's Decompression Belt and TENS unit, what is Muscle Activation Technique, can supplements leach minerals into your teeth, and the first MyList feature interview with this month's pick, Daniela Knight.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Audio Question from Johnny @ 00:21:15
He really enjoys swimming (with his kids) but he gets red, itchy skin and sometimes even welts. Is there anything he can do about that? Also, should he be concerned about the amount of chlorine in the water in his shower?

~ In my response, I mention this podcast with Dr. David Getoff. And a full spectrum antioxidant like Lifeshotz. I recommend this shower head water filter for chlorine. And also this whole house water filtration unit.

Audio Question from Alexander @ 00:37:53
Is going on a triathlon camp for 8 days (swim, bike and run everyday). Do you have any advice on how to fuel for those 8 days so he doesn't feel terrible (from overtraining) for a week afterwards. He has a history with overtraining and doesn't want to experience that again.

~ In my response, I recommend my article on high volume fueling.

Audio Question from Bill @ 00:45:52
Have you done any research on the supplements “Resolve Advanced Pre-workout Anabolic Primer” offered by Dr. Di Pasquale?

Audio Question from John @ 00:50:27
Has lost 90lbs, stopped taking insulin and has done 20 triathlons. Is currently almost immobilized by spinal stenosis and nerve compression in the lower back. Has been looking into TENS units for pain relief. Could you comment on Dr. Ho's TENS unit and his decompression belt.

~ In my response, I discuss the Dr. Ho belts and also TENS units.

Audio Question about MAT @ 00:56:58
She has been competing in Triathlons for 8 years (top age grouper). Has neuromas in her feet and has had trouble with her hamstrings, gluteus (especially during her long runs). Has done ART, massage and foam rolling but felt they were just bandaids. She is now using Muscular Activation Technique (MAT). What do you think of MAT? Is it worth the time and money?

~ In my response, I reference the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique and this MAT Client FAQ.

Audio Question from Tim @ 01:04:12
Has started using Extreme Endurance and it really seemed to help with recovery and muscle soreness but his teeth have started to get discoloured. He went to the dentist and they thought that something in his diet was leaching magnesium and/or iron. The dentist figured that Time was likely getting enough of both of these minerals from his diet (kale, spinach, broccoli). Do you think it is possible that EE was leaching these minerals into his teeth?

Audio Interview with Daniela Knight @ 01:13:00
Daniela is our first MyList featured interview.

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17 thoughts on “#224: What Kind Of Water Filters Should You Use To Minimize Health Risks Of Chlorine?

  1. I regards to diving share water and itchiness after diving with the children, I've had this issue for years and hardly ever go to the share, however, the last four periods I have been I applied in sorbolene lotion into my whole system about 25 moments before and haven't had a issue since. Wish this allows.

  2. Hello, I'm experience in this field and I'd like to share a little bit. Most water filters require a couple of run-throughs before they function at optimum efficiency, in order to clear any carbon fines from the filter unit. Be sure to judge the merit of your chosen water filter only after you have used it a couple of times. thanks a lot! ~Barbara

  3. Maria N. Centeno says:

    Chlorine or chloride for water treatment is hazardous to our health. As a dentist, I have seen its negative effect where it corrodes gum tissues and teeth density. How much more our kidneys?

  4. majid says:

    These institutions were usually granted a somewhat professional writing service diminished form of the autonomy enjoyed by public universities.

  5. Nice bottleless coolers. I like these. They are the best water purifier.

  6. Best purified bottleless coolers are be used to minimized the health risk. Water is main need for us.

  7. shopbottleless says:

    Hi, Rachel. I agree with your comment. There are many unwanted micro particles in water which are not good for the health. So we have to used the bottle less water coolers which removed the micro particles and gives us a pure waters for drinking. http://shopbottleless.com/

  8. Generally we have to use the bottle less water coolers which have no used of plastic bottle to store the water and water are safe for drinking and also used the water filetrs to remove the unwanted dust materials in the water.

  9. Ian says:

    I regards to chlorine and itching after swimming with the kids, I've had this problem for years and rarely go to the pool, however, the last four times I have been I rubbed in sorbolene cream into my whole body about 25 minutes before and haven't had a problem since. Hope this helps.

  10. Gary says:

    Ben, you mention chlorine issues with hot tubs and pools. Greenfield Naturals offers a drop in the water cartridge and you're good to go…it transforms molecular corruption of industrial chlorine and makes it bioavailable. No more toxicity!
    structured water filter

  11. @TheLoneMarmot says:

    I liked Brock's comment that a TENS unit can relax an area allowing the muscles to come out of spasm and thus enable more mobility, etc.

    That's certainly been my experience using one on my lower back.

    1. Brock Skywalker Armstrong says:

      I don't think my SI would have ever loosened up and gotten mobile again without the TENS treatments. That and some acupuncture. And beer… gluten free, of course.

  12. John says:

    Is the Greenfield Naturals water system take place of a water softener and filter system? I am on well water and use a softener.

    1. Gary says:

      Hi John, This is Gary Greenfield and yes, the whole house water conditioning activator softens water and corrects molecular malformation bringing elements back to their natural state. The system is based on water flow technology and water energization which is outside the realm of mainstream water technology. Here is a link:

      1. Samuel Fox says:

        So it replaces the filter as well? How is it taking out heavy metals or Chlorine?

        1. Samuel Fox says:

          Also, does this system provide the same effects as the entrainer water drops?

  13. Tim Skafidas says:

    Ben ( from Tim)
    My dentist said my teeth and enamel were quite strong. I don't drink any soda or sports drinks but do drink lemon water quite a bit, and feel the acid on my teeth afterwards. I also do a lot of veggies and soups – which has acid from the veggies. I drink 1 cup of coffee a day too. I think your thoughts on too much acid are right vs minerals being leached. I also did a major cleanse this fall from a natural doctor. I feel much better than before the cleanse and think I dumped major heavy metals and toxins from my system. Thanks for your input and see you in March.

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