#248: Does Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer, Is Milk Healthy, Are Body Fat Scales Accurate & More!

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July 17, 2013 Podcast: Does Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer, Are Body Fat Scales Accurate, Is Milk Healthy, How To Use A Standing Workstation, What To Eat Before Surgery, and How To Run Downhill.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Does Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer? – Kelsey and Morimasa both asked @ 00:20:56
The headline “Fish oils may raise prostate cancer risks, study confirms (NBC News)” grabbed a lot of people's attention. What is your opinion on this study?

~ In my response, I mention SuperEssentials fish oil.

Are Body Fat Scales Accurate? – Body Fat says @ 00:28:48
She is curious how accurate body fat measuring gadgets and scales actually are. The one she used asked her age, height and weight and then she held on to two hand sensors for a minute. It told he she was 15% body fat (she is 25 and weighs 135-140lbs)… is that a good target or is that too low/too high?

~ In my response, I recommend the article “How To Measure Body Fat“, the Body Metrix Ultrasound system and this episode of Endurance Planet.


Is Milk Healthy? – Jim says @ 00:40:48
Would like to know how lactose is processed by the body. How is it different from glucose, sucrose and fructose? How does it effect insulin levels and blood sugar levels? Also can you touch on IGF? A big portion (50-90%) of his carb intake is from milk sugar (2 to 3 gallons a week of grass fed, non-homogenized, pasteurized) should he change that? He has no issues with dairy.

How To Use A Standing Workstation – Standing Desk says @ 00:50:28
She uses a standing work station (for 4-6 hours a day) and has noticed that her recovery time after a hard workout has been drastically lengthened since she started standing. Is there a scientific reason for that or is it all in her head?

~ In my response, I recommend an inversion table and 110% Compression gear [sc name=”110-Affiliate-Code”].

Ben's Outdoor Standing Workstation

Ben's Outdoor Standing Workstation

What To Eat Before Surgery – Steve says @ 00:56:29
He is scheduled for slap-tear surgery on his right shoulder just 3 days after IM Steelhead 70.3. Is there anything he should do in the 3 days between the race and the surgery? He doesn't want to go into surgery too beat up. Any advice for not gaining weight during the recovery period would be appreciated as well.

~ In my response, I recommend loading on proteolytic enzymes like Recoverease prior to surgery and also taking Capraflex post surgery at 12 per day. I recommend this Recovery Pack. I also recommend this free e-book “How To Recover Like Wolverine from X-Men” and  smell sticks for appetite control along with greens, amino acids, MPX100 and coconut oil.

How To Run Downhill – Tim says @ 01:08:26
He is currently training for a half marathon (starts at 9,500 feet of elevation ending at 12,000 feet). It's a very technical course with some very steep downhills on a road. He was pretty beat up by it last year and is looking for some ways to go a little faster, lessen the impact of the downhill and fuel for this race.

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10 thoughts on “#248: Does Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer, Is Milk Healthy, Are Body Fat Scales Accurate & More!

  1. funlol says:

    They found that increased long chain fatty acids *in the blood*, of a type *like* those found in fish oils, were associated with higher levels of prostate cancer. They did NOT record whether the subjects were taking fish oil supplements. The press release was misleading, and of course the press instinctively made the situation worse by inventing this spurious connection. And by the way, there is no evidence whatsoever that fish oil supplements have any value at all.

    – james from NYCbody.com

  2. gamm0 says:

    Further to my comment about sardines – FWIW there was a TV program on here in the UK a few days ago (part of a series that investigates what REALLY goes into our food) which found tinned sardines were invariably more nutritious than fresh ones.

  3. gamm0 says:

    Hi Ben, further to you highlighting the difference in fish oil supplement quality – is it not more cost effective to just eat tinned sardines? Thanks…

    1. Calories, my friend. Far more in a can of sardines.

  4. gamm0 says:

    Hi Ben, further to you highlighting the difference in fish oil supplement quality – is it not more cost effective to just eat tinned sardines? Thanks…

  5. ffirestine says:

    In your reply about being more comfortable at a standing desk, you forgot to mention listening to music and dancing along. I mean, I've heard people do that. Hopefully when no one else is passing by their cubicle.

  6. Mori says:

    Things I learned:
    + Be mindful of calories on recovery day
    + Inversion table on recovery day (just picked one up off craigslist)
    + Extra SuperEssentials Fish oil on recovery day (nutrient density)
    + Small box to place foot on while at standing desk (alternate feet)
    + Suck on the teet of a goat after intense strength training
    + Revisit my uphill running technique

  7. dancetrancelove says:

    Thanks for another great podcast! Lots of useful info and entertaining, as usual!

    1. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Email [email protected] to claim your smelling sticks prize!

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